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Cougar employee one of three suspended for botched BYU-SDSU replay

Earlier this week, three replay booth officials that worked the BYU-San Diego State contest this past weekend were suspended for a game for failing to overturn an obvious fumble by the Cougars.

The play in question: after a Cougar running back appeared to cough up the ball — which was recovered by SDSU — yet was ruled down by contact, SDSU coach Brady Hoke challenged the ruling on the field, sending the play to the replay booth for review.

This was kind of a critical juncture in the game for both teams; at the time of the late third-quarter “fumble”, the Aztecs were trailing 17-14.  Upon further review, BYU maintained possession and scored a touchdown on the same drive, going up 24-14 and ultimately holding on for a 24-21 win.

But that sequence of events never should’ve happened based on what a normal human being with a functioning set of eye balls can clearly see on the tape.  The disputed call starts at the 1:43 mark of the video below, and would seemingly be an angle that was at the booth’s disposal:

Inexplicably, the booth confirmed the ruling on the field, which ultimately led to the suspension trifecta.  And plenty of questions regarding the affiliation/loyalty of one of the three people in the booth.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, one of the three suspended individuals is BYU video coordinator Chad Bunn.  That’s correct.  One of the people in the booth, carrying a title of Mountain West technical advisor for the game, is an employee of one of the schools involved in the controversial non-call.

We’re not throwing stones or accusations or anything here, but something sure appears to be amiss, even if it’s simply a perception of something shady.  Or, as Hoke said when informed that a BYU employee was involved, “I wouldn’t think that would be appropriate.”

Yeah, we wouldn’t think that would be appropriate either, coach.

(Tip O’ the Cap: The Wiz)

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8 Responses to “Cougar employee one of three suspended for botched BYU-SDSU replay”
  1. mgmac says: Oct 14, 2010 3:03 PM

    cheatin’ cult member

  2. jdub11 says: Oct 14, 2010 4:16 PM

    If you’re going to play “coulda-woulda-shoulda”, you probably ought to be honest and include all the facts. As the live action clearly shows, the whistle blew the play dead when the ball was on the ground. Who had possession when the ball was blown? Di Luigi, the BYU player had the ball trapped against his leg. So, was it down and dead? Or does the ball belong to SDSU because the SDSU player grabbed the ball AFTER the whistle was blown?
    Next, watch the replay–di Luigi was facemasked not once, but twice in that play. Now, facemask penalties are not reviewable, of course. But, if we’re looking at that play to be upset about a blown call, shouldn’t the TWO face mask no-calls also be something to gripe about? If those HAD been called by the on-field official, the fumble would be a moot point.
    Now, the video coordinator, as far as I understand, is the guy that queues up the video. He is not an official, nor does he make the judgment call on the play. Why on earth was he suspended? If you’re looking to throw stones, perhaps you should ask the MWC why the guy who queues the video is implicated at all.
    Last, since you either ignored or missed it, the SDSU possession just prior to this BYU possession also had a fumble. The replay also showed that it was a fumble, it remained in bounds, and it was recovered by BYU. The on-field call was “out of bounds”, ball to SDSU. BYU challenged, but the call stood.
    It goes both ways, and ignoring some calls while focusing on others just shows you’re more interested in homerism than honesty.

  3. frank booth says: Oct 14, 2010 9:23 PM

    The question is whether or not a fumble occurred on this play- and it did. The SDSU player, if you want to watch, is actually the one who has the ball pinned against DiLiugi’s leg, and you can clearly see DiLuigi’s hand on top of the SDSU player’s hand, as DiLuigi is clearly not pinning nor ever did pin the ball to his leg.
    It is hard to tell whether the SDSU player player picked the ball up before, after, or right at the whistle.
    I didn’t see nor hear about the alleged fumble that occurred prior to the SDSU possession, but based upon the way your eyes worked on the above-mentioned fumble, you would be very hard to trust.
    I’m sure that there were close calls on both sides during the game, but you seem to have a need to only conveniently mention the ones that hurt BYU in an attempt to obfuscate the issue with the fumble and the conflict of interest of having a BYU staffer involved anywhere close to the replay booth.
    It’s quite apparent that you are more interested in homerism than honesty.

  4. HuskerAztec says: Oct 15, 2010 2:04 PM

    “Now, the video coordinator, as far as I understand, is the guy that queues up the video. He is not an official, nor does he make the judgment call on the play. Why on earth was he suspended?”
    I believe it was stated that the replay officials did not see the replay that showed it was an obvious fumble. So this BYU employee does not cue up all the available footage for the replay officials to view. That is why he was suspended and should make a public apology. He dishonored College football, BYU, his family, and himself by cheating.
    BYU fans should be embarrassed by his actions.

  5. frank booth says: Oct 15, 2010 3:26 PM

    His family is very upset with the video coordinator, including 4 of his 5 wives and all 12 kids.

  6. c says: Oct 16, 2010 1:27 PM

    What is amiss the basic premise that the review official made the wrong call….
    The official ruled the BYU player did not fumble. Coach Hoke challenged the ruling on the field that the BYU player did fumble. Well, it’s pretty clear from the replay that there was fumble. Now, according to Article 10.2 of the NCAA rules, the reviewer must have evidence ‘beyond all doubt’ that the Aztecs recovered the fumble. Unfortunately this is where this flimsy story falls apart.
    If you watch the normal speed replay with the audio turned up, you will hear the whistle blow before the Aztec player gains clear possession of the ball. According to rule 4.2.b, when there is an inadvertent whistle the ball is dead…and when this occurs during a fumble, the ball goes back to the team who had possession.
    I think the MWC has a bad case of “jilted lover” syndrome against BYU.

  7. mrc says: Oct 23, 2010 9:15 PM

    Durin the SDSU possesion that you are referring to prior to this BYU possesion. The question was not whether he fumbled the ball, it was whether he was out of bounds or not. Obviously he must of been out of bounds, being that, that call is not up for questioning and this one is.
    I’m guessing you’re a student at BYU.??
    Hummm, figures.!
    I mean, I guess you guys needed something to boost the teams confidence, being that they were 1-4 going into this game.
    But the fact that you would accept a dishonorable win rather than an honorable loss.??
    Tisk tisk, the character of some people now a days.

  8. Poinsettia Bowl/Holiday Bowl - City-Data Forum says: Dec 19, 2012 11:00 PM

    […] My anger is from a more recent game. Cougar employee one of three suspended for botched BYU-SDSU replay | CollegeFootballTalk […]

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