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Writer: ‘Bama supporter paid for five-star recruit

Brent Calloway

The battle between in-state rivals Alabama and Auburn for the services of five-star linebacker Brent Calloway was, to say the least, intriguing.

Long a commitment to the Tide, the five-star linebacker stunned most observers by pulling his verbal commitment from the Tuscaloosa school and committing to the Tigers during the U.S. Army All-American Bowl — on NBC —  in early January.  The flip-flop did not please his family, and Calloway ultimately signed with the Tide on National Signing Day nearly a month after his initial flip.

That’s not the end of the story, however, according to at least one website.

By way of Mr., Jeffrey Lee of‘s Auburn site appeared on an Alabama radio station this morning and, in essence, accused Alabama of paying for Calloway’s talents.  Mr. has the bullet points of the explosive things Lee said went on financially between an Alabama supporter, Calloway and at least one member of Calloway’s family.

* A supporter of Alabama took Calloway to Tuscaloosa multiple times including the weekend prior to national signing day.

* The supporter allegedly then drove Calloway out of state and kept him there until he returned to his hometown of Russellville, Alabama on signing day.

* Before Calloway’s final trip to Tuscaloosa pre-signing day, the Bama supporter allegedly made cash payments to Harland “Peaches” Winston who is Calloway’s adoptive father.

* Winston supposedly received $2,500 from the Bama fan on at least one occasion.

* Supposedly, Winston also received aid in catching up on his home mortgage.

* The fan also allegedly provided Calloway with a new car that the player drove to school.  Supposedly enough questions were asked about the car that it was returned on the same day.

* Allegedly, the car was purchased by the Bama supporter from a dealership in Muscle Shoals owned by yet another Alabama supporter.

* Supposedly, the supporter told Calloway that he would receive $1,200 per month while playing at Alabama.

If true, this would be an instance where the word “wow” would hardly suffice.

Of course, eyebrows should be raised over a website dedicated to covering Auburn flinging serious accusations against rival Alabama.  But the level of detail involved in the accusations leveled against this Tide supporter — we’re unclear if the “booster” label should be applied — certainly makes this something to keep an eye on in the near future.

It should also go without saying that the NCAA may have an interest in speaking to a couple of individuals regarding the situation — if there even is a situation — that’s been brought to the public light.

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58 Responses to “Writer: ‘Bama supporter paid for five-star recruit”
  1. rolltide510 says: Apr 7, 2011 1:43 PM

    “Of course, eyebrows should be raised over a website dedicated to covering Auburn flinging serious accusations against rival Alabama”

    That doesn’t go far enough to describe Jeff Lee. He’s been concocting stories like this for years, and they’ve never once panned out. Google “auburn operation red dog” for some more good laughs.

  2. thezug says: Apr 7, 2011 1:45 PM

    They that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind.

  3. neyvit says: Apr 7, 2011 1:48 PM

    No! Lets go back to focusing on kids selling their own private property! That’s obviously more egregious and despicable.

  4. TxGrown says: Apr 7, 2011 1:55 PM

    “neyvit says: Apr 7, 2011 1:48 PM

    No! Lets go back to focusing on kids selling their own private property! That’s obviously more egregious and despicable.”

    I agree…let’s!

  5. edgy has an obsession with buckeyeboy being a young girl says: Apr 7, 2011 2:00 PM

    be careful john, if you question something edgy doesn’t like, he will say you are a childish apologist. Queen edgy might take offense to you not immediately condemning alabama and condemn you

    good thing for me that I am childish and an apologist because I feel that without evidence, this is just a guy trying to make a name for himself

    what do you thing Mr. Holier-Than-Thou Edgy?

  6. edgy says: Apr 7, 2011 2:06 PM

    neyvit says:


    How about the REAL issue that you guys don’t want to focus on: Tressel covering up this crap and lying to the NCAA. Most of what you hear from people concerning the kids is more sympathetic to them because there are a lot of people who think that it’s a non-issue. What THEY are concentrating on are TRESSEL’S actions.

  7. soflatrojan says: Apr 7, 2011 2:08 PM

    This is starting get like the Red Sox and Yankees where one team is driving up the price of player so the other team has to pay it.

    I would be interested in hearing Jeff Lee tell us what Auburn was offering.

  8. edgy says: Apr 7, 2011 2:25 PM

    BEG, maybe you just don’t understand what being an adult means. If Alabama proves to be dirty (is there any doubt in your mind that Jim Tressel LIED to the NCAA and attempted to cover up what was going on with his players? I ask because I can certainly point you to several NON-CFT articles from people not named John Taylor, which will enlighten you — as if that would ever happen).

    Again, Buckeye Nation is the HTT on this and every other site so stop trying to make me a member of your group.

    Maybe if you started thinking like an adult, you might actually understand everything that John is saying, which is: a supporter of Alabama’s hated rival leveled these charges and that will almost certainly being pointed out by the Tide supporters and they’ll most likely attack it (and level “pot calling the kettle black” accusations). At the same time, he’s saying that IF this is true then it’s going to get pretty interesting in Tuscaloosa and the NCAA will be sniffing around for evidence.

  9. swcoach says: Apr 7, 2011 2:27 PM

    @ edgy

    You honestly think that Saban and Cheznik and all the other coaches don’t know what is going on with their programs? Yep, I guess Tressel is the only coach who has lied.

  10. edgy has an obsession with buckeyeboy being a young girl says: Apr 7, 2011 2:34 PM

    nice comprehension Mr. Holier than thou edgy lol ur first paragraph has an if-then statement, and you swung and missed with the “then” part

    maybe if you would act your age you would understand this…..i mean you are approaching 70 right?

  11. CBFAN says: Apr 7, 2011 2:52 PM

    So.. exactly how does a story about an allegation of misconduct at Alabama turn into comments about Ohio State? Edgy, you really have a problem with OSU envy.

  12. jdf11 says: Apr 7, 2011 2:57 PM

    Finally the truth comes out. He has been paid more than $2500, that is a fact. His cousin has been given a place to stay and a new car to use. This all happened in January. The money is in fact being paid every month via a teammate. NCAA needs to come down hard on Alabama. They are a black eye to college football.

  13. bamasucks says: Apr 7, 2011 3:13 PM

    bama sucks. about the only thing that they’re pretty good at is cheating.

  14. macmc138 says: Apr 7, 2011 3:25 PM

    The story here is why after being the first commit to Alabama’s class, over a year before signing day, did Calloway suddenly switch to to Auburn in early January. I don’t think that AU or the girl(s) that AU used on his visit want this to get out. Alabama isn’t the one’s who just had part of an HBO special dedicated solely to them cheating.

  15. bamasucks says: Apr 7, 2011 3:43 PM

    how long has bama been on probation for cheating/paying players? 20 years?

    seriously, when was the last time that bama *wasn’t* on probation? hopefully they got a better deal on Calloway than they got for Albert Means.

  16. edgy says: Apr 7, 2011 3:44 PM

    swcoach says:


    Did you develop BEG-itis because I didn’t say anything close to that.



    I went there because BEG continues to act like the petulant girl that she is. She seems to believe that being an adult means that you don’t ever criticize the school or that you don’t hold the coach accountable and that you make excuses for what they did and even blame the kids for what the coach did.

    FYI, the day that USC has Ohio State envy is one that will never be seen.

  17. edgy says: Apr 7, 2011 3:52 PM

    CBFAN: USC 13 Ohio State 9 Kissing Sisters 1. USC has won the last 7 meetings, including 3 Rose Bowls. Yeah, there’s a lot of Ohio State envy coming from me (Don’t hold your breath).

  18. ihatechoosingusernames says: Apr 7, 2011 4:14 PM

    IF this turns out to be true, does this mean that the entire SEC is guilty of cheating, or does that only count in terms of bowl games?

  19. tryagainplease says: Apr 7, 2011 5:04 PM

    Supposedly, Allegedly, Supposedly, Allegedly, Supposedly, Allegedly, Supposedly, Allegedly, Supposedly, Allegedly, Supposedly, Allegedly, Supposedly, Allegedly <- i've never seen so many of these in one article/post in my life….

  20. neyvit says: Apr 7, 2011 5:31 PM

    The funny (sad) thing is that this would have been completely ignored by the SEC if a reporter didn’t dig it up. Same thing with what happened with Newton – the SEC knew about the allegations intimately back last January, but didn’t even make a show of trying to investigate until the media exposed it.

    And all the SEC-homers are right that the level of ‘dirty’ programs isn’t unique to the SEC – it’s nationwide. But there is a major difference; other conferences work to punish and investigate any dirt from their member programs, while the SEC tries to cover for them.

  21. John Taylor says: Apr 7, 2011 5:54 PM

    “The funny (sad) thing is that this would have been completely ignored by the SEC if a reporter didn’t dig it up. Same thing with what happened with Newton – the SEC knew about the allegations intimately back last January, but didn’t even make a show of trying to investigate until the media exposed it.”

    Just wanted to step in here for a second and state that the above is 100-percent wrong. Mississippi State gave the information they had on Newton’s dad to the SEC in January. The SEC then requested additional information from MSU, which the school itself admitted they didn’t supply until July. It was at that point the SEC and NCAA began digging, a full four months before the media uncovered it.

    This link right HERE should clear up your confusion on this issue.

  22. thefiesty1 says: Apr 7, 2011 6:02 PM

    Peaches? I thought hiding players from other school recruiters ended years ago.

  23. neyvit says: Apr 7, 2011 6:26 PM


    Excuse me, John, but there is nothing “100% wrong” about that. Sure, I infused a little Big Ten-homer exaggeration to get my point across – but the sentiment still stands.

    Taking 7 months (from January until July) to inform the NCAA of the allegations is HARDLY evidence of any investigation taking place. If you are willing to buy the excuse that they couldn’t do anything for those 7 months until they got “additional information” from MSU, then fine. I see it as them stalling and ignoring very serious allegations with an absurdly weak excuse.

    Compare that to the tOSU situation where both the conference and NCAA were fully informed about the violations within a week of tOSU finding them – and where punishment was handed down immediately (by NCAA for the players, and self-imposed by tOSU for Tressel pending further NCAA punishments). While the SEC stalls the investigation hoping that no punishments come out of it until after Newton is gone with his Heisman and Auburn with their title. Their is a clear and undeniable difference in the transparency and cooperation that these two conferences operate with when it comes to NCAA violations.

    So, I just wanted step in and state that your comment was 100% wrong (or like 55% wrong, but I’ll round up.)

  24. gamustangdude says: Apr 7, 2011 6:37 PM


    “other conferences work to punish and investigate any dirt from their member programs, while the SEC tries to cover for them.”

    I’m sure you got proof to back that up or is that your opinion?

    You can stop crying now, 4-11-1 (Ohio State’s record vs SEC Schools) must be really hard to live with.

  25. tryagainplease says: Apr 7, 2011 6:42 PM

    @neyvit- i guess tressel shouldn’t be a part of the big 10 then given his proclivity at covering things up. is it even possible to be more self-righteous than osu fans?

  26. macbull says: Apr 7, 2011 6:47 PM

    John Taylor writes…”It should also go without saying that the NCAA may have an interest in speaking to a couple of individuals regarding the situation — if there even is a situation — that’s been brought to the public light.”

    Hey John Taylor…YA THINK?…the ncaa should be interested?

    Taylor, will you go after Nick Saban and the Alabama football program the way you have dogged Jim Tressel and Ohio State?

    I wonder if your self-proclaimed “hanging judge” and good buddy, Ed Ray, the chair of the NCAA’s Executive Committee, will go after Nick Saban and Alabama the way he went after Jim Tressel and Ohio State?

    How John Taylor and Ed Ray conduct themselves regarding these allegations against Nick Saban and the Alabama football program could be very telling…

    I’ll be watching…mac

  27. John Taylor says: Apr 7, 2011 6:54 PM

    @macbull: if Coach Woodcock lies about, withholds from his bosses or covers up information he has regarding potential NCAA violations, I will be all over him.

  28. browniebuck says: Apr 7, 2011 8:15 PM

    HUGE Buckeye fan here…we, as Buckeye fans, need to realize that our beloved football coach screwed up BIG time and stop trying to minimize it. He broke the rules, PERIOD. He was trying to keep some of his key guys eligible to help him win football games…PERIOD! I STILL can’t believe that he did what he is accused of doing, but it seems like every couple days something new comes out that digs his hole even deeper.

    That being said…if these allegations are true? WOW to say the least. Am I naive enough to believe that this doesn’t go on…NO. Am I surprised that they were careless enough to leave a paper trail long enough for their bitter rival to get their hands on it…YES. With all of the experience that the big time schools have cheating/skirting the system, seeing them get caught always surprises me…especially if they have been caught in the past. Wouldn’t you think that they would get someone in charge of their underhanded dealings that was at least slick enough to avoid getting their University busted again???

  29. Deb says: Apr 7, 2011 10:57 PM

    Aw … it’s so cute seeing all the Auburn fans salivating because an Auburn writer on an Auburn site claims a recruit was paid to switch from Auburn to Bama.

    Sorry, kids, but that doesn’t equate with Newton’s daddy admitting he tried to pimp his son and four Auburn players saying they were paid to play. Nice try, though 😉

    And bless your little hearts … you and those beleaguered Ohio State fans must have blistered your fingers giving each other all those thumbs up. 😆

  30. rashardmendenballs says: Apr 7, 2011 11:52 PM

    Saban will either sweep this under the rag. Or, if he is smart, he will see if there is a paper trail. If there is a paper trail, he needs to terminate this kids letter of intent asap.

    The NCAA on the other hand will probably say “you know what, everyone makes mistakes”. I wouldn’t be surprise if they take this stance. Even though, the kid and his “father” knew what was going on.

  31. Deb says: Apr 8, 2011 12:18 AM

    @rashardmendenballs …

    Saban has reported infractions before–and butted heads with boosters before. He’s too smart to start sweeping things under the rug if they’re already starting to leak.

    I joke because you have to consider the source on this report. But this kind of thing can happen to any program, including Bama. The allegations are about a “supporter”–and it would never surprise me to learn a booster from any school was handing money, cars, etc., to recruits without a coach’s knowledge. Some of those HBO allegations about Auburn involved boosters. Beats me why these good ol’ boys want to fork over so much cash out of their own pockets, but I’ve never had money to burn.

  32. edgy says: Apr 8, 2011 10:16 AM

    Deb, rarely does a school get in trouble because of itself. A disgruntled former player, a booster or coach at a rival school or an investigative reporter bring this stuff to light long before a lot of schools ever do and some of the ones at the school that were involved tend to feign ignorance when it comes out (even though they may have been in the room when the plan was approved — see SMU). One of the things that hurt the SWC (That’s Southwestern Conference for those that only know the Big 12) was that its own coaches and administrators were turning each other in and it was nothing more than getting back at the school that they turned in for turning them in because let’s face it, THAT school was doing the same thing (Let’s not forget that the whole “Scam” Newton affair started with accusations from the direction of MSU and while the Tiger fans called this sour grapes, Cecil Newton admitted to wrong doing but absolved his son of any knowledge of what he did. To which, I think that most, if not all Tide fans have said — “Yeah, pull this finger, too.”).

    As for the “good ol’ boys”, let’s not forget that rarely do these guys actually matriculate at the school and many of them think of this as a way to give back to the school that they love (No matter how scummy you think they are, they really have good intentions, even if you don’t agree with their methods. In their minds, this isn’t cheating as much as it’s giving the school a leg up on the competition and allows them to brag on their cousin, who supports their hated rivals ).

  33. rickslaton says: Apr 8, 2011 10:59 AM

    is this the same Jeff Lee from Rivals who posted any rivals members personal information (address & phone number) who dared to speak about the Cam Newton investigation

    If you post about Auburn cheating on rivals, you can expect Jeff Lee to post your account information for the world to see in retaliation

    what a scumbag, only Auburn would be associated with a fan website run by a lunatic who frequently posts member info in an effort to keep people from discussing the things he wants to sweep under the rug

    Dont speak of that… or I’ll make sure to leak your credit card information so you can have you identity stolen

    If someone deserves to be in jail for violation of privacy laws… its Jeff Lee

  34. sprizzle2182 says: Apr 8, 2011 11:08 AM

    this whole story is a desperate attempt by an AU fan to take the heat of themselves…Calloway was a BAMA commit for over a year, and when AU offered him the chance to play RB he took it…then Saban told him..and this is straight from Brent’s mouth…”you can play whereever you want”…so he went back to his ORIGINAL committment with BAMA…any proof of a car being given? or money exchanging hands? no… bc there isnt any…its very interesting that all of the sudden this story is coming out…

  35. buckifan4life says: Apr 8, 2011 11:15 AM

    Oh, wait a minute,… are you taking a little time off from the Ohio State witchhunt to report some “actual” meaningful recruiting violations?

    BTW: all Calloway has to do is say (lie) that he didn’t know about anything and if actual(typical SEC scores) enrollment test scores are taken into consideration, maybe he didn’t understand. I could be wrong, he could be the genius of the recruiting class.

    Let’s see if ESPN and PFT go after the story with as much vigor as they go after Jim Tressel and OSU…

  36. buckifan4life says: Apr 8, 2011 11:21 AM

    @ sprizzlw2182

    If this is a hoax story, isn’t it the responsibility of PFT to check their sources and NOT publish a story they deem MAY be false? Isn’t that call into question the ethical reporting of PFT? Intead of just regurgitating info they find, maybe they should actually do some of their own investigation. You could be right or wrong. I really don’t trust PFT to know or care either way. They just want the page click throughs.

  37. dg0122 says: Apr 8, 2011 11:22 AM

    YAWN- another day in the SEC…the most corrupt cesspool in sports.

    Auburn, Tennessee, LSU, Florida, and Alabama fans complaining about each other cheating is absolutely hysterical.

  38. sprizzle2182 says: Apr 8, 2011 11:30 AM

    it is their responsibility…but they want readers and will absolutely regurgate a story they hear…this story started 2 days ago with a sport writer for AU writing something on bleacher report saying he has NO PROOF but it seems weird to him, THEN someone went on a radio show and added a little more to it…then this article added even more, including talk of cars and money…its just funny how all this is coming from an AU fan and writer in the wake of the HBO and armed robbery scandals they are dealing with…its actually pretty pathetic….but when your grasping at straws cuz your scared your 2nd NC in 57 years might get vacated, i’d start spewing garbage outta my mouth too…

  39. sprizzle2182 says: Apr 8, 2011 11:31 AM

    not too mention..the original article was so full of wrong facts…they referred to Brent as an original AU commit who BAMA just swept in a stole…

  40. edgy says: Apr 8, 2011 12:18 PM

    To those who think that John is conducting a witch hunt against Ohio State: do you believe that the entire net is conducting a witch hunt, as well because these stories are all at the top of the hit parade at ESPN, CBS Sports, Yahoo and on and on and on. Oh, I get it, the ENTIRE Internet, including Buckeye Sites, have it in for them. Take your tin-foil hats off and realize that this is a story that keeps writing itself with each revelation coming out of Columbus. I notice that you guys weren’t complaining about all the stories about Newton and Auburn when John was writing them. I know that you’ll never see the folly of your accusations so I expect that you’ll stop pleasuring yourself and use your opposable thumbs on this post — have at it…

  41. Deb says: Apr 8, 2011 12:31 PM

    @edge …

    My point was that if coaches participated, the school is responsible for its own troubles. If boosters took it upon themselves to “help out” without sanction, the school is not responsible.

    If there were any truth to this report, I doubt Saban or his staff had anything to do with it–not because I think he’s a saint but because I think he’s too smart to pull a stunt like that with a kid this flaky when so many programs are already under scrutiny. Bama’s previous infractions were not under Saban.

    Sorry, but I’m not cutting slack to the good ol’ boys. You don’t get rich by being stupid; they know what they’re doing is against the rules and they know what happened to SMU. (And SMU took the bullet for a lot of schools.)

    The boosters want to win at any cost and there’s nothing noble in that. If they want to show love to the school, let them contribute to an academic program, or let them contribute to the athletic program above the table. And if any of these bastards wind up causing a school to go on probation, they should be banned from attending games for life with the penalty for violation being a mandatory jail term.

    I’m sick of seeing schools, athletes, and millions of everyday fans suffer because some guy with money to burn bought some kid a car, paid a recruit six figures, or gave a kid a “money shake.” College football should be paying these kids a stipend plus a percentage of the merchandising rights to their own names and images. Boosters should buy luxury boxes and jerseys and take their chances like everyone else.

  42. chiefcarnes says: Apr 8, 2011 1:01 PM

    I wonder if there is actually a way to stop money changing hands.
    NO, there really is not. There are to many wealthy men talking to young men that have absolutely no money.
    Money is not everything, but it buys it.

  43. edgy says: Apr 8, 2011 1:04 PM

    Deb, did I say that it was noble? No, I said that they don’t believe that they’re cheating and that this is the best way that they feel that they can help the school and many of them give money to the athletic department above board, as well as the $100 hand shakes. Now, I’m not accusing Saban but let’s be honest, there are a lot of coaches that don’t want to know for reasons of plausible deniability and yet, they had an inkling and didn’t even do the minimum to make sure that the boosters didn’t cross the lines. Then you’ve got the coach that won’t stray over the line but makes the mistake and hires a guy that has a history of doing so (like Orgeron). It’s only a matter of time before something happens and while I don’t fault that coach — directly — for what happens, I do think that they should have been more careful in the first place and if they were smart, get language put into their contracts that gives the school the ability to get out of their contracts without paying anything further and penalizing them monetarily.

  44. buckifan4life says: Apr 8, 2011 1:15 PM


    At one point, the CFT homepage news list was almost completely about Ohio State. Did I say the entire internet was witchhunting? No, I didn’t, but ESPN and CFT (which I misstated as PFT) I believe are on that hunt. Speculation is rampant about Tressel’s future and I assure you, it is not in the balance. He will coach OSU this season if the NCAA allows him to.

  45. edgy says: Apr 8, 2011 1:52 PM

    buckifan4life says:


    If you took a snapshot of one day, that might be true but the fact is that there was a flurry of Ohio State articles that came out at one time AND you’ll notice that there are people who are still commenting on stories that are a dead issue and keeping them at the top of CFT’s most commented list. Those same articles were also part of the news on those very same days on other sites. HOWEVER, this is a BLOG site and NOT a news site like ESPN. If you want to see something similar then you need to read an article and look to the right and you’ll see the most commented articles and you’ll find that an article about Notre Dame will have links to stories about Notre Dame on the top right. Does that mean that they have it out for ND? The difference is that a news site will move stories off the front page quickly while a blog site only moves them off the front page when new stories come out to replace them, even if they’re not as exciting (You might want to note that some of the stories in the Top 10 here have long since moved off the front page but there are some people who are keeping them alive and guess what, John hasn’t posted in nearly all of them).

    As for Tressel, with the exception of a few people, you don’t see people talking much about him being ousted. Anything that John posted on the subject are from other sites and his biggest thing wasn’t that the guy should be fired, as much as he should have received punishment that was more in line for his position. In other words, if the kids that did this got 5 games then the guy who oversaw them AND lied about knowing about it before it became public knowledge AND signed an NCAA compliance letter that stated this AND lied that he was thinking about confidentiality when he didn’t send the email to his bosses BUT sent them to Pryor’s mentor, should have gotten far worse than 5 games (Especially, if he’s allowed to game plan those 5 games and have contact with everyone except on game day. That’s not a punishment, that’s a little vacation time). I’ve supported Pete Carroll for years but when he left USC, I wasn’t mad that he left for a job in the NFL but I believed that it was too coincidental that he looked like he was leaving a sinking ship before sanctions came out and rumors were flying that USC was going to bend over and take it without Vaseline. If you go back and take a look at what John’s written about Ohio State, you’ll find that he’s been its biggest supporter here BUT that he’s been fair and didn’t let his love of the school bias his reports.

  46. Deb says: Apr 8, 2011 1:59 PM

    @edge …

    Don’t have time today to play word games. You’re giving the boosters a pass. They don’t think it’s cheating my backside. When SMU gets the death penalty and it’s football program takes 25 years to recover–all thanks to boosters slinging their money around–the boosters know it’s cheating. When programs all over the NCAA have been penalized for these money issues, the boosters know it’s cheating. And they’re not cheating for love of school as much as for the egotistical thrill of ensuring a championship.

    I don’t know if this is true, but I do know Saban has been pissing in the booster’s Wheaties ever since coming to Bama. So he’s certainly discouraged their interference in his program. His reputation for doing that is one reason so many of them fought the trustees on hiring him.

    It’s impossible, as chiefcarnes posted, to police every guy flinging cash at players. But if one gets caught, they can sure bring the hammer down on him.

  47. edgy says: Apr 8, 2011 2:15 PM

    BTW, for the OSU fans, I do think that I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Deb could probably say “Welcome to my world” because Florio ran a spate of Big Ben stories and if any of you think that people here are hard on OSU, you didn’t spend any time reading those Big Ben stories, which had more than 5-8 times the comments than anything that has come out here (When ANY Ohio State article hit 200+ comments like Big Ben’s did then you’ll get an idea of what goes on over there. Hell, a Viking or Packers article elicits more comments just from the Vikings and Packers insulting each other than what any single article about Ohio State does). If you guys think that John has it out for Ohio State then you have no idea. :)

  48. jat373 says: Apr 8, 2011 2:27 PM

    Auburn (and some OSU fans apparently) wishful thinking is coming to an end.

    The accuseed “supporter” has notified WNSP,, and J Lee that his legal counsel is preparing responses to the allegations, and they are now notified of such which has led to a hush mode from J Lee (who was absent from a scheduled interview today in order to discuss his report)

    It will be found that there is no basis for the claims other than internet chatter which the majority of originated on J Lee’s own site.

    This will only serve to put Auburn in a worse light. The University of Alabama or a recognized representative of the University is not involved and Brent Calloway is not enrolled in the university (much less has he even played a down for Bama).

    Even if the allegations were true and someone not associated with the University did something (unbeknownst to the University or the coaching staff) to jeopardize the eligibility of Brent Calloway it would have been determined before he ever played for Bama, so it was truly a non-issue for the University other than the potential of losing the eligibility (or a portion of it) of one of their recruits.

    Auburn and their media outlets ar desperate to generate some negative exposure for someone other than themselves for obvious reasons, but this one is about to blow up in their faces.

  49. edgy says: Apr 8, 2011 2:36 PM

    Deb, NOT AT ALL. I’m not giving them a pass at all and if you see that then you’re not reading what I said. All I’m saying is what THEY ARE THINKING. Hell, if you’ve ever seen comments by these guys about what they did they and why they did it, you’d understand what I’m talking about. It doesn’t mean that I approve of what they do but that they see themselves as something different than you do. As I said before, “In their minds, this isn’t cheating as much as it’s giving the school a leg up on the competition.

    As for SMU, they and not the NCAA screwed themselves like they did. The idiots didn’t accept the partial year and lost not one but two years and because of that, guys who would have stayed around for even a partial year, took off and they had to start over from scratch when they finally did restart the program. They hired Forrest Gregg, who was a former player but had no business coaching in college and he made it one of the most unattractive jobs during his brief time and they just kept making bad hire after bad hire. The only REAL coach that they hired was June Jones and that’s when they FINALLY turned it around. SMU’s boosters were a problem but even more of a problem is that it was something that the administration was well aware of and turned a blind eye (Alabama’s problems during the Shula era were exacerbated by the fact that they hired him instead of anyone else).

    But, unless Saban forbids them from having any kind of contact with his players, there ARE going to be $100 handshakes and he could be in the room and never know it unless one of his players tells him.

  50. edgy has an obsession with buckeyeboy being a young girl says: Apr 8, 2011 2:45 PM

    well leave it to the dumba** to speak again

    edgy accounting for the number of comments on a story does not mean anything. if you had any sense you would know that there are less readers on CFT than on PFT. if CFT got the amount of readers that PFT gets, you would undoubtedly see the same number of comments on certain articles

    congratulations on your fail once again

    edgy doesnt hate OSU, he just must comment about them on every article that he reads

  51. Deb says: Apr 8, 2011 3:46 PM

    @edge ….

    Oookay, I see. Thought you were letting the boosters off the hook. Funny you bring up Shula–you know why Bama hired him, right? Because he was squeaky clean. After the improprieties in the Dubose era and Mike Price’s strip club fiasco, the trustees wanted a guy who was going to try to run a clean program and sleep in his own bed at night. Whatever else I think of Shula, he’s that guy.

    I’m not letting SMU off the hook either; they definitely brought it on themselves. Just saying, they weren’t unique among schools at that time. And yes, the school was largely responsible for how long it took for the program to recover.

  52. altecocker says: Apr 8, 2011 4:51 PM

    Allegations from fans, boosters, bloggers, columnists, and your average bowling team come thicker than flies around the corps of truth. Although some of these contain pieces of truth (ranging from a smidgeon or a soup*con to, perhaps, a dollop), it is not possible for coaches, committees, or other mythical control officers to react to even a significant proportion of them. They only respond when they know of some corroborating evidence (and it is not their own behavior) or when it reaches a level of publicity that cannot be ignored.

    Strangely, coaches have other things to do besides respond to the self-serving rantings of everyone with a computer and a minimum ability to blog. Yes, there are abuses and many will never come to light, but responding to every allegation of this sort is simply not possible.

  53. edgy says: Apr 8, 2011 5:06 PM

    Deb, and you see how that helped SMU, didn’t you? Those that don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it and there’s a big difference in going after a squeaky clean BOOB and a squeaky clean coach. He’s proof that genetics mean nothing, as both he and his brother sucked as head coaches.

  54. edgy says: Apr 8, 2011 5:19 PM

    Leave it to BEG to be too stupid to understand the point. Listen, genius, there are many, many, many posts on PFT that get NO — ZERO – NADA – BEG’s IQ — for comments. The average number of posts on many of those comments are about the same as they are here. However, the LARGER point, you boob, is that since pro football is so popular, the number of comments on the hot button issues far outnumber those here and the abuse that people on one side or the other take far outdoes what goes on here and if you SUCKEYES think that you’ve had it bad here, it’s nothing when compared to what Deb has endured as a Steeler fan and when you guys complain about John, I can imagine her saying “Welcome to my world” and laughing at how a couple of messages inflame you so much to accuse John of having an anti-Ohio State bias. You are definitely an example of the fallacy of the superiority of the Big 10 education.

    BTW, once again, I don’t hate Ohio State, I hate their fans. You guys and gals are THE most loathed fans on the Internet and it’s not even close.

  55. Deb says: Apr 8, 2011 8:31 PM

    @edge …

    I’m with you on the Shula thing. You should hear the local stories about how out of touch he really was.

    @Buckeyeboy …

    edgy is right. PFT practically had to give me my own personal moderator because the stuff being posted was so bad. I’m a rape survivor, a writer/researcher, with criminal defense attorneys in my family, and a close friend high up on that Milledgeville case. I posted only facts straight from the files. But people went berserk on me for months–even my own fan base. Some guys even posted graphic accounts of how I should be raped. Plus I’d tune in national TV shows and hear people saying things about my team I knew from the local law enforcement were untrue.

    Honestly, it would have been easier on everyone if Roethlisberger had been guilty because we could have just dumped him and moved on.

    But like I told you before, nothing Tressel has done will change what Ohio State is. Like all programs, you’ll have your ups and downs, but this Tressel situation will pass and OSU will continue to be the football powerhouse it’s always been.

  56. edgy says: Apr 9, 2011 11:26 AM

    Deb, when I read that Alabama had hired him, I laughed so hard that I nearly gave myself an aneurism. If you look at the past, they made some pretty good hires with guys who had previous coaching experience but some crappy ones with guys who were just getting their feet wet. I was glad to see them get Saban because he followed that formula, unlike Shula and DuBose. The irony of hiring Shula for his reputation is that 16 of Alabama’s victories under him were vacated for a textbook scandal. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what the coach does when others screw him over.

  57. Deb says: Apr 9, 2011 2:17 PM

    LOL Oh, bless his heart. He was the last to figure out his head was on the chopping block. It was practically announced in the papers and he was still blindsided.

    A blind duck could see what a get Saban was, but that didn’t stop some boosters from fighting it. He refuses to kowtow to those guys and they can’t stand it. That’s pretty sad when they’d rather have an a**-kissing coach than a winning coach.

  58. dkhhuey says: Apr 12, 2011 3:04 PM

    I long for the day that a topic is just discussed for what it is instead of a few troll idiots making it into a Big 10/OSU vs. the entire south. Until any actual proof comes out, is investigated, documented, confirmed, and adjudicated – this is all pointless accusations. Every single big time school has to deal with issues, some minor, some major but to sit hear and babble on about which school has had more violations over the last 100 years is just an exercise in futility and stupidity. What happened 25 years ago under a different coaching staff/school administration has absolutely no relevance to what is happening today unless the same staff is still in place.

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