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Kiffin takes yet another slap at Meyer

You just knew it was coming, right?  You just knew that, in the week leading up to the biggest game of the season thus far, Lane Kiffin would say something to work his way into the Championship Week conversation.

Of course, the Tennessee head coach didn’t disappoint.  And, of course, that something was yet another dig in the general direction of his BFF Urban Meyer.

During an interview with WNML-AM in Knoxville, Kiffin was asked about the upcoming SEC Championship game between Florida and Alabama.

“It’s kind of hard to call,” Kiffin said by way of the Mobile Press-Register. “There’s a bunch of great players on both teams. Florida has so much speed. I think you’ll see Alabama will outscheme Florida, and Florida has given up 28 sacks this year when a bunch of guys come free. But the problem is Superman (quarterback Tim Tebow) is back there. It comes down to can you tackle him.

“It will be a real interesting matchup. Florida has better players, and Alabama has better coaches, so we’ll see.”

Simply put, Kiffin just can’t control himself when it comes to the Florida head coach.  It’s almost as if he’s the third-grade boy sitting in class behind a girl with pigtails.

He just has to yank on those pigtails, even though the girl outweighs him by 120 pounds and has kicked his ass in the past for doing that very thing.

While Meyer may not agree, I’m slowly turning the corner and beginning to believe that Kiffin is good for college football in general and the SEC specifically.

If he can coach and build a football program half as well as he runs his mouth, the Volunteers have themselves a keeper.  And Meyer will have a verbal thorn in his side for years to come.

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Respond to “Kiffin takes yet another slap at Meyer”
  1. skinny pigeon says: Dec 2, 2009 1:24 PM

    Kiffin sucks. In two years, he’ll have few recruits outside of the state of Tennessee.

  2. borninhuntsv says: Dec 2, 2009 1:37 PM

    Ah, Kiffen. The spoiled brat of the SEC.
    What is he going to do next year after he loses all of his seniors? He has the UT faithful fired up – I’ll give him that.
    I think that next year will really be rough for little Kiffen. He already walks the sideline like he is clueless. He holds that laminated sheet like it’s the last lifepreserver on the Titanic.
    He is in over his head, but he sure can talk sh*t.

  3. hrudey says: Dec 2, 2009 1:49 PM

    He’s a hoot. I kind of wish Urban had a little more Spurrier in him, so he might shoot back with something like: “And Tennessee’s got neither, which is why he’s talking about the game instead of preparing for it.”

  4. gator_prof says: Dec 2, 2009 1:55 PM

    Time will tell with Kiffy, but year one was average at best.
    He was 7-5 overall and 4-4 in the SEC with two nice wins against UGA and @USC. If it wasn’t for patsies like Western Kentucky (0-11) , Vandy (2-10) and Memphis (2-10), year one doesn’t look so encouraging.
    He had a really bad scandal that was poorly handled and really hurt the perception of his lauded recruiting class. He generated a bunch of press, but it was usually for stupid comments that he didn’t back up with wins.
    Will next year be different? Here are some questions….
    1) Who is his QB?
    2) He loses at least 4/5 of his OL. That along with a new QB is a bad situation.
    3) He loses at least 5/7 of his front 7 on D, along with Eric Berry. The D is rebuilding as well.
    I think that Kiffy’s Vols are still 2-3 years away from being a threat to do anything above 8-4 IF that ever happens.

  5. nasheagles says: Dec 2, 2009 2:12 PM

    he’s smart enough to hire the best coaching staff in CFB…

  6. tampalawyer says: Dec 2, 2009 2:34 PM

    You know what? Kiffin has now done this so many times it has lost its offensive novelty. It’s almost as though he is trying too hard. The real secret to a dig is timing and being subtle. Kiffin is neither here. As to timing, he’s commenting on 2 teams that beat his about to play for, effectively, the national championship. As to subtle, well obviously not. I’m not sure I agree with the coaching part — what beat Tennessee was 375 pounds up the middle to block 2 FG’s, not Saban.

  7. skinny pigeon says: Dec 2, 2009 2:48 PM

    Classic….and so true.

  8. DiamondDuq says: Dec 2, 2009 2:54 PM

    Kiffin is a showman. This is exactly why he’s in college and not the NFL. In the NFL his antics would get him shunned but in college they’re humorous and quite frankly I enjoy them. I do believe he’ll do a very good job at Tennessee, he appears very charismatic and care free, something players are certainly drawn to.

  9. gator_prof says: Dec 2, 2009 3:26 PM

    tampalawyer, I agree. Bama had an awful game plan against UT.
    If anything, I will take UF’s total staff over Saban’s any day of the week. If Charlie Strong isn’t the best defensive coordinator in college football, who is? Again, we are talking about RESULTS in terms of shutting down high octane offenses from various conferences.
    Kiffy’s dad was great in college, but let’s not get too giddy about what he has allegedly done at UT. Remember, UT’s D was 3rd in total D in 2008…not a bad group to inherit.
    Year 1 under Kiffy Sr., they slid to 17.
    Objectively speaking, there wasn’t an improvement. Yes, they lost Ayers, but they still retained a ton of talent.

  10. don says: Dec 2, 2009 4:14 PM

    I think Kiffy needs his diaper changed

  11. Jagdbaer says: Dec 2, 2009 4:20 PM

    This is the same kind of trash talk that Neuheisal did against Carroll and look what it did to him last week.
    Also, the Vols don’t pack the kind of heat the Gators do. Pellet gun vs. an AK? Please!

  12. dsmith4444 says: Dec 2, 2009 4:40 PM

    Well it is a good thing Kiffin has his daddy next to him, otherwise someone would shut that little biatches mouth for him. Let his team and his coaches show what they are made of. Oh that is right, they DID!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a ktty cat, (i’d say pussy but it might be troublesome for you all to read that sort of thing.) I have met Saban and I don’t know Meyer, but I will bet my last dollar that Saban is sitting someplace saying, “Will someone please stick a sock in Lame’s mouth, please? And yes that was Lame.

  13. TxLghrn says: Dec 2, 2009 4:51 PM

    “As to timing, he’s commenting on 2 teams that beat his about to play for, effectively, the national championship.”
    I hope Florida wins the “Effective National Championship.” That way, for recruiting purposes, Meyer can downplay losing the “Actual National Championship” in January.
    “The real secret to a dig is timing and being subtle.”
    Also, please let me know how I did as to my timing and subtlety.

  14. Whatever says: Dec 2, 2009 5:02 PM

    Beautifuly done, TxLghrn.
    I think the Gators would make short work of your Longhorns, but that was a great post.

  15. xacvol says: Dec 2, 2009 7:05 PM

    @ gator_prof
    Im not a defensive expert, but does Kiffin Sr. have the exact type of players to run his style of D? He does have some great players left to him by Chief tho.
    TN fans arent expecting a AL or FL program in year one, year two, and really 3 years. Instant success is crazy to expect…Though us SEC schools are known to be a little football crazy…

  16. woodman says: Dec 2, 2009 8:53 PM

    Meyer will get his due. He has only played one ranked team thus far……LSU….and squeezed by.

  17. LaneRocks says: Dec 2, 2009 10:09 PM

    Wow, how much bigger can gator fans heads get? Tennessee played FL and Bama when they were each number one…FL won by 10 instead of the expected 50 and Bama’s win was a lucky fluke. I’m not sure why you’re so impressed with your team. It’s not like you’ve beaten anyone impressive. LSU only ranked team you played and once again only beat them by 10. Win a real game and deserve your ranking for a change.

  18. LaneRocks says: Dec 2, 2009 10:09 PM

    Wow, how much bigger can gator fans heads get? Tennessee played FL and Bama when they were each number one…FL won by 10 instead of the expected 50 and Bama’s win was a lucky fluke. I’m not sure why you’re so impressed with your team. It’s not like you’ve beaten anyone impressive. LSU only ranked team you played and once again only beat them by 10. Win a real game and deserve your ranking for a change.

  19. gator_prof says: Dec 2, 2009 10:35 PM

    I don’t know if it is possible to play a cover 2 in college effectively. There are two main issues. The first is personnel and the second is time. You have to find the ideal LBs that can cover WRs and 300 lb DTs that are cat like quick. Simply put, there just aren’t that many of those types out there.
    The second issue of time is probably a bigger issue given that kids will have at most 4 years in the system. How long did Brooks play for him at Tampa? What about Sapp? If you get uber talented players, chances are you don’t have them for 4 years.
    It will be interesting to see if he adjusts and how he does it. It will also be interesting to see how many more years he will coach as he is turning 70 in Feb.
    Simply put, Monte is a phenomenal DC, but is will be interesting to see how he adapts to the college game and what type of players he recruits.

  20. AutumnWind999 says: Dec 2, 2009 11:16 PM

    Kiffin’s no fool. He’s creating a buzz. Think Tennessee would be getting any pub right now if he was sitting back spouting nothing but cliches? Think those HS kids were impressed a few weeks back when he did a helicopter tour of games? This guy knows how to recruit and UT had a much better 2009 than 2008. Should’ve beat Alabama (done in by 2 points when his FG kicker went 1/4 while Alabama’s went 4/4) and hung tough against Florida team that was supposedly going to win by 40.

  21. yeah-right says: Dec 3, 2009 4:24 AM

    LSU in Baton Rouge! Yeah… that’s easy to do. Alabama did better, but the game was in Tuscaloosa. Ans that’s right… the both also played Tennessee, and ‘Bama squeezed by thanks to that 350 lb dude they have upfront. The Gators were more convincing in their win against Tenn.
    Yes, Florida has only played one ranked team. But Alabama has played 3…. who’s that? LSU (again, in Tuscaloosa), South Carolina (in Tuscaloosa and a team the Gators played @USC) and a hugely overrated Ole Miss team, which was shown when they lost to Mullen and his Miss St squad.
    Meyer is arguably the best coach in college football right now. He’s coaching staff is better than Bama’s (and we can use Tennessee as a mean of comparison) and Florida has the speed needed to win.
    And dream Longhorns… you haven’t seen a team like the Gators or the Tide all season. They would do to you what you are going to do to poor Nebraska this weekend.

  22. Seeryer says: Dec 3, 2009 9:09 AM

    @ yeah right:
    Bama was up 9 with 3:30 to play win Ingram fumbled. This unleashed a wild chain of events that even let UT into the game against Bama. Crompton was 100 times the player against UA that he was against UF. And that was Bama’s 9th straight game of the season without an off week. UT was off the week before Bama. Bama beat Va Tech to begin those 9 straight games. Va Tech was ranked in the top 10 at that time. Ole Miss was whipped 22-3 and USC was whipped 16-7. That is the same USC that was tied with UF in FG range during the 4th qtr before throwing an INT on 3rd and 3. Bama beat ARK 35-7 at home, UF kicked a FG on the final play of regulation to beat ARK at home. You have no clue that Marcell Darius is going to whip your OL all night long. You have no clue that 3 RBs are going to have huge nights against that vaunted Gator defense. You have no clue that the Bama offense is the best offense the Gators will have seen all year. You have no clue that UF has an inferior coaching staff to UA. You have no clue which team has more speed. You do now because I just enlightened you.

  23. frank booth says: Dec 3, 2009 9:59 AM

    The cover 2 is really predicated on players staying in their gaps and pressure on the quarterback. It’s been figured out in the NFL. If there is no pressure, a good quarterback will destroy it. For a good example of bad Cover 2, watch the Chicago Bears. Their defense is supposed to “bend but not break”, but it does both. Brett Favre completely carved them apart in Week 12.
    I think for highly athletic teams such as Florida, it’s just not necessary, unless you’re constantly facing good QB’s in pro-style offenses. But there’s just not enough good QB’s or WR’s in college to go around. that create the need for cover2. Most college DB’s have enough problems in man coverage, let alone working in zones. Just my 2 cents, and it may not even be worth that.

  24. hrudey says: Dec 3, 2009 2:05 PM

    Seeryer: Here, too?
    I have to admit, though, you’re right about the Tennessee games. There’s no way that anyone could say that Alabama’s TDs in that game were less impressive than Florida’s. Which one did you like best?

  25. gator_prof says: Dec 3, 2009 6:09 PM

    frank booth,
    Agree about good/bad cover 2.
    I agree, getting decent CBs (note, more than one) in college that can come up to speed on zone defending is difficult.
    First off, congrats on breaking 0.500 overall, maybe next year you can do this in the SEC. Second, enjoy your free time this weekend, since your season is over and you are anxiously awaiting your team’s bid to the “who cares” bowl.
    UT was never in danger of winning the UF game. They were just trying to keep it close period.
    UF dominated LSU playing very conservative to protect Timmy’s brain from getting rattled again. LSU was never in danger of winning that game either.
    Bama is a great team as are the Gators. It should be a nice game on Saturday.
    I think that the Gators load the box to shut down the run, go man to man with the WRs and try to force McElroy to win the game. Auburn did this well and almost won. I like UF’s backfield a whole lot more than Auburn.
    Bama will do the same by taking away the inside running and will force TT to win in the air or by scrambling to the outside, much like MSU did. It paid off for them by forcing TT into two bad interceptions.
    The advantage in QB experience and leadership is firmly with the Gators. I think therein lies the advantage UNLESS TT

  26. tampalawyer says: Dec 4, 2009 10:35 AM

    @ TxLghrn — I guess that was good timing, not sure about whether stating the impossible is subtle.
    @ Whatever — your bar is pretty low!

  27. TxLghrn says: Dec 6, 2009 9:37 AM

    I guess it truly is impossible now. I’m going to Disneyland!

  28. mteague10 says: Dec 6, 2009 10:04 PM

    hahahahah, kiffin kiffin. yall are dumb if you think kiffin wont be doing anything at tennessee. He had to months to recruit at TENN and what did he do? #10 recruiting class in the nation. Now, recruiting this year and what is he doing? Top 10 recruiting class in the nation. First year in Knoxville, and what does he do? goes 4-1 against teams from the EAST. Loses to #1 florida by 10. and Loses to #1 Alabama by 2. on the road, might i add. Again, first year in Knoxville and we are in ATLANTA playing a great Virginia Tech team. I dont see why when everyone starts shaking a little bit, why they have to diss on Tennessee and Lane Kiffin. First, yall all hate Phil Fulmer for ” TELLING ” on Alabama. Anyone would point to the NCAA if one of their bitter rivals was cheating. Now, Kiffin comes in and starts doing something, and you all hate him. I love the fact that yall have to TALK, and still arent making UT look twice. GO VOLS!!!!!

  29. overratedgators says: Dec 7, 2009 1:59 AM

    Gee, this thread got a lot more amusing in the past 24 hours. Can’t for the life of me figure out why.

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