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Boise State-Virginia Tech post-game thoughts

First and foremost, what a game! Say what you want about Boise State and the WAC, but the Broncos are a good football team. This was a great game for college football. Here are some post game thoughts…

1) Boise State just made one more play

These two teams were very evenly matched. Both had great moments. Both suffered from mistakes. In the end, Boise just made one more play than Virginia Tech. There are elitists out there who believe Boise was going to be pummeled by Tech and that they don’t belong among college football’s elite. However, Boise proved, once again, that they can play with anybody, anytime, anywhere.

2) Boise State is a contender

Again, say what you want about Boise and the WAC, but Chris Peterson has put together an amazing coaching staff and group of players. If they can get past Oregon State and not lay any eggs for the rest of the season, you can fully expect the boys from Boise to be play in the national championship game.

3) Virginia Tech is just as good

On paper, a loss to Boise State might get you an eye roll or two, but Virginia Tech has nothing to be ashamed of with a loss tonight. Sure, it’s disappointing if you’re a Hokie fan, but it could have been worse. You could be Ole Miss. Boise is a great team, but so is Virginia Tech. If they played the way they did tonight, expect the Hokies to make a run at the ACC title game.

4) Boise did the things they needed to do to win. Virginia Tech did not.

The Broncos shut down Ryan Williams and Darren Evans. They kept Tyrod Taylor in check (as much as anyone can keep him in check). They didn’t turn the ball over and played solid defense. It’s very simple: Boise did the things they needed to do to win the football game.

Virginia Tech struggled on special teams with a blocked punt and missed field goal. They didn’t run the ball effectively and Taylor was on the run most of the night. They failed to dominate the offensive and defensive lines overall and never established a rhythm on offense. 

Bottom line: both teams are worthy of praise. This is exactly the kind of game for which college football fans were hoping. Rather than spending so much thinking about who deserves what, let’s spend more time relishing in the great opening matchup that was Boise State and Virginia Tech.

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92 Responses to “Boise State-Virginia Tech post-game thoughts”
  1. burntorangehorn says: Sep 6, 2010 11:48 PM

    My only incentive to root against BSU was because I don’t want to see Moore break Colt McCoy’s all-time QB wins record, but if that’s basically a foregone conclusion, this is a great win to see. Great game too.

  2. drozman says: Sep 6, 2010 11:49 PM

    BSU will still need to blowout the WAC and pull for VT to win the ACC. It’s early and VT being ranked 10 doesn’t mean much unless they can win the ACC.

  3. Arizona Buckeye says: Sep 6, 2010 11:54 PM

    VT is not worthy of being called a good football team. They had yet another chance to elevate themselves to the next level and like they have done time after time after time, they choked on their own spit. Now we’re stuck with Spuds from Boise all year as they roll over the remaining high schools they have scheduled.

  4. OHbuckeyesIO says: Sep 6, 2010 11:54 PM

    First off, ENOUGH THE BOISE STATE ASSKISSERY by the media.
    They should NEVER be a contender. They play 2 hard games and then nobodies.
    Their schedule besides Virginia Tech and Oregon State:
    New Mexico State
    San Jose State
    Louisiana Tech
    Utah State
    If any ACC, Big Ten, SEC, or Big 12 team played that cream puff schedule, they would have easy path to title game, less wear and tear on their team, and less injuries.
    If Boise State wants to be a contender, they need to slog through a grueling 13 game schedule like the big boys.
    If anyone needs a lesson on how to blow a game in the last 5 minutes, call the VT coaching staff.

  5. dafool99 says: Sep 6, 2010 11:57 PM

    They would really be a contender if there were 1 maybe 2 more credible games on their schedule. I want to see them take down a powerhouse like Bama, Florida, UT, LSU, Nebraska, or Ohio State.
    When that happens they are ready to play with the big boys on a regular basis. It would be a complete joke if these guys go undefeated and beat out a one loss SEC school for the NC game with their hat hanging victory being a second tier VaTech squad.

  6. Scipio says: Sep 7, 2010 12:06 AM

    Everybody rags on the WAC, but the ACC and Big East are garbage conferences as well.

  7. edgy1957 says: Sep 7, 2010 12:07 AM

    35-17, 35-17? Did someone here, say that it would be 35-17? One of the Big Bigots here should probably not move to Las Vegas and make book. Guys, get over it, Boise State BELONGS.
    BTW, for those of you who believe that they should play one of YOUR powerhouses: they’ve been waiting for a LONG time for them to come calling but none of them will. Not Oklahoma, not Ohio State, not Florida, not Alabama. They’d even play a 2 for 1 or even a 1 time at your place but it seems that Miami of Ohio and Upper Northwestern Southeastern Louisiana Central State are the only ones that they want to play. Hell, last year, they and TCU had to play each other because the BCS squads were worried that they’d got 2-0 and make them look like the fools that they are and this is coming from a Trojan. At least the Pac-10 will do a home and home against them so they do get ONE BCS contender a year and Virginia Tech was just a bonus.

  8. Slim Charles says: Sep 7, 2010 12:16 AM

    Who cares about strength of schedule? The only people who want to see another boring-ass SEC – Big 12 title game are fans of those teams and network execs. Oh boy, Alabama – Texas 2: Electric Boogaloo! Or we could watch Ohio State get crushed by an SEC team yet again. The national championship has been the most boring BCS bowl for a couple years running anyway, why not mix it up?
    Anyways, what a great game. Some good matchups this year. I knew BSU had an underrated defense, but managing to shut down both VT tailbacks sort of proves they’re not a gimmicky team (i was pissed they didn’t throw in one or two trick plays though).

  9. BroncoMac says: Sep 7, 2010 12:17 AM

    Yeah, I’d certainly call Marshall a “grueling” game. So, since Alabama played SJ State, they must be grueling too, right?

  10. edgy1957 says: Sep 7, 2010 12:17 AM

    That being said, if TCU runs that table again this year, they will most likely end up behind them in the human polls BUT they will win the computer polls and make it close. Victories over Oregon State, BYU, Air Force and Utah and a stronger MWC rating will put them right there and if they’re one or two spots behind them in the human polls, that should be enough to put them ahead in the BCS (just as it did last year when TCU passed Boise State on the second week of the BCS, despite being behind in both human polls).

  11. OHbuckeyesIO says: Sep 7, 2010 12:24 AM

    “The Broncos shut down Ryan Williams and Darren Evans. They kept Tyrod Taylor in check (as much as anyone can keep him in check). They didn’t turn the ball over and played solid defense. It’s very simple: Boise did the things they needed to do to win the football game.”
    Are you sure you were watching the correct game? The one where Boise had 2 fumbles and Ryan Williams had 2 touchdowns.

  12. John Taylor says: Sep 7, 2010 12:29 AM

    @ edgy1957: I’ve been in charge of this site for 21 months, and that’s hands down the best comment I’ve seen in these parts. Especially the nobody-willing-to-play-them part.
    You the man, edgy. You the man.

  13. Steve the Z says: Sep 7, 2010 12:33 AM

    What you guys seem to forget is they said the same thing about Boise St. when they played Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl a few years ago. The announcer’s dripped with sarcasm before the game as they contended that Boise St. didn’t even belong on the same field with the mighty Sooners. Once the game started it was apparent to everyone that they not only deserved to be on the field with them but we’re very competive and won the game. (check out the statistics in that game–it was remarkably even.) The same thing happened when Utah played Alabama two years ago in a bowl game and blew them out. (that game was hardly even a contest.) The western teams never get any respect—except for some of those in the PAC 10—that’s why we need a playoff to determine who the real national champion is not a fictional one. Then we’ll really find out whether or not the eastern and midwestern teams are so much better than the western ones, as you contend. Right now the decisions about who gets to play in the BCS bowls are backroom political rather than being decided on the football field.

  14. grandavenue says: Sep 7, 2010 12:39 AM

    Strength of Schedule is something fans of schools who play a full schedule of warm up teams and 1 big game they had all summer to prepare for claim is irrelevant. Alabama, Texas, TCU, and Boise were all undefeated to end the regular season last year. Two of those teams were fore-gone conclusions to be in the title game, because THEY EARNED IT. Check Texas/Alabama’s schedules, compare them to TCU and Boise’s. Nobody can argue they are even remotely equal.
    If Nebraska, Ohio State, Penn State, Alabama, or Texas had the schedule Boise has, they would win every game by 2 touch downs at least.
    Boise gets to get up big for 1 tough team every year, then play nobodies, they play the teams the big boys schedule for “warm up” games.
    Boise could lose to 1-AA and it wouldn’t look as bad as a weak Ole Miss losing to 1-AA team does. The WAC is one of the sorriest conferences in the country. The Big East is fairly weak, but even they are a much tougher conference on every level than the WAC.

  15. grandavenue says: Sep 7, 2010 12:47 AM

    Um excuse me Mr. Taylor and Edgy.
    Nebraska called Boise. They wouldn’t answer.
    Check into it. Nebraska offered and Boise refused.
    Don’t give me that crap. Nebraska is one of a handful of 800+ win teams and Boise refused to play em.
    They get what they deserve, consolation prizes.

  16. kimo2264 says: Sep 7, 2010 12:49 AM

    BCS conference fans say Boise State schedule is weak blah blah blah. And yes it is true it is not as grueling as a BCS Conference schedule, but Boise plays their conference and anybody else that will play them…
    And all Boise State does is tackles, blocks, runs, passes, executes and scores their way to win after win after win after win after win…
    28-1 last last two years counting tonite.
    50 wins – 4 losses in the last five years…
    The big conference boys don’t want to play Boise State, but they scream like little girls about Boise’s schedule.
    Why don’t you big conference boys schedule them for a home & home series.
    Oh what’s that, you don’t have an opening,
    I thought not….

  17. grandavenue says: Sep 7, 2010 12:52 AM

    To Edgy:
    “Dr. Tom Osborne, athletic director at Nebraska, sent Boise State a two-for-one game offer to play the Broncos with the first proposed game scheduled for the 2015 season.
    The offer was sent two and a half months ago, and Osborne has yet to hear back from BSU athletic director Gene Bleymaier.
    Granted, the offer is for two games to be played in Lincoln and one game “on the blue” in Boise, but the delay in accepting Nebraska’s offer is rather puzzling.
    Bleymaier has been very vocal about the lack of major BCS programs who will agree to play the Broncos and has offered to “play anybody, anywhere, anytime.””
    quoted from: people start posting that Boise has got NO offers, 5 seconds of research proves they did, and didn’t RESPOND.—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: grandavenueEMAIL: chaday44@hotmail.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 12:57:45 AMCFT should do an article on Nebraska offering, Boise countering wanting $1 Million to come to Lincoln. They also sat on the offer for weeks. Osborne was puzzled, many asked “what happened to “anywhere, anyone”.
    Oh that was all talk. BSU lost all my respect, I would have loved to watch them in Lincoln, and would have gone to Boise. Have friends there, lovely city.
    But instead they would rather demand ridiculous terms instead of just doing what they claimed they would.

  18. rtgibson says: Sep 7, 2010 1:06 AM

    BSU didn’t play that great. 2 turnovers, missed extra point, missed field goal…… They still one in the last minutes……………
    I bet though is was a learning experience….
    So what if they have a cup cake schedule. They’ve repeatedly asked for a tough schedule, but the so called big boys don’t want to play them. SO SEE THE PICTURE>>>>>>>>>>>Why?????????????? Best of luck BSU even though I am not a fan..It doesn’t matter though. The game is finished….—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: yosarian77EMAIL: agstone30144@yahoo.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 01:16:19 AMdidn’t UGA beat them rather handily in 2005? I must be dreaming. Or do we only get to go back to the year they beat OU? —–COMMENT:AUTHOR: kimo2264EMAIL: kimo2264@yahoo.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 01:20:47 AM2015? That’s five years out.Let’s see, it has only been 10 weeks since your “you play us two games on our turf and we will play you once on your turf” offer.Give it some time brother…—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: PossibleCabbageEMAIL: drvanvanmojo@gmail.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 01:22:49 AMIf Boise runs the table, they will have won 26 straight games(and they’re a Poinsettia Bowl one-point loss to TCU away from having won 39 games in a row.) Anybody who wins 26 straight games in division I FCS football deserves a shot at winning the championship, no matter what conference they play in. If they get embarrassed on the big stage, feel free to bar the door forever. But hell, Boise State is 2-0 in BCS games. In a sensible world, we’d have a playoff and then everybody with a good argument would get a shot. I would have to say “we’re a senior-heavy team that has won 38 of the last 39 games” is a hell of an argument.You can say that Boise State plays a garbage schedule, but they scheduled a very good Virginia Tech team in what was basically a road game, and they have an Oregon State team that has been one game away from winning the Pac-Ten for the past two years. Sure, they have nonconference games against teams like Toledo and Wyoming… but is Boise State playing against Wyoming really worse than Texas playing Rice or Florida playing Miami(OH)? As for their conference schedule, Chris Peterson can’t make the WAC better. No coach is responsible for the relative quality of the rest of the teams in their division. There’s a lot of weak teams in a lot of conferences, the BCS conferences aren’t exempt from this. Plus, I mean, they *are* going to a better conference, next year when they join the Mountain West. It’s not like major conferences are tripping over themselves to extend invitations to Boise State.—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: kimo2264EMAIL: kimo2264@yahoo.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 01:34:28 AMOh and congratulations grandavenue on Nebraskas’ thrilling victory over Western Kentucky this week!Also big Congrats for exciting wins by:Florida State’s over Samford, Georgia over Louisiana Lafayette,Penn State over Youngstown State,Arkansas over Tennessee TECH,Georgia Tech over South Carolina STATE,Miami over Florida A&M,Ohio State over Marshall,and Florida over Miami (OHIO)—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: BleedBlue36EMAIL: jfa_36@msn.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 01:50:49 AMYou guys that can’t stop bashing on BSU are just pathetic. No matter what the Bronco’s do, you all just keep running your mouths and coming up with lame excuses, as to why they don’t belong. Suck it up, and just admit it, BSU BELONGS. And “grandavenue” you need to check your facts, there was never an offer by Nebraska, but nice try at another lame excuse.—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: edgy1957EMAIL: edgrinnell@hotmail.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 01:58:17 AMgrandavenue says: To Edgy:”Dr. Tom Osborne, athletic director at Nebraska,
    First of all, 2 months ago was what they were talking about in JANUARY, which means that the offer came in October or November of last year. My guess is that they were trying to get a home and home or more money for a 2 for 1 OR more importantly, find a spot to schedule the game. Also, since that time, they’ve committed to a future move to the MWC, which may or may not have 10 or 12 members by then. In 2015, they got one game scheduled and that’s BYU and they’ve got Washington State for 2016 and 2017. Nebraska already has 2 opponents that are hard wired into 9/18 and 9/26 so Boise State has to work out a game on 9/5 or 9/12 and 9/12 is out because that’s when they will play BYU. When Nebraska made that offer, they were part of the Big 12, which gave them 4 out of conference games and a possibility of a 9/5 or 9/12 opening but if the Big 10ish follows through with it’s plans, that will almost certainly be a 9-game Big-10ish schedule will mean that they will have to move around their 9/26 game against Southern Miss to either 9/5 or 9/12 and if they want Boise, that means Boise on 9/5 and Southern Miss on 9/12, which is what it would have to be since Southern Miss has a game on 9/5. It appears to be workable but until they get the MWC schedule down, Boise can’t know who they’re playing in 2015.
    That being said, I expect that they will accept the Cornhuskers’ offer in due time. Really, it’s not like they’re any better than Virginia Tech OR the Oklahoma team that they took to task. Seriously, if you think that they’re running from Nebraska, you’re nuts.

  19. that1coltsfan says: Sep 7, 2010 1:59 AM

    To all of you saying that the BCS conferences would roll over all the teams in BSUs schedule, take a minute to think about this…
    If Boise State had access to the kind of recruits the BCS schools did, they would be even BETTER than they are now. The routinely beats BCS schools with little more than 1 and 2 star recruits.

  20. edgy1957 says: Sep 7, 2010 2:00 AM

    grandavenue says:
    BTW, the WAC and the MWC are both better competition than what the “big boys’ play for their “warm ups.” —–COMMENT:AUTHOR: pricecubeEMAIL: pricer@gmail.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 02:25:13 AM@ OHbuckeyesIONice comments!”If Boise State wants to be a contender, they need to slog through a grueling 13 game schedule like the big boys.”I don’t know if you were paying attention but the “little boys” (TCU, Utah, Boise) all beat their ranked opponents from AQ conferences. IMO this says something.I love this gem.”If any ACC, Big Ten, SEC, or Big 12 team played that cream puff schedule, they would have easy path to title game…”You mean any SEC team like Ole Miss?Maybe your buckeyes will get a chance to go 0-9 against the SEC in post season this year. Cheers! —–COMMENT:AUTHOR: Bleach GuzzlerEMAIL: bleachguzzler@gmail.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 02:37:51 AMOHbuckeyesIO, your team plays a few cupcakes, too, so you might just want to shut the hell up. And, for the record, Utah State gave Oklahoma all they could handle on Saturday, so instead of shitting all over the mid-majors, take note of what they’re capable of. One day, Ohio State will get shown up by Youngstown State, and you’ll get laughed at for the rest of your life.—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: USAirForceColeEMAIL: jcole22@gmail.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 02:37:57 AMBottom line: Boise is a very good football team with an easy schedule. But I am NOT of the opinion that VT is that good. Yes, they could win the ACC, but I think 4th or 5th place is more realistic. Here’s why: did you see Tyron screaming at his center after having to call timeout? Or @ his wr after a dropped pass? Or see him sulking on the bench as Boise St drove down the field for the GW td? Yes he’s a remarkable athlete but from what I saw, he doesn’t have the leadership u need from a championship qb. That’s why VT always chokes..Beamer is horrible at grooming his qbs. —–COMMENT:AUTHOR: rtgibsonEMAIL: roytgibson@hotmail.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 02:42:43 AMOh, you don’t submit my commit…………..—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: rtgibsonEMAIL: roytgibson@hotmail.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 02:45:50 AMAh Edgy,Why 2015? Maybe Nebraska is waiting for BSU to windle down. 2015? Oh, the corn must be better in 2015……..—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: OHbuckeyesIOEMAIL: bnblue@gmail.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 04:48:13 AMI only wish Frank Beamer hadn’t blown the game so we wouldn’t be having this discussion.—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: broncogalEMAIL: cathiefarr1@gmail.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 05:20:34 AMYou know, I’ve been watching these kids grow since 1985. They were a nobody team back then. They pulled themselves up by their boot straps, and here they are today. I really don’t care what anybody says about them…I am proud of them and so apparently is “Bronco Nation.”—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: burkett.41EMAIL: chris.burkett.41@gmail.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 06:05:05 AMedgy1957.. you have a link that says these teams won’t play BSU? Because I have a hard time believing a team like Ohio State is afraid to play them. Why do I say that? They’ve scheduled home and aways with Texas, USC, Oklahoma, Virginia Tech, Tennessee, Miami (FL)Yeah, they’re afraid to play BSU. Get a link please. Spewing nonsense without proof is what I just called it – nonsense. Until BSU gets into a legitimate conference and goes through conference games every week, including a legit rivalry game or two, maybe even another legit opponent or two, they will always be looked at differently by most college football fans. You can’t play one strong opponent per year and have nobodies the rest of the way and expect to be respected. It doesn’t work that way. I give them credit for showing up when it matters, but they need to have to show up when it shouldn’t matter, too. They need to face teams with at least a pulse 8 or so weeks of the season like the rest of the BCS teams. —–COMMENT:AUTHOR: overratedgatorsEMAIL: dave.rosamond@gmail.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 06:30:34 AMOK, Edgy – I don’t normally fess up to my rooting interests here, but now you’ve just pissed me off.You take back what you said about Upper Northwestern Southeastern Louisiana Central State right now.—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: 78LionEMAIL: AGLENN@COMCAST.NETIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 06:46:23 AMBleacher is your source for credible information? Try again. I’m not saying it didn’t happen but there is no source cited in the Bleacher article either and it could be written by anyone.As for Boise, while as a Penn State alumni I feel your pain having been part of two undefeated seasons in ’68 and ’69 who didn’t get the trophy, the suffering will make it all worth while when you get the chance in 2030.—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: creekdwellerEMAIL: tempered53@hotmail.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 07:43:41 AMI have yet to see any evidence that Boise has offered to play one of the top teams, much less that any has tuned them down. It is one thing for fans and non football fans alike to spout the nonsense, but reality belies the fantasy.The game last night was between two mediocre to almost good teams. Boise had little depth or VT would never have gotten off of the mat. Therein lies the difference between Boise and the actual elites. An Alabama would not have ever let VT up. This was a game matching perennial Top 30 caliber teams. They sucked equally. Congratulations Broncos – on winning nothing.—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: MN Boise FanEMAIL: brunn140@yahoo.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 07:52:27 AMAnd at the time of this writing/phone call, Boise already had the very beginnings of the MWC move in place. But, at this point in time, the Utah to PAC-10 stuff hadn’t heated up yet. Boise was in a position that they couldn’t do too much future scheduling yet, not knowing if they’d be in a conference with 8 or 9 conference games.The way it all played out, it was Nebraska that ended up in a 9 conference game scenario, as the B-10 will be more than likely moving that direction. Now that all that is set, maybe the offer could be re-examined? Or possibly, it now wouldn’t work for either team. And, of course, the biggest factor would still be money. Both teams need the package to work for them. To put 100% blame on Boise is silly.—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: Wrathchild EMAIL: ledhed@comcast.netIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 08:16:55 AMI know it’s been said a few times already, but if Boise wants to prove they belong in the National Championship game, play a schedule like previous champions have and show everyone you belong there!One quality team all season (VT) is just not going to cut it. Oregon State is, well, an ok team…second in the PAC-10 last year with an 8-5 overall record. The rest of that schedule is a serious joke.—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: SoFlaTrojanEMAIL: till_jeff@hotmail.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 08:21:55 AMGot to love people quoting the Bleacher Report. I have no idea if Nebraska really did offer to play them but I would not take anything I read on the Bleacher Report as fact. —–COMMENT:AUTHOR: 32maniacEMAIL: lrg51@verizon.netIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 08:27:05 AMThis was a great game! BUT… to be a REAL contender and to be FAIR to all other teams that earn their place at the top… a team must play a strong schedule. Boise State football plays a very weak schedule week-in and week-out. Boise State… go get beat up week after week in the Big 10, Big 12, SEC… then lay claim to a serious bid to the championship game. You would still be good, but I have my doubts that you would be at the top when its all over…Reminds me a little of the BYU glory days… —–COMMENT:AUTHOR: thehoodedoneEMAIL: galbraithjamie@hotmail.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 08:39:52 AM Why would Boise agree to play 2 games in Lincoln starting in 2015? Boise is the more relevant team. —–COMMENT:AUTHOR: gator_profEMAIL: msheplak@cox.netIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 08:57:03 AMYawn…nice game by two second tier schools. Neither one could
    actually compete for the title at the end of the year.Would it make sense to take an undefeated Boise over a 1 loss SEC champ when the last 4 national titles have been won by 3 different SEC teams? Only Bama was undefeated, while UF was a one loss (2x) and LSU was a two loss team.We need a play off to ensure that the cream rises to the top because sometimes $h!t floats (see, Ohio State).—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: tall cool oneEMAIL: travmandoo@cox.netIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 09:12:22 AMGreat, its like wheel of fortune put it in the middle of two words or phrases and it means two different things.Game…..Great….I have to listen to Boise State rabble this entire year too.Real schedule will get them real results. If Notre Dame ran the table on their schedule no one would complain (even though I don’t root for them) about them getting the nod to the N/C game. Boise’s schedule doesn’t quite match up. If ou are in the WAC you need to schedule all big name opponents in your pre-conference schedule before you play conference scrimages until the bowl game. —–COMMENT:AUTHOR: blitz4848EMAIL: blitz4848@yahoo.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 09:19:03 AMThis could play out great for all of us BCS conference fans. If Boise gets by Oregon ST & TCU gets by Utah & BYU they will BOTH be undefeated and HOPEFULLY ranked 1 & 2 and play for the National Championship.Nothing in this world could get a playoff in place faster than that scenario playing out. All the BCS conferences & TV execs would be eager to work something out and get a playoff in place for next yr. I want to see a playoff so hell there’s no better time than now. Many would & will argue that a one loss Texas, Nebraska, Florida, Ohio St, Alabama, after also winning a conference champ game is better. This would be a small price to pay for what most of us want to see and that is a real college playoff…….@ edgyI was the one that said VaTech 31-17. The cracks about Vegas and making book is a cheap shot. I am willing to make predictions–you like to lay in the weeds and jump on people but you don’t stick your neck out in advance. You put out a lot of good info and some good thoughts but unless you are willing (or stupid enough some might say) to make predictions then you shouldn’t criticize AFTER the fact……—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: ragtagEMAIL: ragtag61@gmail.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 09:40:19 AMBoise’s strength of schedule, regardless of what has been said, should be enough to keep them out of the championship hunt. There are too many good teams with better schedules. BSU supporters seem hypocritical to me – they claim their team is good but they play other teams’ opening day foes for most of the season. Playing one or two BCS teams is a cheesy way to claim to be good. In addition, since a non-SEC team cannot win an SEC championship and a non-Big 10 team cannot win the Big-10 championship (and so on and so forth), how can a non-BCS team win the BCS championship?—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: smarterthanyouEMAIL: brianmmayhew@gmail.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 09:47:48 AM”Everybody rags on the WAC, but the ACC and Big East are garbage conferences as well.”I’d put VT, Miami, Florida St., GTech, North Carolina, and Clemson up against Boise St, Fresno St., Nevada, Louisiana Tech and Idaho any Saturday. Boise St. is the only legit team in the WAC.—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: 32maniacEMAIL: lrg51@verizon.netIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 10:06:22 AMIf Boise State “wants” to play for the National Championship… then you have to take the next step and leave the WAC… I would like to see if Boise State can “cut it” week after week in a major conference. I’m not convinced that they would be dissimilar to Virginia Tech, Texas A&M, etc… great football traditions. But you must play the big boys week after week or at the least… 2-3 games per season to make it happen… They have to take the risks…A lot of folks on on Boise State’s side of the argument until you consider the “tough road” a lot of teams have to take each week to make it. Otherwise Boise State’s claim is arguable…I find the clain that no one wants to play them… just rediculous. Be careful what you ask for… you might just get it. BTW… the big schools schedule their games 10 years in advance… Boise State looks for that elusive one-game big opponent annually…Boise State has to allow itself to grow its reputation with time… NOTHING happens overnight as so many of us fans from other schools can appreciate through expereince. You have to earn your way…—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: sportsfloridaEMAIL: chrismiller@ymail.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 10:29:41 AMedgy claims no one wants to play Boise State, and words it as if other teams are scared to play them.Let me tell you what other teams are truly afraid of: They’re afraid of being that one team Boise State puts all its eggs in one basket to play and beat because they know they’ll follow it with a soft schedule. Boise State is easy to explain: They put an entire off-season into one game, usually its opener, beat up the lesser competition in their conference, and roll into a bowl game with A.) the feeling of having to prove themselves and B.) ZERO injuries or the same kinds of bumps and bruises the automatic teams have. Does anyone remember the BYU mess in the 1980s?Boise State could NOT survive a legitimate conference schedule undefeated – they lack the depth required to do so. However, when you play one tough opener and skate through the season and go into a bowl game totally healthy, you don’t need depth. And THAT’S why Boise State is and always will be sheep in wolves’ clothing.—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: edgy1957EMAIL: edgrinnell@hotmail.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 10:35:16 AM# rtgibson says: Ah Edgy,Why 2015? Maybe Nebraska is waiting for BSU to windle down. 2015? Oh, the corn must be better in 2015……..*************************If you had read the article, it said that the offer was 2015. BSU was booked solid through 2013 and Nebraska is booked solid in 2013 AND 2017. There’s an opening in 2014 and 2015 and Nebraska chose to offer in 2015 because BSU has a game scheduled with BYU in Nebraska’s open slot BUT they won’t have a slot for a return game until 2017. —–COMMENT:AUTHOR: edgy1957EMAIL: edgrinnell@hotmail.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 10:42:27 AMblitz4848 says: @ edgyI was the one that said VaTech 31-17.*******************I didn’t lay in the weeds. I told you that they weren’t afraid of Virginia Tech or anyone else and they had beaten teams that were as good or better but you prattled on about how that was ancient history (Like your prediction of them losing next to Oregon State, right? The same team that lost to TCU, correct?).—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: Arizona BuckeyeEMAIL: dkhhuey@yahoo.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 10:48:26 AMIf the blue carpet spudlies want to play at the big boy championship table then they have to actually play a big boy schedule. Playing one tough game at the beginning of the season followed by 12 high school caliber teams does not qualify. Sorry.—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: Arizona BuckeyeEMAIL: dkhhuey@yahoo.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 10:58:28 AM@gator_idiot – as usual, you continue to illustrate your stupidity day after day, post after post. —–COMMENT:AUTHOR: sportsguy321EMAIL: secball321@yahoo.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 10:59:23 AMYou unknowingly demonstrated why BSU should not be in the title game with your article. Week 1 and they beat a mediocre VT, and your talking national championship game because you already know they are not going to play anyone else. There isn’t another team in the country that you can project in the national championship after week 1, and that is the difference. Any team that can look from week 1 to the title game shows how pitiful there competition is, and I am sorry, but BSU does not deserve the opportunity to be on the same field as a 1 loss Alabama or Ohio State. It is an insult to body of work that it takes for an SEC, Big 10, or Big 12 to make it through their schedule to put them on t

    he field with a fluke team like BSU. —–COMMENT:AUTHOR: edgy1957EMAIL: edgrinnell@hotmail.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 11:06:53 AMsportsflorida says: edgy claims no one wants to play Boise State, and words it as if other teams are scared to play them.***************Oh, I only worded it that way. How about I say it directly so you don’t think that I’m implying it: they’re SCARED to play them. Look, if Ohio State schedules USC and they take a beat down, that’s a 2 or 3 rung drop in the rankings but if BSU does it, it’s a 10 or 12 rung drop and if you don’t believe that, ask Oklahoma how far they plunged after losing to BYU by a SINGLE point. The funny thing about Big Bigot voters is that they won’t reward their Big Bigot teams for playing and beating teams like BYU and TCU but they’ll burn them badly if they lose because their mind has been made up about how much better their competition is than the mid-majors and nothing’s going to ever change that. Let’s not forget that there was a time that the FCS didn’t beat BCS schools and then Michigan proved that they could and it’s happened TWICE already this year. When the Big Bigots REALLY ruled the roost, they were giving out scholarships like Pez and then the NCAA started limiting them and over the years as they started to get closer to what the smaller Div-1 schools were handing out, lo and behold, guys were opting to be the Big Fish in the small ponds and the quality of each school went up. Sure, the Big Bigot schools got the top of the heap and they got guys to walk on but the smaller schools got better athletes than before. The difference between 1-A powers and 1-A powerless used to be a bridge too far because the smaller schools couldn’t afford to give out that many scholarships but when it went to 85, it became manageable and it’s 63 in FCS and that’s allowed them to get a better athlete there, as well. I’d be interested to see how much closer things were to get if they were to lower FBS by another 10 or 15. —–COMMENT:AUTHOR: DonnaEMAIL: dhardy8207@hotmail.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 11:17:02 AMCongrats to Boise State!! I for one enjoyed the game!—–COMMENT:AUTHOR: blitz4848EMAIL: blitz4848@yahoo.comIP: DATE: 09/07/2010 11:19:32 AMPart of the H & H issue with the big boys is the ” ” good” BCS teams would LOSE too much $$$.
    Boise St’s Bronco Stadium is little league size–32,000. That is the reason schools want 2 for 1s and rightfully so. This talk that most schools are afraid of Boise St is the “TV talking heads” running their mouths just like the beginning of the game last night. Musberger, foaming at the mouth about how all the writers & coaches should take a good look at how good Boise St is. As said earlier on here they need to pay their dues—grow their mini stadium into a real football stadium or go play all the big boys on the road. Get rid of the gimmicky Disney World blue turf. Boise St would get better recruits if they had better facilities on campus for the athletes.

  21. real3nough says: Sep 7, 2010 11:19 AM

    Great analysis. Except you use the logic only one way.
    You can’t assume that a weak team gets up only for the big game thus upsets good teams and then assume it is easy to go undefeated in a conference of weak teams.
    By your logic, if Florida was in the same league as Boise, then Florida would lose every game.

  22. edgy1957 says: Sep 7, 2010 11:27 AM

    sportsflorida says:
    What is a legitimate conference? The SEC and ONLY the SEC or are you including ALL the BCS conferences? I believe that they would be able to have a legitimate chance in the ACC, the Big East and the Pac-10 at going undefeated.
    As for BYU’s “mess”, let’s not forget that they were BOUND by contact to the Holiday bowl BUT the bowl did invite BOTH of the teams that would later bitch about being screwed, Washington and Oklahoma but both refused their invitations, as did several other programs.
    Let’s not forget that with the exception of Hawaii, which took the BCS buster in a down year for the WAC and MWC, they’ve gone into the Big Boys territory and kicked their asses every time (Utah 35 Pitt 7, BSU 43 OU 42, Georgia 41 Hawaii 10, Utah 31 Alabama 17 and they didn’t get to play last year when BSU and TCU were matched up in the “Too Scared To Play The BCS Busters” Bowl). Hell, the so-called superior Irish are 0-3 in the BCS while the BCS busters are 3-1 and they’ve beaten teams in the Big East, Big 12 and wait for it – the SEC. At what point do you admit that they’re winning against some pretty damn good competition….

  23. tall cool one says: Sep 7, 2010 11:45 AM

    “I only wish Frank Beamer hadn’t blown the game so we wouldn’t be having this discussion.”

  24. edgy1957 says: Sep 7, 2010 11:53 AM

    32maniac says:
    If Boise State “wants” to play for the National Championship… then you have to take the next step and leave the WAC…
    Gee, where did I hear that before? Oh yes, Arizona and Arizona State back in 1977. How did that turn out?
    BTW, they ARE leaving the WAC. For the MWC but they’re still leaving it.

  25. Arizona Buckeye says: Sep 7, 2010 12:04 PM

    Let’s not forget that with the exception of Hawaii, which took the BCS buster in a down year for the WAC and MWC, they’ve gone into the Big Boys territory and kicked their asses every time (Utah 35 Pitt 7, BSU 43 OU 42, Georgia 41 Hawaii 10, Utah 31 Alabama 17 and they didn’t get to play last year when BSU and TCU were matched up in the “Too Scared To Play The BCS Busters” Bowl). Hell, the so-called superior Irish are 0-3 in the BCS while the BCS busters are 3-1 and they’ve beaten teams in the Big East, Big 12 and wait for it – the SEC. At what point do you admit that they’re winning against some pretty damn good competition….
    Amazingly selective in your example – here are a few other stats:
    WAC vs Big Overall: 10 40 – 67 – 2
    2000s: 9 – 18
    1990s: 8 – 24 – 1
    1980s: 9 – 13 – 1
    WAC vs SEC Overall: 10 – 62
    2000s: 2 – 25
    1990s: 5 – 13
    1980s: 2 – 13
    WAC vs Pac Overall: 10 89 200 – 2
    2000s: 17 – 49
    1990s: 26 – 66 – 1
    1980s: 13 – 40
    WAC vs ACC Overall 6 – 20
    WAC vs Big 12 Overall 48 – 151 – 2
    WAC vs Big East Overall 2 – 7

  26. gator_prof says: Sep 7, 2010 12:09 PM

    Arizona Buckeye,
    Nice….go pop in the tape of the last time we played, 41-14, 82 total yards…historic embarrassment. Like I said, every once in a while, $h!t floats….ladies and gentlemen, your 2006 Ohio State Buckeyes! Had they played in a real conference, they wouldn’t have been anywhere near a BCS bowl. The “other team” that was supposed to be in the BCS title game, UM was badly smoked in the Rose Bowl. Nice to see the Little Ten pretending again…

  27. burkett.41 says: Sep 7, 2010 12:13 PM

    Edgy, they don’t drop 10-12 spots. Why? Because they’re ranked in the top 3.
    And ignorant Gator fan, Ohio State gets new players every year. The epic bowl failure teams are gone. Not sure if you noticed, but the Buckeyes won the Rose Bowl in pretty convincing fashion last year against one of these media darlings.

  28. blitz4848 says: Sep 7, 2010 12:20 PM

    Edgy throws out so much Bull$hit some ot it has to stick—selective, evasive, and fictional are terms to describe his blabbering—he is fatual at times, conveniently selective and twists several issues to try to make things right!
    Time to come down off Mt Edgy, stop talking down to bloggers and be one of us–not all knowing and all telling and all outright mis stating things………,.
    @ Arizona Buckeye–Nice accurate post–kind of shoots all kind of holes in Mt edgy’s BS!!!!!!!!
    The WAC overall SUCKS…….always has in the past…….

  29. edgy1957 says: Sep 7, 2010 12:36 PM

    Arizona Buckeye says:
    Amazingly selective in your example – here are a few other stats:
    Amazingly stupid in your assumptions. Look, if you look at YOUR conference, you’ll find that they’re BETTER than what YOUR Big Boys’ (The Pig 10) Little Boys (The MACleast) does against the Big Boys. The WAC and MWC both do better against the Big Boys than the rest of the non-BCS conferences and you know it (or you SHOULD). What I think that you should be REALLY EMBARRASSED about is that when the top teams in the WAC and the MWC go to play the Big Boys, your teams are EMBARRASSED with losses by teams that supposedly play inferior talent ALL YEAR LONG. It doesn’t make your argument better, it only shows that if you’re going to piss all over BSU, TCU, BYU and Utah then your teams need to BEAT THEM when it counts and not try to thump your chest because you play a supposedly better schedule and then get HUMBLED on the playing field. Kind of like losing 6 BCS games in a row like what happened before last year, right?
    BTW, did you even bother to look to see that some of those conferences DON’T play BYU, TCU, BSU and Utah and all you’re showing are games against the very dregs to the conferences? Pretty selective of you, don’t you think?

  30. grandavenue says: Sep 7, 2010 12:45 PM

    To all the BSU Apoligists
    See I know Div 1 Scheduling is new to you, but teams schedule YEARS out. See 5 – 6 years are already set. It’s 2010. So 2014, 2015, 2016 is very reasonable for a team to make an offer. Nebraska has Tennessee, Miami, Fresno State, and UCLA coming up. Who knows if they will be good. When Nebraska scheduled with USC, USC stunk and Nebraska was good. Roles reversed when the games were played. That’s how BCS football works, you schedule years out, your schedule for 3 or 4 years is locked in.
    Nebraska made an offer, BSU didn’t respond for several months, THEN they responded back with a demand of $1 million dollars.
    The point:
    Bsu is FULL OF CRAP, “anyone, anywhere, anytime”.
    Well how come when Nebraska responded, with an offer very similar they would have gotten from any other BCS team they didn’t take it?
    No “give it time brother”, gosh you people are noobs. They turned it down. They aren’t waiting for the Big Ten/MWC transition to end.
    Idiots, your team had a chance, yes it’s 5 years from now, but NO BIG SCHOOL HAS AN OPENING FOR 5 YEARS. God! Learn the frickin system already.
    Boise is all talk, but the FACTS show they went back on “anytime, anywhere, anyone”.

  31. TJ says: Sep 7, 2010 12:52 PM

    It may not be BSU’s fault, but obviously their schedule is so easy that it permits people to basically pencil them into the national title game after a week 1 win over a decent but not great VT team. Beating a so-so team in week 1 shouldn’t be all that is required to get into the title game.

  32. Arizona Buckeye says: Sep 7, 2010 1:01 PM

    WTF are you talking about? Here is the site: and you can see for yourself. I don’t make up the schedules so the teams played each other because they either scheduled it or ended up in a bowl game. If BYU and BSU weren’t playing anybody then they either sucked bad enough to not get in a bowl game, or they never scheduled it.
    If you go to the site you can see every single game that was played by every single team. No matter how you spin it, the WAC sucks, it always has, and it always will.

  33. DiamondDuq says: Sep 7, 2010 1:31 PM

    VT won’t finish in the top 25, they looked terrible! They’re going to get pummeled by Miami and a full-strength UNC! Along those lines, this theft of Fresno State’s mantra “they can play with anybody, anytime, anywhere” is BS related to Boise, they’ve never beaten a nationally legitimate opponent (even VT is suspect) without huge preparation time, something VT will have to do @ Miami just 1 week after being @ UNC. Now Boise gets nearly 2 weeks to prepare for their 3rd toughest opponent, @ Wyoming, what a joke, before returning to the cozy confines of their BS blue field to play a severely overrated, much like VT, Oregon State team.

  34. dafool99 says: Sep 7, 2010 1:38 PM

    There have been on 2 credible wins vs. the “big boys” that actually meant anything. OU & Bama. Beating Pitt, VaTech, Ore St., are actual winnable games.
    You put Boise State in the Big 12 and they have a 9-3, 8-4 season.
    SEC they go 6-6
    ACC 9-3, 8-4
    No one is saying they can’t hold their own in a bigger conference, we are all saying they will not be ranked #3 to start the season, and not be in anyone’s race to the NC game.
    And the fact that they are getting such high praise coming out of the conference they are is complete BS.
    The equivalent of Boise ST. is Texas A&M, Arkansas/Auburn, South Florida, Ore. State. They have the talent to beat you and play with the top dogs, but they just can’t put it all together for the whole season.
    And that is how Boise State would be in a big conference. Not a title contender.

  35. Michael says: Sep 7, 2010 2:07 PM

    It’s not a forgone conclusion that Boise State will run the table. They have three potentially tough opponents on their schedule. Oregon State, Fresno State, and Utah State are not pushovers.

  36. edgy1957 says: Sep 7, 2010 2:37 PM

    Arizona Buckeye says:
    WTF are you talking about?
    I’m talking about the HERE and NOW and not the PAST. My God, who has more National Champions – Notre Dame or Yale? The answer is YALE and that’s because of all the ones that they won way back WHEN.
    In the past 3 years, the MWC has been 26-25 against the BCS (Their Top 4 are 19-9 while their bottom 5 are 7-16). 24 of their 51 games have been played against the Pac-10 while the remaining 27 games are scatter among the other 5 BCS conferences and Notre Dame.
    The WAC hasn’t fared as well but again, I’ve never felt that they were as good as the MWC but they’re better than the MAC and Sun Belt and Conference USA, the whipping boys for the ACC, Big East, Big 10, Big 12 and SEC. They were 11-42 in the last 3 years (Their Top 3 were 10-12 while their bottom 6 were 1-30, ironically, a win against the SEC). They had 20 match ups against the Pac-10 and 33 spread out against the other 5 conferences and Notre Dame). Given the fact that they play nearly all their BCS games on the road, it’s not too surprising to see as bad a record as that for the bottom (pretty much like the MAC).
    The top teams in both conferences are holding their own and would probably do better if they got more home and home series. They’re forced into 2 for 1 or neutral site match ups because the Big Bigots feel that they’re the ones whose shit doesn’t stink but their bottom teams have no choice and they have to make those yearly trips out East.

  37. blitz4848 says: Sep 7, 2010 2:42 PM

    When you boil it all down–it’s simple
    1–Boise St is a good team in a bad conference
    2–If in a BCS conference they would be a good team in good in a good tougher conference.
    Some examples for you Boise St “bandwagoners”
    Would Boise St lose 0,1,2,3,4 or MORE if they played:
    Connecticut,Notre dame, Mich St, Penn State, Iowa, Ohio St, Wisconsin & Purdue with 1/2 of those on the road? I say they would lose at least 3 and probably 4 or more as they would have to play every week and they don’t have the depth for that intense of a scheule.
    The above schedule is Michigans–Big 10
    Next example:
    Oklahoma, BYU, Florida, Miami, North Carolina, Clemson, Boston College
    Same as above—Florida State’s schedule–ACC
    3rd example:
    Alabama, Florida St, LSU, Georgia, Tennesse,
    South Carolina, USF, Mississippi St
    Same 3 or 4 losses as above scenarios
    This is Florida’s–SEC
    4th example:
    Miami, Utah, Cinncinnati, West Virginia, USF Connecticut, Notre dame
    Would lose 2 or 3 here
    This one is Pittsburgh–Big East
    5th example
    Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas St, Georgia, Texas Tech, California, Missouri
    Again would lose 2 or 3
    Colorado’s schedule–Big 12
    Last example:
    Purdue, Mich, Mich St., USC, Stanford, Pitt,
    Boston College, Utah, Navy
    Would lose at least 4
    This is Notre Dame–Independent

  38. edgy1957 says: Sep 7, 2010 2:55 PM

    grandavenue says:
    To all the BSU Apoligists
    Well, it must be new to YOU, LOSER because the fact is that the winds of change are blowing. BYU had to scuttle it’s schedule for 2011 and 2012 because they went independent and Boise State has to find out how many members they’re going to have in their conference in the next two to three years and by then so will Nebraska. In 2015, Boise State AND Nebraska have only one open date 9/5 and there’s no telling whether Nebraska would want to open up the season with them. In case it’s escaped your notice, the Cornhuskers have opened up the last 6 years with Maine, Louisiana Tech, Nevada, Western Michigan, Florida Atlantic and Western Kentucky. 2011 is up in the air but look for a sacrificial lamb, 2012 is Southern Miss, 2013 is Wyoming, 2014 is is up in the air, 2015 is up in the air and 2016 is Fresno State.

  39. Tornadoes28 says: Sep 7, 2010 2:57 PM

    If Boise St. has a “clear path” to the title game after only one game, then that proves their schedule is weak.

  40. niji warrior says: Sep 7, 2010 3:05 PM

    The reason why Nebraska has been added to the BSU schedule at the moment has to do with $$$$. Would think someone with your college football “knowledge” would know this. Maybe not. Seems your “knowledge” of the scheduling process is very limited at best.

  41. edgy1957 says: Sep 7, 2010 3:06 PM

    blitz4848 says:
    You seem to be under the mistaken impression that some of these teams are better than what you think. For example, Notre Dame isn’t THAT good and neither are most of the teams on their schedule. Seriously, you see 4 losses while I see maybe ONE and that’s to a — wait for it – MWC school, Utah and that’s ONLY if their QB is healthy. I don’t see them losing to any other team on that list EXCEPT Stanford. Yes, I believe that they would beat the Trojans and a lot of what they would do against Stanford would have to do with how Stanford does when they play against an ACTUAL team.
    What I think is funny is that up until kick off time, you Big Bigots were going all Virginia Tech on Boise and NOW, they’re NOT that good, they should be in the FCS, the Broncos were lucky, Coach Beamer lost the game, the sun was in my eyes while I was picking the game, I had a flat tire and couldn’t come over to change my pick, I swear to God, it wasn’t the Hokies’ fault, CRACKKKKKK (The sound of broken bones after your bookie got in touch with you to pay up).

  42. niji warrior says: Sep 7, 2010 3:08 PM

    @blitz4848 comment at September 7, 2010 2:42 PM ET
    All speculation. That’s why games are played.

  43. Arizona Buckeye says: Sep 7, 2010 3:11 PM

    @blitz – well said.
    The spuds get a pass on so many levels, not the least of paying the price physically and mentally from playing game after game with opponents that are of a higher caliber. The physical beating alone can most certainly add up to a loss or two. It most certainly takes a bit of speed and motivation out of your step if you are constantly aching from playing higher caliber competition week after week. The Spuds get to rest their starters after the 1st half since the high school teams they play have already been dispatched by then. Even if they don’t rest them after the 1st half, they are not even remotely taking the physical abuse from said high school teams than the BCS conferences take. Christ, most of the lowest of the low in every BCS conference could pretty much run the table with Spuds schedule.
    They never have to game plan for said high school teams so they have the entire year to plan for the one or two decent teams they do play. Sorry Spuds – you do not belong in the title game until you play a title worthy schedule for the entire season.

  44. Arizona Buckeye says: Sep 7, 2010 3:29 PM

    @edgy – sorry ace, we’re not talking MWC here, we’re talking the WAC, which is where BSU is still floating in.
    So given your logic – here is last year’s WAC record vs. BCS conference schools with this year’s games thrown in: Overall 4 – 14
    2009/12/05 Hawaii 10 – Wisconsin 51 L
    2009/12/05 Fresno St 53 – Illinois 52 W
    2009/10/31 New Mexico St 0 – Ohio St 45 L
    2009/09/12 Fresno St 31 – Wisconsin 34 L OT
    2009/09/19 San Jose St 17 – Stanford 42 L
    2009/09/12 Idaho 23 – Washington 42 L
    2009/09/12 Hawaii 38 – Washington St 20 W
    2009/09/05 San Jose St 3 – USC 56 L
    2009/09/03 Boise St 19 – Oregon 8 W
    2009/11/14 Louisiana Tech 16 – LSU 24 L
    2009/09/05 Louisiana Tech 13 – Auburn 37 L
    2009/09/25 Nevada 21 – Missouri 31 L
    2009/09/19 Utah St 30 – Texas AM 38 L
    2009/09/26 Fresno St 20 – Cincinnati 28 L
    2010/9/2 Hawaii 36 – USC 49 L
    2010/9/4 Utah St 24 – Oklahoma 31 L
    2010/9/4 San Jose St 3 – Alabama 48 L
    2010/9/6 Spuds 33 – VT 30 W

  45. blitz4848 says: Sep 7, 2010 3:36 PM

    ANY of Edgy’s so called Big Boy Bigots (teams) would LOSE $$$ going to Boise’s 32,000 small college “blue” football field for a H&H.
    Texas, Florida, Alabama, LSU, Ohio State, Michigan all play in 92,000 plus SOLD OUT “real football stadiums”.
    Why on earth would these schools lose money to go play a school that wants to be a big time player without paying their dues or building big time facilities.
    If those of you that have been around awhile think back, remember FSU. FSU was a girls school then when Bowden came he did play all comers at their house to build his program. FSU went to Penn State, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, LSU & Alabama WITHOUT H & H games.
    My point is Boise ST has to “earn it”. Raise money, build bigger & better facilities, go on the road and take the big pay days like many new programs do. Boise St has NOT earned straight up H & H games–there work product isn’t all that good. Like Edgy, it is selective. Win 1 maybe 2 big games in a yr (incl bowl) and claim to be a “slighted” power program.
    Start a season with games at Nebraska, LSU,
    FSU and do OK…..then brag.
    Hell FSU this yr has 3 OOC games with Oklahoma, Florida & BYU & they’re in a conference. Boise St needs to step up and out to prove themselves which I don’t think they are willing to do…….They can’t use the noone will pay
    us $1 mil a game so we won’t play excuse. Take 2 for 1s and earn your cred like everyone else does.
    Better yet, grow a set and go independent like BYU & Notre Dame if you really think you are all that. Go demand your own TV deal. TV will say OK but you have to go play real teams consistently if you want a TV deal so fans will watch. Either way you have to pay your dues & earn cred–at least a lot more cred than what you get from Edgy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. grandavenue says: Sep 7, 2010 3:48 PM

    To Niji
    Yeah, of course it has to do with $$, Boise wants too much. That’s the point.
    Read the fricking posts moron.
    I said right in the post that Boise didn’t take the offer because of $$$$$
    Some people are just dumb.
    Edgy, you are beating a dead, inaccurate horse.
    Fact: Boise was offered a 3 game series from Nebraska. They didn’t accept.
    Fact: EVERY team opens with a soft opponent. With 2 or 3 exceptions. Oklahoma, USC, Florida, Florida State, Miami, Texas, and every other major program opened with a minor school. Alabama played San Jose State for crying out loud.
    Seriously people, get your facts straight. Boise hasn’t played anyone on a consistent basis. They haven’t played a BCS schedule, because they would LOSE. Or so we think, we won’t know, because they keep turning down offers!!!

  47. blitz4848 says: Sep 7, 2010 3:52 PM

    edgy1957 says:
    What I think is funny is that up until kick off time, you Big Bigots were going all Virginia Tech on Boise and NOW, they’re NOT that good, they should be in the FCS, the Broncos were lucky, Coach Beamer lost the game, the sun was in my eyes while I was picking the game, I had a flat tire and couldn’t come over to change my pick, I swear to God, it wasn’t the Hokies’ fault, CRACKKKKKK (The sound of broken bones after your bookie got in touch with you to pay up).
    Edgy you are a piece of work:
    WTF are you babbering about? I never said any of that. Not one word of what you said to me is TRUE. >>> You are a F ***ing LIAR!!!!!!
    I bet on the game and predicted the score but made NO excuses and didn’t have to pay the bookie because I also bet Ohio St & FSU & laid the pts.
    Winning or losing the game isn’t the issue….you are really good about turning things around and trying to overwhelm people with your BS! The issue is about whether Boise is BCS NC game worthy and the answer is a resounding HELL NO!
    Your misquoting, misstating and out right being a LIAR is starting to annoy me and believe me if we were having this discussion face to face in our local sports bar you wouldn’t want to annoy me!!!
    My advice to you is misquote & lie to or about someone else and leave me the hell alone!!!!!

  48. edgy1957 says: Sep 7, 2010 3:57 PM

    Arizona Buckeye says: ET
    @blitz – well said.
    The spuds get a pass on so many levels, not the
    It’s funny but you guys act as if Boise plays NO ONE and every one else plays every one else. The fact is, that should Nebraska beat Texas, they’ve got a clear path to the NCG because they really don’t play anyone else that’s a contender (yes, that even includes the Huskies, who lost to what you people feel is an inferior team, BYU). What may well be their hardest game after Texas is Missouri, who have their hardest games against OU, at home and Nebraska, on the road. A win against Nebraska gives THEM a clear path.
    What about some of the teams in the ACC or the Big East, which aren’t as good as Boise or TCU or Utah or BYU. Boise State still has Oregon State, Hawaii and Fresno State. Also, let’s see if Nevada is more than a one trick pony this year and whether that game against Oklahoma was an indication that Utah State is better than people think or that OU is not as good.
    You can look at the schedules of several teams in the BCS and see them only playing a couple of tough teams and make a flat out statement that they’ve got a clear path to the championship. Look at how close Cincinnati came last year and how Florida showed them what the Big Time was all about.

  49. Arizona Buckeye says: Sep 7, 2010 4:42 PM

    @edgy – I am certainly not saying that Alabama, Texas, Ohio State, FSU, etc play a huge opponent every single week. What I am saying is that week after week, being in those conferences, they face tougher competition within their conferences. Even the weakest teams in the BCS conferences could kick the living shit out of just about every WAC team a great percentage of the time. Playing in a BCS conference means the competition across the board is bigger, stronger, faster, and better than those in the WAC. When you are facing that type of brutal head banging football week after week it takes its toll both mentally and physically. Many of the conference games within the BCS conferences are quite tight and require starters to play most of the game. When it comes to Spuds – they play one or two good teams each year then have an unbelievably cake schedule. They face no physical challenge and can rest most of their starters at will. Christ, they have such a cake schedule that I doubt they do much prep work for any of their conference opponents but are in stead, watching film of their potential BCS opponents – a luxury BCS schools don’t have.
    Spuds haven’t earned a shot at the title playing in the WAC and until they play in a big boy conference, they should not get a shot at the title. If Ohio State, Alabama, Texas and the like are undefeated and the Spuds are as well – Spudly shouldn’t even get a second look.

  50. winorlose says: Sep 7, 2010 4:44 PM

    No one has even mentioned the “Efficiency Ratio” of any of these teams in the BSU/Virginia Tech issue. As I have been following BSU for a couple of years now, it seems that their “ER” is better than almost all the teams playing today….at least against the teams they are playing. So, if they are playing at 85% of their “ER” and going against Alabama who’s ER happened to be 85% also during THAT game, Alabama would probably win due to better athletes. But, if by some chance, their “ER” THAT game was down to 65%, BSU at 85% would probably win. Any team, week in and week out must play to the Maximum “ER” to have a chance to win that week. If BSU happens to have a bad “ER” against Wyoming this next game and Wyoming’s “ER” is better by a decent margin, BSU will lose. It is up to each team, each week, to make sure their “ER” is as good as it can be and not make mistakes, make tackles, catch passes, call the right play at the right time, cover your man and work as a team. BSU seems to be doing those things more consistantly in the last couple of years than almost all other teams….except Alabama this last year.

  51. niji warrior says: Sep 7, 2010 4:59 PM

    It also has to do with Osbourne turning down BSU for Fresno St. in 2011 when BSU made the offer back in 2009. Google it, bullwinkle.

  52. edgy1957 says: Sep 7, 2010 5:01 PM

    blitz4848 says: September 7, 2010 3:36 PM ET
    ANY of Edgy’s so called Big Boy Bigots (teams)
    Tell that to Washington, Washington State, Oregon, Oregon State, in other words, the Pac-10. You’re right, they have a hard time attracting teams to their stadium but you do realize that Tulsa plays in an even smaller stadium and they’ve hosted Oklahoma a few times, right?
    At least the Big Bigots in those teams’ area will actually play a ROAD game. When was the last time that Florida played one of their little ponies on the road? I’m not going to waste all day but I can’t find a single instance where they’ve played in the last 10 years on the road for any of their in-state or even close state opponents that weren’t in the BCS and a few play in stadiums that are as big or even bigger than what Tulsa AND Boise State play in.
    On the other hand, Boise’s shown a willingness to play on a “neutral” site (as if playing at Fedex Field was a neutral site for Virginia Tech). If they could work out a deal, Seattle has a professional football stadium that would accommodate any of those teams that might want to use money as an excuse. If both teams can pull in 86,000+ to Fedex, I think that they could fill up Qwest (67,000+).
    They have plans in place to expand the field to 50,000 and outside of people like you, the rest of the football world KNOWS that and yet, you don’t hear ANYONE talking about going there. I guarantee you that even with a 50,000+ stadium that the Boys Back East will find an excuse not to show up, just ask BYU. Despite the fact that BYU has a 65,000+ stadium, they’ve attracted the following NON-Pac-10 teams to Provo since 2000: Miss St (2000), Syracuse (2002), Georgia Tech (2003), ND (2004), BC (2005) and Florida State (2009). The last time that they had an “Eastern” team in Provo before Florida State that was worth a damn was Texas A&M in 1995 and that’s NOT that far East. You have to go back to 1992 to find them playing a Big 10 team and that’s when Penn State WASN’T in the Big 10. BCS teams will go to the West to play other BCS teams because IF they lose, it doesn’t hurt them but if they play BYU and get their lungs handed to them, voters who think exactly like you will drop them and hold that against them all year. A loss to Boise State on national TV would be even more humiliating than losing 67-3 to USC.

  53. dafool99 says: Sep 7, 2010 5:03 PM

    that “ER” becomes a joke when you don’t have to play a team that will really challenge you. I would expects Boise’s to be that high over a span of years.
    Bama just played SJS, calling a punt on first down would have been the right play against them.
    When you have to play a LSU, Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina, i think they are gonna put enough pressure on you to make that good call look like a pretty shitty one.

  54. edgy1957 says: Sep 7, 2010 5:05 PM

    blitz4848 says: September 7, 2010 3:52 PM ET
    WTF are you babbering about? I never said any of that. Not one word of what you said to me is TRUE. >>> You are a F ***ing LIAR!!!!!!
    You need to either LEARN how to READ or STFU. I said “Big BIGOTS” or do you believe that you are ALL the Big BigotS here? When I’m actually talking to you, I will either call you BLITZ or scratch my zipper to get your attention.

  55. edgy1957 says: Sep 7, 2010 5:09 PM

    grandavenue says:
    Edgy, you are beating a dead, inaccurate horse.
    Fact: Boise was offered a 3 game series from Nebraska. They didn’t accept.
    Fact? Are you unable to read or what? NOT ONCE has it ever been said that they didn’t accept. They haven’t accepted YET but that doesn’t mean that they won’t accept.

  56. Donna says: Sep 7, 2010 5:27 PM

    @ Blitz4848
    @ Arizona Buckeye:
    You know a good friend gave me some great advice for how to deal with those on here that are like a splenter you can’t get to with the tweezers:
    Just close down the site and bring it back up tomorrow. There will be a new set of post just ripe for the picking. Some folks have no one else to argue with or just pick at those that best argue back. Either way, EDGY is a man/woman of his/her opinion and he/she is only concerned with trying to make you guys EDGY too…..LMAO!!

  57. edgy1957 says: Sep 7, 2010 5:27 PM

    Arizona Buckeye says:
    @edgy – I am certainly not saying that Alabama, Texas, Ohio State, FSU, etc play a huge opponent every single week.
    IN YOUR OPINION. A lot of Big 10 people felt that they were THE best conference when they were beating up the MAC and Notre Dame and then they got their lungs handed to them in the BCS bowls. They would piss on the SEC week after week and talk about how they were REALLY better because they played a superior MAC to the SEC’s Sun Belt (and the Pac-10’s WAC/MWC) and then when they were matched up in the bowls, they went 0-6 for 3 years in a row.
    The Top of the WAC isn’t as good as the top of the MWC but that doesn’t mean that Boise State is playing a bunch of trash and you’re WRONG. The weakest teams in the BCS wouldn’t be kicking the shit out of anyone BUT the weakest teams in the WAC. Let’s not forget that even the weakest teams in the BCS won’t play anyone from the WAC unless they get 99.99999% of the games at home (they will make an exception to take that trip to Hawaii, though). Let’s see how well your favorite team would do if they were forced to make all their trips West, year after year.

  58. blitz4848 says: Sep 7, 2010 5:45 PM

    @ edgy—the same twisted edgy
    You don’t get it–these blogs are fun to DEBATE.
    I like Boise St—I have watched more of their games on Direct TV than you probably because I
    bet them a lot over the past few yrs and enjoy how they play as well s they usually cover.
    You like to change the subject and twist things. Why are you comparing UF–my debates are obective–pro or con–whether I am a fan or not.
    I am pro SEC/FL but besides instigating I like to debate objectively. You make statements that I have no clue—I knew they had plans to expand to 50,000. You don’t debate you twist and turn.
    Tulsa plays Oklahoma–they are in the same state. What you don’t understand is many of these schools want to play the big schools at their home because of the $$$$ they make vs what they get playing at home. If you want to debate debate what I say don’t go off on a totally diff subject and then say I say that……….

  59. Arizona Buckeye says: Sep 7, 2010 5:51 PM

    In my opinion for what? I pretty clearly stated that big schools don’t play big games every week so I’m not sure what you’re trying to make a point about.
    Boise State does play trash 99% of the time. The entire WAC division sucks each year except for one school (maybe two at times) and they are no where near the caliber of the BCS conferences from top to bottom.
    You’re a complete idiot if you think a BCS school is going to stumble into Spudville and play on smurf carpet for a measly couple hundred grand when they can rake in millions at a home game. Christ, we have 35,000 people milling outside the stadium who can’t get one of the 100,000 plus tickets so it certainly the AD is certainly not going to entertain a game that is so heavily tilted to benefit the Spuds. The BCS conference football programs fund a huge amount of other sports programs and have no reason to play Boise State at home. For a H and H series, it has to be on equal footing and make financial sense and heading to Spudville to play in smurfturf land doesn’t even come close until they thoroughly upgrade their facility and bring a bigger piece of pie to the table.

  60. Arizona Buckeye says: Sep 7, 2010 5:58 PM

    @Donna – well you know I do like to argue about things! However, since this will obviously be a topic that is beaten to death, resurrected, and then beaten to death again over the next 4 months – I believe I will take your advice and call it a night – it is getting closer to happy hour!

  61. blitz4848 says: Sep 7, 2010 5:59 PM

    @edgy (is flaming)
    You incl me in your address A$$HOLE…….
    EDGY … just a little friendly advice…..
    I don’t recommend blogging about playing with yourself …some of us BIGOTS might think you are GAYER than you really ARE

  62. blitz4848 says: Sep 7, 2010 6:05 PM

    @ Arizona Buckeye
    Donna makes a lot of sense….we are wasting our breath on Iggy…….sure would like to buy him a beer…..and then drown him in it.

  63. niji warrior says: Sep 7, 2010 6:06 PM

    @Arizona Buckeye @ September 7, 2010 5:51 PM ET
    You know, it’s ass hats like you that take the fun out of all sports. You act like this whole thing is some kind of personal vendetta against you. So what? It’s any given Saturday. It’s all changing and you better get used to it, or quit watching college football before your brain explodes.

  64. grandavenue says: Sep 7, 2010 6:07 PM

    # edgy1957 says: September 7, 2010 5:09 PM ET
    grandavenue says:
    Edgy, you are beating a dead, inaccurate horse.
    Fact: Boise was offered a 3 game series from Nebraska. They didn’t accept.
    Fact? Are you unable to read or what? NOT ONCE has it ever been said that they didn’t accept. They haven’t accepted YET but that doesn’t mean that they won’t accept.
    It’s not an open invitation they can accept at anytime! Why HAVEN’T THEY ACCEPTED IT!? Answer that for once!
    “anywhere, anyone, anytime”
    Boise St said they would play anyteam, anywhere, anytime, yet won’t accept an offer from Nebraska.
    I stated they didn’t accept it, they haven’t so that is still TRUE. You just want to spin it for Boise, despite the evidence showing that Boise has/had an offer, and didn’t take it.
    Face it, 1 loss Alabama, 1 loss Miami, or 1 loss Ohio State still have a better shot at the title over Boise with a 0 in the loss column.
    Boise doesn’t DESERVE a title shot. They have known for years they have to get a better schedule, and haven’t done it.
    Stop crying, and get a real conference. The Pac-10 is a perfect fit for Boise, but they wouldn’t even think of doing that, do something that dumb?! No, they get way too much press being undefeated playing no one over being average in a major conference.

  65. niji warrior says: Sep 7, 2010 6:21 PM

    BSU extended an offer to Nebraska back in 2009 to schedule in 2011 and was rebuffed, then Nebraska instead scheduled Fresno State in 2011 instead of BSU.
    Nebraska extends an offer to BSU to a 2 to 1 in 2015, however, from inside sources, it is a non-binding commitment for Nebraska and short changes BSU (in other words, a bad deal for BSU, and allows Nebraska to pull out of the deal at will and without notice).
    So, for those ass hats who somehow thinks the Nebraska offer was something special, you are complete clowns who have no clue what you are writing about as usual.

  66. grandavenue says: Sep 7, 2010 6:24 PM

    If Ohio University Fighting Solich’s go undefeated, would they deserve a chance? No.
    Your PAST season’s work does not give you more of an argument unless your past goes back 100 years. 5 years of good play, NOT GOOD ENOUGH, the WAC is bad. Bad….. like, the definition of bad.
    Big East
    Big XII
    Big Ten
    Those 6 conferences have the powerhouse programs for a reason. They are the best. Recruits go there for a reason.
    Boise has a bunch of great starters, but the drop off from there is tremendous. They could not last in a BCS conference schedule. Period.
    No top team makes the entire season with the same 22 players starting every game. Boise loses 1 guy at any position and they couldn’t make it against tough BCS schools.
    I used to cheer for Boise, until they went back on their anyone anytime bull crap.
    Instead of 1 mid-range BCS school, play a top notch school. Nebraska is in the early stages of a big run, and Boise knows that. So rather than having Nebraska come to town off a possible championship season, or in the middle of a high powered run, they’d rather just play mid-range teams, and make a stink at the years end.
    The best part is nobody has a legit answer for why Boise didn’t accept Nebraska’s offer. They countered with $1million price tag, which is far beyond any NORMAL offer a top school offers, and that’s where it ended.
    They can’t claim “anywhere, anytime, anyone” if they are going to make ridiculous demands, having no intention of actually accepting the offer.
    That’s very obvious to people who see past their nose.

  67. edgy1957 says: Sep 7, 2010 6:27 PM

    Arizona Buckeye says:
    You’re a complete idiot if you think a BCS school is
    You’re one to believe that they’d do it if the field seated 50,000 or 75,000 or even 100,000. That’s just an excuse and if they REALLY wanted to play, they’d either show up or arrange for the of Qwest (like TCU did with its game against Oregon State when they played in Cowboys Stadium). Rice has their own stadium but they were able to play Texas at Reliant so it’s not like the Big Boys can’t attract a professional stadium to host their games.
    BYU has a 65,000+ stadium but NO ONE of real importance had really made a beeline to Provo until they went independent and Texas and ND committed to playing there. You certainly won’t see the top of the other conferences (nor have you) head out to Provo because they’re genuinely afraid of how it would affect their rankings if they come out of the game with anything less than a 45-3 beat down because the voters back East are as biased as you are. Look at how quickly you guys turned on Virginia Tech after they lost to Boise. NOW, they’re a piece of crap and most of you wouldn’t put them in the top 60 but that wasn’t the case before the game.
    I’d believe 1/1000000000000000000 of your bullshit except for the fact that BYU, TCU and Utah clearly offer alternatives to Boise State and yet, outside of the Pac-10, they can’t get the Big Boys to play them, even on the road.

  68. niji warrior says: Sep 7, 2010 6:33 PM

  69. niji warrior says: Sep 7, 2010 6:41 PM

    If Osbourne were serious, he would offer a 1 to 1 or a 2 to 2 starting in 2012 and make it binding for both teams. Come on Osbourne, put up or shut up.

  70. edgy1957 says: Sep 7, 2010 6:45 PM

    grandavenue says:
    It’s not an open invitation they can accept at anytime! Why HAVEN’T THEY ACCEPTED IT!? Answer that for once!
    Ok, asshole:
    Since you want to whine and use the Bleacher Report as your source, I give you a tit-for-tat.
    The last one, which came AFTER the so-called “they haven’t accepted” one that you keep alluding to, CLEARLY states: “We’ll look at that. Nothing specific has been offered by them,” he said. “We’re talking to them. Maybe something can happen. ” (This was on January 24th, 2010).
    1. Nebraska got an offer FIRST from Boise but that never materialized.
    2. Boise was willing to play a 2 for 1 but it seems that contrary to the reports NOTHING was offered to them by the Cornhuskers.

  71. cdjjjd says: Sep 7, 2010 6:50 PM

    Take a look at the University of Texas football schedule:
    Iowa State
    K State
    Okie State
    Florida Atlantic
    Texas A&M
    Two difficult games: OU and Nebraska. TCU will play both Baylor and Wyoming along with Utah, BYU, Oregon State. Point being that many of the traditional powers play weak OOC shedules and the Big XII and Big East are weak at best from top to bottom.

  72. edgy1957 says: Sep 7, 2010 6:56 PM

    grandavenue says:
    # edgy1957 says:
    BTW, I’m NOT a fan of Boise State, I’m a TROJAN.
    I can remember when BYU, Utah, Arizona State and Arizona were kicking ass and taking names in what was the WAC and guys like you were saying that they didn’t belong and they should just drop to a lower division and then Arizona and Arizona State moved to the Pac-8 to make it the Pac-10 and despite the fact that they didn’t occupy the basement year after year as like people you said they would, people wouldn’t admit that they were wrong about them AND the two powers that stayed behind in the WAC. Everyone said that they were dominating a weak league and after Arizona State and Arizona proved to be better than people thought, some back East even went so far as to say that it proved that the Pac-8 was weak, in the first place (even though they were kicking ass and taking names in the Rose Bowl).

  73. j-daddy says: Sep 7, 2010 7:59 PM

    Outside of conference, teams rarely play anyone worth a piss. Congratulations to Alabama, Penn State, Oregon, Oregon State, Tennessee (at least this year), Miami, Ohio State, and Virginia Tech for scheduling quality games early in the season. Kudos to Michigan, Michigan State, and Notre Dame for keeping the Michigan teams yearly match-ups with the Irish.
    Yup, Boise State plays in a bad conference, but that’s not the fault of the football team. Despite what some of you dreamers believe, just because you have a good football team doesn’t mean there’s a major conference bid right around the corner. The SEC, Big Ten, Pac-10, and Big 12 all have certain academic standards, standards that Boise State doesn’t quite meet. There’s no question that Boise State would take an invite to the Pac-10 in a heartbeat, but that will never happen as it stands right now.
    Boise State has taken steps to improve their standing in the world of college football. Next year’s Mountain West move should have taken care of it, but the Broncos were thwarted by Utah’s move to the Pac-10 and BYU’s independent money grab. You can’t fault Boise for that, they realize they are far too good for the WAC, but they really have no were to go other than to what remains of the Mountain West.
    For all of you Boise State haters, there’s some positive spin you can put on all of this. If Boise wins out and hits the national title game (or TCU, or even better the two mid-majors play each other for a title!) the big boys will begin to call for at least the “Plus One” game. There’s no way the power conferences let a team like Boise State go that far again, and the plus one would help weed them out.
    As long as conferences like the Big Eight are in the BCS there should be no whining from anyone. I’m sorry, but South Florida is not a team that should be in a power conference. The Mountain West is pretty comparable in talent, and is probably going to field more good football teams this season.
    Don’t blame Boise for their plight, blame the system for being broken.

  74. edgy1957 says: Sep 7, 2010 11:50 PM

    I think it’s laughable for most of you Big Bigots to be on your high horses. Roll back the time machine to the ’70s and move forward and most of YOUR favorite teams were the jokes of football – EVEN the ones that are so-called BCS teams today.
    Start with the fact that most of the Big East was a loose collection of independent teams and only Pittsburgh was a relevant program for any length of time and two of the programs came from Div 1-AA (UConn and South Florida).
    Then there was the Big 8 or what was once Oklahoma and the Little 7, which turned into Oklahoma, Nebraska and the Little 6 (Yes, there were a couple of years where the league was great but that turned quickly).
    The Big 10 – what a joke. Ohio State and Michigan and the rest of the teams would be mostly irrelevant until the mid to late 1980s and beyond.
    The Pac-10 was USC, UCLA and Washington for the most part and the SWC was Texas, A&M and Arkansas.
    The ACC, please. Most people described the league as a basketball league that played football in the fall to keep people from being bored until basketball season started.
    The SEC is probably the one conference that has been pretty steady since the ’70s.
    Face it, most of YOUR programs were jokes because teams like Oklahoma, Alabama and USC would hand out a 100+ scholarships while your favorite teams would barely hand out 60 or so. It wasn’t until the NCAA started lowering the number of scholarships that the smaller programs began to win and the offshoot to that was that with fewer scholarships, the Big Boys lost out on some players who decided to go to other schools and even other leagues so they didn’t have to pay for their schooling AND they became Big Fish when they wold have been back ups for a long while at the Big Boy schools.
    Most of you don’t know this or if you do, you’ve put your head in the sand rather than admit that things HAVE changed since the 1970s (Let’s not forget that they used to put the scores up for Slippery Rock but they don’t do that any more). Just a little history lesson for those who probably won’t actually learn from it.

  75. DivingDancer says: Sep 8, 2010 6:27 AM

    If they “have a clear path” to the BCS championship after winning 1 game then either a) the BCS championship is not worth the hype, or b) Boise’s schedule is crap. I vote for c) BOTH.

  76. DMAC says: Sep 8, 2010 9:02 AM

    Too bad this site doesn’t let you “reply” to comments made. There are many weak, unsupported comments made that could be shot down with a brief rebuttal.
    BSU is a quality team, but everyone touting their success can’t avoid the obvious…they play a very weak schedule. However, they also have beaten a few, very few, quality opponents. But again, you have to realize they do this with a healthy squad because they don’t have to suffer the pounding throughout the season.
    They shot up in the polls because they happened to schedule and beat a decent opponent. Now you get to watch them fall as they play through their schedule, with a possible bump should they succeed against Oregon State. No way they deserve to be in the championship game unless and until their schedule improves and they face less than 5 marshmellow teams throughout the season.

  77. Jeremy says: Sep 8, 2010 9:02 AM

    @ DivingDancer
    I could not have said it better myself!
    First game in the season and everyone is kissing the ground these guys walk on.

  78. edgy1957 says: Sep 8, 2010 10:14 AM

    DMAC says:
    They started out as #3 in the AP and #5 in the USA Today. That’s hardly SHOT UP.

  79. Arizona Buckeye says: Sep 8, 2010 11:49 AM

    @edgy – you’re a complete idiot. Boise State plays in the WAC – it is not even remotely close to the talent levels of the BCS conferences in any facet and in any category. I am certainly not saying that as a slam to those schools – it is what it is. I’m a big fan of the Spuds because they are entertaining and a great story, but it ends there! When it comes down to it, going undefeated in the WAC division does not compare what so ever to going undefeated (or even having 1 loss) in the BCS conferences. You can spew all the garbage you want, including the laughable post about how bad the Big Ten was in the 70s, right after you bagged on me for bringing up the WACs record during that same era. Sorry ace, your attempts to bend, omit, and skew stats and facts to make your lame arguments are hysterical.
    Boise State is a fun team to watch, except when they’re playing on that ridiculous smurf turf but until they join a BCS conference, they don’t belong in the title game.

  80. edgy1957 says: Sep 8, 2010 1:19 PM

    Arizona Buckeye says:
    @edgy – you’re a complete idiot.
    Look, you morons are setting the parameters and I’m just letting you know that once upon a time, the so-called Big Boys were just a couple of teams and 7 to 8 pieces of cannon fodder, in each conference. You want people here to believe that you’ve always been so big and bad and balanced when nothing could be further from the truth. If it wasn’t for the fact that the NCAA started limiting scholarships, even the Big 10 would have had problems with their bottom teams, who couldn’t keep up with Michigan and Ohio State.
    From 1970-1979, the Rose Bowl was the purview of Michigan and Ohio State and it wasn’t until 1981 before anyone else got into the act. The Big 2 won 80% of their total games and 89% of their conference games. The Little 8 won 40% of their total games and 40% of their conference games. BTW, the Big 2 won 79% of the out of conference games while the Little Eight won — wait for it — 41% of their games. Of the Little Eight, two, Michigan and Purdue were the only ones to climb out of the sub .500 hole for the decade while only Minnesota and Purdue even REACHED the .500 mark for out of conference games.
    Now, over the years, the scholarship changes have made a difference in those programs and now, even when a team like Ohio State and USC can dominate their conferences, the other teams take more turns at or near the top than they did before.
    The non-BCS conferences have gotten better BUT the MWC and WAC are the best of those bunch and in that order. The big problem for them, top to bottom, is that the Big Bigots, even the little Big Bigots, refuse to go out West to play them and they have to play more road games, which gives the decided ADVANTAGE to the Eastern teams. The Eastern Big Bigots use the excuse of stadium size and their Big Bigot fans eat that shit up but when they can play BYU, which has a decent sized stadium, they won’t do it. You guys say that they need to earn the right to host games but exactly how did Northwestern and Vanderbilt and Duke earn any right to host games?
    Here’s the funny thing: I’m NOT a fan of a non-AQ team but I’m taking up for them because I’ve lived all over the country and I’ve seen the quality of play and because of where I live, I get to see teams from the East and the West play so when Boise State plays Virginia Tech, I don’t go out and assume that VT stomps them nor do I turn on them for losing to a BETTER team. Living in Oklahoma, I won considerable money from Sooner fans when they played Boise State and every one of them actually gave me points. Arrogance was an expensive lesson for them and most of them still don’t believe that Boise State was the better team but among other things, I have a stereo system with a 101-disc changer that says otherwise.
    Let’s not forget that one of YOUR proud members, Penn State, was considered the Boise State of its day and back then people like you were crapping all over them, even when they were kicking Big Bigot’s asses and everything that you’re saying today is what they were saying back then. When they DID join the Big 10, there was a lot of tongue wagging about how they were NOW going to see what it was like to play against the Big Boys week after week. How’s that worked out?

  81. edgy1957 says: Sep 8, 2010 1:40 PM

    BTW, IF Boise were to join a BCS conference, there’s a damn good chance that like Arizona, Arizona State and Utah, the BETTER recruits start choosing them instead of plying their craft on the bench for 3 years at another school. They might take a beating week after week but they’d be doing it with a higher class of athlete. Of course, that wouldn’t necessarily mean that they were be any better because a lot of 4 and 5 star athletes turn out to be duds because they think that they’re better than anyone and won’t put in the work (USC had a couple leave this year because they found themselves behind freshmen because they wouldn’t work as hard as them).
    Boise State, TCU, BYU and Utah get 5 star performance out of 2 and 3 star players because they have a chip on their shoulder that someone else felt that they were a 2 star performer when they did as much or more than some of their 4 and 5 star teammates and it may have been something like being slightly slower or smaller that hurt their stock. Instead of saying that the Big Bigots and their Little Bigots have earned the right to play at home week after week, CHALLENGE them to go on the road, even for a 2 for 1. With a stadium like QWEST field down the road, Boise State could host a Big Bigot team that really was interested but if they won’t show up for a game in a 65,000+ stadium in Provo, I don’t expect to see them show up for one that’s slightly bigger.

  82. buckeyeboy says: Sep 8, 2010 3:18 PM

    this edgy1957 is a cry baby lol according to him (before the 1970’s) football consisted of 8 good teams and everyone else should have just quit lol maybe edgys1957 should stop smoking his crack pipe and give up on his boise state rampage….we get it! You love them, please sign off so we don’t hafta hear you anymore hahaha

  83. blitz4848 says: Sep 8, 2010 5:06 PM

    You got that right…Edgy is some kind mealy mouthed little snatch sitting behind a computer screen calling people names. I guaran damn tee you that if we were all out at a bar Edgy wouldn’t man up to that name for fear someone would stuff his whiney little a$$ into a trash can. I have a lot of fun on here but I swear I literally try to reach through my screen and try to choke the life out of that name. I see EDGY and it’s like finger nails on a chalk board. I’d sure love to tailgate with him for about 5 min. I doubt if anyone would bother filing a missing persons report either…………….

  84. edgy1957 says: Sep 8, 2010 7:01 PM

    buckeyeboy says:
    this edgy1957 is a cry baby lol
    I can’t help but laugh at you for what is clearly NO real knowledge of college football AND the fact that you can’t read. I didn’t say BEFORE the 1970s that there were 8 good teams, you goober; I said that DURING the 1970s, most conferences had, AT BEST, 2 good teams and the rest were nothing more than fodder for them. This comes from REAL LIFE experience at being there when teams like Ohio State beat teams like Indiana by 20, 37, 30 and 49 points. From 1970-1979, Ohio State was 69-9-1 and so was Michigan State. That’s 138-18-2 (88.0%) for the Top 2 programs. After that, Michigan State was 46-30-3 and Purdue was 42-36-1 and they were both taken out behind the woodshed by the Big 2. Hell, take away how they fared against each other and Michigan won 94.2% of it’s conference games while Ohio State won 92.8%. Does that seem like the kind of conference parity that the Big 10 enjoys today?
    Hell, go from 1980-1989 (When scholarship limits went from unlimited (up until 1972) to 105 (1973 to 1977) to 95 (1978-1991), the Big 2 went from winning 88.0% of their conference games to winning 76.2% and the Little Eight increased their overall winning percentage to 44.8% and it went from 10 straight Rose Bowls from 1970-1979 (12, if you count 1968-1981) to having only 6 appearances by them (5 by Michigan) and 2 by Iowa and 1 apiece for Illinois, Iowa and Michigan State and the ’90s were to see the rise of Wisconsin and the introduction of Penn State to the mix.

  85. edgy1957 says: Sep 8, 2010 7:12 PM

    blitz4848 says:
    You got that right…Edgy is some kind mealy
    Yeah, that’s it, don’t respond to the fact that Florida refuses to play outside of Gainesville unless they’re forced to do so but say that I’m avoiding YOUR questions. HYPOCRITE>
    BTW, what’s their excuse with USF? They’ve got 2 games scheduled IN GAINESVILLE against a — wait for it — BCS opponent, who plays in Raymond James Stadium. What excuse does the university give to you apologists to tell the Boise States of the world? Fresno State plays in a smaller stadium and gasp — USC, Oregon, Washington State and Wisconsin have played there so why can’t the Gators take a trip to Tampa? I see no pretense of even a 2 for 1 on their schedule, as the next game after this year is in 2015 with no return scheduled in between. Come on, when was the last time that Florida EVER played a non-BCS school at their place (not counting a bowl)? I mean, they’re the only program to ever play Hawaii AT HOME without scheduling a return trip. As I said before, Alabama gave them a 2 for 1, why is Florida afraid to venture out of their home stadium?

  86. buckeyeboy says: Sep 8, 2010 10:00 PM

    i may disagree with you on some things but i cant fault you for your knowledge, and i hafta say you are dead on when asking about florida. they are one of those teams that cannot play in the north in october and november. people always say that the toughest teams in the nfl are out door teams (patriots, steelers, giants, eagles) that play games in the cold weather, yet the “toughest” teams in ncaa play in the south, it is a little odd.

  87. baldrad says: Sep 9, 2010 9:59 PM

    sportsflorida whines:
    “….Boise State wins bowl games because they feel they have to PROVE themselves…”
    ……uh….I guess winners of bowl games normally just put it on autopilot when they get to a bowl game….makes sense. Yeah, now that ya mention it, being the underdog IS an unfair advantage, Spoflo.
    Would you Laughable-Sense-of-Entitlement guys quit foaming at the mouth and just admit you hate being beat by the little guy?

  88. Bucky G says: Sep 10, 2010 8:37 PM

    BSU gets 7-8 months to prepare for a mediocre Va. Tech team followed by nothing but teams they will be at least 20 point favorites over then 2 months to prepare for a bowl opponent. How convenient for the Broncos.
    Alabama or Ohio St. may have dropped in the poll with that type of win. Almost certainly they would during the BCS poll period. Why is Boise St. given so much love when it comes to beating middle of the road top 25 type teams by 3 points? Already people are saying that Oregon St will be a test for them. Are you kidding me? I like the Beavers as much as the next guy but I ain’t been scared by one since middle school. But I do understand why some would consider it test. All you have to do is look at the rest of WAC and it is evident. Is it the fault of Boise that they play in such a lousy conference? Yes it is.
    No, it’s a double standard that is in play here. The bar is so pitifully low for Boise St. that they can’t help but succeed.

  89. ethancoleman says: Sep 12, 2010 8:54 AM

    too funny!
    the most excited i got over a football game was watching BS truly push OK around in their first big boy FB game- they dominated, and made the bandwagon press eat crow.
    That said, some little school fans here seem to be repressing closet issues and it shows in their insecure belly-aching and bitterness toward big programs with storied histories.
    Just like the Southern folks said (and the press) that Miami U would beat Oh St by 30+, then bitched about the call at the end- I knew, being a true OSU fan- not the kind that gets all up in your face and says “we’re the best” but rather stick by them no matter what, and when they get beat gladly concede- but that game wasn’t supposed to be close, but all those people failed to realize that OSU led football in points allowed that year- this is going somewhere- I didn’t guarentee a victory, but made a bet for a keg of beer that the losers welched on, I didn’t care about the last play, and it was a bad call, but Miami got some too- but OSU dominated that game with defense- the score was like OSU’s games, not “SuperMiami”‘s.
    Now we have “SuperBS,” and one announcer was all over Moore’s jock strap- prolly more than one- and if BS makes the BCS champ. game off beating VT- who lost to JMU (over-rated?) talk more trash- OSU plays 4 ranked teams that are all better than VT- VT wont even be in the top 20 in Jan. Alabama has to go through Auburn, Florida, LSU, GA looks week, but still, more crap to deal with than BS. Let BS get in a real conference b/f you get lost in their jocks- I grew up in CO and watched AF year in and out- the confernce sucks overall, and any decent big 10, SEC, Pac 10 Big East and prolly MAC team would be ashamed to not win it if they went there. Yes their game against BS would be good, and BS could play with them, but anybody without rocks in their head knows that BS has a creampuff sched every year- grow up boys and be realistic- your team needs a better conference which would only make them better- far more bruised, but better (glad i was born and will die a Buckeye- no wild claims or banter- just sayin’)

  90. calib says: Sep 12, 2010 11:25 AM

    There’s been some bold talk this week out of the Boise State camp of supporters. Nobody in a big-boy conference will play Boise. You think that you can beat the Broncos? Give them a call. We dare you.
    Nebraska called. Nebraska tried.
    In the past year, NU tried to put together a series with BSU; two-for-one, home-and-home, one-way trip to Lincoln. Whatever. It ended up fizzling out. Why?
    Because, according to NU Assistant Athletic Director Jeff Jamrog, Boise wanted a minimum $1 million to play in Lincoln.
    Geez, no wonder the Broncos can’t get anyone to play them. Pay Boise State $1 million to come to your town? Sorry, don’t want it that bad.
    Quoted from here :
    I don’t care one way or the other. Someone asked about this so this is apparently the answer.

  91. press1forenglish says: Sep 14, 2010 12:47 PM

    If JMU runs the table in the Colonial they deserve a shot at the BCS title

  92. ShaKey says: Sep 17, 2010 11:34 PM

    press1forenglish says:
    September 14, 2010 12:47 PM ET
    If JMU runs the table in the Colonial they deserve a shot at the BCS title

    East Carolina will have a stronger case after this week.

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