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Hokies loss means bogus Boise State win?

Wow…another crushing loss for the ACC. First, No. 15 Georgia Techloses to Kansas, now Virginia Tech is 0-2.

After a strongly-played season opener against Boise State, a game thatthe Hokies could have won, they dropped their home opener against the Colonial Conference’sJames Madison.

The Dukes’ head coach Mickey Matthews noted earlier in the week that “[i]t’s kind ofcomical to thinkyou’re going to go down there and beat them.” Well, we’re all laughing now… just not at you.

Saturday afternoon’s bout between Virginia Tech and the Dukes of JMU was a true game ofsquandering and/or capitalizing on mistakes. The Hokies turned the ball over three times. Thelast turnover, though, was the killer.

On the Dukes’ 12-yard line trailing 21-16, Virginia Tech junior running back Darren Evans fumbled the ball, giving it over to JMU. The other two turnovers came way of quarterbackTyrod Taylor, one interception and the other a fumble.

Virginia Tech never punted, and only committed four penalties for 48 yards. But the threeturnovers squandered any hopes of scoring.

The Dukes showed great control by coming back from a 10-0 deficit. Prior to tonight, JamesMadison had lost ten straight games against FBS opponents.

No single person stood out for the Dukes’ offense. Quarterback Drew Dudzik was 5 of8 for 121 yards and a score. The leading rusher for James Madison was Jamal Sullivan,who had 49 yards on 20 carries. Dudzik added two rushing scores as well.

In the end, this loss may very well end up hurting Boise State more than the Hokies.

The Broncos have been and still are the clear-cut favorites to win the Western Athletic Conference. The Hokies are still in contention for the ACC title…but the season-opening win for Boise State over Virginia Tech now has less value with each winthe Hokies hand out, especially to a FCS program.

How can Boise State’s win over Virginia Tech hold any validity if a Division 1-AAteam in James Madison can beat the Hokies in Blacksburg? The computer rankingsand systems won’t forget this loss, even if the coaches’ poll remains constant.

I wonder howChris Petersen and Frank Beamer will prepare their polls? Alabama headcoach Nick Saban spoke out on Boise State earlier in the week, and hispoint of view might now reign supreme.

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Respond to “Hokies loss means bogus Boise State win?”
  1. allmaddenjack says: Sep 11, 2010 5:49 PM

    any given Saturday, anybody can whine and lose.
    there will be no other talk of tyrod for the heismann.

  2. blitz4848 says: Sep 11, 2010 5:53 PM

    Today the ACC’s 4 ranked teams all appear to be going down in flames:
    The Techs Va & Georgia, FSU & Miami.
    but the BIGGEST NEWS is “BOISE WHO??”
    Edgy, Edgy, don’t pull the trigger, Please, don’t rob us of our fun, we want you around so we can kick you while you are on your knees AGAIN……
    Edgy, all knowing Boise Blue Boy–I told you last week that VaTech was an 8-4 team at best and you ridiculed me—did you watch as VaTech dissolved your Boise St teams NC game chances
    quicker than you can say BOISE is BOGUS!!!
    Let’s see Boise scored in the last min to beat a Va Tech that lose at home to James Madison. The funny thing is James beat them single handed–good old James Madison. James’ biggest previous victory was against >>>” Alter Boy University ”
    I didn’t think Boise’s strength of schedule could get any worse. Now it takes this huge hit of having to depend on “Alter Boys” strength of schedule, especially since they have to play on their knees…..On the bright side it probably now mean an extra home game on Mickey’s Magic Blue Carpest as the HOST for the Humanitarian Bowl.
    EDGY has been invited to “BE THE COIN” for the opening toss…….enjoy
    See EDGY I told you not to pull that trigger–you now have something to live for, an all expenses paid trip to Boise in December…..You can get up off your knees now—ROFLMAO

  3. bsualum says: Sep 11, 2010 7:09 PM

    Blitz you must be from Alabama… if you honestly think that BSU will not go to a bowl game if they run the table you are inbred and your brain is lost in the gene pool. It doesnt matter if VT lost to your High School Team….fact is they are still going to be in a bowl game. Yea it sucks that VT cant fight their way out of a paper bag but maybe thats because BSU ruined their morale. BSU has said it over and over again….anyone….anytime….anywhere. Teams are scared to put their season on the line so they use excuses to not play BSU. 4-1 against Top 10 teams will do that to you. Just go back to the trailer park and fix dinner for cousin dad and leave the hard stuff to the grown ups. You would be lucky if your team made it to the Humanitarian Bowl. But now that your being called out your team is probably Alabama or Ohio State….when before it was probably South Florida or Hilljack U.

  4. gator_prof says: Sep 11, 2010 7:17 PM

    Looks like the ACC is pretty darn weak. Techs (VA and GA) just plain suck. FSU is vastly over-rated. The Canes were sloppy and gave that game away.

  5. blitz4848 says: Sep 11, 2010 8:16 PM

    Hey spudboy—your team is a pretender. If you played good opponents every week you would be lucky to be 8-4. Join a real conference. If Boise goes 12-0 they will be Humanitarian Bowl hosts.
    You sounded like the bowl game on Mickey’s Magic blue rug wasn’t a real bowl in a real stadium—now you get the picture. Your high school field holds 32,000–which is the same number of fans at the concession stand in real STADIUMS. You paid too much for your spudville diploma. Is it paper or a carved potato

  6. gator_prof says: Sep 11, 2010 8:17 PM

    As for Boise…let’s not even discuss. They and TCU should just be forgotten.

  7. grandavenue says: Sep 11, 2010 8:44 PM

    Boise just lost any hope of a title.
    They can be #1 in both polls and the BCS will rate them 7th or 8th.

  8. disco says: Sep 11, 2010 8:51 PM

    Sean Martin –
    Did you GO to Virginia Tech?
    “especially to a FCS program.” ?
    come on rinky dink. If you’re going to be a writer at least understand the rules of grammer.
    This one is free:
    “especially to AN FCS program.”
    ‘AN’ FCS not ‘A’ FCS.

  9. Sean Martin says: Sep 11, 2010 9:09 PM

    When I read FCS, I pronounce “Football Championship Subdivision”. Therefore, in the text, it reads:
    “…to a Football Championship Subdivision program.”
    My major is mechanical engineering. I don’t go to Virginia Tech.

  10. disco says: Sep 11, 2010 9:40 PM

    Right. I’m sure you do.
    Let me guess, you’d write “he is a NFL player” too?
    I mean, I know I always say National Football League in whenever I see NFL.
    You and I both know 99.9% of readers are saying F-C-S, not Football Championship Subdivision.
    99% of the population doesn’t even know what FCS stands for.

  11. Adam O says: Sep 11, 2010 9:48 PM

    Hey blitz4848, if boise state was in a better conference, they would be recruting better players. And with their coaching staff they would more than compete every week. Why is it so hard to give a good program respect?

  12. grandavenue says: Sep 11, 2010 10:10 PM

    To Adam O
    Good programs get respect. Those are the BCS schools.
    Boise is a good team who plays 1 (which now looks pathetic) good game all year then a bowl game.
    IF Boise was in a BCS conference, they wouldn’t have to explain their schedule.

  13. harloeisdead says: Sep 11, 2010 10:13 PM

    “If you’re going to be a writer at least understand the rules of grammer”.
    Nice. This one’s free, too. It’s “grammar”.

  14. Adam O says: Sep 11, 2010 10:41 PM

    To grandavenue, I dont care what conference your in, it isnt easy to win every game. And not every BCS team should get respect, there are bottom feeders in every conference. Boise state fans have no control over the teams on there schedule. All we can do is hope they win all their games. I for one will not rute any less just because they are playing in a non-bcs conference.

  15. Gatorfan1 says: Sep 11, 2010 11:10 PM

    “BSU has said it over and over again….anyone….anytime….anywhere”.
    Yeah…for like 20 million bucks they’ll play anyone….anytime…anywhere….hell, who wouldn’t????

  16. Arizona Buckeye says: Sep 11, 2010 11:36 PM

    Well it is certainly not going to help Spudlyville. The game they were hanging their hats on as the tough team on their schedule lost to… wait for it… Dolly, er James Madison. This VT loss pretty much wipes away most of the shiny properties of the Spudlyville win.

  17. kimo2264 says: Sep 12, 2010 1:25 AM

    IF Boise State wins out this year the Broncos record will be 26-0 over the last two years, 38-1 over the last three years (the one loss a 1 point loss to TCU in the 2008 Poinsettia Bowl) and over the last 5 years 61-4.
    With this good of a won/loss record, even though they play in the WAC, it will be difficult, if not impossible to keep them out of this years 2010 BCS Championship…
    Tough Luck BCS Boyz, cry all you want about their schedule, if they win out they are in!

  18. frank booth says: Sep 12, 2010 1:44 AM

    @disco says:
    Sean Martin –
    Did you GO to Virginia Tech?
    “especially to a FCS program.” ?
    come on rinky dink. If you’re going to be a writer at least understand the rules of grammer.
    This one is free:
    “especially to AN FCS program.”
    ‘AN’ FCS not ‘A’ FCS.
    Hey disco-
    If you are going to criticize the writing of others, you may (at least) want to spell “grammar” correctly. Nice job there, Ace.

  19. grandavenue says: Sep 12, 2010 1:48 AM

    To AdamO
    Perfectly fine. Cheer and love your team, but don’t expect a title shot when your team refuses to schedule tough non-conference games.
    Vtech sucks. Oregon State sucks, and those are literally the best teams Boise will play.
    That’s not a Championship season.
    Like Jim Tressel just stated: “You have to prove it every week”.
    Boise doesn’t. They have to prove they are better than FBS nonBCS schools. Meaning they play the teams that the bottom feeders in the top conferences are better than.

  20. Florida727 says: Sep 12, 2010 7:49 AM

    harlo, don’t you love it when someone corrects another about the “rules of grammar” (as if there are any on a blog message board), but then can’t spell the very word he’s correcting someone on?

  21. ethancoleman says: Sep 12, 2010 9:06 AM

    too funny!
    (hey good call on all the grammar/spelling errors- i just wish everybody caught all the b.s. handed to them too- pun unfortunately unavoidable.)
    the most excited i got over a football game was watching BS truly push OK around in their first big boy FB game- they dominated, and made the bandwagon press eat crow.
    That said, some little school fans here seem to be repressing closet issues and it shows in their insecure belly-aching and bitterness toward big programs with storied histories.
    Just like the Southern folks said (and the press) that Miami U would beat Oh St by 30+, then bitched about the call at the end- I knew, being a true OSU fan- not the kind that gets all up in your face and says “we’re the best” but rather stick by them no matter what, and when they get beat gladly concede- but that game wasn’t supposed to be close, but all those people failed to realize that OSU led football in points allowed that year- this is going somewhere- I didn’t guarentee a victory, but made a bet for a keg of beer that the losers welched on, I didn’t care about the last play, and it was a bad call, but Miami got some too- but OSU dominated that game with defense- the score was like OSU’s games, not “SuperMiami”‘s.
    Now we have “SuperBS,” and one announcer was all over Moore’s jock strap- prolly more than one- and if BS makes the BCS champ. game off beating VT- who lost to JMU (over-rated?) talk more trash- OSU plays 4 ranked teams that are all better than VT- VT wont even be in the top 20 in Jan. Alabama has to go through Auburn, Florida, LSU, GA looks weak, but still, more crap to deal with than BS. Let BS get in a real conference b/f you get lost in their jocks- I grew up in CO and watched AF year in and out- the confernce sucks overall, and any decent big 10, SEC, Pac 10 Big East and prolly MAC team would be ashamed to not win it if they went there. Yes their game against BS would be good, and BS could play with them, but anybody without rocks in their head knows that BS has a creampuff sched every year- grow up boys and be realistic- your team needs a better conference which would only make them better- far more bruised, but better (glad i was born and will die a Buckeye- no wild claims or banter- just sayin’)

  22. blitz4848 says: Sep 12, 2010 9:06 AM

    A = Awful
    C = Crummy
    C = Conference
    #12, #13, #15, #17 ALL lost
    All are now candidates to play the Spuds in the Humanitarian Bowl……………..

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