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SEC rebounds, Big Ten drowns in sea of New Year’s losses


OK, who was the dolt chirping last night about the SEC tossing up a big doughnut thus far this bowl season?

Well, whoever it was should’ve remembered that the conference had three very winnable games New Year’s Day. Against the Big Ten, no less.

Less than 24 hours after putting the finishing touches on a less-than-tidy 0-3 start, the SEC roared back to an even .500 with a trio of impressive wins. OK, at least two of them were impressive but, as a whole, the SEC made the Big Ten look like, well, the Little Sisters of the Poor.

By far the most spectacular of the three wins was Alabama’s complete and utter evisceration of Michigan State.  The Tide, which finished fourth in the SEC West, took the Big Ten co-champions to the woodshed, dragged the battered body out and beat it with various heavy objects, then took it back into the woodshed in a resounding 49-7 butt thumpin’ for the ages.  Alabama outgained MSU 546-271, including a staggering 323 yard edge in rushing — 275 to -48.

Additionally, Mississippi State effectively ended Rich Rodriguez‘s longer-than-it-should’ve-been tenure at Michigan with a 52-14 pantsing in the Gator Bowl, while Florida handed Urban Meyer a retirement present in the form of a 37-24 win over Penn State in the Outback Bowl in the coach’s final game at the school.

Speaking of the latter game, what a great, great scene at the end, with Meyer surrounded by his family on the sidelines as time counted down on Meyer’s time at Florida.  Very powerful, very emotional stuff, and a fitting end to a phenomenal six-year run in Gainesville for Meyer.

On the flip side of the joy being felt in the Southeast, of course, was the Big Ten.  Wow.  The woeful, woeful land of Leaders and Legends not only suffered a trio of losses at the hands of the SEC, but Northwestern also fell to Texas Tech 45-38 in the TicketCity Bowl.

Add it all up, and the Big Ten has started the new year with an embarrassing 0-4 mark in bowls — combined scores of the losses to the SEC?  138-45 — and put the 2-0 start to the bowl season in the rear view mirror.

There is a shot at some face-saving later on today, though, as Wisconsin takes on TCU in the Rose Bowl.  Of course, the Badgers could also lose to the non-automatic qualifier and have another chunk of the conference’s manhood lopped off.

No pressure at all, Badgers.  None.

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72 Responses to “SEC rebounds, Big Ten drowns in sea of New Year’s losses”
  1. brownstown2 says: Jan 1, 2011 5:50 PM

    Bad news for Big Ten conference fans (four people).

    Great news for SEC conference fans (the South).

  2. WingT says: Jan 1, 2011 5:54 PM

    LOL at brownstown2…thats funny

  3. polegojim says: Jan 1, 2011 6:09 PM

    Hats off to Alabama, played like Champs.

    Ditto to Mississippi State

    It was Men Vs Boys out there today.

  4. mean13 says: Jan 1, 2011 6:15 PM

    steelers6pack? Where are you, steelers6pack? We are all just waiting for your mindless babbling about how the Big 10 dominates and the SEC is a joke.

    Come out, come out wherever you are. Idiot.

  5. polegojim says: Jan 1, 2011 6:23 PM

    @mean13 – what a childish rant. Go back to bed

  6. cometkazie says: Jan 1, 2011 6:31 PM

    Well, it was mindless babbling.

  7. gatorfan1 says: Jan 1, 2011 6:31 PM


    I would tell YOU to put down the crack pipe, which was your advice to me last night, but you probably need it after today!!!

    Where to begin…SEC 101 points The State of Michigan 21. nah to easy….Lol…

    Some people suggested last night that the problem with the SEC is that with 10 teams in Bowls the conference is watered down.

    I would argue that the real problem is the SEC didn’t have 10 bowl games against the “Little” 10. If they HAD the SEC would have been 10-0…Lol…

  8. polegojim says: Jan 1, 2011 6:37 PM

    We trained your coaches, so take some responsiblity for our own demise.

    No crack pipe, but I need a few stiff drinks after that debacle.

    Think Bigger Picture, not just today.

    Enjoy for now. It’s deserved.

    Those who stay will Remain Champions

  9. blitz4848 says: Jan 1, 2011 6:44 PM


    It’s all in good fun

  10. gatorprof says: Jan 1, 2011 6:45 PM


    It will be interesting to see whether THE Ohio State University gets pasted by another SEC team in a BCS game or if they are able to get their first BCS victory over a SEC team.

    Did you see this, “Urban Meyer could succeed Jim Tressel”

    It would make sense for Meyer to go to an easier conference.

  11. rick1922 says: Jan 1, 2011 6:53 PM

    Meyer is not coaching any place in 2011.Try ESPN.

  12. Deb says: Jan 1, 2011 7:00 PM

    Happy new year, JT! Yes, who was that dolt? 😉

    Sigh … the perils of being a lover of both Alabama and the Pittsburgh Steelers. It means I have to read the darn foolishness of steelers6pack on CFT and the absolute stupidity of mean13 on PFT. It’s like no matter how much fun you’re having at the family reunion, you still have to see dimwitted cousin Fletch and Margaret, the sow who was your uncle’s second wife.

    @BrownsTown … very funny :)

    At least last night the SEC lost to Southern schools. Now that we’ve won big against the Yankee boys 😉 I’m just hoping we’ll continue to do well until the Oregon Tide Rolls!


  13. ugabugkiller says: Jan 1, 2011 7:03 PM

    I just want to thank the rest of my conference-mates for picking up the slack and embarrassment that Mark Richt “coached” yesterday.

    Thank you for righting the ship and again proving that the Big-ZERO sucks, and the SEC decidedly doesn’t.


    Your conference sucks, your fans suck, your Commissioner is a whiny BITCH, and all of your women are ugly fat frakking heifers.

    I just wish my Dawgs could’ve played Illinois or Northwestern or Michigan State. Our terrible team would have won our bowl then.

  14. gatorfan1 says: Jan 1, 2011 7:12 PM


    All in fun….and I’m with you on needing stiff drinks….after the way Florida played most of the year I needed a few myself….

    One point though!! You and several other posters have brought up the fact that some of the SEC coaches are from Ohio & Michigan….

    So YOU’RE admitting that these coaches know that they need to go down SOUTH to coach the best football players in the toughest conference…The SEC….

  15. dustonj2008 says: Jan 1, 2011 7:40 PM

    Really guys? You’re gonna hang your hat on thumping two Michigan teams? Michigan is so bad that it’s a foregone conclusion that their coach will be claiming unemployment shortly. Michigan State, well, let’s face it. They always choke under pressure. The SEC should have won both of these game by A LOT and I’m a Big Ten fan.

    The Penn State vs Florida game was very competitive. Either team could have walked away with a W. Good for the Gators pulling out a win for Meyer’s final game.

  16. dustonj2008 says: Jan 1, 2011 7:42 PM

    @Gatorfan1 – you’re right. Our coaches realize they need to go to the SEC where there’s no restrictions on oversigning recruits so they can have a competitive advantage.

  17. gotta keep my mouth shut says: Jan 1, 2011 7:49 PM

    gatorprof, while your points are correct on those coaches heading to the south, it goes to say that a majority of this talent cannot play in the cold

    look at who people say are the toughest NFL teams….Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Baltimore, New England

    part of the problem is candyass boys who can’t play in the cold

    and don’t kid yourself, the SEC is scared shitless to play a game in Ann Arbor, Columbus, or Happy Valley in November. Look at a team like the U….yesterday in El Paso, it was a cold game. Miami froze their butts off and were more worried about the cold than winning the game

    congrats to the SEC, but the “best talent in the south” argument only holds because you good ole southern boys will never play in the north, and have worked their way into home games for the bowl games (I assume you watched the psu uf game today and surely noticed that 90% of the crowd was gator fans….all at a “neutral” site)

  18. WingT says: Jan 1, 2011 7:49 PM

    Classy…nicely done. Your Michigan team is in need of replacing the coach – they have stopped playing for Rich Rod – it’s time for him to go.

    Dude, please…..all the Big 10 boys on this thread have stepped up and given credit where credit is due. .no need to rub their faces in it and besides , your Georgia Bulldogs would have lost to LI, NW and Michigan St – you know it and everyone else knows it too.

    @Gator boys
    Congrats to Florida and Urban getting a win. It was a hard fought game. Urban goes out a winner, the same way he came in – classy guy, great coach and one helluva recruiter – I’m glad he’s gone…roll tide, lol

    Where the heck have you been? I missed you around here over the holidays. Once you kind of vanished, John Taylor ran wild on us poor ole SEC folks – I noticed he straightened up once you got back :) Oh, BTW, Happy New Year

    roll tide

  19. John Taylor says: Jan 1, 2011 7:51 PM

    @WingT: 😉

    And Happy New Year to you as well Deb.

  20. WingT says: Jan 1, 2011 7:53 PM

    Happy New Year John :)

  21. eskinsux says: Jan 1, 2011 8:02 PM

    Wow Deb…You also are a fan of Alabama football, and the Steelers…Me too. I’m also a huge fan of…
    UCLA mens Basketball
    Tennessee Volunteers womens basketball, but UConn is winning my heart
    The New York Yankees
    The Montreal Canadians
    Mohammed Ali
    Boston Celtics, but i root for the Lakers as well
    The Brazilian soccer team
    Syracuse mens Lacrosse team
    Bobby Fisher
    Jack Nicklaus
    Roger Federer
    Steffi Graf
    It’s uncanny and such a burden i just so happen to root for the teams and players with the most titles, or close to the most titles…It’s nice to know i’m not the only one with such a cross to bear..

  22. gatorprof says: Jan 1, 2011 8:10 PM


    “gatorprof, while your points are correct on those coaches heading to the south, it goes to say that a majority of this talent cannot play in the cold

    look at who people say are the toughest NFL teams….Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Baltimore, New England”

    You really need to do your HW before speaking…

    1) Balitmore’s two best players? Reed and Lewis…both Canes? Suggs is another warm weather college guy.

    2) Didn’t the Steelers draft Pouncy in the first round last year?

    3) I am assuming that you noticed how many Gators Bill has drafted in NE as of late.

    It is really difficult to make statements like you did and back it up with facts. The state of Florida in particular has produced many, many quality players in the NFL.

  23. gatorprof says: Jan 1, 2011 8:14 PM

    Nice to see the Big Ten delivering! Great conference….leaders and legends.

    Losers and Have-beens would be more appropriate.

  24. Deb says: Jan 1, 2011 8:15 PM

    @eskinsux …

    Not that I owe explanations to morons, but my dad is from Alabama, so I was born into a Tide family. Yes, I fell in love with the Steelers at the end of the Dynasty years. That was 32 years ago, and I was loyal throughout the long, dry 80s when they were losing to rivals 51-0. After 32 years, you’re not exactly a Bandwagon fan.

    Now you can take your cross and shove it.

  25. laxer37 says: Jan 1, 2011 8:17 PM

    …and then the Big Ten Champion went out and lost to a non-automatic qualifier.

  26. Deb says: Jan 1, 2011 8:18 PM

    @eskinsux …

    No … I was wrong. This is my 33rd season with the Steelers. I’ve been with them longer than almost anyone not named Rooney.

  27. John Taylor says: Jan 1, 2011 8:20 PM


    Those two numbers always make me chuckle.

    Thanks for the laugh, Deb. It’s appreciated.

  28. zoso17 says: Jan 1, 2011 8:26 PM

    Folks this happens every year.

    The Big Ten schools play cupcake non-conference games, and usually one or two teams like Ohio State or Wisconsin beat up on the other schools.

    Just because they’re in the Big Ten they usually get a shot at the national title. I’m sure if Wisconsin had managed to go undefeated we’d be looking at Wisconsin in the title game.

    What a joke. The Big Ten is worse than the Big East.

  29. secdominance says: Jan 1, 2011 8:28 PM

    the name says is all

  30. dustonj2008 says: Jan 1, 2011 8:31 PM

    Still waiting on an SEC fan to defend their oversigning tactics… glad I wasn’t holding my breath.

  31. steelers6pack says: Jan 1, 2011 8:44 PM

    OK the SEC won 3 bowls by playing in the state of Florida? Would love to see Citrus. Outback and Gator bowl 1 season to Solider Field, Lambeau Field and Giant Stadium! Lets see how many SEC would travel then, how SEC players would fare since if they go to NFL they do not always play in warm weather! Wait Florida fans could not sell out Gator bowl..I guess driving 100 miles is too much! Florida was so lucky today. a block punt for a td, an int for a td, 2 drives of 25 yards for a score, a phantom pass interferance call so they could score a td not a fg and 3 Pouncy holds that were not called…guess refs wanted to make sure Urban “the Rat” Myers got a win before Florida goes on probation!

  32. dcroz says: Jan 1, 2011 8:45 PM

    gotta keep my mouth shut: and don’t kid yourself, the SEC is scared shitless to play a game in Ann Arbor, Columbus, or Happy Valley in November. Look at a team like the U….yesterday in El Paso, it was a cold game. Miami froze their butts off and were more worried about the cold than winning the game

    The only things certain in life are death, taxes, and Big 10 fans whining about the weather being the reason why they lose to an SEC team.

    Apparently you don’t watch The Weather Channel. The North is not THAT cold in November, and the South has been freezing for most of the last month. And while you might possibly could argue about the warm weather causing Penn State to wither against Florida at the end (and considering it was only in the mid-70s, that would be a stretch) the Capital One and Gator Bowls were over long before “heat exhaustion” could ever be a factor.

    As far as most of the bowls being in the Sun Belt, I’d be willing to bet even the Big 10 players are much happier playing in Florida or Texas in January than in the Northeast. I can’t imagine too many of them getting excited over the prospect of being rewarded for a great season by playing in single-digit wind chill, especially if there is nothing on the line but pride and a tacky-looking bowl trophy.

    Face it, it was just a nightmarish day for the Big 10. But look on the bright side: if nothing worse happens to the Big 10 this year, then it will be a good 2011 for you.

  33. eskinsux says: Jan 1, 2011 8:47 PM

    I also root for or have rooted for…
    Man O’ War
    The US Little league team representive
    The Old Dominion women’s field hockey team
    Takeru Kobaychi
    Usc’s baseball team
    Franklin Delanor Roosevelt
    Manchester United
    It’s hard to stay on top, but i seem to have all my frontrunner choices, as you do, well in hand…

  34. secdominance says: Jan 1, 2011 8:50 PM

    don’t use the weather to help make up for the B1G TEN’s lousy performance. So what are you saying? You need help from the weather to beat quality teams? I would think that clear weather would make it better, everyone gets to operate at optimal levels. Don’t get mad at the SEC. They didn’t decide to put these games in warm weather cities. Blame your conference for contractually obligating themselves to games where weather doesn’t play a factor.

    SN: Alabama would have whipped MSU in Ann Arbor, East Lansing, Happy Valley, Death Valley or wherever.

  35. blitz4848 says: Jan 1, 2011 8:54 PM

    Welcome back-Happy New Year-Give em Hell
    Stepped in a hornets nest, did ya?
    You’re better off stepping in front of a greyhound bus than pissing off Deb.
    Defend oversigning tactics? Defend getting your a$$ handed to you all day in front of the entire nation? How’s that working for your recruiting?
    @gotta keep my mouth shut
    you are embarrassing the rest of the Big 10 folks
    dude—you lost to conference USA-crawl away

  36. richmcn says: Jan 1, 2011 8:59 PM

    love how the big 10 clowns always have to bring up the weather and where games were played after getting crushed in bowl games. pure comedy.

    there is a reason games aren’t played in your trashy states/cities during bowl season, chief. those places are toilets.

  37. bikerhal says: Jan 1, 2011 9:00 PM

    Oh wait, Arkansas will make it a clean sweep!

  38. gatorprof says: Jan 1, 2011 9:06 PM

    Have Little Ten fans been reduced to statements like “we would whip your butts in the cold weather”? How pathetic…

  39. blitz4848 says: Jan 1, 2011 9:07 PM

    thanks for the nice laugh—you are such a whiney bitch—I guess being a whiney bitch and losing go hand in hand.
    UF’s O has sucked all yr–they won with D and special teams.
    You forgot to mention the non call on the leg whip and the obvious fumble recovery at the PS 11 that was not called……..

    Do you think teams and their fans want to go to Detroit and see the smog and rust?
    or to Chicago and watch the Lake freeze or to Wisconsin and (fill in the blank) OR

    go to Florida to Disney World, Busch Gardens, Sea World, Universal, the Space Ctr and the beaches.

    Where do you think 25,000 fans will follow their team. These sights don’t affect EITHER team.
    Just so you can keep your cities and teams straight….the Gators played in Tampa NOT the Gator Bowl which is in Jax.

  40. gatorfan1 says: Jan 1, 2011 9:08 PM


    So what you’re saying is that YOUR coaches come down South to cheat?? Interesting Theory!!!

  41. richmcn says: Jan 1, 2011 9:12 PM

    refs dikked UF out of 2 fumbles today where they called “forward progress” and another on a return. same head ref as “Swindle in the Swamp” btw…

    but hey, penn state would have killed us in cold weather, damn you! LOL

    print the t shirts now, big 10 fans:

    “we may lose in the south but we would win in cold weather i think!”

  42. richmcn says: Jan 1, 2011 9:22 PM

    Still waiting on an SEC fan to defend their oversigning tactics… glad I wasn’t holding my breath.


    no one is replying because this is such a stupid post. oversigning? uh, okay pal. go sell some more gold pants or something and eff off.

  43. chachooga says: Jan 1, 2011 9:23 PM

    @John Taylor

    Classic replacement of the doughnut….journalistic genius…..oh me oh my what happened to Leaders & Legends….whoa…..that was just silly crazy.

    Happy New Years to the four people brownstown2 pointed out….ouch.

  44. steelers6pack says: Jan 1, 2011 9:28 PM

    Funny how SEC teams play New Mexico State, La-Monroe, the Citadel and Florida International in Nov btu wont play in cold weather.. why is that???? Bama will play at Penn State next Sept unless they back out of their series yet again! SEC fans forgot last year when Penn State beat LSU in the rain and LSU complained after the game about the condition of the field..

  45. gamecock2003 says: Jan 1, 2011 9:31 PM

    This is the first time i’ve been on this site and the conversation was so interesting I had to create an account and join in:
    1: My appologies to my fellow SEC supporters for our showing yesterday (and the year before in Birmingham and the year before that in Tampa) I was at all of the games and needless to say they weren’t fun.
    2. I think it’s pretty obvious that the SEC is far and away the strongest conference in college football. Those who want to point to our 0-3 start need to understand that:
    a. Tennessee needed a weak back end schedule coupled with a promising young quarterback emerging to simply qualify for a bowl. Give Dooley a few year and they’ll be back but right now their probably the 9th or 10th best team in the conference.
    b. Georgia, like South Carolina vs UCONN last year and Bama vs Utah 2009 etc, was putting the finishing touches on an extremelly dissapointing season and was facing an upstart program who viewed the game as a chance to make a statement. 9 times out of ten Georgia (even in the down year) crushes UCF and Carolina handles UCONN. These early bowls are simply always matchup’s of dissapointed SEC teams vs excited up and comers. Not a true representation of which team is better.

    c. An excited, motivated, SEC team is going to usually dominate almost anybody from a similar standing in a different conference, as we saw so clearly illustrated today.

    Note: Our preformance against Florida State is an exception to my theory. We were definatelly motivated for this game. I have no idea why but for some reason recently we can’t get out of our own way in bowl games.

  46. gamecock2003 says: Jan 1, 2011 9:41 PM


    Weather is generally considered to be the “great equalizer.” So yes, I guess the more talented team would potentially have a bigger chance of loosing in adverse condition’s; however, this is not unique to the cold, an SEC team playing a winter game in Ann Arbor or Columbus is no different than a Big Ten team playing a late August game in Columbia or Athens. Yet, why would a team willing walk into a climate in which they are not accustomed for a big game. If Ohio State wins a game because South Carolina kids have never seen snow let alone played ball in it or South Carolina wins because Ohio State kids cramp up in the heat what does it prove. Why would you want an uneven playing field?

  47. dcroz says: Jan 1, 2011 9:49 PM

    steelers6pack: Funny how SEC teams play New Mexico State, La-Monroe, the Citadel and Florida International in Nov btu wont play in cold weather.. why is that????

    So how many non-conference games do Big 10 teams play in November? Very few, if in fact any. In any case, even if Michigan or Ohio State had a bye week right before they played each other, do you really think they’d want to fill it by playing a tough team, even if it were in Ann Arbor or Columbus? Don’t just assume that Big 10 teams are willing (or even able) to play non-conference games of that magnitude late in the season; like everyone else, they’d rather play those early in the season just as everyone else does.

    And why do you assume that Big 10 teams would fare better in the cold, anyway? As I pointed out in a earlier post, it’s not all that cold in the Midwest in November, and even then, Big 10 players would be shivering, too. But even if such a matchup were to happen and the SEC team won, I’m sure you’d be coming up with some whiny excuse like, “It wasn’t cold enough! It was global warming! The South is intentionally trying to make it warmer so they can win!”

    Just face it: the Big 10 got totally pwned today.

  48. gamecock2003 says: Jan 1, 2011 9:51 PM

    By the way, to all the fans questioning the SEC teams non conference schedule: If you watched the games today you saw what Bama, MSU, and Florida did to their Big Ten opponents not only on the scoreboard but physically as well. And wait until you see what Arkansas (in my opinion second best team in the country at this time) will do to Ohio State. Welcome to the SEC. The Gamecocks played Auburn twice, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, and Clemson in a ten week span, not to mention that our non conference opponents Southern Miss and Troy were both bowl teams. So hopefully you can forgive us if we throw in a Furman or Citadel (who both have recently beat APP State…oops can I say that name around big ten fans.) Unfortunately in the SEC we don’t have a Illinois or Indiana or, I guess now, a Michigan, to serve as a cupcake game to rest up during.

  49. secis4girlees says: Jan 1, 2011 9:53 PM

    Everyone needs to stop drinking the kool aid and get back to reality….If Michigan State had not called off the dogs and put the fourth string in at the start of the 3rd quarter, they would have beat BAMA by 100 points….. BIG 10 RULES!!!!!

  50. Ben Kercheval says: Jan 1, 2011 9:57 PM

    secis4girlees … is that you Jim Delany? Come on, come clean.

  51. Deb says: Jan 1, 2011 9:59 PM

    @JT …

    That 51-0 was your late Christmas present, my friend 😉 Ooooh, I’ll never get over that season lol

    @blitz …

    Happy new year and congrats on the win today!! eskinsux is too big a jackass to notice what a big jackass he is. Somehow being born into an Alabama family and choosing to follow the Steelers when they’d won only two Super Bowls means I support only champions. Apparently he’s failed to realize I’m a good luck charm 😉

    @steelers6pack …

    Must you? Maurkice Pouncey plays well in cold weather. So does Anthony Madison. And Casey Hampton–not an SEC alum, but a Southerner as were Joe Green, John Stallworth, Terry Bradshaw, Deshea Townsend from Bama, and many other Steeler vets. Think I’ve rattled off this list to you before. But the bottom line: If the Yankee boys can’t play good football in good weather, I don’t know how you expect them to play good football in bad weather.

    @gamecock2003 …

    Happy new year and welcome aboard! No worries about your bowl game. The ol’ ball coach did quite an impressive job on my Crimson Tide. He’s a wily old Gator! And at least you and Georgia dropped your bowl games to Southern teams 😉 I’m hoping Arkansas will do a lil Soo Pig on Ohio State … but will be cheering for Duck in the big one.

  52. aintsfan says: Jan 1, 2011 10:05 PM

    The “Big Ten” is now 0-5 in bowl games this year. Best conference in the country my a$$.

  53. Deb says: Jan 1, 2011 10:06 PM

    @secis4girlees …

    ROFL … that must be some tasty Kool-aid you’re drinking. Bourbon-flavored?

  54. riodeoro11 says: Jan 1, 2011 10:15 PM

    Relax everyobody. Las Vegas projected the Big Ten teams to lose 7 of their 8 bowl games. They have already won 2 so they have exceeded expectations.

    As far as the future goes, the truth is that high school football in the Southeastern US is bigger and badder than anywhere else (except maybe Texas and California). The Big Ten recruiting base is shrinking as car factories close in Michigan and other Rust Belt states. Population is moving to the Southeast creating an even larager recruiting base for the future. For the Big Ten to beat an SEC team in the future it will take a little bit of luck. So all you SEC fans, don’t feel so great about hammering Michigan and Michigan state. You should hammer them every time.

  55. gamecock2003 says: Jan 1, 2011 10:26 PM


    Thanks for the kind welcome. I am one of the few who think that Arkansas is probably the second best team in the SEC. However, whether they are the second or sixth best should still have no problem with Ohio State. Amazingly, the line on the game still has Ohio State three and half favorites. I can only imagine how that’s going to swing once people see how Arkansas played against the teams that just murdered the best from Big Ten. Think could be one of biggest line swings in recent memory once people put two and two togeather.

  56. gamecock2003 says: Jan 1, 2011 10:37 PM


    We don’t think for a second that we have better teams simply because we’re from the South (well maybe we do but that’s a different argument) obviously we are aware that the Southeast produces more prospects due to population trends like you alluded to as well as climate, high school programs etc (same with baseball and also why Northeast and Midwest produce best hockey talent.) Also as avid fans we can deffinately appreciate the passion fans from the midwest have for their teams. The reason we are on edge is because the rest of the nation continues to remark that the SEC is overrated and it’s any SEC fans worst nightmare that one day the one loss SEC champion, who is far and away the nation’s best team for the reason’s you brought up, is going to be left out of a championship game for a TCU Wisconsin matchup or something of that nature. Remember it was only four years ago that people were calling to 06 Buckeyes one of best college teams ever and we came damn close to having a Mich Oh St. rematch. That would have been a travesty given that Florida exposed Ohio State to be no better than a run of the mill SEC team that year. We never want that to happen again. So until their is a playoff it’s important to remind people just how much stronger the SEC is than the other conferences

  57. vaborn says: Jan 1, 2011 10:46 PM

    I’m a bit surprised that the argument that seems to keep surfacing is “the weather made them do it…”

    Fact, there is more danger playing football in extreme heat than in extreme cold.

    Maybe folks on this site don’t watch early season games in Florida, and southern parts of the US, but more players are taken out of games with cramps, dehydration, fatigue and heat stroke. More protection is required in extremely hot/humid conditions.

    The biggest risk in extremely cold conditions is exposure. This is according to a study put out by Michigan’s Governor Council.

    It is bowl season and that happens to fall over a period of a couple weeks surrounding New Years Day. It tends to be cold up north and warmer in the south and west. If you look at all the bowl locations they tend to line up with areas where the weather is more predictable and temperate.

    Are any of us stupid enough to thing this has to do with trying to give a team an unfair advantage? Of course it doesn’t. It is capitalism at its finest. Place the bowls in locations where you will get the largest amount of fan participation, hence more dollars spent.

    It is equally as difficult for teams that are acclimated to the cooler conditions of Michigan in September to travel to Florida and play in 100+ temperatures with humidity ranging in the upper 90% range. That affects all the players.

    With modern technology, players have gloves, shirts, UnderArmour and the like that would protect them in the freezing temperatures. Adrenaline and activity also help them keep body temperatures up.

    The only people that would suffer from extremely cold stadiums that were suggested earlier is the fans…..and all those companies that are counting on dollars spent by the fans.

  58. gatorfan1 says: Jan 1, 2011 10:50 PM


    Good Post & welcome aboard!!

  59. stownmidas says: Jan 1, 2011 11:00 PM


    The SEC is hanging their hat on beating your Michigan teams because John Taylor is a D-bag who opened his big mouth last night. Also, Michigan Stats is one of your “co-champions.”

    It was not just a win, but a reckoning. The Michigan State sidelines looked like a WWII field hospital there were so many injured players.

    As far as the weather goes, all human bodies function best in mild weather, which is what was happening in Florida today. Thus, your Big 10 players were functioning at their best as well as the SEC players. The only issue is the Big 10 player’s best is no where near good enough.

  60. stownmidas says: Jan 1, 2011 11:00 PM


    The SEC is hanging their hat on beating your Michigan teams because John Taylor is a D-bag who opened his big mouth last night. Also, Michigan State is one of your “co-champions.”

    It was not just a win, but a reckoning. The Michigan State sidelines looked like a WWII field hospital there were so many injured players.

    As far as the weather goes, all human bodies function best in mild weather, which is what was happening in Florida today. Thus, your Big 10 players were functioning at their best as well as the SEC players. The only issue is the Big 10 player’s best is no where near good enough.

  61. steelers6pack says: Jan 1, 2011 11:23 PM

    Other great SEC players who played well in cold weather.. Heath Schuler, Tim Couch, Jesse Palmer, Jarod Lorenz and Eric Zier, these guys just sucked Jamarcus Russell, Danny Weurffel, Tony Robinson, Early Docuett! Oh by the way Brady and Brees best QB’s in the NFL both from the BIG TEN!

  62. gatorfan1 says: Jan 1, 2011 11:41 PM


    Well let’s see, Brees is from Texas & Brady from California….Oh and Peyton Manning might disagree with you on that one!!!

    And if I’m not mistaken….Mississippi is in the South…so you might want to look up a certain person by the name of Favre!!! Who BTW played in Frosty Green Bay and didn’t bitch about weather….Jackwagon!!!

  63. Deb says: Jan 1, 2011 11:43 PM

    @stownmidas …

    Hey! You can answer dustonj2008 without being rude to our darling host JT! He runs this site and it’s his job to open his big mouth–by way of his keyboard. Most of us are quite fond of him. If you want to pick on someone, go to PFT and slam Florio. He never mixes with the little people–he’ll probably never even notice.

    @steelers6pack …

    Sweetie, there was a theme to my post. Everyone I mentioned plays or played for our Steelers. Actually, most people would argue that Brady and P. Manning are the best quarterbacks in the NFL, no matter what kind of season he had this year. And Peyton is from the SEC. But I’m going to be rooting for the guy from Miami of Ohio in the playoffs and hoping the rest of them can’t complete a pass. How about you?

    You know, most of us are just having good clean fun razzing each other. You get carried away with bitter diatribes against an entire region of the country. Broad generalizations are never true, and they’re silly. Great teams, players, and coaches have come from the Big 10 and the SEC. And as someone pointed out, the most dangerous weather for football is hot weather. I don’t recall hearing stories of football players dying during practice on cold days, but sadly, it’s happened several times on hot days.

    Whether you like it or not, the SEC has been the dominant conference of recent years just as the Big 10 was the dominant conference of years past. It is what it is no matter how many tantrums you throw. Personally, I prefer acting like a good sport–win or lose–and having fun with the other people on the board.

  64. laxer37 says: Jan 1, 2011 11:49 PM

    aintsfan says:

    The “Big Ten” is now 0-5 in bowl games this year. Best conference in the country my a$$.

    I know math is hard, but Iowa and Illinois won their bowl games (both Big Ten members).

    That makes them an impressive 2-3 in bowl games, not 0-5.

  65. gamustangdude says: Jan 1, 2011 11:55 PM

    @you cleverly forgot Peyton, the best qb in the NFL and is from where? Saying Brees is a better QB than Peyton really shows how hard you try to find some light at the end of big Ten brown eye.

    BTW, Mike Bobo, YOU SUCK!!!

  66. laxer37 says: Jan 2, 2011 12:09 AM

    The SEC’s dominance of the Big Ten is impressive. Maybe Big Ten fan will shut their mouth now. Just like SEC fan should do when trying to make this into a North vs. South thing.

    We all know how that turned out when it really counted…

    North 1 – South 0

    You guys really do need to get over your unhealthy obsession with that beat down.

  67. edgy says: Jan 2, 2011 12:16 AM

    laxer37 says:


    They’re 2-5 in bowls and technically, 0-5, this year.

  68. blitz4848 says: Jan 2, 2011 10:14 AM

    Yesterday, Tues night and Jan 10th =

    A HUGE recruiting statement for the SEC with the last 4 weeks left for recruits to commit.

    Tues = Arkansas 31 Ohio St 17

    Jan 10th = Auburn 45 Oregon 24


  69. mean13 says: Jan 2, 2011 11:11 AM

    Deb says: Jan 1, 2011 11:43 PM

    @steelers6pack …

    “Sweetie, there was a theme to my post. Everyone I mentioned plays or played for our Steelers.”

    What you’re forgetting is that steelers6pack is a brain dead idiot thoroughly embarrassed by the Little Ten’s 0-5 performance yesterday. He is looking for ANY possible deflection from his mindless blabbering of a couple days ago when he boldly claimed that the Little Ten was a dominant powerhouse and the SEC (the conference about to claim it’s 5th straight national championship) was fading. I really doubt this chump lives in the Pittsburgh area. And both of you support a rapist,

  70. Deb says: Jan 2, 2011 11:50 AM

    @laxer37 …

    Darlin’, that “beat down,” as you call it, was a war that decimated our country for 100 years. And since you brought it up, if you knew your history, you’d know that the South recorded twice the kills with half the forces–and without hiring mercenaries from other countries. So I wouldn’t use that as an example for bragging rights about physical superiority. We’re not the ones who keep making it a North/South thing. The Northerners do that when they keep talking about how stupid and ignorant we are.

    @mean13 …

    This would be why I said supporting Alabama and the Steelers means I’m stuck with the darn foolishness of Steelers6pack and the absolute stupidity of mean13. Rape is not a funny subject. You would understand that if you’d had to live through it. And women who’ve had to live through it don’t support rapists no matter what team they play for. They also don’t give any quarter to women who lie about rape. You’ve been around PFT long enough to know full well that Ben Roethlisberger didn’t rape anyone. The evidence in both the civil suit and the criminal accusation is defining. When a woman texts friends that she can’t wait to see a man again, she has not been raped. When a medical exam shows that a woman hasn’t had intercourse with anyone during the time in question, she has not been raped. You just keep throwing that out to push the buttons of Steelers fans. Like I said, rape isn’t a joke. And unless you’re 12, you should be adult enough to find another button to push.

  71. chachooga says: Jan 2, 2011 3:17 PM

    Couldn’t let this get away….saw this entry from a Big 12 stats guru on New Year’s Eve…

    @BTNStatsGuy: BigTen starts 2-0 in bowl games for first time since 2004. — First time the league is perfect in Dec/ bowls since ’02.

    ouch….Go Hogs!

  72. steelers6pack says: Jan 5, 2011 8:32 AM

    mean13 WHERE ARE YOU?? SEC 0-1 IN BCS GAMES!!!

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