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Report: Big Ten has contacted no expansion targets

Fresh off the Chicago Tribune‘s report this past weekend that the Big Ten could make a serious move toward expansion in short order — as in as early as this week — the Tribune has a report this afternoon on a new development on the process.

Or non-development, as it were.

Citing a top administrator from an unnamed Big East school, the Tribune reports that no expansion targets have been contacted by the Big Ten as of yet.  However, as the conference has seemingly ramped-up its timetable for expansion, that’s expected to change, perhaps as early as this coming week as has been previously stated.

The Tribune has also tossed out another interesting nugget regarding any Big East school that may ultimately decide to bolt for another conference.  Not only would a school have to pay a $5 million “penalty” for leaving the Big East, they would also have to give a 27-month notice prior to leaving.

That would mean that any Big East school that may bolt for the Big Ten would not technically be able to do so until the 2012 season at the absolute earliest, with 2013 looking more likely for football if the current Big East stipulations remain in place.

Rutgers, Syracuse and Pittsburgh seem to be the Big East schools that would hold the most interest for the Big Ten, with UConn being mentioned as well.

With the BcS meetings commencing Tuesday, expect even more news/rumor/innuendo/speculation to come out in the coming days.

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  1. techvet says: Apr 19, 2010 5:23 PM

    Lots of saber-rattling by Jim Delaney.

  2. Tomthebombtracy says: Apr 19, 2010 7:32 PM

    The $5,000,000 would be nothinbg because the school would make many millions more on the B10 TV Deal.
    I think the B10 is trying to force Notre Dame to join because if they don’t and the B10 takes three BE schools away to get to 14, the BE is dead meat and ND’s comfy deal with the BE to compete in all sports but football is down the tubes.

  3. Grunt says: Apr 19, 2010 11:16 PM

    Powerhouses Indiana, Purdue, and Northwestern make double what Notre Dame is making in TV deals(18mil-9mil) per year. Every school would love to come to the BIG TEN because of $, no matter what penalty a school would get from the former conference. Money talks in the NCAA hence the 96 team tourny coming and no tourny in football. The Big Ten will have a selection of school sthey could pick from but the only wise choices are in the New York market, Notre Dame or running south to include Texas which would give the Big Ten the two biggest and best Athletic Departments in the Country with OSU/Texas and more TV $.

  4. dotbo says: Apr 29, 2010 8:18 PM

    Nebraska is going to be in the Big 10. No doubt. Huge market, huge (national) fan base, tickets sold whereever they go… Nebraska.
    Notre Dame should join the Big 10 as well.
    That leaves one more spot for Pitt, Syracuse, Rutgers, or maybe even West Virginia.
    It won’t be three teams from the Big East. There is no financial reason to do that. And the financial reasons are the only reasons.
    Even Missouri makes more (money) sense than Pitt.
    Just like “winning isn’t everything… it’s the only thing…”. It’s all about the money, baby!

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