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Embarrassment of riches continue for Gators

OK, this is officially ridiculous.

Already far and away possessing the top class of this recruiting season, the Florida Gators continued to pile on both their SEC rivals and national BcS rivals this afternoon.

In an announcement on ESPNU just a few minutes ago, offensive lineman Chaz Green donned a Gators cap to become at least the 18th four- or five-star recruit to throw his signature Urban Meyer’s way.  At least I think it’s that number as all of the stars are starting to blend together.

(Writer’s note: According to, UF has 18 four-star recruits and four five-star recruits.  We apologize for that faux pas.)

Green, a 6-6, 290-pounder from Tampa, chose UF over Tennessee, USC and Ohio State according to the hats in front of him during the press conference.

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  1. JoeyJoeJoeJr.Shabadoooo says: Feb 3, 2010 4:56 PM

    i hope Henderson goes there too. it be funny

  2. John Taylor says: Feb 3, 2010 4:59 PM

    @ JoeyBunchaLetters: If that happened, the recruiting arm of the Internet would implode and cease to exist. Thus, I’m kinda rooting for Henderson to Gainesville.

  3. gator_prof says: Feb 3, 2010 5:20 PM

    In other news, Urban announced that his leave of absence starts on Thursday;)
    No, seriously!

  4. Seeryer says: Feb 3, 2010 5:20 PM

    When will you media types learn? Before last football season UF was voted the #1 team in the country by the largest margin in the history of the AP. Well, they were a fraud all year and were finally exposed in ATL by Saban. Now, this recruiting class as being described as the greatest class in recruiting history. It seems as though the media won’t let things play out in regards to the Gators. As for the phrase “piling on”. I’ll take a #3 ranking for the day and the national title won last month. Maybe UF can pile on Bama every receuiting season. I already know where the better player development will occur so a five star in Gainesville will probably give you as much as a three star in Tuscaloosa. Why? Because Saban is a better coach, without a doubt. By the way, the greatest recruiting class of all time is 26-2, has two straight undefeated regular seasons, an SEC and National title, a Heisman AND TWO MORE YEARS OF ELIGIBILITY.

  5. Dallas1012 says: Feb 3, 2010 5:36 PM

    Seeryer your comment sounds familiar with what they said about the Gators 4 years ago. One Heisman and 2 National Championships later here we are again. This time we have the # 1 recruiting class in the nation and a Quarterback in waiting (John Brantley). Player development as you put it is what Florida produces year in and year out. It’s strange that since Bama did win the BCS Championship but lost out on so many fine players to Florida again this year. Seeryer once Alabama is consistent then you can talk.

  6. hrudey says: Feb 3, 2010 5:52 PM

    Seeryer: “By the way, the greatest recruiting class of all time is 26-2, has two straight undefeated regular seasons, an SEC and National title, a Heisman AND TWO MORE YEARS OF ELIGIBILITY.”
    And if they win one more SEC and National title, they’ll have accomplished in three years what that “fraudulent” UF class also accomplished. Except that, of course, UF actually also won their bowl game after their SEC championship game loss. And yet you’re already crowning them the greatest recruiting class of all time? Apparently, your problem isn’t that people are putting the cart before the horse, just that they’re not putting it before YOUR horse.

  7. gator_prof says: Feb 3, 2010 9:45 PM

    Great class to be sure, but likely not the best. I doubt that the QBs from that class will ever start. That DQs you right away compared to the Gators team that just departed.
    Even in 06, Timmy played a rather large role in the title and was the core of the 3 other teams. Your best player, Ingram, won’t play 4 years. In fact, you may have seen his last game as a member of the Tide.
    The 06-09 Gators are special because you had your two leaders on both sides of the ball stay for 4 years in Tebow and Spikes.
    Anyway, this year’s recruiting classes likely results in Bama vs. the Gators in a death struggle for the SEC title (de facto National Title) for years to come. No wonder Kiffy ran away.

  8. Seeryer says: Feb 4, 2010 11:59 AM

    @ Dallas,
    I guess two straight 12-0 regular seasons is not consistent enough for a Gator fan. Bama’s sophomore class accomplished something Tebow and Spikes or Harvin never did, 14-0. Bama has had a top 5 class three straight years. And Nick Saban is the best coach in the SEC. Enjoy looking up in the standings for the next few years.
    @ Hrudey,
    Did Spikes or Tebow start on the ’06 national title team? Nice reading comprehension, I didn’t say the class was fraudulent, I said the ’09 team was and they were. Go back and check the schedule and also note your four traditional rivals were 29-16 in ’09, not real strong. You played one real good football team and it was no contest. I prefer to rate recruiting classes on what they do in college not what they do in High Scool. This comes from a state of FL top 30 high school player coming out of high school. I didn’t start one game and transferred after two years of eligibility. We had a top 15 class that year but maybe 5 guys were solid contributors.

  9. hrudey says: Feb 4, 2010 3:32 PM

    Seeryer: On the same token, how many of your starters were part of that ’08 class? On defense, what, Cody (as a juco, who absolutely does not have two years of eligibility left), Upshaw and Barron? On offense? Ingram, and Barrett Jones?
    I suppose last season’s Alabama team was ‘fraudulent’ too? I mean, heck, after losing to Florida despite having the greatest recruiting class ever, they go out and get handled easily by Utah? Or might it just be a case where your 2008 team and our 2009 team were both really good teams that just came up a little short against better teams? I realize that is a shockingly impartial way of looking at things, and I don’t know if your crimson-tinted glasses have a ‘clear’ setting, but it’s true.
    For all it matters, Florida deserved the preseason #1 rating, and failed to live up to it at the end. Alabama’s going to deserve it now, and we’ll see if they can handle being the target all season long.

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