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RichRod calls NCAA ‘a little misguided’

Rich Rodriguez

In case you’ve been in comatose, there’s been quite the  hot button issue stemming from an HBO report on an upcoming episode of “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel”. The report, airing tonight at 10 E.T. on HBO, is expected to reveal damaging testimonies of Auburn players getting paid, and Ohio State recruits getting…

Well, you understand.

Among the responses and statements that have already been issued by those programs anticipated to be exposed is one from a former coach who had his own tango with the NCAA.

Specifically, former Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez.

Rodriguez will appear as a panel member on tonight’s episode, and go figure, he has some thoughts about the governing body that caused him, and two recent former employers, some serious headaches.

A statement released by HBO obtained by the Detroit News says that Rodriguez felt while the NCAA had a clearly defined purpose, its methods of execution were somewhat less than sound.

“Those young folks are being offered opportunities to be able to help them for their next job,” Rodriguez said via the statement. “As coaches, recruiters and universities, they need to make sure that this is what you’re going to school for.”

But Rodriguez continued, “And I also think it may be a little misguided. I think sometimes, instead of going after the bank robbers, we’re going after the parking violators.”

His own set of NCAA problems notwithstanding, it’s kind of tough to argue with Rodriguez’s statement (although if you break the rules, you break the rules). The NCAA has certainly made some questionable — or, if nothing else, controversial — decisions over the past year regarding some of college football’s most damning cases.
To put it bluntly, the NCAA has been consistently, well, inconsistent.
And with Jim Tressel‘s recent troubles at Ohio State, there is a faction of college football followers (ourselves included) who feel the NCAA has a chance to get it right.
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5 Responses to “RichRod calls NCAA ‘a little misguided’”
  1. 3RiversGuy says: Mar 30, 2011 11:39 PM

    “And with Jim Tressel‘s recent troubles at Ohio State, there is a faction of college football followers (ourselves included) who feel the NCAA has a chance to get it right.”

    Sorry, but that’s a load of crap. Nothing about Tressel and his players selling memorabilia for a little spending money or a new tatoo, is going to give the NCAA a chance to “get it right.”

    The NCAA will not “get it right” about the money sloshing around… top NCAA guys are being paid $500K/yr (and cry that there is not enough $$ to hire sufficient enforcement investigators), the BCS-NCAA “decision” about participation in the Sugar Bowl, Fiesta and other BCS Bowls rampantly abusing IRS not-for-profit and tax-exempt status, USC and Auburn buying their Heismans and National Championships, Oregon’s case of paying $25K for “a newsletter” the very day that a recruit was guided to sign his LOI, etc.

    And, student-athletes learn that their “full scholarship” won’t really cover their college and living costs, nothing requiring guaranteed health insurance in case of athletic injury, oversigning, and all the other ways that 17-year-olds are being exploited.

    I can agree with DickRod’s statement about going after parking violators… too many reports for $200K-to-$300K-to-$500K-to-millions, while people harp about Pryor, Posey, and 4 others selling trinkets for $7500 for spending money or tatoos (7500 / 6 people), and Troy Smith took a $500 handshake.

    Yeah, let’s lynch Tressel, exhume the body and repeat it at the start of every football season. Then you and the NCAA will “get it right.”

  2. ihateannouncers says: Mar 31, 2011 2:29 AM

    What “it” will the NCAA get right?? They can suspend Tressel for the entire year and it won’t have any effect on boosters / alumni who will continue to find ways to pay players. Everbody wants their team to win and some will do whatever they can to make that happen. This will continue because it works.

  3. edgy says: Mar 31, 2011 2:58 PM

    3RiversGuy says:


    Again, you guys just don’t get it. It’s NOT about the Tattoo-5 or their conduct but TRESSEL’S conduct. Like it or not, if he had been the man that he was supposed to be, he’d have sucked it up, forwarded the email and lived without the players for a little while ala North Carolina. Instead, he buried the email and forwarded one to a guy that didn’t have any business reading them while not sending them to his bosses, who DID have a reason for seeing them. Not only that but he lied several times AND signed papers for the NCAA that said that he had no prior knowledge of what was going on and then feigned ignorance at the news conference about what was uncovered about the 5 players.

    Look at how quickly North Carolina acted to get these guys off the field and how they hurt their season but didn’t screw the entire team. When push comes to shove, North Carolina will look back and what could have been BUT at the same time, they can be proud of the fact that they weathered the storm, turned their season around, got into a bowl AND didn’t have to give up wins. On the other hand, Ohio State could be looking at vacating wins from 2010, a full season sit down of Tressel, the possibility of a bowl ban AND if they want, the NCAA could make them give back their $ugar Bowl money. You can pretend that it’s all about those 5 players but other than the fact that their actions started the wheels in motion, it was Tressel who chose to drive this car off the cliff.

  4. 3RiversGuy says: Mar 31, 2011 3:59 PM

    Edgy: First, I agree that you can argue about 6 players who as freshmen sold items, and Tressel’s actions. But, Tressel was being informed by a former walk-on player / current lawyer that this was also part of a federal investigation for drug trafficking, and with warnings. Given that there are known leaks WITHIN THE NCAA OFFICES, what would you do? Would you immediately self-report all of the rumors and all of the possible implications?

    Second, the total amount of the 6 players plus Troy Smith’s handshake is a total of about $8,000.

    Can you contemplate the difference between 8K and Reggie Bush’s $300K and Cam’s father with Cam in the room (yes it should come public) about $2ooK ??? Or now, Dez Bryant at OK State with $200K?

    Or the billions (BILLIONS) of the BCS Fiesta Bowl created by SEC people?

    Let’s see… 8K compared with X00,000,000.000 is what?

    North Carolina is another of the southern states playing the SEC game… agents, payments, bullcrap not-for-profit status, etc.

  5. edgy says: Mar 31, 2011 4:17 PM

    Baloney. Tressel said that he didn’t forward the email to his bosses because of concerns about confidentiality and NOTHING about any possible leak at OSU. YET, he didn’t have those same concerns when he forwarded it on to Pryor’s mentor, who had NO BUSINESS — PERIOD, END OF DISCUSSION — knowing about the investigation, especially when it was supposedly confidential. Ok, that’s bad enough but he signed a letter to the NCAA that was an out and out lie, which is a MAJOR violation. NONE of this had anything to do with the kids, except for they committed the offense that he tried to cover up.

    Again, the players are a non-issue. NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING directed at Tressel has ANYTHING to do with the players. They got themselves into this and started the ball rolling BUT HE was the one who didn’t do the right thing. If he had put the school above his win totals, no one here or any where else would be saying a damn thing and probably would be defending him if he got any kind of punishment for their actions, IF HE HAD SELF-REPORTED the infractions, as he was REQUIRED.

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