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Majority of coaches prefer current crap system

Even as the current system for determining a national champion remains under fire from fans, some in the media and — most importantly — lawmakers, the BcS is still the law of the college football land.

And, if the opinions of Div. 1-A head coaches mean anything, it’ll remain that way.

A survey taken by the American Football Coaches Association polled all 120 Div. 1-A head coaches at the AFCA’s convention this past January regarding the current system.  Of the 117 who responded, well, take a look at the group’s release.  Suffice to say, change won’t come from a coaching groundswell.

• Ninety-three percent of the 117 FBS head coaches who responded to the survey prefer the traditional bowl system over a playoff.• Eighty-five percent are in favor of the current BCS team selection process.• Thirty percent of the coaches favor some modifications to the BCS system. Of that group, 50 percent prefer the “plus one” model that would result in the addition of a fifth BCS bowl game.• Ninety-five percent of the coaches are in favor of the AFCA Coaches’ Trophy continuing to serve as the BCS National Championship Trophy.

So, in summation, the majority of head coaches are against a playoff.  The majority of athletic directors are against a playoff.  And, seemingly, the most important people in this whole process from the academic side — university presidents — are against one as well.

And what does that mean?  If you’re a playoff fan, you had better become a fan of government intervention in the process because it’s simply not happening without a great deal of arm-twisting at the federal level.

Without that intervention, the BcS — and college football as a whole — will continue to be the embarrassment it is when it comes to crowning a true national champion.

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  1. burntorangehorn says: Mar 24, 2010 8:05 PM

    Like a broken record, JT. The BCS system is better than any system that allows a freaking wildcard to win the national championship, which both the over-inclusive NCAA basketball tournament and the over-inclusive NFL playoff format do.

  2. John Taylor says: Mar 24, 2010 8:14 PM

    @burntorangehorn: Understood, but I’ll respectfully agree to disagree.
    And continue to play that broken record until the busted system is fixed. 😉

  3. bofarr says: Mar 24, 2010 8:14 PM

    Of course coaches don’t want it; that means most of them miss the playoffs and only one ends the season as a “winner”. Now 30+ teams can win their last game of the season. Also a football factory school can point to making the Pork Belly Bowl in East Bumble as a step towards the future where as continually missing the playoffs will cause much more heat. They can also blame the polls when they don’t make the BCS now; if there was a playoff coaches would have to shoulder more responsibility for not advancing to the big game.

  4. getreal says: Mar 25, 2010 9:38 AM

    ….Not to mention out of the statistics you gave, many of those some %’s are the very coaches/programs that directly, and unfairly, benefit from the lopsided BCS perk giving system. Of the coaches that aren’t grouped in that certain % that reaps such rewards, 99% of those coaches who responded in favor of the status quo are most likely doing so with the idea that they too want/hopefully will be a coach at one of the other programs in the near future, at which point in time they will want a system that feeds their program money and attention as well.
    I played college football and if there is one thing I’m sure of when it comes to coaches, none of them truly, at the end of the day, care about anything but themselves, their reputation, their careers, and somewhere in all that how much money they can make for themselves and their family. No coach dreams of being a MAC school head coach…but plenty will kill your child and their dog to be making Mac Brown type of my and fame. Of course they want the BCS support system in place when they get there… Of course.
    All that said, to me a “plus 1” system is essentially a play off…so throw all those misleading stats out the window anyway bc what you are really saying is 90% (which are probably every coach besides UT’s, Florida’s, USC’s, and a few other top programs) want something different….duh they do.

  5. BCS+1 says: Mar 25, 2010 2:28 PM

    Do you know why most BCS Coaches do not encourage a “play-off”?
    Because they have probably watched the FCS playoffs…
    The only punishment I would ever inflict on any of these “playoff supporters” is make them watch the FCS playoffs… It’s like not even watching the same sport!
    What we need is conference realignment, subsequent conference championship games & after all the dust settles have the NCAA seed 4 teams & have them play in the “double-format” configuration that’s already being bandied about AKA BCS+ 1…

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