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Midshipmen make it nine in a row, but Army-Navy still matters


It’s one of the last purities left in college football.

There was a time when the Army-Navy game mattered on the national scale; when the two were actually elite programs. There were years where the game determined national championships (Army 1944-46), and Heisman Trophy winners like Roger Staubach.

Of course, those were the years when your grandfather could buy a Coke for a nickel after walking uphill in the snow (both ways) without any shoes. Now, at least in terms of BCS bowls and five-star recruits, “America’s Game” has slightly less meaning. Okay, a lot less meaning.

But Army-Navy still matters.

Never mind that Navy’s 31-17 win over Army today put the Midshipmen at a 9-game winning streak in the series. The event itself is such a large part of our country’s heart and soul that, in many ways, it’s more than just a game. Chants of “Beat Army!” and “Beat Navy!” are timeless in nature. The stories of fallen heroes who played in the game remind us so much of what has been sacrificed to keep our nation what it is.

The singing of the alma maters after the game is enough to give you goosebumps.

Army-Navy is nostalgic. It’s as synonymous with the holiday season as grandma’s house and crisp temperatures. I’m sure there were households all over the country with their living room television tuned to the game. Granted, it might have been on in the background as families and friends visited, but it was nevertheless a part of their lives.

There are great rivalries in college football, but sometimes even games like Ohio State-Michigan lose a little luster — like, now for instance. Not Army-Navy. The environment is too unique.

No matter how lopsided the game is now, we still turn it on. If nothing else, it is an homage to the game and the servicemen who play in it.

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7 Responses to “Midshipmen make it nine in a row, but Army-Navy still matters”
  1. edgy says: Dec 11, 2010 6:21 PM

    Losing the CIC to Air Force hurt but losing to Army would have been worse. I don’t think that it gets to 10, though. Navy has to replace one big player, Dobbs and he’s going to be hard to replace.

  2. drexelvol says: Dec 11, 2010 6:41 PM

    @edgy – Considering that was most likely the only Navy game you watched this season and I’m a season ticket holder, I can tell you Navy has a steller backup waiting to take the reigns.

    Dobbs has reinvented the QB position at Navy, but Kriss Proctor is every bit as good a runner, if not a little better, than Dobbs. Dobbs is a better passer, but there really shouldn’t be much of a drop off next season.

  3. blitz4848 says: Dec 11, 2010 6:57 PM

    Not only did The Middies win they covered the -8

  4. edgy says: Dec 11, 2010 7:17 PM

    No, it’s NOT my first but the fact is that Procter isn’t the same as Dobbs. It’s one thing to excel against Notre Dame or Air Force, it’s quite another to beat up on Central Michigan. Let’s not forget all the people that thought that they had a REAL passer in Brantley and how did that turn out?

  5. drexelvol says: Dec 11, 2010 10:47 PM

    @edgy – Your post literally makes no sense, but whatever.

  6. wethog66 says: Dec 12, 2010 12:08 AM


    I to am a season ticket holder for Navy, have been for the last 5 seasons, and I can tell you Proctor is a fine QB prospect to run Navy’s Offense. I’d put him in the Keopo category. Just hope he is more durable than Keopo was.

    And if Keopo or Proctor started this game today instead of Dobbs Navy doesn’t win the game. Dobbs skill at passing won the game today. And his skill on the ground sealed it.

  7. edgy says: Dec 12, 2010 12:26 AM

    Boys, he’s NOT in the same class so get off your high horse. He’s had ONE great game against Central Michigan AND they almost lost that game. I’m not saying that he’s trash but that he’s NOT in Rickey’s league and the streak will end because he’s not as good. He’s going to make the mistake that will lose the game next year.

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