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Report: Minnesota hires Northern Illinois’ Jerry Kill

Jerry Kill

One of the most publicized and arduous coaching searches (at least reported on here, anyway) in college football has come to an end.

Well, so it would appear.

Minnesota hasn’t made it official yet, but sources close to Gophers have reported that Northern Illinois coach Jerry Kill will be named the team’s next head coach as of tomorrow. Not to be outdone in the fast-paced world of breaking news, ESPN’s Joe Schad has also chimed in that his own sources had confirmed the change.

According to the report from, Kill will fly to Minneapolis tonight and officially be introduced by UM athletic director Joel Maturi.

Since firing Tim Brewster in October, Minnesota has seemingly spanned the entire U.S. searching for their next coach, leaving no stone unturned. Everyone from San Diego State’s Brady Hoke, to Navy’s Ken Niumatalolo has, at least briefly, been linked to being a finalist for the position. There were also rumors/pipe dreams that either Chris Petersen, Mike Leach, Phillip Fulmer or Randy Shannon could potentially find their way to the Twin Cities, although we’re not sure why anyone exactly wanted Shannon to begin with.

Kill led Northern Illinois to a 10-3 regular season record (with one of those wins coming over Minnesota), before falling to Miami University in Friday night’s MAC Championship.

UPDATED 12:30 a.m ET: Confirmed Kill (see what we did there?): Minnesota AD confirms Jerry Kill as new head coach.

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11 Responses to “Report: Minnesota hires Northern Illinois’ Jerry Kill”
  1. yourwhathurts says: Dec 5, 2010 8:48 PM

    Joe Maturi has officially “KILL”ed the Gophers football program. Way to go Joe, can you please clean out your office and leave the University now!!! We are paying you 350K for this!

  2. edgy says: Dec 5, 2010 10:03 PM

    Yeah, did you ever wonder where Jim Tressel coached at before he took over at Ohio State? Didn’t kill that program, did he?

  3. barnesaintnoble says: Dec 5, 2010 10:16 PM

    Well, Maturi did hire Tubby Smith and that is going pretty well. What I can’t understand is why Minnesota doesn’t have a better hockey team in the WCHA. The football team at Minny is a sleeping giant. If they get a good coach in there who can run a Wisconsin style offense and defense, they could actually be pretty good. Brewster changed from a spread to a pro-style and that really set the program back. They just need some consistency for a few years and they will be alright. If the Vikings leave Minneapolis, I think it will actually be great for the Gophers, they can fill the football void and fill their beautiful stadium. I’m not crazy about the rumored Jerry Kill hire, but he builds a good program and the darkhorse hires always work out for some reason.

  4. cusoman says: Dec 5, 2010 10:51 PM

    “I’m not crazy about the rumored Jerry Kill hire, but he builds a good program and the darkhorse hires always work out for some reason.”

    No, no they don’t. Brewster was a darkhorse as well, and look how good that turned out.

  5. purplepete24 says: Dec 5, 2010 11:50 PM

    It’s not a big name so Minnesota Fans hate it. Some reason they think Mike Leach should have gotten the job. The man took over a winning program (6-5 in 1999), brings a lawsuit relating to his last job, is a first class A-Hole and whose team turned on him. Jerry Kill took over losing programs. SIU was 1-10, NIU was 2-10 year before he took over and by the third year 10-2 and 10-3. The man can turn a program around. Minnesotans hate the hire, and unfortunatly he will get the “childress treatment” until he is fired.

  6. rottz says: Dec 6, 2010 12:34 AM

    Purplepete24- What are you talking about.. You need to dig a bit deeper if your going to summarize a coach. Tech was under a academic probation and one of the lowest grad rates in the country. When he left it was in the top 25 in grad rates. 6-5 that might be winning where you come from but not for them. As far as lawsuit, well I guess we will wait and see.. Not looking so good for Adam James right now. Team didnt turn on him it was the administration and Athletic Dir. Leach with his offense he put the school on the map and the game was never out of reach. The players loved playing for him and why wouldnt they, all they did was score TDs. The new re-vamped stadium was full and it was awesome!! Now not so much. They are 7-5 with the same players going against a lot of weak teams in the Big 12 South this year and they should of equaled 11 wins but new coach new system.. Good luck with J.Kill, I have never heard of the guy. He definately wont be as exciting as bringing in a M Leach and his offense.

  7. purplepete24 says: Dec 6, 2010 1:52 AM

    Rotz…Mike Leach is so great, a school in his old conference didn’t even touch him, Indiana hasn’t contacted him, seams like the only one who wants him is Donald Trump. No school will touch him as long as he as a lawsuit pending. He didn’t lose his team? Defensive lineman Chris Perry said. “You call other players. I think it was a good decision. We have our pep back now. We practice hard this week. We had less stress this week. You know why? Because he’s gone.” cornerback Taylor Charbonnet: “The players make this team, not one coach. I didn’t like it at all what Leach did. ” You tell me to do my research on Leach, you should do the same with Kill and you will find a coach who does wonders with little talent, his teams play hard and are funamentaly sound, and will represent the U of M very well.

  8. pfeff says: Dec 6, 2010 9:17 PM

    Sorry purplepete, it’s a bad hire. Your stadium is half empty and now will get worse. The fan base is eroding, the students won’t go to the games. This isn’t the type of move that excites a fan base. The good news is when the Husker faithful find out how much your season tickets cost they will buy them up. Of course the fans will be disguised as seats, just like your beloved Target Center.

  9. theytukrjobs says: Dec 7, 2010 12:07 PM

    Gophers fans wanted a big name hire, especially after Maturi more or less promised one. Getting a no name from the MAC should disappoint fans and it has. This guy is definately a good coach but most people like myself are concerned if he can handle the big job with all the TV crap and pressure that goes with it. We also worry if he can recruit.

    Kill is a good guy and a good coach so we should give him a chance. But fans here have a right to be disappointed. We hired a low cost no name dark horse coach to lead our team in this brand new state paid stadium. Plus Maturi has really run our sports program into the ground so at this point every decision he makes is questionable. People give him props on the Tubby “choice” as if Maturi is a genius. Tubby fell into our lap and we are paying him big $$$ for what has so far been relatively underwhelming performance to be quite honest.

    I am fine with the Kill hiring if and only if the job was offered to Trestman up in the CFL. Trestman is a tremendous coach, former Gopher QB, and St Lious Park native. He has a more impressive coaching track record than Kill, though his resume is mostly with the CFL rather than college ball. As long as I someday hear that he turned down the job before it was handed to Kill I am fine with this hire. But if Maturi didn’t even offer it to Trestman then I think again this is a horribly botched job by a man Maturi who is obviously way out of his league when it comes to hiring.

  10. purplepete24 says: Dec 7, 2010 2:19 PM

    Despite what Maturi said there was no way a “big Name” coach was coming. Big name coaches do not go to the Big Ten. Look at the current coaches, besides Rich Rodriguez and a disgraced Roz Zook from Fla, the rest are from smaller schools like the MAC or they were assistants coaches. They all seemed to handle the pressure of the job just fine. Who did you expect the Gophers to get? Nick Saben? Les Miles? Urban Meyer? The Gophers job is not a choice job, it is a bottom teir job, that’s not Maturi’s fault, this goes back to poor hires since Lou Holtz left.

    Now to Trestman. What makes him a good college coach? The man has been in a college program two years since 1984, that was in North Carolina. He has no relationship with anybody in the mid-west recruiting wise, and that is where the recruitment of players need to start. Plus he has been a head coach in a grand total of 54 games. and that was all in Canada. Marc Trestman as a college coach is a bigger risk then Jerry Kill.

    All the big names were using U of M for is leverage. Maturi got probably the best candidate that would accept the job. He got somebody who will represent the U well, his teams play hard and are fundamentally sound. Look up the coaches that have come from the MAC. You will see Urban Meyer, Mike Dantonio, Chip Kelley, and Ron Zook. Those are just the current ones. I have no problem with Maturi’s selection.

  11. whatagreatfootballmind says: Mar 1, 2011 12:51 AM

    stroke the post, let’s go!!

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