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Tuberville locates nearest bus, tosses Big 12 under it

Based on a radio interview today, we’re beginning to think that Tommy Tuberville has nary a clue he was hired by Texas Tech of the Big 12 and instead thinks he’s still coaching in the SEC.  Or he’s under the impression that the Red Raiders currently reside in his old conference stomping grounds.

How else can you explain the former Auburn and Ole Miss head coach so brazenly throwing his new league under the bus in such a very public manner?

Appearing as a guest on Rivals Radio Tuesday, Tuberville told host Bill King in not so many words that you’d better enjoy the Big 12 while you can because it’s not long for the college football world.

“I don’t think this conference will last long because there is too much disparity between all the teams,” Tuberville said. “In the SEC, for instance, Vanderbilt makes as much money in the television contract as Florida. Everybody is good with it. Everybody is on the same page. Everyone gets the same votes.

“That doesn’t happen here in the Big 12. We have some teams that get a little bit more money and have a little it more stroke than some of the other teams. And when that happens, you’re gonna have teams looking for better avenues to leave and reasons to leave. We have a 10-team league right now, but I just don’t know how long that’s gonna last, to be honest with you.”

Uhhh, wow?

Listen, every single word uttered by Tuberville drips with a searing, stinging truth, but is it something that a head coach of a Big 12 football program should be saying into a microphone flipped to the “On” position?  When a league comes this close to extinction not even a month ago, it would seem likely they would not want one of their coaches to jam his foot so far into his mouth that they’ll need a series of intricate winches to do an oral extraction of the offending limb.

My goodness, Coach Tuberville.  

Major points for the brutal honesty and speaking the absolute truth — and you sure have made the upcoming conference media days must-see TV, even more so than it was — but, dayum man.  How the in the name of Steve Spurrier you lug those boulder-sized cojones around on the sidelines for three hours every Saturday in the fall is certainly a feat worthy of a few words of praise.

And a statue or something.

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Respond to “Tuberville locates nearest bus, tosses Big 12 under it”
  1. dr.g says: Jun 29, 2010 6:18 PM

    Tommy will be long gone before the conference breaks up. He’ll go over in Lubbock about like a ham sandwich in a synagogue.

  2. mr.bozojones says: Jun 29, 2010 7:27 PM

    The truth hurts, and sometimes it comes back to bite you in the butt.

  3. deucez2 says: Jun 29, 2010 7:53 PM

    It may be the truth and its not surprising he feels this way. Most in Lubbock think Tuberville is just biding his time at Tech until another SEC team comes calling.

  4. deucez2 says: Jun 29, 2010 7:55 PM

    It may be the truth and its not surprising he feels this way. Most in Lubbock think Tuberville is just biding his time at Tech until another SEC team comes calling.

  5. gmg63 says: Jun 29, 2010 8:32 PM

    Tuberville is correct. once the “other” schools see that they are not raking in as much as the “big boys” they will split like a banana

  6. DCroz says: Jun 29, 2010 8:45 PM

    That Tuberville is outspoken should come as a surprise to no one who has seen him work the last several years. It was Tubs’ rather perfunctory statements about an anti-SEC bias from ESPN after the 2004 season that got the whole league chanting “ESSS EEEE SEEE!” at games in solidarity against it (and anti-Southern bias in general). He delighted in tweaking ‘Bama fans’ noses during Auburn’s 6-game Iron Bowl winning streak, and made little effort to disguise his glee towards the boosters who tried to force him out after the 2003 season as he went on a run of 10-win seasons. This, then, is par for the course.
    And the thing is, whatever else Tuberville may be, he tells it like it is. He merely echoed the sentiments of many on here who saw the “agreement” that prevented the Big XII-II from going the way of the dodo by essentially saying that it is only a temporary solution. The inequities that were the impetus for Nebraska and Colorado heading to greener pastures are still present, and you just have to figure that the next time the Big 10+2, the PAC 10+2, and the SEC come knocking, teams like Texas A&M and Oklahoma are going to say “yes.”

  7. overratedgators says: Jun 29, 2010 9:17 PM

    Awesome. What a wonderful world we would live in if everyone cut through the bullshit like Tuberville.

  8. burntorangehorn says: Jun 29, 2010 10:12 PM

    gmg63 says:
    June 29, 2010 8:32 PM ET
    Tuberville is correct. once the “other” schools see that they are not raking in as much as the “big boys” they will split like a banana
    And to where, pray tell, would the have-nots like Kansas State, Missouri, Texas Tech, Baylor, Iowa State, etc. go? The only reason they’re raking in as much as they are is because they’re in a conference with Texas, Texas S&M, and Oklahoma. If they split, they’ll end up in the MWC, CUSA, etc. and get what TCU is making: far less than they are now.
    In other words, those “other” schools need the big boys a lot more than the big boys need them. The “other” schools aren’t going anywhere.

  9. WingT says: Jun 29, 2010 10:34 PM

    @ John Taylor
    Your headline doesn’t match the story.
    Tuberville didn’t throw the Big 12 minue 2 under the bus. He simply pointed out reality.
    It really doesn’t matter what he says though. Coaches have NO say in conference alignment.
    It’s always been an administration decision.

  10. davidt says: Jun 29, 2010 10:53 PM

    Tommy hit the nail on the head even if it was less than astutely handled.
    Big 12 is just delaying the inevitable.
    The TV revenues split up formula is a disgrace. Scholls will be looking to flee like rats on a sinking ship.
    When the smoke clears 3+5 years down the road there will be 4-16 team Mega Conferences.
    Big Ten
    Dual 8 team divisons in each sets up well for a playoff.
    Teams 65 and lower can pound sand. No big deal whoever falls by the wayside won’t be missed.

  11. Deb says: Jun 29, 2010 11:00 PM

    Oh my! Bet there’s some delicious cursing goin’ on in Austin!
    Tubby doesn’t work for the Big 12–he works for Tech. And if his bosses had a lick of sense, they’d thank him for being truthful in public about conference inequities that short their program.
    Then again, if they had a lick of sense, they’d have kept Leach instead of grabbing that ol’ Tiger by the tail. :)

  12. CleanSlaton says: Jun 29, 2010 11:09 PM

    Tech sucks.

  13. soonershark says: Jun 30, 2010 12:29 AM

    Tubersnake must learn that most of us have parents who are not siblings, unlike the SEC alumni.

  14. soonershark says: Jun 30, 2010 12:59 AM

    Those who bring the most to the table should be able to eat the most. Oklahoma made the most TV money the 2008-09 year, Texas was right behind them. Coca-Cola and Pepsi sell more units than RC Cola. RC Cola is lucky there is a slot for them beside the big two. Enjoy your RC money, Tuberville. It is actually more than you deserve.

  15. shadowman1433 says: Jun 30, 2010 7:51 AM

    Do they still have a football team at Texas Tech? Who knew.

  16. Fireball43 says: Jun 30, 2010 8:29 AM

    TOMMY TUBERVILLE is correct about the
    BIG 12, and kudos to him for having the “guts”
    and accumen for stating the facts.
    In the SEC, ACC, or BIG TEN all member universities are treated equally in Revenue Sharing, and league rules and regs.
    The GREED that Texas, Texas A&M, Okla. has
    now created in the BIG 12 will be it’s down-fall as time goes on.

  17. aquirus54 says: Jun 30, 2010 9:51 AM

    Listen, every single word uttered uttered by Tuberville
    how bout a little editing

  18. John Taylor says: Jun 30, 2010 10:15 AM

    @ aquirus54: Fixed fixed. Thanks thanks.

  19. Bassboat says: Jun 30, 2010 10:27 AM

    The Big 12 is lucky to have a guy like Tubby to stir the pot. I for one am tired of the political correct answers that most of the weasels give when asked a question. Was Tubby wrong is the question that should be asked, not the condemnation.

  20. Deb says: Jun 30, 2010 1:38 PM

    @soonershark …
    The irony of an Okie talking about the parentage of people from other regions of the country is probably lost on you. Okies aren’t known for being too bright. And let’s see how much money Oklahoma, Texas, and A&M draw when their season consists of playing one another.
    Revenue-sharing is one reason the SEC and Big 10 make more money than the Big 12. Because they’re willing to share the pie with the smaller schools in their conferences, they have a bigger pie to share. Your hoarding mentality is reminscent of the fable about the goose that layed golden eggs. Its owner was so determined to get the eggs that he disemboweled the goose and wound up with nothing.

  21. thebej says: Jun 30, 2010 2:33 PM

    Tommy is correct. UT just wants to be the big fish in a weakened league!

  22. CrnhskrBob says: Jun 30, 2010 4:48 PM

    First of all, I have, never, ever cared for TT. He is arrogant and a whiner; especially on the field!
    Now, having said that, it is true what he said. In my opinion, Texas is a bully with lots of power and money, uncaring for the rest of the conference.
    I hope Texas is exposed for what they are: Greedy and insensitive.

  23. NE49ers says: Jun 30, 2010 7:00 PM

    Tuberville has to learn this basic rule:
    You CAN’T keep it real.
    He’s just saying what a the rest of the Big 12 outside of Texas, A&M, & Oklahoma is thinking. I’m sure all of the rest like that the buyout fees from Nebraska and Colorado will only be split between Texas, A&M, & Oklahoma.
    We all know this just about money. If the SEC or Pac-12 come calling again and are able to provide more revenue than the Big 12 can provide, the conference is dead.

  24. EyeoftheTiger says: Jun 30, 2010 10:53 PM

    Tubby isn’t SEC alumni. He’s from SAU in Magnolia, Arkansas. Something Soonershark didn’t know. But Tubby is correct in his statements and only an id10t or a fan of the teams that’s making the big money would criticize.
    That being said, there is a great effort to see that this penis measuring system works…………

  25. Swampie says: Jul 1, 2010 2:40 AM

    Hello, this is known as honesty!
    Sound like you guys can’t handle the truth!
    I’m an SEC guy and I’ll tell you this, didn’t know much about your conference before this. Now that I know what you guys are, I don’t think much of you.
    Texas – a bully
    Oklahoma – in for the ride with the bully
    A&M – sold out for a bigger piece of the pie
    the little five – paid off the bigs, where is their pride
    This league is pathetic the laughing stock of the entire nation. The NCAA needs to legislate equal shares for conference teams.

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