'Time to die' t-shirts all the rage on Rocky Top


OK, maybe not all the rage, but they are available if you so desire.

The back story, for those who are unaware: Florida’s Chris Rainey was Time to die.jpgFast-forward two days, and we’re on the brink of a bitter SEC rivalry game between Florida and Tennessee, one played annually the third Saturday of September and always one of those dates circled on the calendar regardless of the records of the two schools.  So, of course, an entrepreneurial Volunteer fan (or fans) has decided to up the ante of the rivalry by making light of a potentially serious domestic issue and producing t-shirts with the message “Time to die” on the front and “Vols b-tch” on the back.

As Clay Travis, a Nashville radio host who posted the pics seen in this piece,  wrote on Twitter, it “had to happen”.  Travis is probably right; such a “statement” plastered on a piece of fabric ahead of a huge rivalry game was probably inevitable.

Still, though, there are certain lines of common sense taste that shouldn’t be crossed, and this is one of them.  Hell, even someone like me recognizes such a boundary, and I’m a dolt.

But, hey, the person or persons responsible for these probably got a laugh and/or a couple of bucks out of a serious situation, so that’s all that matters these days, right?

All Volunteer fans shouldn’t be painted with a broad brush because of this, but the person responsible for it should be slapped upside the head with said brush.  Maybe it’d knock a little decency and class into him/her.

Doubtful, but it’s worth a shot.

Hokies QB Brewer a gametime decision, but RB Williams out for the year

Michael Brewer
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Virginia Tech has been playing just about the whole season without starting quarterback Michael Brewer after the Hokies signal-caller broke his collarbone in the first game of the season. Now, Brewer is on his way back to the field. Brewer has been medically cleared to return to practice in Blacksburg. It may still be another few weeks until he gets back in a game for Virginia Tech.

Brewer broke his collarbone in Virginia Tech’s season-opening loss to Ohio State. Once he left the game, it seemed the Hokies were unable to give the defending national champions much of a fight for a second straight season. He was originally expected to miss eight to 10 weeks of action, which would have meant a return for a Halloween game against Boston College as the earliest likely date. Virginia Tech has a bye week after the Boston College game, meaning Brewer could then be available for a Thursday night division game against Georgia Tech on November 12. Considering all of that, the chance Brewer might be available to play this Friday night against N.C. State is quite a pleasant surprise for a Virginia Tech team in need of some help after dropping to 2-3 after a second straight loss last weekend. Andy Bitter of The Roanoke Times says Brewer could be a gametime decision for Frank Beamer.

The outlook is not quite as possible for Hokies running back Marshawn Williams. Williams will be out for the rest of the season after reinjuring his left knee in practice in late September. It is the same knee that was surgically repaired last December. Williams can use this season as his redshirt season as he has not played in a game this season. He will still have three years of eligibility remaining when he returns to the team next fall.

Mike Leach discusses presidential candidates, political correctness, pizza and says WSU has better facilities than Oregon

Mike Leach

wherever and whenever Washington State head coach Mike Leach opens his mouth, we will be listening. In a recent radio interview with John Canzano, Leach shared his thoughts on the presidential races heating up, the need to remove political correctness and the superior athletics facilities at Washington State compared to what is offered at Oregon.

Leach offered his take on the current status of the GOP race, saying if Donald Trump continues to rise that some other candidates will soon back out and others will “kiss the ring and hope for cabinet positions.”

I think honestly the single biggest issue in this election and country for quite some time is you have to eradicate political correctness. Unless it’s eradicated, you know, we can’t move forward.”

On the topic of football, Leach was asked what has held Washington State back from becoming a winning program. Leach reflected on the steps the program has taken to improve the program, which has seen improvements with facilities that have helped through recruiting, although Leach said it’s been tough because acquiring the talent has been a slow process. He was quite proud of Washington State’s facilities though.

“We have the best facilities in America, certainly within the conference, including Oregon,” Leach said. “We’ve had those for a year that helped accelerate the recruiting effort.”

Given a chance to back peddle from that statement, Leach, as you might expect, did not rescind or amend his previous comments.

You can listen to the full interview here. It is a good listen. He also wants to know where the best pizza place in Portland, Oregon is. You will learn he likes New York style pizza.