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Leach lashes out at Tech, James family

For the first time since being fired by Texas Tech, Mike Leach has spoken out about his dismissal as he conducted interviews with both the New York Times and ESPN to ring in the new year.

And, in both cases, the former Red Raider head coach alternately denied mistreating one of his players to railing against the university, the player — Adam James — and the James family — ESPN analyst Craig James in particular.

As for the alleged abuse of Adam James — initial reports stated that Leach had ordered the receiver confined to a dark, cramped room/electrical closet — Leach said it simply didn’t happen. According to the coach, he had ordered James to be taken “out of the light” as he had been diagnosed with a mild concussion.  More specifically, Leach stated he was unaware where James was taken as he “was busy coaching practice.”

Leach then lashed out at what he described as falsehoods being distributed by the media in general and ESPN in particular.

“There have been several things that have been brought to my attention on the ticker that’s just false,” Leach said according to the Times, referring to ESPN’s bottom line ticker. “He was never locked anywhere. At no point was he locked anywhere. At no point was there an electrical closet.”

Steve Pincock, Tech’s head athletic trainer, backed up Leach’s claims, saying in a statement that “Adam was never locked in any facility, and was never placed in an electrical closet or tight space, or instructed to do so.”

“Adam showed up to practice in street clothes, no team gear, and dark sunglasses,” Pincock said, according to the statement. “Adam walked about 40 to 50 yards, very slowly and with a non-caring attitude.”

Pincock said Leach then asked that James be moved to a location “where sunlight could not bother him as he was wearing sunglasses.”

“I instructed Adam to stay in the garage and out of the sun, so the light would not worsen his condition,” Pincock said in the statement. “While in the garage, Adam was walking around, eating ice, sitting on the ground, and, at one point, sleeping; at no point was there any enforcement to make Adam stand up.”

At least part of the public perception is that Leach mistreated a player who was diagnosed with a concussion.  According to Tech team physician Dr. Michael Phy, and based on his understanding of the situation, “no additional risks or harm were imposed on Adam by what he was asked to do.” 

So, you have two people who are either current employees of the school or are employed by the school — Pincock and Phy — who come out with statements of support for the former head coach?  Interesting.

Anyway, during both of the interviews, Leach claims it wasn’t his treatment of James that led to this situation.  Instead, it was an overbearing father and a lazy and entitled son who prompted this entire sordid affair.

In particular, Leach blasted Craig James for the way he hovered over the program, calling both Leach and his assistants in an attempt to get more playing time for his son.  He also made damning statements about the ESPN analyst attempting to use his position of “power” to force his son into additional playing time.

Leach described a divisive and tense relationship with Craig James, whom he said he had to deal with more than every other parent on the team combined. He said that James frequently attended practices and called assistant coaches.

“I think he used his position at ESPN to try to coerce me into allowing Adam to play more,” said Leach, who said he expected to coach again. “But the thing about it is as the coach, I watch every inch of film. I’m deferring to the judgment of 12 people as we look at the film on who should play and who should play when and then we make our decision based on that. I don’t feel like it’s fair to the other players and I don’t think it’s the right way to do business to allow influence and position to dictate when you play a young man.”

Leach said that Craig James called the assistant coach Lincoln Riley so often to lobby for playing time that they had a meeting with Adam James. They played him two of the messages and asked, “How would you feel if we went in there to the meeting room and we stuck speakers up and we played these two messages for the team?”

Leach added: “After that we didn’t get any more phone calls from Craig, but he did proceed to call administrators.”

Leach said that Craig James felt his son was not getting a fair shot and threatened to call the administration about it.

“He made it clear that he had a business relationship with our chancellor or certainly was in conversation about such things,” Leach said. “He made it clear that he was announcing this game or that. He always felt like we were leaving the best receiver on the team on the bench. It’s inconceivable that we’d ever want to do that or consider doing it.”

Again, this is making both sides look bad.  Really bad.

But, the more information that sees the light of day, the more it becomes blatantly obvious that the person on the receiving end of the most hits — and the blackest of eyes — is Craig James himself.  And, by extension, his employer.

In essence, an analyst at the dominant sports network in the world got a head coach fired.  How he can continue as one of the lead analysts for the World Wide Leader is beyond me.

Then again, when you have a monopoly on sports information, you can pretty much do whatever you want, can’t ya?

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64 Responses to “Leach lashes out at Tech, James family”
  1. OpinionsNAholes says: Jan 1, 2010 1:05 PM

    Gotta think that it was a combination of both sides. I’d bet that Leach is minimizing what he did to the kid. But I also totally believe that the kid was likely a spoiled brat and that what Leach says about Craig James is likely dead on.
    The problem is that as a head coach you have to be able to deal with situations like this in a more diplomatic manner.

  2. edgy says: Jan 1, 2010 1:27 PM

    I don’t think that Leach is as guilty as the kid, his father and the World Wide Leader In Deception are making him out to be. My God, until yesterday, it was all Craig James, all the time during the half time of their bowls and during SportsCenter. Even the spot they gave him yesterday wasn’t enough for him to tell the full side of his story.
    It should have sent a red flag to Leach that the kid, who was practically a legacy at SMU, couldn’t even get an offer from the school (and really, are you telling me that Craig couldn’t afford to pay for his son to walk-on at his alma mater and make him EARN a sport. Seriously, if his dad thought that his kid was that good then why didn’t he send him to his old school, where he should have been treated like royalty?). Maybe Craig thought that Leach should pay his son to go there, like they did him at SMU…..

  3. stnmmc says: Jan 1, 2010 1:38 PM

    Shame on ESPN for allowing their network to be used as a staging ground for this coup. I watched the OTL report with Ted Ligget and the following CFB Live with a Craig James interview. The difference was so obvious, starting with James actually given face time, and it was disgusting to watch how he phrased and set up everything.
    ESPN has still stood by the “electrical closet” description, even after the video showing that in fact it was a media room. I began boycotting ESPN a year ago, I only watched it this past week because I was on a snowboarding vacation with no internet access, therefore no access to PFT and CFT. Once this hits the legal system I expect some serious black eyes for all involved, including Mike Leach, but in the end I think Leach will come off best.
    TT is in the middle of nowhere, with no history aside from Leach, who will want to put themselves in a position like that. Also, the financial repurcussions could be big as well.
    ESPN will lose more faithful (if they are able to stop being sheep) and will also lose credibility more than they have this year. It seems like the loss of credibility was a 2009 resolution for the world wide leader; Roethlisberger, Salisbury, Phillips, etc.
    Craig James will be fund out for who he is. His actions at SMU will be brought up again.
    Adam James will never play Div I (screw this new alphabet soup crap they got going on, DII and DIII are still just that) football again, who the hell would invite a cancer like that into their locker room.
    Mike Leach will have his methods and ethics questioned, but he has a winning history and mentality, and in sports that trumps all. We have seen some very questionable actions by coaches in the past, yet they all seem to make their way back. Neuheisel and the guy who forged his academic history come to mind as recent examples.
    This is just shocking to me. As a soccer coach at the high school level I have dealt with some absolute nutters, and know the type of dad Craig James is.
    I am still reserving judgment on the entire issue regarding the treatment of AJ, but from the beginning I have been leaning towards the James Gang being the ones in the wrong.

  4. fmlinardo says: Jan 1, 2010 3:00 PM

    I think Tech is hanging their hat on the fact that Mike Leach, a verb, and Adam Craig’s health appear in the same sentence. I’m not positive but I think the training staff work for the university not the coach and are charged with the health and well being of the student athletes. It sounds like Leach is being accused of using the trainers to help discipline a malcontent. Leagally that won’t end well for Leach no matter what else comes to light. Leach knows that. His law degree from Pepperdine didn’t sour with age. Thats’ why he is waving the e-mail from Dr Phy.
    I think that’s why some of the training staff are coming foreword and refuting Adam James’ version of events. It can’t look good for the training staff if it comes out they were used to help straighten a kid out instead treating his condition. I think we can all drop the “it was a shed/electrical cabinet/taj mahal good for his concussion” nonsense. If that was Crabtree he would have been sent to the multi-million dollar players lounge.
    Ultimately the character of the James’ will be irrelevant if Leach can’t get out from under the perception that he was mistreating a kid with a concussion.

  5. jonesy1124 says: Jan 1, 2010 3:34 PM

    Are you friggin kidding me?
    If he is a spoiled rotten adult child, just cut him!!!
    What is truly amazing to me that, unless I have missed it, Leach didn’t deny locking him in that room post concussion!!! If James was in the ear of coaches like Leach calims then have him do hit its, run laps, or gassers. Him being a spoiled punk goes out the window if Leach did what he was accused of doing. As an adult it is up to him to rise above a “punk kid”. I understand type A. competitive personalities. We say things we don’t mean or might loose our temper. But looking a post-concussed kid in a equipment closet is inexcusable botttom line!!!!

  6. Randall says: Jan 1, 2010 3:38 PM

    By the time it’s over Leach will be thanking the James gang for helping him get all that free lawsuit money. And Craig James is a joke-we’d never have heard his name if it weren’t for Eric Dickerson needing a blocker. I look forward to his public humiliation.

  7. UofM Tony says: Jan 1, 2010 3:46 PM

    Why isn’t anyone interviewing Craig James with the same viciousness that other sports people get when they do something stupid? Just look at the treatment TO, Rich Rodriguez, or Randy Moss get when the media decides they aren’t behaving. Let’s see a non-ESPN reporter interview Craig James and ask him about his voice mail messages and incessant meddling.

  8. edgy says: Jan 1, 2010 3:56 PM

    fmlinardo, you seemed to have bought into the James version of events because of the way that you’ve worded your response. You might also check on what the training staff have to say about the incident because it’s far different from what Adam is saying and let’s not forget that Leach isn’t there to intimidate them so why would they lie for him.
    Oh and if it WERE Crabtree, he would have been on the field. After all, the guy played with an ankle injury last year and yet, he managed to show up for the games AND practice.
    As for the infamous shed:

  9. ifdelta says: Jan 1, 2010 4:08 PM

    jonesy1124: Have you paid any attention? Are you related with Craig Jerk James? Nobody locked a post-concussed kid, ever! Pay attention next time, you Craig James moron.

  10. BillyBob says: Jan 1, 2010 4:16 PM

    This back and forth reminds me of the adage I heard many years ago “The winners are laughing and making jokes and the losers keep bitching and yelling DEAL.”
    How many off you know all of the details! How many of you were presentwwhen this ‘happened’? I have listened to both sides and personally think this is BS from both of them.

  11. Ralphie says: Jan 1, 2010 4:57 PM

    @Randall says:
    January 1, 2010 3:38 PM ET
    By the time it’s over Leach will be thanking the James gang for helping him get all that free lawsuit money. And Craig James is a joke-we’d never have heard his name if it weren’t for Eric Dickerson needing a blocker. I look forward to his public humiliation.
    I’m sure that James is at fault here (big time) and he’ll pay for this but that’s a dumb-ass statement calling James a joke “if it weren’t for Eric Dickerson”. His first 400 touches in the NFL he averaged ~ 5 yards a carry and he rushed for over 1200 yards his second year in the league – and was a big threat catching the ball out of the backfield. He might be a knuckle-head but he was a talented RB.
    Trivia question: Who was the last white running back to rush for 1,000 yards in the NFL?

  12. fmlinardo says: Jan 1, 2010 5:12 PM

    Edgy, why do I have to buy into someone’s version to have thoughts about it. If you can’t talk about an issue without choosing sides that’s your problem not mine.
    What we have learned in the recent weeks is that we (read fans/outsiders) know nothing. If the Tiger Woods situation doesn’t prove to you that we the fans have no clue what the truth is about any situation or individuals character than nothing will.
    A few sound bites, an interview here and there and a Lou Holtz and Mark May flip flop and you seem to think you know who is telling the truth. Seems to me there is at least some stretching of the truth on both sides.
    All I was saying is it looks like Leach will have the most to lose and the toughest road to walk. Perception is harder to overcome than truth in a lot of cases. James wasn’t going to the next level anyway. He had nothing to lose career wise.
    And if you read my post you will note that I did say the training staff is now refuting, meaning disagreeing with, saying opposite than, James’ version of events. And I never said the training staff was lying. This won’t end with Leach being fired. If they did put James in the whatever because the coach told them to I would think they would have some questions to answer.
    Your Crabtree analogy is short sighted. What I meant was if Crabtree was the one who could not practice, and with a concussion it’s not up to him, there is no way he’s going to a darkened anything. He’s in the lounge because he exhibits the qualities desired by the coach. Meaning James’ trip to the shed was not medicinal but disciplinary which is what makes Leach’s road a tough one to walk if he is going to get the money he believes he is owed.

  13. edwardxavier says: Jan 1, 2010 5:25 PM

    Craig James should not be allowed to use position
    to pressure Coaches.
    This is COLLEGE football.
    ESPN should NOT allow employee-reporters to
    influence sports they report on-conflict of interest.
    I agree with the interview comment.
    I like College better than professional football.
    If the son has a concussion–he should not be at
    all–send him home.
    Let me know if I am wrong-BUT Craig James
    should be removed until matter is resolved.

  14. gator_prof says: Jan 1, 2010 5:59 PM

    I suggest that everyone who is angry at ESPN for their handling of this situation flood the inbox of Don Ohlmeyer

  15. Terry says: Jan 1, 2010 5:59 PM

    Bottom line is Adam James is just Not that good and Daddy just can”t accept it!

  16. john-nicholas says: Jan 1, 2010 6:20 PM

    “Then again, when you have a monopoly on sports information, you can pretty much do whatever you want, can’t ya?”
    a bit of an over-reaction maybe?

  17. Dakota1995 says: Jan 1, 2010 6:41 PM

    How fair is it for ESPN to promote the James side of the argument since Monday and to finally broadcast a Leach interview on New Years Day. Halftime of just about every game ESPN broadcast today had more of the James side. Lets face it the father is not that good of an announcer to force people to play his son a border line player at best. I hope this blows up in the old mans face and costs him his job the way it cost Leach. I think the son is screwed and will be seen as a bottle-nipple baby for quite some time.

  18. fmlinardo says: Jan 1, 2010 6:51 PM

    From the NY Times interview cited in this article:
    Leach said he only ordered James to be taken “out of the light” and did not know specifically where he had been taken. “I was busy coaching practice,” Leach said.
    He added: “There have been several things that have been brought to my attention on the ticker that’s just false,” Leach said, referring to ESPN’s bottom line ticker. “He was never locked anywhere. At no point was he locked anywhere. At no point was there an electrical closet.”
    So which is it. Was he in an electrical closet or not. If Leach was too busy coaching practice to know than how can he say James was never in any of those places.
    I’ve seen Leach’s lawyer showing the places James’ was asked to stay during practice thanks to the link from Edgy. But James’ has a video as well and his looks like an electrical closet. Who is telling the truth; the Uncle Buck look alike lawyer in the camo huntin coat that’s a size or two too small or the lazy, know-it-all kid with the smart ass grin and bad attitude?
    The truth is being strangled on both sides I think. However Leach is the only one going to court to get money he is probably owed. Before his day arrives Leach might want to slip his mouthpiece an early retainer so he can buy a suit.

  19. jonesy1124 says: Jan 1, 2010 7:24 PM

    ifdelta: this is what the whole crux of the argument is…GENUIS

  20. edgy says: Jan 1, 2010 7:29 PM

    Leach had the hardest road to hoe because the World Wide Leader In Deception slanted the story and gave him almost no time on the air to get his side of the story out. I personally believe that the fans and other media outlets embarrassed ESPN to the point that they FINALLY aired part of his side of the story but they gave the James family so much air time before they did so for Leach that the “jury pool” was tainted. If all you watched was ESPN then you missed my crucial facts and all you saw was Craig James on the halftime of every bowl and SportsCenter but Leach didn’t get a chance to put forth his case.
    Jf the Tiger Woods incident taught you anything then you’re 45+ years behind me in that aspect. I first learned the lard truth when a friend of mine showed up at school with a black eye and he was candid enough to tell me that he got it from his father. Everyone thought he had a Father Knows Best family but it turned out, they were just as screwed up as anyone else. As for athletes, Ball Four and North Dallas Forty opened up everyone’s eyes to what REALLY goes on in the private lives of athletes and the only ones who ever forgot that are the media, who seemed to forget more and more about the transgressions of the guys that they covered as time went by. Back when I was a kid, if there had been an ESPN, they would have hid all the transgressions of the celebrities and athletes AND in this case, they would have told Adam James to grow a pair.
    First of all, did you take a look at the “shed” as he was portraying it? Now, since the trainer(s) have nothing to fear from Leach, why would they say this after his firing?
    Also, hate to tell you but many of the others who were injured have said that they were also sent to some of the same places that Adam James was (or they went there voluntarily): [Former player, Glenn] January said the shed in which James spent practice on Dec. 17 might have been the most appropriate place to deal with his concussion, because it kept him out of the sunlight. January said he and his teammates on the offensive line often retreated to the same shed during practices to rest and escape the heat.
    Another former player said, “The whole time I was there, and as well as I know coach Leach, he would never do anything to publicly humiliate or endanger someone’s well-being, and he would never do anything unprofessional,” Loper said. “… I never saw him show any kind of favoritism or any kind of hate toward any singular person.”
    Does that sound like Crabtree was going to get a cushy place to sit instead of the place that everyone else got sent? But, he probably would have had to force Crabtree to go there instead of practicing with a concussion. Everyone called Adam James a slacker and even the ones who defended him didn’t contradict that characterization of him; they just didn’t feel that the “punishment fit the crime.”

  21. edgy says: Jan 1, 2010 7:56 PM

    A little ditty for Adam James from his “fans” at Texas Tech:

  22. Real Football Fan says: Jan 1, 2010 8:17 PM

    Craig James has always been an asshole of tremendous proportions, so I’m not surprised that the appled didn’t fall too far from the tree.
    I’m more amazed that administrators had it in for Leach this bad. Enough to return the program to its little league status.

  23. fmlinardo says: Jan 1, 2010 8:34 PM

    Edgy I agree with you that ESPN has created the perception that is now dogging Leach. I think he made a mistake going on ESPN. He should follow a good lawyers advice and not comment. He contradicts himself a few times in the Times article and he comes off badly in the ESPN piece while he runs Adam James into the ground. If he’s going to claim the high ground then he needs to go there and stay there.
    As for the 45+ years, if that’s the case how is it you feel you know what’s going on in Lubbock. Just because some former players and coaches say it with passion doesn’t make it so. Current player Chris Perry said he’s glad Leach is gone because he locked James up like and animal. Does that mean James was locked up like an animal because a current player said it. Following your logic the answer would be yes but I don;t believe Perry’s version anymore than I believe James or Leach. My point about Woods was that you don’t know any more about anyone’s motives or actions than I or anyone else does.
    Somehow you have this whole thing figured out and the only evidence I can see that allows you to figure it all out is that you chose a side. That’s it. That’s all you have done. You have no information beyond what we have all been reading. Again the point about Woods is that for all any of us know leach could be abusing every body on his staff or Adam James was a plant by the school administration to frame Leach.
    Either one of those stories could be true for all any of us on the outside know about this situation. How do you know James’ phone video is not the right one? How do you know the video link you posted is not made up by the lawyer?
    I’m just not as certain as you are as to what happened. My point was the truth no longer matters. Leach has been buried under perception and speculation in large part because of ESPN.
    So I absolutely agree with you that ESPN has jumped the rails in the way they talk about the situation. They had Leach convicted by Wednesday afternoon. He’ll probably have an easier time winning a liable suit against Mark May then he will getting his money from Texas Tech.

  24. O.T. Green says: Jan 1, 2010 8:54 PM

    As John Taylor says this whole situation is bad for both sides and Texas Tech. James probably is a whiny, entiled brat whose father isn’t much better and for them to raise such a big stink about the whole affair makes them look at bit worse than Texas Tech’s handling of the whole affair. But I think it’s worse for a supposed grown man, Leach, to whine about it as much as he did. Really, and especially for all those supporting Leach, he went out last year and interviewed at everyplace he could…read “I don’t want to stay at Texas Tech as coach”, even though he only had a .500 record (that got Weis fired from N.D.). Common Leach grow up, take your medicine if you did lock James in the deepest darkest dungeon, if you didn’t be the bigger man of Texas Tech, Craig and Adam James and try and get that job else where that you wanted so badly. As it is by whinning, crying and bad mouthing your employer you’d be lucky to coach my daughters powder puff league…but then again you’d probably lock them up for playing like girls…never mind.

  25. Dallas1012 says: Jan 1, 2010 9:10 PM

    It’s amazing how the truth finally comes out. James JR. sounds like a spoiled rotten little boy, I think James SR. needs to sit down with his son and let him know that Daddy won’t always be there for him. It’s a shame that the powers to be ran off a coach who turned the program around and cared that his kids come to Tech first and foremost to receive an education and secondly to play football.. I would let my kids play for this man any time. Maybe they should have played the messages to the whole entire team hell put it on the PA system and let the whole world hear what a whiner both JR and SR really are..

  26. edgy says: Jan 1, 2010 9:20 PM

    Again, he ISN’T defending James from being a slacker and NONE of those guys have. All they’ve ever done was talk about what he did to James AND remember, they’ve got NO MORE OF AN IDEA of what really happened than you and I do. Listen, there are always going to be players that are glad that a coach is gone and most of them are the ones who are just like Adam James. Not all of them but most of them.
    First of all, I “chose” a side after I went all over the internet and got both sides of the story and not the one from ESPN ONLY. Remember, ESPN did not and as far as I’m concerned, HAS NOT told both sides of the story equally.
    Now, as for his video, understand that it was reported: On Dec. 19, James was taken to an electrical room but the buzz was too loud, so he was taken to a press room where all the furniture was removed and he was told not to sit down, the person said.
    Now, he took pictures of one room but “conveniently” left out the pictures of the one that he ultimately spent more time. As for the “made up by the lawyer” statement: the trainers corroberated what he said. Why would they lie since they no longer had to fear Leach? This is the part that you keep missing.
    Also, while this is probably not the case, it is quite possible that the “electrical closet” was an offshoot of the media room. I know of several buildings where a circuit breaker room is behind a door to keep people from pulling them deliberately or inadvertently and they were part of a much larger room. So, while he probably didn’t do it, it’s quite possible that he could have been put in a much larger room and went into the circuit breaker room to shoot the video to make Leach look bad.
    BTW, I happen to be a Trojan fan so don’t think that I’m supporting Leach because I’m a Tech booster or fan.

  27. edgy says: Jan 1, 2010 9:22 PM

    BTW, so far the results of the “Who do you believe?” poll is:
    The James family. 3%
    Mike Leach. 83%
    Both. 0%
    Neither. 6%
    Who Cares! 8%

  28. Turk says: Jan 1, 2010 9:40 PM

    I wish we would stop talking as if Adam James is a 16 year old high school boy. He is almost 21 years old — he is grown man! For Pete’s sake, if he objected to going into the dark closet, then he should have refused. At some point this kid needs to learn to stick up for himself and stop depending on Daddy to fight his battles. I have no dog in this hunt — I am not a Tech fan and could care less what happens to the program. But I have been reading up on this story and there is considerable doubt about the veracity of young Jame’s claims of mistreatment. It sounds to me like the little school girl who gets back at a tough teacher by accusing him of rape. Everyone is so damm eager to believe the claim of misconduct in this case becasue it is a salacious story. I think we need to take a breath and allow the truth to develop. Won’t we all look silly if a year from now the real facts shows that Coach Leach did nothing wrong and that the James Gang manipulated the system and the media to get little Adam some notoriety and extra playing time.

  29. Bucforever says: Jan 1, 2010 10:04 PM

    It is about time Mike Leach spoke out. He had to put his side out there. His reputation and future career as a coach was at stake . Craig James comes out as a bully, his son a cry baby and Texas Tech needs to get a pair.

  30. R.Babe says: Jan 1, 2010 10:43 PM

    Have you seen the video of the so-called “shed” and “electrical closet?” What a joke!
    This is sour grapes on the part of Craig James and Texas Tech, that’s all. TT is pissed that Leach is leaving, and James is pissed that Leach doesn’t grovel at his feet. This whole thing will end very poorly for TT & James. I hope Leach comes out OK.

  31. fmlinardo says: Jan 1, 2010 10:47 PM

    You could have been the biggest booster Tech has ever had and still have a quality debate over what I think is an interesting issue. I believe, regardless how delusional this may seem, that intelligent people can talk about events, issues, what have you, in an objective manner regardless of their affiliations or bias. In other words I think regardless of what side a person is on they should recognize and acknowledge fair points from the opposite side of the argument.
    And for the last time I never said the trainers are lying. As for the two different videos, my only question is how did you arrive at the conclusion the lawyer’s video is the accurate one? The trainers corroborated the lawyers version. The Perry kid corroborated Adam’s version. So I’ll tell you how you decided; you made a value judgement based on the fact that you think the James kid is a douche-bag. You’re probably right. And the more I hear Craig James speak I’m inclined to believe the apple doesn’t fall far.
    This event has become more interesting because people who have taken up for Leach, like yourself, are saying “don’t believe what you hear from ESPN and the internet about Leach it’s the James’ trying to bring Leach and Tech down” (quotes are for effect, that’s obviously my paraphrase). But at the same time you are saying believe what you hear from ESPN and the internet about Adam cause he’s a first class jerk-off and his father sucks as an analyst and he is abusing his power and position at ESPN.”
    It’s a great case study in internet mob mentality. My original point has been lost which was truth has become irrelevant. If Leach wants the money he is probably owed he has to prove he did not tell the trainers to put the kid in a room somewhere. He was fired for cause. From what it sounds like the cause is he used training staff to discipline a kid. As you noted that has been made difficult by the way ESPN has handled the story. I think Leach hurt himself as well by going on ESPN and talking to the NY Times. He sounds bitter like he wanted back at the kid. He made a medical decision to make a disciplinary point. I think it will be hard to overturn the firing or get any money out of Tech because of it.
    All that’s left now is to let it play out and see who’s right. By the way I never said Leach was wrong for doing what he did, I’m just saying he ain’t getting paid because of it.
    And I went to Maryland where the coach is not a genius, he just would have booted him from the team a long time ago, or ate him, which ever would have been easier. Also change the Both column to .001. I’m leaning toward Leach but not there yet.

  32. Colyen says: Jan 1, 2010 11:24 PM

    I don’t see why Leach isn’t more the focus of what is going on here. If I were a Tech fan I would be very embarrassed with how he handles himself publicly (“fat Girlfriends?”) and even more so concerned with how the man ran his program when cameras weren’t around.
    Leach seems to direct his rage directly at the kids, not to their performance on the field. He has no respect for his employer, and when
    he instructed his staff to take him someplace “dark”, I could see some indecisive over-reacting taking place because they think the coach’s intention is to punish him (and likely it really was). They have no business carrying out the coach’s “punishment”, and this is where Leach really might have a problem here.

  33. Tom Landry says: Jan 2, 2010 1:07 AM

    finally, the rest of the story is starting to come out. sounds to me like leach really had nothing to do with this mess…. other than being the victim of a crooked administration, a spineless ESPN analyst and his son… who, apparently, has a vagina.
    my prediction: Leach will get ALL of his money from TTU, the chancellor, president and AD will be fired, Craig James will be fired and ESPN will lose some kind of lawsuit to Leach as well. and Leach… well he might just end up with his old job back when it’s all said and done. if not, he’ll certainly land on both feet and lead another school’s football team to similar on and off field success.
    That is all.

  34. tpatten says: Jan 2, 2010 1:45 AM

    Correct me if i’m wrong here.
    1. The alleged brat with a history of laziness brings a note from his personal doctor that says he has a mild concussion.
    2. He’s wearing dark sunglasses, the same kind made popular by a hangover due to a long night drinking with f_t little girlfriends.
    3. He refuses to see the Team Doctor to verify the validity of “note”, and is medically cleared to practice (has anybody said he wasn’t?).
    4. It is apparent he has no intention of practicing, judging by his dress and lack of required items.
    Analysis: There is no reason why he should be excused from required practice time.
    His presence on the sideline would not be fair or productive for the ones who show up ready to play.
    The coaches are are tired of Slackopotamus, AKA Adam James. His know-it-all attitude, sense of entitlement, meddling and influential parent, and lack of commitment have decreased their willingness to explore additional ways to improve his status within the program.
    Disciplinary actions such as suspension are out of the question, owing to the high profile media celebrity status of his father, who has shown little respect for the administration and coaching staff. Mike Leach’s brash comments and quirky personality are already media fodder and a feeding frenzy fueled by ESPN “reporting” would not look good for the school.
    They ask themselves….Why couldn’t he have just gone to his daddy’s school (SMU)?

  35. stnmmc says: Jan 2, 2010 4:46 AM

    A couple of points
    1. The media room where he was housed was not guarded as ESPN and James would have you believe. There were 3 training staff members present, but that is it.
    2. Direct sunlight, or any bright light (such as would be found in a players lounge) can have a bad impact on concussion victims, hence the sunglasses, so a dark room is the most appropriate place for a concussion victim to be placed.
    3. The media room could not be locked due to fire codes. This room, as with all internal rooms would need to be opened from the inside at all times to pass code.
    4. The Adam James video was shot on a phone camera, therefore the quality is much lower than that shot by the tv crew, and thus the shed looks darker and more menacing than it actually is.
    5. The treating doctor and training staff were on board with the steps taken regarding Adam James.
    These are facts, and they speak loudly to the lack of credibility of the James’/TT/ESPN alliance.
    I am not a Tech supporter, nor hater, but this all seems ridiculous. There is too much ESPN, and too much deceit from TT. This is not an issue of a coach mistreating a player as much as it is an “elite” trying to exert his influence.
    If Bear Bryant were alive today he would walk right into ESPN and knock Craig James’ lights out.

  36. stnmmc says: Jan 2, 2010 5:03 AM

    Fact…Craig James is planning to throw his hat in the political ring. There is no such thing as bad publicity, right? And that makes much more sense of his smarmy “I’m just a dad” speech during his first ESPN interview.
    By the way, has anyone outside ESPN been able to interview this guy? If so, where can I see it? If not, are you surprised?

  37. pmaccdhs says: Jan 2, 2010 7:14 AM

    Maybe I’m showing my age, but there was a time when a player who wasn’t playing up to expectations or wasn’t doing what the coaches asked was simply cut from the squad. Apparently Coach Leach did not have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to the administration and the James’ family by doing that.
    You never hear of these kind of problems in programs run by Saban, Meyer etc., because they simply don’t put up with that. Why Coach Leach allowed this cancer to stay on the team is a mystery. To me, Coach Leach has no one to blame but himself because he let the situation get out of hand resulting in the current fiasco.

  38. houstonsimpleton says: Jan 2, 2010 9:41 AM

    Why hasn’t someone just asked the darned trainer guards what the facts are?
    Come on, aren’t there any reporters left in the media?

  39. Gailikk says: Jan 2, 2010 9:56 AM

    O T Green, you said Leach had a .500 record?
    “Really, and especially for all those supporting Leach, he went out last year and interviewed at everyplace he could…read “I don’t want to stay at Texas Tech as coach”, even though he only had a .500 record (that got Weis fired from N.D.).”
    Now I am no math major, but 7-5, 7-6, 9-5, 8-5, 8-4, 9-3, 8-5, 9-4, 11-2, 8-4 do not add up to a .500 record. Basic math skills will tell you that 84-43 is closer to .66(141) which is a winning record. Just thought I would point that out for you

  40. dcfan-1212450 says: Jan 2, 2010 10:09 AM

    Mike Leach was not fired for this incident. This was an excuse for the school to get out of a bad contract and poor relationship derived from said contract. The problem is that they fired him for cause. I truly believe, for once, Leach can successfully bring a lawsuit against Texas Tech, and will win. They jumped the gun to avoid his big payout, and its going to cost them even more. I am rooting for Adam Jones, when actual employees from the University that just fired the coach stand up for that fired individual, risking their own jobs, you know the coach has a real argument. This is Bobby Knight or Mangino, this is going to get uglier. And maybe Leach will even sue Craig James (defamation of character anyone).

  41. Gailikk says: Jan 2, 2010 10:10 AM

    Just wanted to point out the facts of this story to assist some of the poor souls who are confused.
    1. James family accused Coach Leach of locking son in electric closet
    2. Coach Leach denies accusation. Claims he punished student for transgressions.
    3. Coach Leach fired by T.Tech university.
    4. Training staff and doctor employed by T.Tech say they (the trainers) placed James in media room/shed/electric closet.
    Now the dispute seems to be between two parties, Leach and the James family. The big deal here is the training staff. They are trained (mostly) professionals. They have come forward and sided with the coach. This is case closed for me. The witnesses have spoken and in so doing the truth is out. If the trainers story supports the coaches story, than the coach would be right (sort of, though I do think he punished Adam James). Sadly I really agree that both sides are in spin control, Leach just covered up his mistakes better.

  42. Mercantile3 says: Jan 2, 2010 12:47 PM

    One has to wonder what could be going through the heads of administarters ($$$$$$) when firing a coah like Mike Leach for abusive behavior when he hasn’t had a history of that kind of behavior. Mike Leach took a lack-luster football program that used to get kicked around and stomped on and changed it into the program that it is today. Not only have his efforts changed the football program at Texas Tech but has upgraded the level of play throughout the entire Big 12 conference. Texas Tech is no longer the “warm up” game that they used to be, teams have to really get ready for them and play it real because they can and have taken dreams away.
    You want to fire Mike Leach for what?!? Go ahead, make his day. He’ll be working again by tomorrow because there are several schools out there that need new head coaches that can bring them a winning program and that won’t put-up with bad attitudes, overbearing parental BS, and won’t leave those schools in the lurch.

  43. edgy says: Jan 2, 2010 12:55 PM

    fmlinardo ,
    Objection, Perry’s testimony about the locations where he was sent or that he was even locked up would be heresay evidence as he doesn’t have direct knowledge of where James was taken except what he heard from James.
    I’m NOT saying that you’re saying that the trainers are lying but that you’re overlooking what they’re saying.
    I made my judgment based on what I saw on ESPN AND what I DID NOT SEE on ESPN. If I wanted the James version, I watched ESPN but if I wanted to see what everyone else on this planet had to say, I had to go everywhere (It was as if ESPN was Communist China and James was one of their corrupt officials trying to shield the failures onf his incompetent offspring). If the Tech program goes down the tube, that will mean that the James family took down TWO – count ’em – TWO programs. They should probably change their name because if Adam James’ sperm isn’t too lazy to reproduce, his son(s) will have to earn their sports on Div-II/III teams…

  44. Steven Speck says: Jan 2, 2010 1:30 PM

    There is obviously more to this relationship between Mike Leach and TT then we all know. But for those who do not agree Texas Tech and how they handled this situation…..quite simply……DO NOT purchase any tickets to this years Texas Tech football games. This will certainly get their attention!

  45. StreatorDave says: Jan 2, 2010 1:54 PM

    Ya know, when you are stupid enough to take your boss to court, you probably will get fired.
    Amazin’ that Tech seems to have problems with coaches that treat their students poorly. First Bobby Knight & now Leach. What a joke! Then Leach goes crying to the media…..after he was fired to tell us “his story”. Right. Like we are all going to believe him now that he is in the same hot water that his old buddy Knight was in.
    Oh well, just more quality recruits for June Jones & they will get to play in Dallas……….not Lubbock.

  46. fmlinardo says: Jan 2, 2010 4:46 PM

    Speaking to ESPN or any other news outlet is a Grand Canyon leap from putting your name on a sworn affidavit. The doctor and the trainer have seemed to officially changed their alleged stories.
    I would imagine that someone explained to them that just because your patient is a douce-bag doesn’t mean you get to treat him like one.

  47. edgy says: Jan 2, 2010 4:55 PM

    Ok, two things. The new affidavit does not favor Leach NOR does it favor James AND it also proves my theory that there was an electrical closet in the media room and that he was NOT put there and in fact, was told by the trainer NOT to go in that room but he deliberately went into that closet and shot the video and made it appear as if he was put there instead of the media room. The trainer also NEVER mentioned locking James in either place.

  48. edgy says: Jan 2, 2010 5:06 PM

    fmlinardo, read the affidavit and you’ll see that Adam James’ video is nothing more than a SHAM and also, he was NEVER locked in any place as he and his dad continue to say. Leach isn’t coming out of this looking like a saint but it also shows that that AT LEAST ONE James is lying (Adam) and the other one (Craig) may have put him up to producing false evidence by having him to into the closet that he was told NOT to go into by the trainer. If you listen to the video that James made, you will hear him tell his dad (He uses the word “Dad”) that he’s turning the lights on in the closet so Craig was aware of where he was. Now, whether Adam cooked that up or Craig came up with it, one of them had the idea to produce false evidence.

  49. trunkdog says: Jan 2, 2010 6:53 PM

    The rabid james gang sissies in the state of Tejas don’t deserve Leach as a coach.
    Mike, move on to the SEC where real football is executed.
    1- Bama will give a good ol’ woodshed (not a cool dark closet) whoopin’ to the Longhorns!
    2- The Red Raiders will return to their pre-Leach obscurity…
    3- Daddy will get junior an “analist” job at ESPN
    4- Junior is still looking for his ding-a-ling-ling…
    Gee, I can’t hardly wait for the politically correct, tofu fartin’, global inferno, terminally delusional wimps to bring their cancer to college football.
    Oh my poor overly sensitive concussive head….
    Roll Alabama frickin’ Tide…. R O L L !
    …from one of those inbred barefoot rednecks that LOVE to call Alerbama home

  50. CincyJungle says: Jan 2, 2010 7:07 PM

    Leach – you stink of FEAR!!!

  51. fmlinardo says: Jan 2, 2010 11:11 PM

    The video issue is a hair not worth splitting. Balanced against the weight of the affidavits it’s pretty small potatoes. Here is the main point of my initial post: I think Tech is hanging their hat on the fact that Mike Leach, a verb, and Adam Craig’s health appear in the same sentence. This is exactly what happened. Leach used James’ medical condition to discipline him.
    One the most damning things about the affidavit is the line in Dr. Phy’s where it says this is not in line with standard medical practice. As it turns out the starting QB had a concussion early in the year and did not have to stand in the garage or post game interview room. This came out of the play by play dudes mouth during the game so who knows. But I think this will do the most damage if Leach decides to go with a lawsuit to get his money.
    The other line that will be tough to overcome is where the trainer says Leach wanted James to be uncomfortable as possible is going to sting a lot as well.
    Don’t you think the trainer and Doc have something to answer for? How do they answer when they get asked “if you didn’t agree with the treatment why do you comply with it?” The trainer is clearly scrambling for a lifeboat but he may be to late. Leach is done, any law suit he may bring will show up at the court already on life support. But I think the medical staff to include the Dr. are in for some tough sledding
    On a side note did you see the article where Tubberville said he would like to coach Tech?

  52. Bill Claybrook says: Jan 3, 2010 7:38 AM

    Really nice piece. But during one of the evening bowl games, ESPN came out with affidavits from the trainer and the team doctor that claimed that what the trainer and the doctor said were the opposite of what Leach and the trainer and doctor’s emails or whatever they were that you have posted said. I think that Craig James-ESPN have totally misused their podium to get at Leach. If you saw the interview with Leach a couple of days ago on ESPN, while he was making comments about Baby James, ESPN was running video clips of Baby James catching a TD and chest bumping his teammates. He only caught 17 passes in 2009 and they showed 2 – 4 of them in the clips. Really poor taste. ESPN also had a statement about the affidavits (one of them) that said that the trainer or doctor said something like that, wasn’t even a quote.

  53. colosam says: Jan 3, 2010 11:31 AM

    Does anyone recall that Bobby Knight’s behavior was tolerated for several years at Tech. There are two sides to the story and the truth usually lies in the middle. I am embarrassed as a Tech grad that that the University chose to handle the situation in this manner. If there was so many problems with Leach prior to this incident, then action should have been taken previously. And Ruffin did a great job on Sat. However, ,James does need to grow up and did he need expect that he would get some bad press as well and of course the fans booed. Leach has been portrayed by the University as being a player’s coach. Tech adminstration, you can’t talk out of both sides of your mouth. And Ruffin, I disagree with you, these are not kids. The players are young men and are in the public eye and they should be strong enough to take some booing along with the applause.

  54. edgy says: Jan 3, 2010 12:29 PM

    Fmlinardo, you’re wrong. It’s not a hair worth splitting. In fact, it goes a long ways toward showing that he was lying about most, if not all of this. As I said, this affidavit doesn’t exonerate Leach not does it make him look good. HOWEVER, it does prove that James lied about everything:
    1.James said that he was locked in every where that he was taken: the trainer said that he wasn’t.
    2.James said that he was locked in an electrical closet: the trainer not only says that he wasn’t, he also said that he was told NOT to go into the closet:.
    3.James releases video that he shot in the electrical closet that he was “locked in”: it turns out that he wasn’t supposed to be in the closet in the first place and he wasn’t locked in. He also is talking to his media savvy dad at this time, who may or may not have cooked up the idea to go in and shoot the video in the first place.
    4.This all started after he was disciplined for being the lazy bastard that he is and I’m going to go out on a limb and say that he probably cooked up having a concussion because of that. Now, you can say all you want but I can guarantee you that he knows the symptoms and it wouldn’t be hard to fool the doctor and get excused. More importantly, he also knew the standards for practice, whether you’re sick or not and he flaunted them. Now, I could be cynical but I’ve dealt with people like this and one of the guys that I used to play with would get hurt every third practice and had to sit out the rest of the practice but he always found a way to make it to the games. The funny thing is that once the coach stopped dressing him for games, he suddenly stopped getting hurt in practice.
    BTW, you also forgot to add the fact that while the doctor said that this wasn’t standard practice, he also said that it didn’t harm the wittle cwy baby.

  55. trunkdog says: Jan 3, 2010 1:56 PM

    Trunkdog parted his beck and yoddled…
    So….SMU still has a football program????
    One less pigskin program in Texas ain’t gonna matter one hoot….
    Leach speaks his mind, behaves true to his convictions, acts like a football coach and apparently doesn’t give a damn about the highstrung wanna-be-s around him. He is successful because he understands the game, the players, the motives… he gets it!

    The comparisons to Bob Knight are ludicrous. Knight was out of control, Leach is simply passionate.

    You go Mike!

    You’ve got the trainer and the doc singing TT blather to the tune of perjury…

    ESPN shooting their “Oh poor Adumb-ass James” crap across the ticket banner on my TV…

    …and somehow I’m supposed to think that Mike is in deep do-do.
    Give me a break.
    Adumbass James and his punkass attitude – EXPOSED

    Daddy James and his “make my boy a star” meddling – EXPOSED
    TT officials and their “let’s protect the checkbook” imbeciles – EXPOSED
    ESPN, well they’ve long been exposed as a week-kneed hireling of ABC…

    Damn good thing there’s still radio!
    As Leach sings
    … Happiness is Lubbock Texas in my rearview mirror…
    td in bama

  56. fmlinardo says: Jan 3, 2010 2:35 PM

    For what ever deep-seated reason you hate the kid, I get that but what does any of that have to do with the lawsuit Leach will need to get his money. He made a medical descision that was not his to make just to punish a lazy smart ass kid. The doc’s affidavit says that while the player was not harmed by the action taken it went on to say “I consider this action inappropriate and a deviation from the medical standard of care.” End of paragraph 4. That’s much different than the way you frame it.
    I didn’t forget to add it I just figured you read it and would not have to have it repeated to you. My mistake.
    The area of our disagreement is you want it to be illegal to be a douche-bag so you can hang James and his father and ESPN from the tall tree in the town square. I’m simply talking about the hurdles Leach has put in front of himself in attempting to get the rest of his contract money. Public trial vs actual lawsuit. Leach has already won the public trial, he’s really going to need to get his guns up to win the actual lawsuit.
    So the bottom line is this will be a contract law issue. Trust me the lawyer you saw in the video will not be the one arguing the contract dispute if Leach pushes that far. Regardless of the e-mails and interviews given by the doc and trainer, in the court room the signed sworn affidavits will carry most of the weight. Even the fact that some players said after the game that Leach had this coming or that he had been like this all year and this was just the last straw won’t matter. All that will matter is what people are willing to legally swear to in court. Again trust me the fact that James is lazy and and an ass and entitled and likes to get out of practices with fake injuries will not be an issue on the causal firing of Leach.
    A doctor said a player had a concussion, a trainer said the coach said put the player in a dark room and make him stand up the entire time and the doc said that is not acceptable nor standard treatment for that particular injury and he disagreed with it.
    That is a tough hill to climb to for Leach to get his money. He’ll have another D-1 coaching job before he sees a judgement in his favor.

  57. edgy says: Jan 3, 2010 3:03 PM

    Fmlinardo, I don’t hate the kid but I’m not going to be sending him Christmas cards, either. While being a douche (your words, not mine) isn’t a crime, he did commit perjury and manufactured evidence against Leach and that IS a crime. If he continues to stick to HIS story, even Warren Burger would be able to win any case against him. The one thing you will notice that even with the fact that ESPN has read the statements, they’ve been very careful NOT to broach the subject of the infamous electrical closet because of the fact that he was told NOT to go in there so it becomes obvious to anyone with half a brain that he made up the story and falsified evidence (It was in one of their online reports but they have stayed away from in on the air). They know that if people start putting two and two together, James and his dad are going to come off as liars and that works against the World Wide Leader In Deception.
    As for the trial, I’d look for Tech to try to get a change of venue…..

  58. KatyMelrose says: Jan 3, 2010 3:11 PM

    My gut reaction is that Leach didn’t believe AJ had a concussion and was disinclined to send him to the cushy training room or wherever other players with concussions usually go, so he sent him to a less comfortable location. I actually totally understand where Leach would have been coming from if that is the case. It seems like a natural reaction given the reports of AJ’s general behavior at practice.
    I honestly don’t see any intention to do harm by it. Just the intention to make him uncomfortable so AJ isn’t living the sweet life on his scholarship while not participating in practice and not showing much effort when he does.
    I also understand why AJ would be pissed off about it and complain. From the accounts I’ve read, that seems characteristic.
    Obviously, TT and Leach didn’t have a very good relationship, so I can also see why they would have been happy to get rid of him through a scandal rather than having to answer to the fanbase during contract negotiations last year when they could have just not renewed his contract.
    Of course, I think that all parties involved should have behaved better, but from what I’ve read (and what I choose to believe based on what I’ve read), I don’t think this looks like a fire-able offense. Instead, to me, it looks more like a way for TT to get out of a contract they didn’t want to be in anymore…maybe never wanted to be in.
    ESPN really dropped the ball in their coverage and I think their lopsided coverage has actually swayed many people to Leach’s side. Unintended consequences are funny like that.

  59. edgy says: Jan 3, 2010 4:39 PM

    Oy, I meant HAMILTON Burger. :)
    It also looked like I posted in the wrong thread. :)
    Well, I’m outta here. BTW, while it’s still ongoing, the poll numbers at this moment are:
    Who Do You Believe? [Number Of Votes]:
    The James family. 1% [ 3 ]
    Mike Leach. 83% [ 174 ]
    Both. 0% [ 0 ]
    Neither. 9% [ 18 ]
    Who Cares! 7% [ 15 ]

  60. fmlinardo says: Jan 3, 2010 5:17 PM

    There won’t be a trial and you can only commit perjury under oath. James’ video is not evidence. It was posted on youtube. Anyone can post that. If James accuses Leach of a crime and submits that to police as evidence well that’s a horse of a different color. But until James is in a court room and raises his right hand or signs a sworn affidavit nothing he says matters in the contract dispute that may arise between Leach and Tech. Until then it’s all fodder for dopes like us to debate over and nothing more.
    James will not personally be involved in the case. Again it won’t be a trial it will be a hearing most likely as contract disputes rarely result in a trial. It’s just as likely that an arbitrator will be brought in. It would be a miracle if this ends up in front of a jury. Understand no crimes have been committed. No one is accusing Leach of committing a crime. Leach has to prove he was fired without cause. That’s it. If he can’t do that he gets no money. An arbitrator will probably recommend a settlement of some type and Leach would be smart to take it.
    Any contract lawyer worth anything will not even bring James’ name into it. They will simply refer to him as “the player” or “student athlete”. He will not testify and his video will never be mentioned. Contract hearings are not like Law and Order. They are long, boring, tedious, processes; lots of big words and legal code. There will be no bombshells and no great revelations from the stand. There won’t even be a stand. This will most likely occur in a conference room at a Lubbock law office. All that is predicated on the fact that Leach goes forward will it, which seems less likely now the doc and trainer have “clarified” their comments with affidavits.
    As for ESPN I think you’re right. Leach has a much better chance of a liable case against them in general and against Mark May specifically. After he flip flopped he really went incendiary in a holier than thou way only “May Day” can ascend to.
    No I’m not a lawyer but I did stay at a holiday inn last night.

  61. josephi says: Jan 31, 2010 7:44 AM

    I think Texas Tech needs to own up about the pressure ESPN placed on the Chancellor to have Leach fired. Right now, the court of public opinion says that the Leach Son and Dad are nothing but liars, sneaks and cheats. By the way, Leach is not a very good player. He may, and I say “may” be able to start for a Junior College. The lies that the James Son and Dad have spread have ruined the livelihood of one of the Top 25 coaches in College Football. I hope Leach sues and wins a massive lawsuit against ESPN, James and Texas Tech. Its time for the truth.

  62. Leach, Mangino not candidates at Colorado | CollegeFootballTalk says: Nov 20, 2010 10:10 AM

    […] of course, was brought down at Texas Tech in part because of a helicopter dad that used his television “power” to push for his ouster, while Mangino’s then-boss Lew Perkins used a poke in the chest of a […]

  63. Mike Leach files label, slander suit against ESPN, PR firm | CollegeFootballTalk says: Nov 24, 2010 7:54 PM

    […] early January, shortly after his dismissal, Leach accused Craig James of “us[ing] his position at ESPN to try to coerce me into allowing Adam to play more”, and making “it clear that he had a business […]

  64. Craig James fails in U.S. Senate bid | CollegeFootballTalk says: May 30, 2012 11:00 PM

    […] among other things, using his “power” at ESPN to get him fired; calling him a “helicopter dad” who attempted to pressure the coaching staff into playing his son more; and hiring a PR firm […]

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