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New accusation says Lyles asked for $80k for Patrick Peterson

Patrick Peterson


There’s a new accusation against Will Lyles, the owner of the Houston-based scouting company, Complete Scouting Services. According to an report and interview with former Texas A&M cornerbacks coach Van Malone, Lyles contacted Malone while A&M was recruiting current LSU DB Patrick Peterson, and requested $80,000 for Peterson to sign with the Aggies in 2007.

“If you want this kid, there are other schools that want this kid as well. They’re willing to pay a certain amount of money, around the $80,000 mark,'” Malone said. “He said that was something we were going to have to beat as a university to be able to obtain the services of this kid.”

Malone, now an assistant at Tulsa, said A&M didn’t pay for players.

Peterson himself could not be reached for comment, but Peterson’s father, Patrick Peterson Sr., told ESPN that even if money was solicited by Lyles, he was unaware.

“This is my first time hearing this. This is a shocker,” Peterson Sr. said. “It could have happened. It could have come out of [Lyles’] mouth, that’s what happens. These guys try to make money on their own, they are kind of like escort services. That’s what I call them, escort services.”

Or, pimps.

“It’s like Cam Newton, same thing,” Peterson Sr. said, “These guys — they are trying to get paid. You have to be careful who you talk to, who you deal with it. I just know him [Lyles] from the camps.”

Apparently, a lot of people “just kinda know” Lyles.

At this point, this is nothing more than an accusation by Malone. The report does not explain why Malone is choosing to reveal the information, or what Texas A&M did after the phone call between Malone and Lyles.

Nevertheless, the accusation adds another layer to the suspicions piling up against Lyles and any school associated with him, including LSU and Oregon. On March 16, LSU associate athletic director Herb Vincent said the university would not reveal the documented business arrangement between LSU and Lyles because, in his professional opinion, there was nothing to report.

LSU admitted to paying $6,000 for Lyles scouting services, and ESPN reported that Oregon paid roughly $25,000 for Lyles services in 2010 after running back recruit Lache Seastrunk signed with the Ducks.

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5 Responses to “New accusation says Lyles asked for $80k for Patrick Peterson”
  1. chachooga says: Mar 31, 2011 9:18 AM

    Sr.’s metaphor is amusing….even more amusing that Benny K elaborates. But there is no doubt Patrick Johnson (now Peterson) got PAID out of H.S. He was a UM commit pure and true then out of nowhere he goes LSU. Word out of the mouths of conspiracy theorists and non-conspiracy theorists around the UM program at that time was there was zero doubt he got PAID to become a tiger. Big time loss for UM because that guy turned out to be freakin awesome!!!

  2. florida727 says: Mar 31, 2011 9:47 AM

    Wonder what this guy Lyle is going to do now that any intelligent university won’t let him within 1,000 miles of their campus. He’s going to have to find another way to scam money. Probably start robbing ATMs of 7-11s. What a waste product…

  3. burntorangehorn says: Mar 31, 2011 10:56 AM

    Guys like Lyles need to be PNG on any school campus, but enforcement has to be a tough thing to tackle. Maybe classifying scouts as agents, therefore making contact with them grounds for loss of NCAA eligibility, should be the solution? It’d suck for services like Rivals or Scout to not have the ability to interview recruits anymore, but perhaps there’d be some way to parse the language so that it’d allow media contact only.

  4. mallard82 says: Mar 31, 2011 5:31 PM

    Your articles states that “Yahoo! Sports received financial information that showed Oregon paid roughly $16,500 more than normal for Lyles services in 2010 after running back recruit Lache Seastrunk signed with the Ducks.” (and there was a link to a 3/3/11 Yahoo story by Charles Robinson).

    I read the linked article, and there was no mention of Oregon paying “roughly $16,500 more than normal for Lyles’ services”. There was no discussion or attempt to value what would be a normal price for his services.

    Where are you getting that information? Are you just making this stuff up? I’ve read a ton of reports on Lyles and have never seen that amount quoted. Would you please explain where that amount came from or correct your report?

  5. Ben Kercheval says: Mar 31, 2011 7:29 PM


    You’re right… I linked to the wrong article (my bad). Here’s the ESPN report that explains the number breakdown

    Oregon paid $25,000 to Lyles in 2010… the $16,500 was over the course of two previous years.

    I will be sure to make the appropriate corrections… thanks again for keeping me in check.

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