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Facebook wall gets Gators in secondary hot water

Just hang in there.  In a mere nine days, the SEC media days will commence, followed by the ACC’s four days later, followed by other conferences shortly thereafter, and then summer camps will start and, before you know it, the dawn of a new season will be upon us.  Until then, though…

… we have to wade through “news” like the following.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, a Florida assistant coach posted on the Facebook walls of two football recruits, leading to two of four secondary violations the school “committed” between June 1,2009, and June 15 of this year. The Gators were turned into the SEC by an unnamed rival school after an unnamed assistant at the school, who was monitoring the Facebook walls of recruits, noticed the impermissible contact.

In each case, the UF assistant was, the Sentinel writes, reminded of the interpretation regarding permissible electronic contact and was prohibited from written communication in recruiting for a period of two weeks.

Additionally, Florida self-reported violations for “impermissible protective gear” and two assistants called a recruit during the same week.  The “punishment” for each was a similar slap on the wrist.

Two things come quickly to mind:

1.) What the hell kind of grown-ass man monitors the Facebook walls of high school students?  Oh, wait, there’s a word for that…

2.) What the hell is “impermissible protective gear”?  A cup with a Gator logo emblazoned on it?

Again, just 52 days until the 2010 season kicks off…

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Respond to “Facebook wall gets Gators in secondary hot water”
  1. WingT says: Jul 12, 2010 1:06 PM

    What would be interesting to know is if the assistant coach that posted on the recruits facebook page knew that it was a violation to do so.
    Good for the other school reporting the violation.

  2. TJ says: Jul 12, 2010 1:19 PM


  3. BrownsTown says: Jul 12, 2010 1:52 PM

    “1.) What the hell kind of grown-ass man monitors the Facebook walls of high school students? Oh, wait, there’s a word for that…”
    Yeah, a day late and a dollar short, that’s what. The action is in middle school.
    – L. Kiffin

  4. Wrathchild says: Jul 12, 2010 1:58 PM

    Yet another reason to keep your Facebook page private.

  5. BigBlueGator says: Jul 12, 2010 2:22 PM

    Damn it!! Their goes championship showdown 3 with Alabama this year…

  6. SoFlaTrojan says: Jul 12, 2010 2:37 PM

    I would be more interested in finding out about Ronald Powell’s godafather who just so happens to live in Gville and paid for all his unofficials.

  7. WingT says: Jul 12, 2010 3:34 PM

    How many “Godafathers” does the NCAA allow a player to have?

  8. SoFlaTrojan says: Jul 12, 2010 3:51 PM

    it was a typo

  9. burntorangehorn says: Jul 12, 2010 4:00 PM

    “What the hell kind of grown-ass man monitors the Facebook walls of high school students?”
    What the hell kind of person has a Facebook account, yet still attempts to pass himself off as a man?

  10. WingT says: Jul 12, 2010 4:38 PM

    Hey, I truly wasn’t trying to bust on you for the typo…I found it really interesting how a “Godfather” could pay for expenses etc…
    So a godfather of a player can give him money etc? The NCAA says that’s OK?

  11. blitz4848 says: Jul 12, 2010 4:47 PM

    Am I missing something or does this all sound like “dumb & dumber” ? Most be a slow day to see this nonsense posted and commented on with more nonsense…….Read this page and you wonder where the sane people are!!!!!

  12. ShaKey says: Jul 12, 2010 5:20 PM

    What the hell kind of person has a Facebook account, yet still attempts to pass himself off as a man?
    Marines, Sailors, Airmen, and soldiers deployed all over the Middle East. For some, it’s their only means of keeping in contact with family and friends on rare occassions.
    This Buzzkill is brought to you by…Fanta!

  13. SoFlaTrojan says: Jul 13, 2010 8:17 AM

    Powell took something like 4 or 5 unofficial visits to UF last year and all were paid by his Godfather. So the answer is yes, it seems like a loop hole in the system. His Godfather also just happened to live near UF even though Powell was from California.
    I remember a couple years ago Carl Moore had no interest in UF. Then miraculously his girlfriend got a gymnastics scholarship to UF. Carl Moore is now at UF.
    As for these secondary violations every bigtime program committs them its part of recruiting.

  14. Donna says: Jul 13, 2010 10:32 AM

    “What the hell kind of grown-ass man monitors the Facebook walls of high school students?”
    Law enforcement, soldiers overseas, watchdogs from the NCAA, etc. This is not a new thing and the NCAA knows that if someone really wants to court a player and funnel “extras” to them in order to get them to play at a particular school they will find a way to do it.
    “Damn it!! Their goes championship showdown 3 with Alabama this year!”
    I’m as bummed about this as you are bluegator! was looking forward to another battle in the Swamp or the ATL!!

  15. Gatorfan1 says: Jul 13, 2010 11:20 AM

    Can you provide links concerning Powell and his godfather? My understanding is that he has family around the Gainesville area.
    And concerning Carl Moore. This has been so overblown as to be ridiculous. First people tried to claim that Florida was contacting him using his girlfriend and giving her a scholorship, like she didn’t deserve one. Maybe it’s the other way around, maybe the gymnastics coach used HIM to recruit her. This previous year she was an All American in gymnastics. She’s done more than he has, athletically anyway, since arriving in Gainesville.
    It’s not uncommon for two people dating to attend the same college! Happens all the time.
    And the NCAA has investigated all the “supposed” text messages and found nothing improper. Not even a secondary violation.

  16. SoFlaTrojan says: Jul 13, 2010 1:01 PM

    I do not have a link but it was frequently discussed that his Godfather was paying for visits.
    As for Carl Moore while he hasnt done much since going to Gville it looks like this might be his breakout year. He and Brantley were abusing Josh Shaw in Orange and Blue game.
    Oh and I am sure scUM would give up a football scholarship to get a gymnist to Gville.

  17. Gatorfan1 says: Jul 13, 2010 3:31 PM

    So what your saying is THAT it was frequently rumored/conjectured by pissed off USC fans with no evidence. Imagine that!!
    Maybe you should chalk that up to having that idiot Kiffin as your coach. Not all kids are blinded by his lies & not so stellar coaching record!!
    And since Urban Meyer does not coach gymnastics, your right, he wouldn’t give up a scholorship to get a gymnast. Obviously though the gymnastics coach felt she was good enough to get one. And being that she is an All American you can’t say they just gave her a scholly to get HIM. She received her scholorship first. Because Carl Moore was rated the No. 1 Junior College football player, almost all major schools offered him a scholorship. So HE followed his girlfriend to Gainesville. No big deal and if this is the best you got on Meyer, stop, you making me laugh.
    What’s really a shame is when this story first came out it was assumed that she was some talentless gymnist that Florida gave a scholly to just to get Moore. Now that she’s an All American all of you look quite foolish to keep harping on this story. She was obviously a very talented athlete in her own right and could stand on her own two feet without Moore.

  18. blitz4848 says: Jul 13, 2010 5:05 PM

    Gatorfan1 is CORRECT…..
    It was and still is a case of unknowledgeable fans throwing mud that just won’t stick!
    One thing you can’t and shouldn’t ever do–that is put the SoCal program in the same context as the Gator program……one is on a steady rise and one of the top 3 all around sports programs in the nation and the other is mired in quick sand and allowing people like Mike Garrett devalue their place in history…..

  19. PolegoJim says: Jul 13, 2010 7:06 PM

    What type of incompetent program doesn’t beat this into the heads of their coaches, assistant coaches, towel boys, water boys, stripe painters, and popcorn vendors…
    Is it really that hard?
    Is the IQ level among college coaching staffs really THAT LOW?

  20. SoFlaTrojan says: Jul 13, 2010 10:07 PM

    I agree with you 100% on the fact that UF has a far better athletic program than USC. But if your just talking football I would say both programs are fairly equal as of late.
    The fact you know that much about UF gymastics should automatically cost you your man card.
    Oh wait I forgot Gville was Americas 11th gayest city this year.
    Oh and here is your link

  21. Gatorfan1 says: Jul 14, 2010 10:25 AM

    So let me get this straight, because I made you look like an idiot on 2 different topics, I’m now gay!
    Is that how you marginalize people? Everytime you are wrong you call them gay. Obviously you must think a lot of people around you are gay then…lol..
    I find it curious that YOU are the one with the link to gay cities, no doubt saved to your “favorites” to research for your next move, huh!!!
    By the way I live in Tampa not Gainesville. You might want to check your “gayness city” list for what place we’re in, since you seem to be so interested in this subject.

  22. SoFlaTrojan says: Jul 14, 2010 12:53 PM

    Don’t get your tights in a bunch I am sorry if I offended you. I have no problem with you being gay. I grew up in California a very liberal state and I think everyone should be treated equally.
    I have several friends who are Gator fans and guarantee not one of them could tell me anything about the gymastics team. I also find it laughable for you to suggest maybe they were recruiting Moore to get a gymnist.

  23. Gatorfan1 says: Jul 14, 2010 3:47 PM

    Is everyone associated from USC such a simpleton??
    You’re the one with the link to gay cities, must be some Freudian conflict you have that makes you look up and save links to cities that have large gay populations.
    And I seriously doubt you know any Gator fans. Because most knowledgable fans know about Moore’s girlfriend being an All American. That’s the whole point. It proves that Moore was not recruited illegally!!
    But putting that aside, now that you actually LEARNED something, tell us again how it was that Moore was recruited illegally.
    Let me guess, a whole bunch of USC fans say it, so it must be true. Sort of like not having a link about that Powell thing and his godfather.
    Funny thing about that Powell rumor, you have no link to that, but YOU do have a link about gay cities. Lol…ummm…says a lot about you!!!
    I hear San Francisco is nice this time of year, you should go and be among your kind. Or since your in South Florida, I’m sure you make it to Key West…a lot….

  24. blitz4848 says: Jul 15, 2010 3:02 PM

    Personal attacks ruin these pages–stick to topics/facts. I enjoy everyones opinion and sometimes (although lately,not often)learn inciteful info.
    There were 3 unofficial trips to gainesville paid for by Powells family. Powell committed early on as a silent committment. Other recruits will tell you on all 4 visits(incl the official) Powell was actively trying to recruit other players as he did in the All Star game.
    As for Carl Moore here’s the link–read the whole story–you will know everything was done the right way in EVERYONE’S best interst!!!
    Some of the good players leave Ca. Some may have been smarter than you give them credit for.
    All these kids had to do was read the LaTimes to know that SoCal had problems and the school was spiraling out of control.
    I was referring as I stated–UF is in the top 3 of ALL AROUND sports programs—we all know Stanford is and has been the #1 All Around college sports program for yrs.

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