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Huskers' Osborne knows of no deadline

If there is a deadline for Nebraska and Missouri to express their undying love and loyalty to the Big 12, the former’s athletic director is completely in the dark about it.

According to the Lincoln Journal Star, NU’s Tom Osborne stated that he is unaware of the Friday, June 11 deadline — which could be extended to June 15 according to another report.

I really don’t know what the final parameters are,” Osborne said. “I really can’t comment. The agreement when I left (the Big 12 meetings) Thursday was that (conference commissioner) Dan Beebe and (Texas president) William Powers would do the speaking.”

The Journal Star asked Osborne if it were possible that a deadline was set without him knowing about it.

Osborne said that he hasn’t “had a chance to have an in-depth discussion with (NU chancellor) Harvey (Perlman) since Friday”, adding that they’ve only spoken briefly.

If there were actually a deadline, wouldn’t that be something that Perlman would at least mention to Osborne, even if it were just in passing during a brief conversation?

So, Tom, how ’bout this weather we’re having?  Can you believe that call by Jim Joyce?  What a boner, eh.  Oh yeah, before I almost forget: we have less than a week to decide whether or not we want to stay in the Big 12.  So, anyway, where was I at?  Oh yeah.  How Joyce could blow that call and cost that kid a perfect game is a travesty.

So, it seems, either there’s no deadline; Perlman’s holding out a huge piece of 411 from the most powerful man in the athletic department; or Osborne is flat-out lying to the Journal Star.

I know two of those that I would almost absolutely and completely rule out.

It just looks and smells like there are certain schools in the Big 12 who are putting out a plausible cover story, even as they’ve already planted the C-4 and have the remote trigger hidden behind their back.

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  1. OpinionsNAholes says: Jun 6, 2010 5:23 PM

    Or a third possibility…the decision has already been made and Tom and Harvey don’t really give a flying rip. Which do you think is most likely? Say what you want about Dr. Tom, but he isn’t dumb or uninformed.

  2. Steve W. says: Jun 7, 2010 2:52 AM

    Translation: Beebe can take his ultimatum and shove it. I firmly believe that NE will be invited to join the Big 10 (technically they’d be informed that, if they applied to join the Big 10, their application would be looked upon favorably). The have a great football program, and a very solid university as a whole. If the offer is made, there’s no way that NE turns it down to stay in the Big 12. Right now, NE is simply biding its time and waiting for the Big 10 to officially make its move and give them the green light. Besides, how can they set a meaningful deadline, they have no way to enforce it. The Big 12 isn’t going to boot them (Beebe would need all of the other teams to agree to it anyway) because they’re afraid they’re going to lose them. I can see (maybe) some other teams saying let us know you’re staying or we’re gone too, but that’s not a threat the conference itself would make. It’s a threat the other teams would make. Beebe’s trying to talk tough, but it just comes across as sad. He has pretty much zero leverage in this whole scenario. Heck, if both the Big 10 and the Pac 10 raid the Big 12, he might not even have a job. The very existence of the Big 12 would depend on which (and how many) teams left and which stayed. Even if it could be saved after losing teams to two separate conferences, it’s unlikely that the conference would continue to request Beebe’s services if that actually happened on his watch.

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