Rumors of SEC invite for Hokies are 'all rubbish'


Apparently, there was a report from an Atlanta radio station recently stating that the SEC had issued unconditional invitations to both Texas A&M and Virginia Tech.

A&M-to-the-SEC rumors have been running rampant of late, so it’s not surprising that they are attached to speculation involving that league.  The Hokies, however, did not appreciate the talk and quickly looked to shoot down the rumors of a move from the ACC.

All rubbish,” Larry Hincker, a spokesman for Tech president Charles Steger, told the Newport News Daily Press. “There’s been zero discussion among university leaders on topic. Just not on radar.”

“At no time has the Southeastern Conference approached Virginia Tech,” athletic director Jim Weaver said.

Weaver went on to add that he personally believes the ACC will come out of all of this conference realignment unscathed and remain at 12 teams, but did say that he’s “somewhat shocked” at how the collegiate landscape is being altered through expansion.

We tend to agree with Weaver, that the ACC will come out of all this intact — as long as the Pac-10 and Big Ten do not go to 16 teams each.  If those two league do reach “super-conference” status, the SEC would almost be forced to keep up by adding schools.  

And where would they look, if they were to “have” look?  The obvious options would include Florida State, Clemson, Miami, Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech — all ACC schools.

At that point, Weaver may become more than just “somewhat shocked”.

Red River Rivalry blacked out for some DISH subscribers in Texas

Dish Network
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Today one of college football’s biggest rivalry games will be shown to DISH customers in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth and seven other regions in Texas. The reason? Television contract disputes between Tegna and DISH.

Tegna is the largest independent owner of NBC and CBS affiliates in the country, including NBC affiliates in Denver, Washington D.C., Atlanta and Phoenix. The company is in a continued dispute with DISH related to fee disputes, per Variety.

“Our position has been simple: The same fundamental terms that allowed us to reach deals with distributors nationwide should serve as the basis for our deal with Dish,” a statement from Tegna said. “Rather than accepting that fair, market-based approach, Dish has refused to reach an agreement and once again is preventing its customers from accessing valued channels, even as customers continue to pay for that content.”

Now the dispute carries a concern for some fans wanting to watch Oklahoma and Texas this afternoon.

This should go over well, although there may be some Texas fans who may not want to witness what happens to the Longhorns anyway.

Maryland going back to Perry Hills at QB vs. Buckeyes

Perry Hills
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Heading into what could be his final game as head coach of the Maryland Terrapins, Randy Edsall will reportedly go with Perry Hills as his starting quarterback.

Hills, a junior, got the start for the first two games of the season but the leash was short. Edsall made a change to Caleb Rowe following a loss at home to Bowling Green. Hills has completed 52.9 percent of his passes for 306 yards and four touchdowns with two interceptions. Rowe has been a disaster at the position, completing just 44.0 percent of his attempts for 428 yards, four touchdowns and an astounding 12 interceptions in five games. Daxx Garman has struggled as well with a completion percentage of just 33.0.

Maryland take son No. 1 Ohio State this afternoon in Columbus.