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'Worst of the Weak' — Michigan back at No. -1


No. -10 The Oh-for-Nines . . . Eastern Michigan, Rice, Western Kentucky and New Mexico are all still streaking toward perfection! Eastern Michigan made quick work of itself in a 50-6 loss to Northern Illinois. Rice actually held a first-quarter lead at SMU, before handling its business and losing 31-28. Western Kentucky embarrassed Troy, trailing by just a point at halftime, but eventually got doubled up, 40-20, and finally got head coach David Elson (pictured) BLOUNTlegarrette.jpg

No. -6 The reinstatement of LeGarrette Blount . . . Everyone was in full agreement over the season-long suspension handed to the Oregon running back, who coldcocked Boise State defensive end Byron Hout in addition to other acts of mayhem following an embarrassing season-opening loss to the Broncos. We didn’t hear any opinions to the contrary when that whole thing went down. Therefore, it has to make this list when Blount is back for the final three games of the regular season and possibly the Rose Bowl. Time usually heals all wounds in this forgiving society and that’s a good thing, but the revision of the original decision is fundamentally weak.

No. -5 Wyoming . . . The Cowboys experienced their worst loss since 1985 last Saturday, getting blown up by BYU, 52-0, in Laramie. It was Wyoming’s second shutout loss in its current three-game slide. The Cowboys’ new head coach Dave Christensen, who was previously the offensive coordinator at Missouri, doesn’t seem to have many answers. Wyoming has beaten three FBS teams this season, but the combined record of those teams (UNLV, Florida Atlantic and New Mexico) is 6-21.

No. -4 SEC officials . . . Yes, it’s the same old story every week and we’re tired of it too. But these guys are so crooked we can’t ignore them even though we desperately want to. The shameless way they denied LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson his fourth-quarter interception boggles the mind. The officials on the field thoroughly botched the call, not making a decision immediately and then were unable to fully communicate to the crowd what they had determined before turning it over to the replay officials upstairs. The bozos in the booth fouled things up even worse, somehow discounting clear evidence, showing that Peterson did indeed have possession of the football while having, not just one, but two feet inbounds. At this point, we are left to assume that the SEC may eventually resort to shaving points off the scoreboard when nobody’s looking if a game might somehow jeopardize a $17 million check.

No. -3 USA Today Coaches’ Poll . . . Enough is enough. Make the ballots public (like the AP Top 25), so that we can see all of the idiots coaches who contributed to USC (No. 10) being ranked six spots ahead of Oregon (No. 16), which destroyed the Trojans, 47-20, two weeks ago in Eugene. We’re aware that the BCS Standings, Harris Interactive Poll and AP Top 25 also got those two Pac-10 teams mixed up by four, four and three spots, respectively (No. 9 USC, No. 13 Oregon; No. 10 USC, No. 14 Oregon; No. 11 USC, No. 14 Oregon). But at least we’re able to identify the dopey media people who voted that way and we know the BCS computers didn’t stay up late to see how horrible the Trojans looked during their dreary 14-9 victory at Arizona State last Saturday night.

No. -2 Notre Dame . . . Absorbing an embarrassing upset at home doesn’t get you a free pass into this ranking of the truly rank. If it did, we wouldn’t have weekly room for the latest crime committed by shady SEC officials or clueless poll voting coaches. What does automatically qualify a team for inclusio
n are instances when a service academy openly treats a tradition-rich national power as “just another team.” Navy did just that last weekend, walking into Notre Dame Stadium like it owned the place and waltzing out with a routine victory. As long as bowling over the Fighting Irish in South Bend is far easier than beating Temple in Annapolis, Charlie Weis’ boys have a spot reserved here.

And finally, the absolute “Worst of the Weak” . . .


No. -1 Michigan . . . Easily retaining the top-ranking they earned last week, the Wolverines are now a lock to go bowl-less for the second year in a row thanks to their loss at home to lowly Purdue last Saturday. Michigan hasn’t beaten a FBS team since September, and that was Indiana, so that barely counts as its only Big Ten victory. Allowing the Boilermakers to rack up 38 points and 494 total yards was absolutely incomprehensible. In a 37-0 loss at Wisconsin the previous week, Purdue gained only 141 yards. Since we already know that defensive coordinator Greg Robinson (pictured) is done in Ann Arbor, where is he going to get fired from next year?

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Respond to “'Worst of the Weak' — Michigan back at No. -1”
  1. overratedgators says: Nov 11, 2009 11:35 PM

    Re -4: MSNBC is currently running a poll on which conference is the toughest.
    The answer is clear: the SEC. Not only do you have to beat Florida or Alabama’s players and coaches, you have to beat their back-pocket officials as well.

  2. robertg says: Nov 12, 2009 8:47 AM

    before you start damning notre dame and praising navy, read the ncaa college football officiating rulebook and especially the defintion of chop blocking and the mandatory 15 yard penalties.
    the break down the notre dame/navy game film.isolate the very large number of intentional chop blocks by navy players, try, for just one of very many examples,try play no 24 and watch the chop blocking ofnotre dame’s robert blanton #12 by navy players, for which the game officials called zero penalties against navy.
    watch the video of nd assistant head coach corwin brown”Video:Brown rips Niumatalolo(navy’s head coach)”.
    it is quite obvious that navy’s head coach and many navy players knew before the game started that the game and tech review crews were going to give them free passes on illegal chop blocks and played the game accordingly.
    the sportmanship conduct rules prevent notre dame’s coaches and student athletes from complaining publicly about officiating, but not against intentionally illegal and malicious conduct by opposing players and their coach.
    navy’s coach and players and the game and tech review officials will have many plenty of opportunities to explain their conduct at their depositions and trials.
    the naval academy hjas an honor code and navy’s coaches and players violated that honor code at the notre dame/navy game.
    the authorities at the naval academy will take the appropriate action at the academy and we will take the appropriate actions in the civil courts.
    the naval academy and navy’s student athletes who play football should be examples for the rest of the nation and usually are.
    however, it was not that long ago that navy student athletes who play football wre caught using illegal steroids and booted out of the academy.
    nany’s coaches and student athletes made certain moral choices when they went into the notre dame navy game knowing the the officials were going to give them free passes on illegal chop blocking and chose to do exactly that.
    navy did not win a great victory. this navy team and its coaches have brought great dishonor to their school.
    the officials make great fits for the sec conference.
    for all of these reasons, we are bringing an end to crooked college sports enterprises in the civil courts.
    the people ant entities that have been running these con operations for many years are depending upon people not taking any action and just getting tired of talking about these things and finally just acepting it all as part of college football.
    however, that is not going to work this time.
    you are speaking about shaving points. what do you thing the dishonest officials at the sec and other conferences have been doing this season and in prior seasons. by their conduct, they add points for certain teams and subtract them from other teams.
    to get the real score of the notre dame/navy game after factoring out the dishonest officiating, you add a minimum of 21 points to notre dame’s score and subtract a minimum of 7 points rrom navy’s score.
    that is exactly what and honest judge and jury will do at a civil trial unless the naval academy authorities want to act voluntarily before that happens.

  3. Teach24 says: Nov 12, 2009 10:18 AM

    Navy and the other service academies use a cut block technique. Cut blocks are not illegal, unhonorable, or anything else. Chop blocking is when a player in engaged high by one offensive player and hit low by a second. Firing off the ball into the defenders legs is a cut block and perfectly legal. Notre Dame’s defenders should know this is how they would be blocked and adjust accordingly. Whining about this as the cause for Notre Dame’s loss is just insane.

  4. Booner says: Nov 12, 2009 10:31 AM

    To RobertG:
    Using the old “referees cost us the game” excuse, heh? Man up – Notre Dame got beat by the better team last Saturday and not by the officials. Why is it when Notre Dame loses their fans can’t accept it? Accept this – Notre Dame sucks again this year.

  5. aheadofme says: Nov 12, 2009 11:40 AM

    As an ND alum and fan, I beg you to please join Corwin Brown and GTFO. Find another team to follow; we don’t want you. Getting beat by Navy is embarrassing enough, but hearing coaches and “fans” whining about it afterwards is downright mortifying. They kicked our @ss all day long, end of story.

  6. ChiTownFBFan says: Nov 12, 2009 11:40 AM

    The original decision on Blount was bogus so a reversal isn’t weak – it’s the right thing to do. Hout was runnin’ his mouth and physically touched Blount while doing so and got jacked up on national TV for it (I enjoyed seeing that clip of his eyes roll back in his head again today). If I was runnin’ my mouth at somebody on a playground basketball court and then looked away and got punched, everybody would say I asked for it.
    That being said, I think Blount has issues that need to be addressed. Obviously, his after game antics make that perfectly clear, however; I think he paid a pretty significant price for that mistake and giving the young man a chance to redeem himself on the field of play is a good thing. Is it not lost on people that professional football players are doing all sorts of crazy stuff with greater negative impact on other people and less punishment and outrage. Heck, Haynesworth stomped a dudes forehead into the ground with his cleats and later gets a monster contract.

  7. SpankMonkey says: Nov 12, 2009 12:20 PM

    Jesus Christ you Notre Damn fans talk too freaking much. Just admit you totally suck and waste precious Saturday TV time. I am waiting for a Cialis commercial of something to run during the games that will ruffle your holy feathers more. “Notre Damn Central” section on NBC Sports … what a waste of space. Just love it. A perm spot in this list for a long long time i hope.

  8. keabu says: Nov 12, 2009 12:22 PM

    Wow…Robertg is the greatest example ever of a sore loser…
    I don’t think the blount decision was bogus at all. There is way too much unsportsmanlike conduct and showboating in football. More so in the pro’s of course, but even in college. Those attitudes need to be checked…I’m sure Blount’s suspension made a few other players think twice throughout this year.

  9. Tristan says: Nov 13, 2009 1:24 AM

    Robertg….maybe next time you feel like writing an essay on incorrect refereeing you should make you sure you know how to correctly capitalize and spell your rant so you don’t come across as a reactionary douche bag with made-up statistics.

  10. CHNSTRP says: Nov 18, 2009 2:17 PM


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