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Mystery surrounding Weis 'internship' billboard solved

The talk of South Bend all week hasn’t been much about Notre Dame’s season opener this weekend.  Or, as much as it would normally be.

Instead, a good chunk of the watercooler conversation has centered on a billboard that takes a shot at head coach Charlie Weis and his less-than-stellar Irish career:


Until today, the person(s) responsible for the signage was not known.

However, former Notre Dame linebacker Tom Reynolds stepped forward today and explained his decision — made with the support of 50 other former Irish players — to the South Bend Tribune via email.  And, in the process, lobbed more verbal potshots at the coach.

“By definition, a good football coach does not lose games when he has superior talent on the field, and at least splits the games where the talent is approximately equal,” Reynolds wrote according to the Tribune.

“Considering the W-L record of Coach Weis at Notre Dame, one would have to conclude he is serving an internship as a head coach of a college football team, which is defined as “any formal program to provide practical experience for beginners in an occupation or profession. (Random House Unabridged Dictionary)

“Thus, the supportive internship-development sign of his efforts accurately summarizes his easily documentable learning situation.”

Reynolds went on to say that he still cares about “my university”, but also takes another shot at Weis when he writes that “[w]e support his learning curve.”

Reynolds lettered for the Irish in 1967, and the former players who joined in the billboard effort all came from around the same era.  None of the others involved were named.

While all of the heat has been on Rich Rodriguez and his Michigan “situation” of late, this is yet another reminder that Weis might just sitting atop the hottest seat in all of college football.

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  1. robertg says: Sep 3, 2009 2:43 AM

    1. charlie weis is not, and has never been on any hot seat at all with any of the people at notre dame who make decisions about college football at notre dame or with any significant number of real notre dame fans, alumni, or former or current notre dame student athletes.
    2. we thank the people who put up this billboard. we think that it is so funny that we will keep it there forever as a landmark with the only changes being to add the names and pictures of everyone really behind putting up the billboard and publicizing its existence.
    3. remember that eric hansen is one of those people who has been writing vicious articles about charlie weis and his staff and notre dame student athletes for years.
    4. last season, eric hansen and his associates guaranteed the public in writing that they would get charlie weis fired last season and claimed to have the support of untold numbers of real notre dame fans.
    5. hansen and his associates use a number of fraudulent techniques to push their agendas.
    6. among those techniques are the generation of phony comments underneath their articles and purporting to support their agemdas from people hiding behind internet identities claiming falsely to be notre dame fans and deleting or blocking all comments from real notre dame fans disagreeing with their agendas and exposing hansen and his associates as the frauds and con artists which they have always been.
    7. the non disclosure of the other 49 alleged names is typical of the techniques used by hansen and his associates.
    8. if such people really existed and actually backed hansen’s agenda, they would certainly have the guts to make their names public.
    9. even if hansen and his associates manage to dig up 50 real names, it will be quite apparent that none of these people have any say whatsoever in decisions about notre dame football.
    10. charlie weis is at notre dame to stay asnd there is nothing that hansen and his associates can do to change that simple fact.
    11. as an institution, notre dame has made a decisions not to cheat to win and not to compromise notre dame’s high academic and character standards to win.
    12. given those severe limitations, only charlie weis can and will be successful coaching under those conditions. no other coach in this nation has the love of notre dame and the fortitude and the courage even to attempt to take on such a task.

  2. mtm1930 says: Sep 3, 2009 10:22 AM

    Who cares? Weis is an average coach at what has turned into an average program. Notre Dame fans need to accept this mediocrity and move on with their lives. You seem like a true fan Robertg and as a college football enthusiast I feel for you but the fact is, until ND starts recruiting speed (on both sides of the ball) they will remain irrelevant.

  3. NAACPNOFRIENDOMINE says: Sep 3, 2009 2:24 PM

    “Weis might just sitting atop the hottest seat in all of college football.”
    Lapband or diet or not, I feel sorry for that seat.

  4. skinny pigeon says: Sep 3, 2009 8:53 PM

    Did you feel the same way about Willingham?
    Weis doesn’t get college coaching in the same way that Coach Woodcock didn’t get NFL coaching.

  5. robertg says: Sep 4, 2009 2:13 AM

    1. millions of real notre dame fans all over the world feel the same way that we do about charlie weis and notre dame. notre dame will never be irrelevant for any of us, by far the largest fan base that any college football team in the world has, or ever will have.
    2. take a look at the recruiting rankings for 2008, with charlie and his staff and notre dame getting the no 1 class in the us with plenty of talent and speed on offense and defense.
    3.charlie and his staff did that recruiting without lying or cheating and without compromising notre dame’s very high academic and character standards and during the 2007 season with eric hansen and virtually every sportswriter in the us and every other school competing for those recruits declaring that notre dame football was dead and that charlie and his entire staff were going to be fired that season also.
    4. those notre dame student athletes are now sophomores, most of them with plenty of game experience.
    5. in 2009, for the 1st time since 1993, notre dame has talent and great speed and depth and experience at every position and with real student athletes at every position.
    6. notre dame student athletes who also play football graduate with real degrees and with real marketable skills in addition to being coached in football by the finest coaches in the nation.
    7. where are the usc’s and the florida’s and the other schools with football programs in giving their football players real educations and real degrees in real academic disciplines, not ballroom dancing, watching movies, or private studies with coaches and certain professors who want their football teams to win and give out grades for no real work?
    8. the statistics for student athletes at every school who also play football are matters of public record. notre dame leaves all of those other schools in the dust.
    9.the worst nightmares of the usc’s of this world and their supporters are that charlie and his staff and notre dame will actually succeed without cheating and with real student athletes with high characters.
    10. with some great talent at some positions, none at others, and zero depth at any position, charlie and his staff and notre dame’s real student athletes accomplished miracles in 2005 and 2006, qualifying for 2 bcs bowls in a row.
    11.we know that it will be very painful for those notre dame haters out there to see what notre dame’s 2009 football team does on the field this season and in future seasons.
    12. however, the world will see notre dame’s 2005 and 2006 teams playing at much higher levels of excellence.
    13. as for tyrone, he was and remains a truly fine gentleman.
    14. unfortunately for tyrone, the people at notre dame who then made decisions about hiring and firing in football neglected to inform tyrone that lazy bob davie had allowed notre dame’s recruiting network to die on the fine.
    15. not knowing notre dame as charlie does, tyrone was unfairly put in an impossible situation through no fault of tyrone’s.
    16. for these and other reasons, the people who now make all decisions about football at notre dame are notre dame graduates who achieved tremendous success in college football and in the nfl and in their personal lives.
    17. we will enjoy watching notre dame football this season and in future seasons. nd bashers will be devastated, as they always have been in the past on the many occasions when they declared notre dame football dead, only to be stunned by comeback after comeback and notre dame’s worldwide fan base who stuck with notre dame through those difficult times, as we all have and will now.
    18. we hope that you all enjoy the 2009 and future college football seasons as much as we will, along with charlie weis and his staff and notre dame real student athletes who also play college football at the highest level.

  6. gruversm says: Sep 5, 2009 8:28 PM

    I have intimate knowledge that Tom Reynolds told the folks at Burkhart Advertising that his intentions were to support Charlie Weis, not to destroy him.
    I’m for free speech, but it also comes with a sense of responsibility.
    Let’s not ‘cry wolf’ Mr. Reynolds.

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