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Look out: K-State's Snyder's winking at the cupcakes again

During his first time around as head coach at Kansas State, Bill Snyder was famous — or infamous, if you will — for littering the Wildcats’ non-conference schedule with the likes of Tennessee Tech and UMass and Black River (OH) High School.  

In June, however, Snyder seemed to indicate his football program would look to abandon the creampuff diet of the past and embrace a strong non-conference slate with a nine-game conference schedule looming on the horizon.

“People are going to realize that strength of schedule is going to be dynamically different than what it has been,” Snyder said. “It will be a strong conference, as strong a conference as you will find anywhere. There are pluses and minuses to that. Some will prosper, and some will not.”

Apparently, the reality of an additional conference game has set in and forced Snyder and/or the KSU athletic department to once again cast a wandering eye or two toward the dessert tray.

In a letter posted to fans on their website as relayed by the Lincoln Journal Star, Kansas State announced that their 2011 opener and 2012 game with Oregon have been called off.  The Oregonian writes that the game was canceled after Snyder said he wanted to rework his non-conference schedule.

Those cupcakes are just… so… scrumptious, taunting you with all of their sugary sexiness.

There was no word on just which school Kansas State will look to replace Oregon with, only that, according to athletic director John Currie, he is “confident we will reach our goal of having seven home games in 2011.”

Hello, Louisiana-Lafayette, you sweet thing you.

Oregon, on the other hand, seems to already have an angle on a replacement for at least the 2011 opener; UO spokesman David Williford told The Oregonian that a match-up with LSU “is certainly in the works.”

There’s a good chance the Oregon-LSU game, if agreed upon, would take place at Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

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Respond to “Look out: K-State's Snyder's winking at the cupcakes again”
  1. Bious says: Aug 4, 2010 3:06 PM

    For a school like KSU, this really works perfectly
    They get W’s, home games, and confidence
    They are a terrible team historically yet when people see Synder’s past, they see how many W’s he has….even though how many are cupcakes…does anyone care though?
    Being 4-0 v. Cupcakes is still 4-0

  2. FratBoyXXX says: Aug 4, 2010 5:22 PM

    How can you really be serious?! 4-0 is still 4-0?!
    When you’re playing nothing but crap teams in your non-conference games, you don’t deserve one ounce of respect. In the 90’s, KSU had a few seasons where they went undefeated if I’m not mistaken. However, they were never taken seriously at the end of the season when it came to the National Title picture. The reason that this happened was simply due to the fact that they did not play anybody noteworthy or competitive. Sure they blew out Tennesse Tech and North Texas multiple times, but what does that prove, seriously? The only time I remember KSU proving that it could play with the Bigboys was in the Big 12 title game in 2003, when it smacked Oklahoma right in the mouth. Other then that, they’ve been a marginal program getting by on nothing but creampuffs.
    You need to handle your conference schedule, and you need to have at the very least 1 win against a quality non-conference team every season to be taken seriously. Teams like: Florida State, Miami, Oklahoma, and Ohio State are some of the teams that lately in the past few seasons have put it on the line and risked their Records and Seasons against the Bigboys. Teams like: Florida, Texas, USC, Kansas State and Penn State(I know they’re playing Bama this year) usually schedule a bunch of Pop Warner teams to puff themselves up in September. All that does is provide them with false-confidence heading into conference play; and eventually false-confidence will get you hurt somewhere down the road.

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