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Full text of NCAA release on Cam Newton’s eligibility


(Here’s the NCAA’s statement on the eligibility of Auburn quarterback Cam Newton.)

Auburn University football student-athlete Cam Newton is immediately eligible to compete, according to a decision today by the NCAA student-athlete reinstatement staff. The NCAA concluded on Monday that a violation of amateurism rules occurred, therefore Auburn University declared the student-athlete ineligible yesterday for violations of NCAA amateurism rules.

When a school discovers an NCAA rules violation has occurred, it must declare the student-athlete ineligible and may request the student-athlete’s eligibility be reinstated. Reinstatement decisions are made by the NCAA national office staff and can include conditions such as withholding from competition and repayment of extra benefits. Newton was reinstated without any conditions.

According to facts of the case agreed upon by Auburn University and the NCAA enforcement staff, the student-athlete’s father and an owner of a scouting service worked together to actively market the student-athlete as a part of a pay-for-play scenario in return for Newton’s commitment to attend college and play football. NCAA rules (Bylaw 12.3.3) do not allow individuals or entities to represent a prospective student-athlete for compensation to a school for an athletic scholarship.

In conjunction with the case, Auburn University has limited the access Newton’s father has to the athletics program and Mississippi State has disassociated the involved individual.

“The conduct of Cam Newton’s father and the involved individual is unacceptable and has no place in the SEC or in intercollegiate athletics,” said Mike Slive, Southeastern Conference Commissioner. “The actions taken by Auburn University and Mississippi State University make it clear this behavior will not be tolerated in the SEC.”

“Our members have established rules for a fair and equal recruitment of student-athletes, as well as to promote integrity in the recruiting process,” said Kevin Lennon, NCAA vice president for academic and membership affairs. “In determining how a violation impacts a student-athlete’s eligibility, we must consider the young person’s responsibility. Based on the information available to the reinstatement staff at this time, we do not have sufficient evidence that Cam Newton or anyone from Auburn was aware of this activity, which led to his reinstatement. From a student-athlete reinstatement perspective, Auburn University met its obligation under NCAA bylaw 14.11.1. Under this threshold, the student-athlete has not participated while ineligible.”

“We are pleased that the NCAA has agreed with our position that Cam Newton has been and continues to be eligible to play football at Auburn University,” Auburn University Director of Athletics Jay Jacobs said.  “We appreciate the diligence and professionalism of the NCAA and its handling of this matter. “

During the reinstatement process, NCAA staff review each case on its own merits based on the specific facts. Staff decisions are made based on a number of factors including guidelines established by the Division I NCAA Committee on Student-Athlete Reinstatement, as well as any mitigating factors presented by the university.

Reinstatement decisions are independent of the NCAA enforcement process and typically are made once the facts of the student-athlete’s involvement are determined. The reinstatement process is likely to conclude prior to the close of an investigation. It is NCAA policy not to comment on current, pending or potential investigations.

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9 Responses to “Full text of NCAA release on Cam Newton’s eligibility”
  1. bernieboy79 says: Dec 1, 2010 1:54 PM

    Gene just Chizik-ed in his pants.

  2. jaggedmark says: Dec 1, 2010 3:01 PM

    So as long as our kids don’t know, we can’t pimp them without fear of repercussions toward them?


  3. jbq2 says: Dec 1, 2010 3:22 PM

    There is an active FBI investigation in this regard. A booster has already been arrested. The Cam Newton issue is “small fry” over what is being investigated in regard to a trustee and a failed bank worth 25 billion dollars.

  4. thompgk says: Dec 1, 2010 6:38 PM

    “There is an active FBI investigation in this regard. A booster has already been arrested. The Cam Newton issue is “small fry” over what is being investigated in regard to a trustee and a failed bank worth 25 billion dollars.”

    LOL this is why we laugh at Bama fans

  5. Walk says: Dec 2, 2010 2:38 AM

    Ok let me see if i got this right. Auburn declared cam ineligible, informed the ncaa and took steps to rectify the situation. Namely Auburn University has limited the access Newton’s father has to the athletics program. They the petitioned to reinstate cam as steps had been taken to deal with the issue and they had no direct evidence cam was involved. I can accept that. But this is the proverbial slippery slope. It is literally saying as long as the student does not know it is ok to solicit benefits as long as the student athlete does not know. I understand that there is still a federal investigation of which i am unfortunately ignorant of the details, but if an example is not set here one will have to be set soon and i know none of us want to have our favorite school or conference bear the brunt of the example being set for this type of behavior.

  6. contract says: Dec 2, 2010 2:49 AM

    “Newton was reinstated without any conditions.”

    Translation: ESPN dropped a ton of coin for its BCS coverage, and it doesn’t want TCU in the national championship game.

  7. mpmorrow says: Dec 2, 2010 8:06 AM

    I guess it’s ok for dad to solicite $ for his kid as long as his kid says ‘I don’t know anything about this.’??????? Come on!!!! Who you trying to kid?

  8. sprtman says: Jan 30, 2011 11:58 AM

    Thier all in it – the SEC office, Auburn, boosters, coaches, the AD, Cam and his MOmma and Daddy. Hope everyone goes to prison.

  9. kozbee says: Aug 28, 2012 11:22 AM

    And in the end most wanted to see the death come to Auburn,well to bad to hurt those feelings to those that hated.Cam wins it all and goes as #1 pick in the draft.Suck it up losers you were all wrong lol.

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