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Kansas Jayhawk massacre = hot seat for Gill

Sure, it’s only his first year, but Kansas coach Turner Gill is already causing some second-guessing in and around the greater Lawrence area.

Mainly, a 2-4 record and a helluva thrashing by in-state rival Kansas State (who turned the corner on their own thrashing a week ago at the hands of almighty Nebraska) Thursday night has given the Rock Chalk faithful a reason to sweat.

The 59-7 debacle is just the latest installment to a rough first year for Gill, who has already recorded losses to Southern Miss (ROFL), North Dakota State (ROFLCOPTER!!1!!1) and Baylor (meh).

The Jayhawks continue to be awful on defense and lack consistency in, well, just about everything else. Gill’s offense put up decent yardage, but a lethal combination of turnovers and penalties kept the Jayhawks from producing on the scoreboard.

With an Orange Bowl victory over Virginia Tech in 2008, success is not a distant memory for Kansas, who will certainly expect more from their now toasty-seated head coach.

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13 Responses to “Kansas Jayhawk massacre = hot seat for Gill”
  1. burntorangehorn says: Oct 15, 2010 12:10 AM

    It wasn’t smart to fire Mangino. I’m pretty sure Mangino had a pretty rough start at KU as well, though, and Gill’s style of coaching differs greatly from Mangino’s, so it’s no surprise there are lots of growing pains happening there.
    I really doubt Gill’s job is in serious jeopardy right now. We’re talking about KU, not USC.

  2. bubba67801 says: Oct 15, 2010 3:33 AM

    At least there is no cussing going on in the KU locker room or sidelines. Unfortunately, the cussing is now rampant in the stands when the fans actually stay for the game….

  3. Buckster222 says: Oct 15, 2010 10:08 AM

    I don’t condone Mangino’s coaching style, but I totally understand it and I don’t think he should’ve been fired. No way on earth should Gills job be in jeopardy! For God’s sakes, he’s at Kansas! I will say, he needs to start recruiting a lot of J.C players and a good chunk of “At Risk Academic” high school kids! If he does that, the man football fortunes will turn to “GOLD”! It’s all about the money and the “W’s”!

  4. BC says: Oct 15, 2010 10:31 AM

    So Nebraska beats KSU by like 50. Then KSU beats Kansas by 52.
    When does Nebraska play Kansas? I’ll have my TiVo ready.

  5. Lucky5927 says: Oct 15, 2010 10:35 AM

    Gill came into a mess and its going to take time for him to turn it around.

  6. edgy1957 says: Oct 15, 2010 10:42 AM

    Kansas was a terrible team and it’s best talent was ready to bolt, either through graduation or early entry into the NFL draft. Anyone who believes that a team that lost its last 7 games AND all that talent was going to be decent this year needs to have their head examined. I would have honestly been surprised to see them win 5 games again and 2-10 isn’t out of the question. I think the people should have a handle on the Jayhawks NOW and it may be pretty depressing for the rest of the year. The key for the future is if Gill can keep Snyder from stealing away the best talent in the state because they’re going to need a lot of help sooner than later.

  7. fatediesel says: Oct 15, 2010 11:31 AM

    For there to be any talk about Gill on the hot seat is ludicrous. No coach should be on the hot seat after 1 year, but especially in a situation like Kansas. He came to a 5 win team that lost it’s quarterback and top 2 receivers and many of their best players. This is definitely a 3-year rebuilding process at least. In addition, this is Kansas, not a school like Michigan with a rich tradition. Kansas needs to get over their fluke BCS berth from a couple years ago and realize they are at best a middle of the pack team and will need time to rebuild. I don’t think Mangino should have been fired but that’s done and now Gill needs time without hot seat talk which is going to hurt his recruiting.

  8. hrmlss says: Oct 15, 2010 11:40 AM

    It’s one season! I remember the first couple years people were calling for Ferentz’s head at Iowa. Look how that has worked out for us! Patience people. He turned around BUFFALO!

  9. interested says: Oct 15, 2010 11:59 AM

    I am a Turner Gill fan. With that said, this start is unacceptable. You can say what you want about talent but a BCS school should not lose to a school with 22 less scholarships to start with. As far as wining the in state battle for talent, there isn’t enough talent in the whole state to personnel one team much less two. I just hope they are on the road recruiting when the opportunity presents itself.

  10. shea801 says: Oct 15, 2010 12:26 PM

    Seriously? Its not even the first full season! Every coach has pains in the first year regardless of talent, save maybe two or three programs. Kansas has talent and Mangino probably could have done better than Gill, but that’s only because they understood the coach and the system. Gill is bringing in his own style and system. There is/has been a learning curve. Jesus, Kansas, give the guy some time.
    Like hrmlss said, HE TURNED AROUND BUFFALO!!! For God’s sake! The man is a genius just for that!

  11. ksgator says: Oct 15, 2010 12:28 PM

    Typical KU fans…want immediate results. Turner is a good coach, but he is at KU. He’ll need plenty of time to polish that turd. They have a poor football program, and Mangino was the best thing for them. Of course, players whine about being yelled at and destroy their chance at doing something long term. Poor little fellas.

  12. edgy1957 says: Oct 15, 2010 1:34 PM

    interested says:
    talent but a BCS school should not lose to a school with 22 less scholarships to start with.
    Michigan did and it was a team that went 9-4 and Lloyd Carr was the head coach. Let’s not forget that “BCS” teams were being taken down years ago by teams that had a lot bigger gap than 22 scholarships. Heck, in FCS, the Ivy League schools are taking down other FCS schools and they have 63 fewer scholarships to work with. :)

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