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Danielson: 'Practicing more than the system allows, it's rampant'

According to CBS college football analyst Gary Danielson, Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez should be subject to losing his job if the allegations made in a Detroit Free Press story are proven correct. 

Speaking to Bill Simonson on “The Huge Show” last night, Danielson said that coaches flouting NCAA guidelines on student-athletes’ workloads is “rampant” and is “grounds for firing” if it’s proven to have occurred.

“The overall topic of players practicing more than the system allows, it’s rampant. I’ve been railing on it for years,” Danielson said during the radio interview. “I think [the coach] should be fired if they practice more than the rules allow. I think it would be grounds for firing a coach. He knows what’s going on.

“I think it’s rampant. I think it’s rampant. My guess would be more than half the teams squeeze out more than the quote ‘voluntary workouts’ [that] are not voluntary. Weightlifting that is off the books shouldn’t be off the books. Film sessions that aren’t required really are required.

“I think that everybody is pushing the envelope on this… and players are afraid to say anything because there’s recriminations. And just like the quote in the paper: ‘Workouts are voluntary, but so is playing time.'”

Later on in the interview, Danielson stressed again that if a coach is found to be in violation of the 20 hour-per-week in-season NCAA mandate, that coach should be fired.

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Respond to “Danielson: 'Practicing more than the system allows, it's rampant'”
  1. Wrathchild says: Aug 31, 2009 11:18 AM

    Ah, Danielson, wax on, wax off.

  2. Robe says: Aug 31, 2009 2:40 PM

    It is time to cut “college student athetics” from their schools, and make them “minor league” NFL and NBA teams in their respective cities.
    Let private enterprise buy the various teams, stadiums, practice buildings etc. Many state schools like Michigan can use the $$$ for the state’s general fund to fix highways, bridges, schools etc!
    No more phony NCAA investigations that cannot track down a “student’s” false SAT scores until years after the team wins the NCAA Final Four!
    You rally mean an “Athletic director” does not know what is happening in his buildings, training facilites and practice fields. What is he doing? Sitiing in the office counting ticket receipts, and selling “lifetime” seat passes?
    No more “moral” leadership for “young men” from coaches having sex in the back rooms of bars!
    No more coaches over working “students” for hours on the day after a footaball game!
    This is no longer a “college” activity. These are professionals! Professionals who do not get paid, but can be injured. All for a shot at the NFL and NBA.
    Let the men have agents and go at it as equals with the big time “schools.”

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