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Hide the women, children: Boise could be No. 1 in initial BcS rankings

Next weekend, the first set of BcS rankings BcS Projection.PNG

Obviously, the Broncos will take a hit in the computers as the season wears on even if they continue winning, given the fact that their strength of schedule will diminish significantly.  Still, if Boise State is indeed at the top even for just a week or two, it will certainly make for some interesting — and “colorful” — conversations around these parts.

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65 Responses to “Hide the women, children: Boise could be No. 1 in initial BcS rankings”
  1. gameday says: Oct 11, 2010 12:15 PM

    My BCS rankings(which are not biased and exactly how teams should be ranked)
    1. Oregon
    2. Boise St
    3. Oklahoma
    4. Nebraska
    5. Auburn
    6. TCU
    7. Michigan St
    8. Ohio St
    9. S. Carolina
    10. LSU

  2. Sean Martin says: Oct 11, 2010 12:27 PM

    Hide ya kids, hide ya wife.
    In terms of the BCS top 5, Oregon State’s win over Arizona was quietly the biggest game this past weekend besides Alabama going down.
    The Broncos beat the Beavers, the Beavers took down Arizona, Arizona beat Iowa, Iowa is one of the Big Ten’s best teams. While the voters may not pick this up, the computers certainly will.

  3. BIGBRUCE11047 says: Oct 11, 2010 12:49 PM

    Boise St. is a fantastic football team but look at they have played. Ohio St. is the team that should be ranked No. 1 with Boise St. right behind them at No. 2.

  4. mwcarolina says: Oct 11, 2010 12:51 PM

    my BCS rankings are this 1) Ohio State……..2) Boise State…….3) Oregon…….4) Nebraska……..5) Auburn………6) Oklahoma……..7) TCU………8) Michigan State…….9) South Carolina…….10) Alabama.
    reasons why. Ohio State beat Oregon and so did Boise and sadly, unless those two teams (ohio State or Boise) lose, i think Oregon should be 3, Nebraska’s defense is scary and Auburn looks good.

  5. West_the _Best says: Oct 11, 2010 1:02 PM

    No one ever mentions Utah. They gave Iowa State a beating, more points scored on Iowa State’ in its history. If Utah wins out, which will include games with TCU, Air Force, BYU and Notre Dame. It should be given a chance at the title. But no one ever considers them even after they finish #2 in the nation after kicking Alabama in the Sugar Bowl in 2009. They ended up with an undefeated record. But why would that matter? Wait till they start kicking butt in the PAC 12 next year.

  6. RichattheLake says: Oct 11, 2010 1:07 PM

    “Ohio State beat Oregon & so did Boise”
    That was last season, that has nothing to do with this season. Don’t see Ohio State beating Wisc. & Iowa, both on the road.
    The BCS doesn’t want Boise in the title game, if they were to win it invalidates the whole BCS mistique. Here’s hoping Boise gets in & wins the whole thing so we can see this BCS crap imploded.

  7. mr.paul says: Oct 11, 2010 1:08 PM

    Stop Crying everyone…. Boise has been the last underfeated team this last two years……they deserved it……All these major conference JUNK is all about $$$$$$$$$$…..I don’t give a F**k !

  8. Det Lions #26 says: Oct 11, 2010 1:19 PM

    I can say if this is the actual BCS standings next week even after Ohio State goes to Wisc. and if they get the win. Something is seriously wrong with this system. How can an undefeted Ohio State team who played Miami and go to Wisc. and win (I think they will) not be #1?

  9. Travis W says: Oct 11, 2010 1:31 PM

    Oh, God…Alabama got nothing from Ingram, and Richardson, while McElroy struggled. In the meantime, Garcia played his best game ever at SC and Latimore put up almost 100 on the ground with two TD’s. Alabama played poorly, SC played their best game, and gameday commenting on here doesn’t even have Alabama in the top 10? I hate ‘Bama, but they are still one of the 10 best teams in the country.
    Auburn on the other hand, has a very shaky D and lets inferior teams hang with them until the end of the game. That won’t hold up all season.
    The top 10 in no particular order should be Ohio State, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Alabama, Boise State, Oregon, TCU, LSU, South Carolina and Michigan State. Essentially I agree with the projected BCS top 10 except I subsitute SC for Auburn.

  10. lswingly says: Oct 11, 2010 1:36 PM

    It’s so amusing that NOW when the small guy is working the BCS system and the big boys are getting the shaft everyone says that something seriously wrong with the system but not so much when it was the little guy getting the shaft.
    I’m all in on BSU at this point. Bring the house of cards that is the BCS down. Playoff or bust.

  11. BrownsTown says: Oct 11, 2010 1:38 PM

    As a Buckeye fan, I say that last year’s Rose Bowl victory over Oregon should have no bearing on this year. Same with Boise St over Oregon. The past is the past.
    That said, what’s the point about worrying over polls in early October? Talk to me in November.

  12. kupski says: Oct 11, 2010 1:43 PM

    Tis OREGON team is ….is this the SAME team O.S.U bitch slapped in the Rose Bowl? with the lil 5’2 Q.B. ? W.T.F. does Ohio State have to do to get respect here?
    Lemme Guess the deciding B.C.S. vote came from Craig James ? “Mr. Fairness/ I hate everything about the Big Ten”.

  13. BowlChampionshipSucks says: Oct 11, 2010 1:43 PM

    After OSU blew 2 championship games everyone else in the country wants to be a part of the “I HATE Ohio STATE” crowd. The fact is Ohio State, at this point in time, has played better ball against higher quality opponents than Boise State, as has many of the other teams listed below them. Maybe they should go the way of Notre Dame and become a football independent and then we’ll see how good they really are against quality opponents most every week.
    Personally, I’m hoping that Nebraska, Oregon, Ohio State, TCU, Michigan State, and an SEC team all go undefeated just to create the ultimate mess. In the Big Ten alone, if both Ohio State and Michigan State go undefeated, Michigan State gets the automatic bid to the Rose Bowl since Ohio State has the most recent bid. Talk about a meltdown in Columbus.
    As an avid Ohio State fan even I feel that right now the Buckeyes are slightly over-ranked compared to the ball I’ve seen Nebraska play. Michigan State still hasn’t played a real team yet (Muck Fichigan) and Auburn still has a long way to go. If at the end of the season Ohio State is still undefeated and the outcome hasn’t been in doubt past the 1st quarter (great game Illinois), then they deserve to have the same change any other MAJOR program has to play for the title.

  14. edgy1957 says: Oct 11, 2010 1:45 PM

    1. Sean, Iowa’s OWP is .458 and their OOWP is .617. Both combined are bad BUT the OWP is usually weighted more and that is a BIG drag.
    2. mwcarolina , Ohio State beat Oregon? When?
    3. TCU and Utah will end up as the BCS Buster if either wins out. Utah will have a harder road because they will have to make up more ground with Boise than TCU in the HUMAN polls but it can be done. I anticipate TCU bypassing Boise State either week 8 or 9 but UNLV may push them behind them while Boise plays Hawaii, that same week.
    4. Argue all you want but the computers are showing you guys how they view these teams’ competition SO FAR. The ones who dropped as much as they did are being penalized for playing the weaker part of their schedules NOW and back loading them later in the season.
    Last year, Boise State was 4th in the initial BCS standings based on being 5th in the human polls and 5th in the computers. For all the criticism of their schedule, the computers, which take into account that schedule, rated them 5th, 8th, 8th, 6th, 7th, 7th, 6th and 6th in each weekly poll. TCU, behind the strength of their schedule, took over the BCS buster spot after the second BCS poll and eventually, they passed Boise in the human polls two weeks later.

  15. Sean Martin says: Oct 11, 2010 1:45 PM

    There are two things hindering Utah’s progression in the polls:
    a) Lack of national publicity
    b) A very mediocre win over Pittsburgh

  16. real3nough says: Oct 11, 2010 1:56 PM

    “# Det Lions #26 says: How can an undefeted Ohio State team who played Miami and go to Wisc. and win (I think they will) not be #1?”
    Since when did playing one good team and then ‘going to play someone in the future ‘ start counting in rankings? LOL

  17. buckeyeboy says: Oct 11, 2010 2:00 PM

    wow man this would be extremely shocking and would rock the college football world.

  18. emalin says: Oct 11, 2010 2:15 PM

    Don’t overlook the Wolf Pack, and the game on November 26th will make a huge difference in the BCS ratings. As long as the Wolf Pack beat Hawaii this upcoming week and Fresno later in the season then they’re on their way to being undefeated when that Boise game rolls around.
    It will most likely be one of the biggest games of the year, also it’s in Reno. Which will make a huge difference as well. (Just ask Cal.)
    Boise was barely able to beat this Nevada squad last year IN Boise by 1 touchdown. So no overlooking.
    Also, nice illegal turf Boise. NCAA regulations say that all new turf must be natural green color. Your old blue turf was legal because it was put in before the rule was passed. Now that you replaced it, that makes the turf illegal. NICE.

  19. edgy1957 says: Oct 11, 2010 2:18 PM

    BowlChampionshipSucks says:
    The fact is Ohio State, at this point in time, has played better ball against higher quality opponents than Boise State,
    Ohio State (13-19. Take out losses to Ohio State and it’s 13-13):
    Marshall (1-4)
    Miami (FL) (3-2)
    Ohio (3-3)
    Eastern Michigan (0-6)
    Illinois (3-2)
    Indiana (3-2)
    Boise State (13-15. Take out their 5 losses against Boise and it’s 13-10).
    Virginia Tech (4-2)
    Wyoming (2-4)
    Oregon State (3-2)
    New Mexico State (1-4)
    Toledo (3-3)
    Really? Higher quality opponents…..Yeah, right…

  20. TonySC says: Oct 11, 2010 2:25 PM

    Gameday says his picks are “exactly how teams should be ranked”. And he states he’s not biased. I’m pretty sure he’s just joking.
    1. Oregon 2. Boise St 3. Oklahoma
    4. Nebraska 5. Auburn 6. TCU
    7. Michigan St 8. Ohio St 9. S. Carolina 10. LSU
    I’m not an OSU fan, but putting OK, NB, Auburn, TCU, and MSU ahead of them is strange.
    OK–All of their wins have been a TD or less except win over FSU, which is impressive.
    NB– Has had a joke of a schedule so far. #4 ? Gets tougher next few weeks.
    Auburn– wow. Auburn could and probably should have 3 losses. Bizarre win in OT against Clemson. Next week USC qb made too many mistakes and got yanked. Then played lights out against Alabama for the win. Way it goes.
    Looked like a mid tier SEC team in struggling against a mediocre Kentucky. #5 ? Yeah, and Virg Tech deserved to be the preseason #5, right ?
    TCU– joke. Almost any FBS team could have TCU’s record and win margins with their schedule.
    MSU– Huh? You’re excited about their wins over mediocre Mich and less-than-mediocre Notre Dame ? Only 3 pt win over ND.
    THIS IS WHY RANKINGS AS OF OCT 11 are about pointless. But OSU should be #1 and Oregon #2. Or the other way around. The arguments against OSU are silly. Look at the scores. They’ve blown out who they should have blown out, and beaten solidly the 2 better teams–Ill and Miami.

  21. fightingduck says: Oct 11, 2010 2:36 PM

    Late in 3rd quarter, trailing 19-17, Ducks fumbled the ball through the Ohio State end zone. Would have put the Ducks up 24-17. Not to be though. Ohio State was the better team and won 26-17. Those who claim they slapped the ducks are lying. This year’s team is a better team. Ask any Ohio State fan if they should be judged on previous year’s team’s losses. Boise lost to TCU tow years ago, but that didn’t stop them from beating TCU last year. So arguments by Ohio State and Boise about previous year’s records dictating this year’s voting are very ignorant.
    As a Duck, I like the ‘idea’ of Boise being #1, as we need a playoff, and what better way than to have Boise State take a spot away from Ohio State fans who often think they are better than everyone simply because they place “The” in front of their name. In 2002 Ducks were #2 in both polls, but didn’t get opportunity to play for title because iof this screwy system. They beat up Colorado 38-16 in the Fiesta Bowl to stay #2 at end of year.
    Playoffs are of course needed. Go Ducks.

  22. AkDuckFan says: Oct 11, 2010 2:44 PM

    lswingly – It appears to me that folks have been complaining about the BCS since it’s inception, not just since the “Small Guy” has been in the picture. I find it justifiable that you refer to BSU as the “small guy” because they are. Small guy team with an excellent “big guy” record playing in a “small guy” conference.
    The fact is the BCS just doesn’t work and is not fair. It needs to come down to a playoff system in order for “all” to be happy. Let the champion proof it on the field – this would open the door for all the conferences. As i understand it, there are 5 BCS championship games in January with only 1 having any meaning. The winner of the national championship game will be the national champion regardless of what happens in the other games, unless of course it ends in a scoreless tie which, of course, will not happen.
    Sure, I am a Duck fan, and sure, I would love to see them play in the National Championship game, but I feel until the system changes, not everyone will agree with the outcome no matter who is crowned the winner! Go Ducks!

  23. grandavenue says: Oct 11, 2010 2:56 PM

    It’s week 6….
    Seriously so much will change in a week. WHO CARES!!!
    “my team is ranked…” SO WHAT?! WIN and YOU’RE IN!
    Well except for Boise and TCU. Neither of them have a shot. Sorry Edgy, but drinking the koolaid won’t change reality. Boise has a crap schedule, no title game, no in conference opponents worth mentioning other than that powerhouse Nevada.
    1 loss Bama gets in over Boise.

  24. Jim in Texas says: Oct 11, 2010 3:00 PM

    Boise State will never be #1. If everybody else had two loses and BS was undefeated, the East Coast writers would find some excuse to ignore them. This “strength of schedule” argument has some merit ~ until BS faces one of the super powers in a bowl game. They beat Oklahoma in 2006, lost to #11 TCU in 2008 by a single point, and beat #4 TCU by 17 in 2009 ~ the same year they posted lopsided wins over Oregon and Miami. If they go undefeated in 2010 and finish as @2 in the BCS, they will NOT be featured in the championship bowl. Hide and watch.

  25. mumzeeeee says: Oct 11, 2010 3:01 PM

    @fightingduck-What a bitter Oregon fan. You lost, get over it. And the Ducks were slapped-held to 81 yards passing, 260 yards total (Pryor had 266 yards passing), 12 first downs…want me to go on?
    But that’s not the point of this. The only thing that game had bearing on was preseason polls which are crap. The BCS is also crap and doesn’t really matter until November anyway. Everyone can get all excited about Boise State (especially bitter Oregon fans) being #1 because it’s going to change!

  26. 32maniac says: Oct 11, 2010 3:11 PM

    I was just looking at the freshmen class admission result for the class of 2011 at Boise State. They might be considered #1 in football for a few weeks… they are closer to the bottom on avaerage admission scores when compared to NCAA football powerhouses.
    Time for an NCAA investigation…

  27. Upstate_Buckeye says: Oct 11, 2010 3:14 PM

    As a Buckeye fan, I’m fine with a #5 ranking at this point. Sheesh, it’s only October, people!

  28. Sean Martin says: Oct 11, 2010 3:18 PM

    I want to know which coach gave TCU a first-place vote. Gary Patterson is not on the board.

  29. Sean Martin says: Oct 11, 2010 3:20 PM

    I take that back. TCU did not have a first-place vote in the USA Today poll last week, but got one after it beat Wyoming 45-0. The Cowboys’ head coach Dave Christensen is on the board.

  30. Arizona Buckeye says: Oct 11, 2010 3:27 PM

    The BCS will take care of itself as the season plays out. Ohio State will get rewarded based on the strength of their remaining schedule, as will the other teams that deserve to get that bump. The spudlies will get their just reward for playing high school teams all year and get dropped, as they should. While they have been winning the games they very well should by the overwhelming numbers which they should, that gets them rewarded with a BCS game – just not the National Championship Game. They have absolutely no business in that game if the other big BCS schools remain undefeated (or in some cases, one loss).
    GO BUCKEYES – time to devour the cheese-whiz in Wisconsin!!!!

  31. borninhuntsv says: Oct 11, 2010 3:30 PM

    But no one ever considers them [Utah] even after they finish #2 in the nation after kicking Alabama in the Sugar Bowl in 2009.
    Utah finished # 2 in the nation for the 2008 season. What they did for 2008 has NO bearing on what they are doing for 2010.
    Yes, you beat a good Alabama team two years ago. Congratulations. It won’t get you anything this year, though, so no use whining about it.

  32. kobra77 says: Oct 11, 2010 3:32 PM

    “Tis OREGON team is ….is this the SAME team O.S.U bitch slapped in the Rose Bowl? with the lil 5’2 Q.B. ?”
    Ummm….No. The lil 5’2 QB is playing at Ole Miss. Different team…different year…different everything. Kupski, you are confused.

  33. werocku2 says: Oct 11, 2010 3:43 PM

    Boise State and TCU don’t even deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Ohio State, Alabama, Nebraska and Oklahoma.
    These 4 I suggest mention battle hard in the own tough “national” conferences every week.
    Here’s how they truly should be ranked right now, based on strength of schedule and quality of wins.
    #1 Ohio State
    #2 Oregon
    #3 Alabama
    #4 Nebraska
    #5 Boise State
    #6 Oklahoma
    #7 TCU
    #8 Auburn
    #9 LSU
    #10 Arkansas
    #11 South Carolina
    #12 Iowa

  34. goducks says: Oct 11, 2010 3:47 PM

    @ mumzeeeee: you may want to read what fighting duck wrote before going off in such a disrespectful manner. S/He said and I quote, “Ohio State was the better team and won 26-17.” He further went on to support the idea of Boise State being #1 as it supports the play-off system and removal of the BCS. I can’t tell where you went for higher education, but it obviously did not pay off!

  35. kupski says: Oct 11, 2010 4:01 PM

    edgy1957 says:
    You OBVIOUSLY have no cable t.v.
    “2. mwcarolina , Ohio State beat Oregon? When?”
    The Rose Bowl….fool

  36. werocku2 says: Oct 11, 2010 4:04 PM

    I would like us go to a play off system, like the NFL with the 4 top teams in the country. To leave no doubt each yr, who’s really #1.

  37. edgy1957 says: Oct 11, 2010 4:10 PM

    werocku2 says:
    Here’s how they truly should be ranked right now, based on strength of schedule and quality of wins.
    Your Top 12 in order of strength of schedule:
    #1 South Carolina (.792)
    #2 Oklahoma (.739)
    #3 LSU (.704)
    #4 Auburn (.630)
    #5 Alabama (.593)
    #6 Arkansas (.565)
    #6 Boise State (.565)
    #8 TCU (.552)
    #9 Nebraska (.500)
    #9 Ohio State (.500)
    #11 Iowa (.458)
    #12 Oregon (.448)
    So much for strength of schedule and “quality” of wins.

  38. j-daddy says: Oct 11, 2010 4:11 PM

    Boise State has a few things going for it right now. In the next few weeks Oregon State and Virginia Tech will be back in the Top 25, pushing up their strength of schedule. As has already been mentioned, their game against Nevada will be huge, especially since Nevada will be ranked somewhere in the Top 20 by then.
    As for Alabama being more deserving, there’s just no way. If there are two undefeated teams (Boise St or Utah/TCU) they should play each other in the National Title Game. No two ways about it. College Football likes to talk about how “every game counts,” if that’s the case then the undefeateds should play each other in January.
    If Ohio State/Michigan State go undefeated, and Oregon does as well, the Ducks should play the Big Ten school. No question about it, and no one would argue that outcome. Most of us just don’t think that’s going to happen. Ohio State is going to slip up (road games at Iowa and Wisconsin). The Pac-10 is deep and Oregon has some injury issues. The undefeated teams in the SEC still have to play Alabama, there will be losses there.
    If the Alabama’s of the world are so offended by Boise State’s schedule, maybe they should just join the WAC. I’m sure the WAC would be happy to have them. Yeah, they’d have to deal with a lot less money, but still, then they could shut up and move on with their lives.
    1. Oregon
    2. Boise State
    3. TCU
    4. Nebraska
    5. Ohio State

  39. edgy1957 says: Oct 11, 2010 4:16 PM

    kupski says:
    edgy1957 says:
    First of all, don’t call me a fool when you obviously believe that a person would need cable to see the Rose Bowl, which was on ABC, which is a FREE OVER THE AIR CHANNEL. How does it feel to be schooled by a fool, moron?
    Second, as everyone HERE but you knows, that had NOTHING to do with THIS year. Ohio State and Boise State have NOT played Oregon THIS year and if you want to be a smart ass and go back to the Rose Bowl: that was this year but Boise played Oregon LAST year. You lose both ways.

  40. crazyguy says: Oct 11, 2010 4:24 PM

    Nebraska is too high. Love them but the offense has a lot of growing up to do. Let’s see after TX this week. Defense is scary-good.

  41. frank booth says: Oct 11, 2010 4:49 PM

    West_the _Best says:
    No one ever mentions Utah. They gave Iowa State a beating, more points scored on Iowa State’ in its history. If Utah wins out, which will include games with TCU, Air Force, BYU and Notre Dame. It should be given a chance at the title. But no one ever considers them even after they finish #2 in the nation after kicking Alabama in the Sugar Bowl in 2009. They ended up with an undefeated record. But why would that matter? Wait till they start kicking butt in the PAC 12 next year.
    Utah doesn’t get mentioned becaues they have beaten one team with a winning record (Iowa State, 3-2), have won their games against teams with a combined 7-22 record, and play an easy schedule. They shouldn’t be in the Top 25. Jeff Sagarin shows that they have played the 136 toughest schedule in the nation. There are only 3 teams in the Top 60 that have played easier schedules.
    BYU is horrible and Notre Dame has a .500 record. Beating them is no great shakes. Air Force has beaten no one of consequence. TCU is well overrated, as they play a cupcake schedule.

  42. Deb says: Oct 11, 2010 4:54 PM

    @grandavenue … Thanks for injecting some sanity into this thread.
    I enjoy NCAA football, but the realization that it’s run by lunatics takes some of the fun out of it. Goodell and co. may be facist stormtroopers, but they’re relatively sane, and I know exactly where my team stands and why.
    All that matters is how these rankings look in December.
    ROLL TIDE!!!

  43. werocku2 says: Oct 11, 2010 5:00 PM

    @ edgy1957: How are you coming up with these calculations?
    I like that you moved LSU and South Carolina up the chain, though.
    However, even I were to re-rank them and put a little more emphasis on strength of schedule I would still have it as follows:
    #1 Ohio State
    #2 Oregon
    #3 Alabama
    #4 Nebraska
    #5 LSU
    #6 Oklahoma
    #7 Auburn
    #8 Arkansas
    #9 South Carolina
    #10 Michigan State
    #11 Iowa
    #12 Florida
    Bye,bye Boise State and TCU. Who have the played this year…or who will they play worth a top 12 comparison? Forget about last year, I’m talking …right here and right now.

  44. ShaKey says: Oct 11, 2010 5:08 PM

    Jim in Texas says:
    October 11, 2010 3:00 PM ET
    …If they go undefeated in 2010 and finish as @2 in the BCS, they will NOT be featured in the championship bowl.”

    I understand what you’re trying to say, but by contract, the BCS Championship Game has to feature the BCS #1 and #2. Just as, by contract, the final Coaches Poll has to mirror the BCS #1 and #2.

  45. edgy1957 says: Oct 11, 2010 5:37 PM

    It’s based simply on the records of the teams that they had played BUT if you want get technical, here is the strength of schedule that I compute, based on opponents and opponent’s record and how that ranks in FBS (I’m going to add in the suddenly omitted TCU and Boise State:
    #1 South Carolina (.629) (7th)
    #2 Alabama (.614) (14th)
    #3 LSU (.613) (15th)
    #4 Boise State (.601) (23rd)
    #5 Florida (.584) (29th)
    #6 Oklahoma (.581) (33rd)
    #7 TCU (.556) (50th)
    #8 Arkansas (.549) (56th)
    #9 Auburn (.547) (58th)
    #10 Iowa (.545) (59th)
    #11 Michigan State (.531) (71st)
    #12 Oregon (.511) (87th)
    #13 Nebraska (.495) (93rd)
    #14 Ohio State (.476) (99th)
    I think that it’s hilarious that given proof that their schedules are better than you claim that you drop Boise State and TCU from your Top 12 and elevate Michigan State and Florida, who couldn’t even make your first cut.

  46. edgy1957 says: Oct 11, 2010 5:39 PM

    werocku2 says: October 11, 2010 5:00 PM ET
    PICK UP A SCHEDULE and LOOK at it. You’ve obviously fantasized about Ohio State playing some great schedule. Outside of Miami, it’s A JOKE.

  47. edgy1957 says: Oct 11, 2010 5:48 PM

    # frank booth says:
    BYU is horrible and Notre Dame has a .500 record. Beating them is no great shakes. Air Force has
    You’re talking NOW but not later. BYU, ND and Air Force all have a chance to be above .500 (AF is a given) and be positives on their schedule. Eastern Michigan will NOT be a positive for Ohio State and neither will Ohio, Indiana and Illinois and there’s a good chance that Marshall and Miami fade and hurt them as well. I have to wonder if they do fade if Buckeye fans will continue to point to Miami as a #12 team when they played while ignoring that Virginia Tech was #10 and Oregon State was #24 when they played Boise State.

  48. West_the _Best says: Oct 11, 2010 8:10 PM

    @@Frank Booth says:
    “Utah doesn’t get mentioned becaues they have beaten one team with a winning record (Iowa State, 3-2), have won their games against teams with a combined 7-22 record, and play an easy schedule. They shouldn’t be in the Top 25.”
    The MWC has weak teams in its lower tier, no question about that, but it currently has three teams in the top 25. I don’t know how you say Utah shouldn’t be in the top 25, this just shows your BCS bias. Teams should be judged and ranked by the quality of their team not by the conference that they are stuck in. Boise has beaten everyone that it has played for the last two plus years. It is difficult for them to schedule quality opponents, who wants to play them. This whole conversation about who should be ranked where only matters because the rankings determine who gets the opportunity to play for a national champoinship. This conversation would be moot if there were a playoff system. The whole mess screams for a playoff system. If the BCS university presidents will not agree to it then the Federal Trade Commission and the Justice Dept. should apply our Anti-Trust laws and bust this Oliopoly.

  49. tj99 says: Oct 11, 2010 10:15 PM

    Oh God. You should probably go hang out on that campus for a few weeks in order to understand who those students are before you start pitching a fit about admissions scores. There are no community colleges in Boise. It’s BSU or it’s nothing so yes, the admissions are going to be low because if BSU doesn’t let you in, you’re not going to be able to go on to college after high school if you live in Southern Idaho. Period.
    Stop being an elitist jerk.

  50. Extremist Moderate says: Oct 12, 2010 5:52 AM

    Yeah, as a Boise State alum, I can confirm that when I went there at least (10yrs ago), its enrollment had a very significant number of so-called “non-traditional” students. These non-trads include working moms, people with regular jobs taking full-time semesters during the evenings, and many older citizens who haven’t stepped into a classroom for decades. Any of these situations is likely to mean a generally smart person is still going to do poorly on standardized admissions exams compared to kids straight out of high school, or transferring from a community college.
    In terms of age and varied life experiences, I think Boise State should be considered as having one of the most diverse student bodies in the nation. And while BSU still has an abundance of the “traditional” students, the presence of alot of mature adults in classrooms does seem to contribute toward focusing on the real purpose of college: learning. Although there is still the horseplay and drunken parties so prevalent at other schools, its much less of a distraction on campus. Actually, since most BSU students commute to school, rather than live on campus…its actually nice a peaceful on weekends, except around the few dorms and fraternities.
    It was quick the transition for me, when I went to Iowa State for grad school. I’d sort of noticed it when visiting other universities, but it really sank in after I’d been here for a while. ISU is all youngsters out of high school, most of whom are from Iowa. There’s more diversity at the graduate level, but that’s mainly due to the large number of Chinese and Indian grads $ postdocs. From an age standpoint, I was 29 when I arrived at Iowa State, and felt much more self-conscious over the age-gap with the other students than I ever did as an undergraduate at BSU.
    Plus of course, there is just a lot more fun things to do in the Boise area than in little ‘ol Ames, IA. Even if you factor in that Des Moines is only 30 minutes drive. Hell, it was a 19 minute drive from my last class of the day at BSU to hit the slopes at Bogus Basin Ski Resort….
    Go Broncos! And run your schedules OreState & VaTech…you don’t suck nearly as bad as your fairweather fans from the BCS like to say! Oh, and go Wolfpack….until you meet up w/Boise State that is. ☺

  51. orvelle says: Oct 12, 2010 6:35 AM

    here is where it is at forget the stupid BCS. Trow it out the window. Lets be far to the hole nation and take the top 8 teams in the nation and play it off.Been saying that for years.Saying im the champion each year for years is a joke.Im a Oregon Duck all my life but i would reather win the championship fear then to beat one team and call use champion.

  52. Ben Kercheval says: Oct 12, 2010 9:58 AM

    I don’t know what you all are talking about. The BCS has, is and always will be the greatest thing for college football.

  53. kupski says: Oct 12, 2010 11:05 AM

    edgy1957 says: EXCUSE ME SIR….
    But Oregon has not played Ohio State this year either so your argument is null.

  54. Arizona Buckeye says: Oct 12, 2010 11:34 AM

    Technically Ohio State did play Oregon this year – January 1, 2010 – Just saying.
    As for the BCS – the only problem with it is based in the fact that there is human input into the system. If you take out the human input, a.k.a. bias, improve the formula and calculations (add in more criteria), you would have a true unbiased system. Obviously that will never happen again but it is worth stating.
    I love how this argument happens every single year, regardless of the situation. When it was only humans that voted, the college community was continuously raging about how badly human bias played into who was crowned the National Championship. Hence, the BCS was created and a new rage against the system was born. I hate to tell you, but a playoff system will only spawn a new, larger generation of complaints and outrage.

  55. edgy1957 says: Oct 12, 2010 11:52 AM

    # kupski says:
    edgy1957 says: EXCUSE ME SIR….
    They played on January 1st, 2010, which is — wait for it – THIS YEAR. They haven’t played THIS SEASON but they have MOST CERTAINLY played THIS YEAR. NEXT……..

  56. kimo2264 says: Oct 12, 2010 12:03 PM

    Why do BCS fans have a hard time realizing Boise State IS the BEST TEAM IN THE COUNTRY.
    I think they don not like losing control of the system they created.
    They argue Boise’s schedule is too soft.
    Now the BCS conference Boyz are arguing their own schedules are too difficult.
    Which is it?
    Boise State may go undefeated and if they do will be 26-0 for the last TWO seasons and 38-1 for last THREE seasons. How does 53-4 in the last 4 years plus sound?
    Please stop to appreciate their excellence.

    Kellen Moore may be most best QB in the country and rarely makes mistakes. (The dude studies game films in his spare time…)

    Coach Peterson has a record of 53-4 and may soon be considered the best coach in the country.

    The Broncos defense is fast and talented and their offense is totally balanced and just plain scary.
    They have beaten Oregon twice in recent years.
    The Broncos are 5-0 vs BCS ranked teams in recent years. 

    When Oregon State beats the DUCKS ( and they will my friends) for the PAC 10 Title in the Civil War and Virginia Tech wins the ACC conference (playing lights out now) then everyone will be on Boise’s BAND WAGON.

    Get ready BCS Boyz, you are going down this year in Flames!!!

    Or should I say trampled by Broncos …?
    No way Boise plays for the National Championship?
    Think again.
    If Boise State goes undefeated they will be 26-0 for the last two seasons and 38-1 (the lone loss to tCU by 1 point in the Poinsettia Bowl) for the last three seasons.
    Now add in the possibility that Virginia Tech may win the ACC and Oregon State may win the PAC 10.
    If VT and OS win their BCS conferences where then would you place an undefeated in two years Boise State that has already defeated those two teams?

  57. Dan The Beagle says: Oct 12, 2010 12:10 PM

    Ohio St. plays 5 ranked teams this year, how is that a joke?
    Of the Teams that are undefeated they have had the toughest schedule.
    Boise beating tech was meaningless.

  58. edgy1957 says: Oct 12, 2010 12:58 PM

    Dan The Beagle says: October 12, 2010 12:10 PM ET
    Ohio St. plays 5 ranked teams this year, how is that a joke?
    First of all, who are these mythical 5 ranked teams? According to ESPN, there are only 3, Miami (FL), who has dropped out since the game, Wisconsin and Iowa but if you go to USA Today’s poll then it’s 4, the aforementioned teams plus Michigan. Now, it could be that you’re under the mistaken impression that Michigan State is the 5th but they’re NOT going to play this year. If you’re talking Penn State, they are NOT ranking NOW and they’re NOT going to be ranked when they play Ohio State.
    That being said, there’s a very REAL chance that Michigan isn’t in the Top 25 when they play and that’s what matters, right?
    Also, HAVE played is far different from WILL play.
    The toughest schedule? Who told you that, the Buckeye fairy? They’ve had what has been rated the 100+ schedule by most computer services (Sagarin, for example, rates it 117th). The teams that they’ve played so far are 13-19. Their SOS is .476, which is 99th among the 120 BCS schools.

  59. edgy1957 says: Oct 12, 2010 12:59 PM

    kimo2264 says:
    Why do BCS fans have a hard time realizing Boise State IS the BEST TEAM IN THE COUNTRY.
    I agree that they should be in the mix but it’s crazy to say that they’re the best. They’re not even the best BCS Buster, which is TCU.

  60. 91764brown says: Oct 12, 2010 2:58 PM

    In a way Boise should be #1,but they need to play a few more big boys.Ohio state is maybe a # 3 UNTIL WE SEE THEM PLAY A FEW MORE RANK it gos for TCU,teams that want to be on the top need to play the best.Not blowing out little schools,like 70-7 scores.Really does that make them feel like real men.I’m a SEC fan, but to me OREgon is the best so far.The best way to really show who the best is a top ten play off.Play till the last man standing.Ever sport, college and pro has it.Its the only fair thing if you get the damn money out of these old bowl crap.way past the time to retire the bowl games.And I can wish for pease and a honest congressman too.

  61. kupski says: Oct 12, 2010 6:02 PM

    Dan…. Edgy is p Sore ….he is worshipping his Big West team…..they will never get the bcs championship bid

  62. Hovenaut says: Oct 13, 2010 3:48 PM

    Doubt the founders of college football had applied mathematics in mind when it came to finding out the better team. Need to settle it on the field…..(cue the Jim Mora soundbyte)…….playoffs.
    Until then, there’s plenty of football left to be played – and we’ll still see some controversy somewhere.

  63. thepolesposition says: Oct 13, 2010 7:17 PM

    This is probably the most honest assessment you can get from a Buckeye fan: though I think OSU belongs on the short list discussion as one of the best teams in the country, I don’t think any team inherently deserves the top spot right now. This entitlement from some Buckeye fans stems from a gift in the preseason poll which was based on nothing but pure speculation. I have written on this further. If interested, check out the article at:

  64. Arizona Buckeye says: Oct 14, 2010 3:13 PM

    What cracks me up about all of this is the constant whining and complaining that goes on around the college ranking systems. As the fans rabidly burp out opinion after opinion after opinion, the coaches game plan and the players execute. They win/lose and go on to the next game without worrying or caring about the polls. Why? Because they know that it will take care of itself each and every year. The losers drop and the winners rise – really quite simple.
    For all of those who bag on OSU and their SOS – let me provide you the entire year’s worth of flem to drool out:
    Miami was ranked 12 – before the game, they were going to crush OSU (insert revenge factor, faster, etc., etc). After OSU dispatched them – the Miami was overrated argument dominates.
    OSU vs. Illinois – Illini note rated, OSU struggles but takes care of business. Flood of OSU overrated comes pouring in because Illini suck and we should have crushed them. Failed to mention a 30 – 35 mph wind all game and after Illini whip PSU – PSU overrated.
    OSU vs. Indiana – everybody puts us on upset alert because the Hoosier daddies took Michigan (everybody’s darling team this year) down to the last few minutes). OSU crushes Hoosiers and in comes the flood of Michigan overrated, especially after thumping by MSU.
    OSU vs. Wisc currently 18th – OSU can’t win this game because Wisc is too tough, its a night game, and its in Wisc. After OSU dispatches them – the flood of Wisc was overrated will come pouring in.
    OSU vs Purdue (not rated) – They actually do really suck and if we struggle against them and/or lose again, well, I got nothing and we deserve to be punted out of the top 15.
    OSU vs. Minnesota – Same thing as Purdue.
    OSU vs. Bye – whoever is the darling team at the time should catapult over an idle OSU because, well, we didn’t play and therefore should be dropped.
    OSU vs. Penn State – Regardless of the fact that PSU still has the athletes to beat OSU, any struggle against them this year immediately qualifies OSU as overrated and should be kicked out of the top 10. If we crush PSU, then, PSU is woefully overrated.
    OSU vs. Iowa (ranked ?? – too lazy to look) – We struggle in Iowa, then we are indeed overrated and should be dropped out of the top 10. If we beat them, then Iowa was indeed overrated.
    OSU vs. Michigan (unranked again): Struggle against them and we’re overrated – beat them and they are indeed overrated.
    There, that should pretty much take care of everybody’s arguments.
    GO BUCKEYES – time to devour some Badgers and cheese-wiz

  65. Arizona Buckeye says: Oct 14, 2010 3:17 PM

    I’m sorry, I forgot one in my last post:
    OSU didn’t play MSU which is by far the best team in the conference and therefore tarnishes OSU’s 7th straight Big Ten Championship.

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