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Tide finds no violations in Calloway’s recruitment

Golf Club

Well, that was certainly fast.

A day after a “report” emerged that an Alabama supporter had “bought” the talents of UA signee Brent Calloway, the school has concluded its investigation.  Whether the SEC and/or NCAA sees this as the end of the saga remains to be seen.

According to both the Birmingham News and, a trip by school officials to Calloway’s hometown of Russellville Friday and subsequent interviews with those close to the linebacker resulted in UA finding no NCAA violations had occurred.  Thus, the school does not plan on filing a report with the NCAA.

At the center of the “controversy” created by‘s Auburn website is a man by the name of Darren Woodruff.  The website levied serious allegations earlier in the week that Woodruff, president of a chemical company and a self-professed Alabama supporter, had given a car to Calloway as well as cash to the recruit and at least one member of his family as an enticement to sign with UA.

Tide officials spoke with Woodruff during their trip to Russellville and uncovered several key distinctions regarding whether Woodruff is a “booster” or merely a really, really big fan of the football program.

Alabama learned that Woodruff drove Calloway to the majority of the school’s home football games in 2009, during his junior year, on unofficial visits. That could be considered an NCAA violation if Woodruff were found to be a representative of Alabama’s athletics interests.

But Alabama also learned that Woodruff is not a graduate of the school and has not donated money to the school’s athletics department or purchased season tickets. Any one of those characteristics could identify a person as a booster.

NCAA Bylaw says a school may provide up to three complimentary passes to a home football game (as long as they’re in the general seating section) for a prospect on an unofficial visit and two guests.

In addition, Alabama learned that Woodruff’s relationship with Calloway began when Calloway transferred to Russellville High School for the ninth grade, which would predate Calloway’s status as a major college football prospect.

That can be an important distinction when the NCAA decides whether a contact made by an individual is impermissible.

NCAA Bylaw lists exceptions to the general rule that prohibits recruiting contacts by a booster. One of those exceptions is an “established family friend or neighbor, it being understood that such contacts are not made for recruiting purposes and are not initiated by a member of the institution’s coaching staff.”

Woodruff himself spoke to, and reiterated what UA officials uncovered.

“I’m not an alumnus, I’ve never bought a ticket from them and I’ve never given them a dime of my money,” Woodruff told the website. “I attended games as a guest of Brent when he was a junior. I did it because he didn’t have a coach that would take him.”

Woodruff also shared an interesting tidbit that sheds some additional light on the motives behind his relationship with Calloway.

Calloway isn’t the only youth Woodruff has helped. Former Russellville student Aaron Hollingsworth, whose house burned down almost two years ago, currently lives with the Woodruffs. Hollingsworth is not a Russellville athlete and has no high school eligibility remaining.

“I’m just passionate about helping young people,” Woodruff said.

On the surface, and at least at the moment, this whole imbroglio seems to be nothing more than a website flinging mud in the general direction of their hated in-state rivals.  As far as Alabama is concerned, nothing has stuck that would constitute an NCAA violation.  As we said earlier, though, whether their conference or the governing body of collegiate athletics agrees that nothing impermissible occurred remains to be seen.

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46 Responses to “Tide finds no violations in Calloway’s recruitment”
  1. gorilladunk says: Apr 10, 2011 2:01 PM

    A one day investigation, huh? In a related note, Qadaffi says he finds, “no wrongdoing in regard to the way his people have been treated”. Leaders in China issue same press release. I’m pretty sure this issue has nothing to do with the athletic dept. at Alabama. That, however, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

  2. Deb says: Apr 10, 2011 2:34 PM

    @gorilladunk …

    Given that the guy is providing a home for a kid whose house burned down two years ago, that’s a pretty sorry analogy.


  3. Deb says: Apr 10, 2011 2:40 PM

    Gee, gorilladunk, maybe it takes Cowtown administrators weeks to determine whether a guy is an alumnus, has contributed to the school, or holds season tickets, but it wouldn’t take more than a day for people with normal IQs. Since Woodruff isn’t a booster, Auburn’s pitiful attempts to drag Bama into its mud bath don’t amount to anything. :roll:

    JT … why is there a photo of a golf club with this article?

  4. John Taylor says: Apr 10, 2011 2:45 PM

    @Deb: I was trying to figure out an appropriate photo, and I started thinking “Woodruff was Calloway’s driver to Tide games…” and the pic of a Callaway driver is the unfortunate consequence of that thought process.

  5. thefiesty1 says: Apr 10, 2011 3:16 PM

    Of course an internal investigation (in one day) found no violations. Not much news here.

  6. Deb says: Apr 10, 2011 3:41 PM

    @JT …

    ROFL … that’s hysterical!!!

    Or … you’d rather be on the golf course today 😉

  7. Deb says: Apr 10, 2011 3:47 PM

    @thefiesty1 …

    Well, I’m happy to see what the NCAA says. All the charges were leveled by some Auburn guy on an Auburn Web site and repeated on Auburn radio with no corroborating evidence.

    For there to have been an impropriety, Woodruff would have to be a booster–meaning a financial contributor to UA, and/or an alumnus, and/or a season-ticket holder. And whatever he did for the youngster would have had to occur during the recruiting period.

    Woodruff isn’t a booster and has been helping out this kid since ninth grade–which he also does for kids who aren’t football players. Yep, bring on the NCAA.

    In other (real) news, trial of the Auburn boosters in the state corruption scandal is scheduled to begin in June.

  8. BrownsTown says: Apr 10, 2011 5:49 PM

    So can an agent claim that he’s a family friend if they start developing relationships when these kids are in 9th grade or below (aka the Kiffen Years)?

    Such a fine line with all of this.

  9. BrownsTown says: Apr 10, 2011 5:52 PM

    I was also confused by the story pic. What is this, the New Yorker? Dumb it down for us, JT.

  10. John Taylor says: Apr 10, 2011 6:13 PM

    @BrownsTown: it doesn’t get much dumber than that choice of pics, to be honest.

  11. Deb says: Apr 10, 2011 6:16 PM

    @BrownsTown …

    I’d agree if Woodruff were a Bama booster and only looked out for potential recruits, but he’s not a booster and is also helping a kid who isn’t a college prospect. Plus it seems all he did was drive the kid to local games.

    I’m not one to get bent out of shape over kids trading autographs for tats, but I take pay-for-play seriously. This is nothing but some Auburn folks trying to take the heat off themselves after the HBO special.

    And for anyone to make an analogy comparing college recruiting shenanigans at any school to life and death in Libya is moronic.

  12. bamasucks says: Apr 10, 2011 6:45 PM

    it’s not surprising that Woodruff isn’t an alumni/booster. do you honestly believe that the rec(Red Elephant Club) would use anyone else as a bagman?

    it’s not like bama doesn’t have more than their share of sidewalk alumni that would be more than happy to step in and help bama cheat their way to another #1 recruiting class.

    look at Jerrell Harris and the laptop incident, Julio Jones and the fishing trip, etc. it’s not like there isn’t a pattern here or anything.

  13. Deb says: Apr 10, 2011 7:21 PM

    @bamasucks …

    Within a week of HBO airing a highly publicized special in which four former Auburn players said on camera they’d been paid to play … a notorious Auburn fan went onto an Auburn Web site and started declaring he alone had evidence that a Bama booster (which he’s not) had bought a car (which he didn’t) yada yada for a kid that switched from Bama to Auburn and backed to Bama. No one has provided evidence of wrongdoing, and the Auburn dude who started the whole thing has backed off and canceled interviews.

    Now if the shoe were on the other foot, would you take that seriously? Noooo.

    Like I said, let the NCAA investigate Bama’s findings. And y’all are welcome to the kid, too. He’s already been more trouble than any one kid is worth as far as I’m concerned.

    Tattoos, laptops, fishing trips, textbooks … vs. paying a kid six figures. Sorry, bamasucks. Just don’t see the correlation.

  14. gatorfan1 says: Apr 10, 2011 7:28 PM


    So let me get this straight. Four years ago, Alabama approached someone who’s not an alumni/booster, has nothing to do with the program, and asks him to start a friendship with a 9th grader, on the outside chance that some day the kid will be a 5* recruit that every college in the country wants to recruit. Ok.

    You remind me of overratedgators who tries to say he doesn’t have an agenda and talks out of his ass and can’t get his facts straight! Or just outright lies and makes crap up to make himself sound smart.

  15. bamasucks says: Apr 10, 2011 9:19 PM


    all i’m saying is that there’s a much smoke around Brent Calloway’s recruitment as there was around anything involving Cam Newton in the last year. Deb didn’t need proof or hard evidence when she was commenting on that situation, but i guess this is different.

    and yeah, Alabama has a history of individuals that aren’t alumni/boosters giving their players illegal benefits. it happened with Jerrell Harris, it happened with Julio Jones, it happened with Dre Kirkpatrick, and now it sounds like it’s happened with Brent Calloway.

    as far as being a 9th grader goes, how old was Noel Devine when Deion Sanders tried to adopt him? if you think that they don’t start on these kids at an early age, you’re the one that has their head in the sand, not me.

  16. bamasucks says: Apr 10, 2011 9:27 PM

    oh yeah, and Logan Young wasn’t an alumni/booster,either. but for some reason, he felt the need to pay Albert Means’ HC 200k to convince him to play for bama.

    all it ended up getting him was a push “up” a flight of stairs.

  17. hawkinsob says: Apr 10, 2011 9:41 PM

    JT, the details of this particular story aside, I’m confused about this “booster” vs “really, really big fan of the program” distinction. This story starts off talking about cash and a car. Can “really, really big fans” of a program really give cash, cars, and whatever else they want to a recruit to entice him to go to the school they are a “really, really big fan” of, and its all OK, so long as they don’t donate money to the school (so they are not technically a “booster”)? Can that really be right?

    If so, I bet there are a lot of “really, really big fans” (but not boosters mind you) of various programs out there who would be more than happy to help their favorite teams out. Correct me if I’m wrong about how this rule works (I hope I’m wrong).

  18. Deb says: Apr 10, 2011 10:02 PM

    @bamasucks …

    No there is not the smoke around the Calloway situation there is around the Newton situation! Are you kidding?

    Mississippi State reported to the SEC that Newton’s father solicited six figures from them in exchange for Cam’s services and Cecil admitted it was true. Cecil had a relationship with Dan Mullen and offered him a $20,000 discount off that $200,000, but we’re supposed to believe after one visit to Auburn, he decided his son should sign with the Tigers two weeks later for free?

    And you have four former Auburn players on the record on the HBO special saying they took pay for play.

    By contrast, you have a fan of our biggest rival declaring a booster–who isn’t a booster has paid a recruit when there’s no evidence whatsoever that happened.

    Oh yeah … those two situations are practically identical :roll:

    Like I keep saying … let the NCAA investigate.

  19. Deb says: Apr 10, 2011 10:09 PM

    @hawkinsob …

    Boosters are people with tangible ties to the university. Those ties include:

    Being an alumnus, or

    Being a financial contributor, or

    Being a season ticket holder.

    You can’t hold a university responsible for the behavior of every Tom, Dick, and Harriet Fan.

    In this case it appears the story about the car isn’t true. But if I had the money to be buying cars for players, I’d be buying my way to Tuscaloosa for games, wouldn’t you?

  20. gatorfan1 says: Apr 10, 2011 10:16 PM


    First off, Logan Young was a huge booster of Alabama football. The Deion Sanders / Noel Devine incident speaks for itself. Sanders played for FSU and wanted Devine to go there.

    Concerning the Julio Jones / Mark Ingram fishing trip. The person in question knew Julio Jones and was not a booster also. The reason this was even looked at is because the person only knew Jones three years. The NCAA only looks at these situations if the known associations start after the 9th grade year when a kid is eligible to play varsity sports.

    I want to give you an example of how absurd this really is. My son plays high school basketball and is being recruited. He will receive a scholarship to college. Not sure whether he will be good enough for Div I yet, but he will get a free education.

    Because of AAU and travel teams my son has many friends that play b-ball and have been recruited.

    I took one of the kids for his official visit to the University of Florida, where I’ve had season tickets for 20 years. The kid ended up signing with another school. But my son remains friends with the kid and when he is around I take him and my son to various things, along with a lot of other kids, some who play b-ball at different colleges.

    Does that mean if he went to Florida AND I took him on a fishing trip or say a trip to Disney I would be providing a benefit to the kid.

    Friendships don’t end because a kid may or may not go to a certain college.

  21. polegojim says: Apr 10, 2011 11:22 PM

    I just have one thing to say: AMEN

    If there was anything to this, it would have been flushed out and not dropped.

    NCAA has no love affair for any program

    If they did, we all know it would be for Michigan

  22. rickslaton says: Apr 11, 2011 2:42 AM

    Bamasucks = JEFFERY LEE

    it all makes sense now

  23. jimr10 says: Apr 11, 2011 7:26 AM

    Haha. Bama investigated itself. Now, the case is closed and Mike Slime will cover their back.

  24. macbull says: Apr 11, 2011 8:29 AM

    “I’m just passionate about helping young people,” Woodruff said.


    Is anyone surprised that Bama found themselves innocent of any recruiting violations?

    If Mr Woodruff is funneling athletes to “only Alabama”, I would think the NCAA might be interested.

    If Mr Woodruff was not a Alabama booster and just being a good guy, one would think that he would be able to tell us about the other colleges he took Calloway to.

    Bama’s argument that Mr Woodruff is not really a U of A booster, seems to be rather weak and to the degree that the NCAA will likely look into the case.

    Did Mr Woodruff take Calloway out of school in the days leading up to signing day?

    Did Calloway drive a car that was given to him by Woodruff or another Bama booster?

    Did Peaches Winston, Calloway’s adopted father, suddenly come into some money?

    These are just a few questions the NCAA might like to have answers to.

    John Taylor…you can’t even bring yourself to write or mention the name “Nick Saban” in relationship to these allegations…subtle hints of writer bias?

  25. edgy says: Apr 11, 2011 10:09 AM

    I guess I’m different because I thought that the club was a hoot and I got the joke right away.

  26. edgy says: Apr 11, 2011 10:27 AM

    I think it’s funny how things go when the shoe is on the other foot. If USC, Auburn or Ohio State dismisses charges like this in a day or so, their critics are SHOCKED, YES, SHOCKED and the NCAA is a corrupt organization (You guys want the quotes on this one — I thought not) but let it happen to their beloved schools and everyone else is a hater and needs to keep their opinions to themselves (sniff…). Oh and the officials go to his home town and — gasp — no one there is able to corroborate the charges — shocking!

    Look, if you want to call me anti-Tide, you might as well call me anti-college football because I would give USC the same crap (and I HAVE) for this “investigation.” It was this same kind of “investigation” that found nothing going on with Reggie Bush — just how did that work out for the school? I understand the calls of sour grapes from the Tide fans but really, does ANYONE expect the school to be the one to screw itself? Previous problems at the school and attempts to cover up seem to say not only no but HELL no but they wouldn’t be alone when it comes to that kind of mentality (or else there wouldn’t be a need for the NCAA).

  27. gatorfan1 says: Apr 11, 2011 11:38 AM


    I disagree with your premise that this is the same as the Bush incident.

    Rumors were rampant about Bush & his family! Did USC go out to the town and look at the house OR interview anyone involved?? No they didn’t.

    I’m no Alabama fan as my moniker may suggest, however, having a school’s officials drive to Calloway’s home and interview people is something that I have never heard of a school doing in the past.

    And that was within 3-4 days after the allegations surfaced. Did USC ever GO and interview anyone in the Bush party?? That lasted over 4 years and never did anyone from USC try & corroborate any of the Bush stories.

    Since Alabama actaully went and interviewed people tells me this story is planted. What kind of trouble would Alabama be in NOW if they tried to cover this up. The usual tactics is “plausible deniability” and staying away from investigating a situation so they can say “we didn’t know”.

    Alabama can no longer take that position now that they have been on site!!!

    No doubt that Alabama as well as all big programs turn their heads to the actions of powerful boosters and alumni. But to compare this incident, from an Auburn web-site, to the Tressel or Newton incident, is a stretch in my opinion.

  28. edgy says: Apr 11, 2011 1:24 PM

    gatorfan1, guffaw. Seriously, that’s all you’ve got? Not spending gas money to drive across town vs taking a trip out of Tuscaloosa? I’m not making excuses for USC because I’m NOT. I didn’t put my head in the sand like others and I’ve been more critical than anyone and even if they had spent the gas money to interview anyone and spent a whole day, I’d have been just as critical. Seriously, don’t you hold people to a higher standard than a cursory “investigation” that obviously was meant as a PR move than a fact finding trip?

    Oh and you believe “Since Alabama actaully went and interviewed people tells me this story is planted.” Really? They no longer have plausible deniability now that they’ve shown up at the town? My God, what a revelation. Please publish this theory so that every school in the NCAA knows it and starts sending its officials or representatives to the places involved so they can have an excuse. Seriously, you’ve NEVER heard of a school sending someone to investigate allegations? Really? Do you think that Ohio State didn’t send someone to sniff around the tattoo parlor to see if there was something there? Really?

    Again, I could care less if it was an Auburn site because it’s more often than not that a rival digs up stuff on a team and turns them in. The Bomar scandal first surfaced on an A&M message board and the allegations were received via an anonymous email, which I can guarantee you didn’t originate from anyone who supported the Sooners. Do you think that a Trojan supporter pushed the NCAA to investigate them? The guy’s credibility may be in question but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some truth to the allegations.

  29. Deb says: Apr 11, 2011 1:45 PM

    @jimr10 …

    You mean like he ignored those Newton allegations? This kid has yet to play a down of football for the Tide. And all of this intrigue was fabricated by an Auburn backer on an Auburn Web site. Yeah, that’s credible. 😆

    @macbull …

    Since none of your ringer’s allegations involved Saban,why should he? Looking forward to that trial of Auburn boosters beginning in June. 2,700 hours of audio tapes … who knows what will turn up. Nice try at deflecting attention, though, Auburn fans 😆

  30. gatorfan1 says: Apr 11, 2011 2:03 PM


    Yes, sorry all of I’ve is got, is the ability to critically & logically think things out.

    By the way…did OSU & USC make any information available to the public that it actually DID go to different sites and gather information.

    You presume do know that OSU went to the tattoo parlar and asked questions, if that is a FACT, would you please provide a link where OSU in fact divulged that info.

    Also, I’m not sure what your point is about leaving Tuscaloosa. That trip is 90 miles which is not around the corner and if I’m not mistaken the Bush incident happened in San Diego which is 121 miles from LA, almost the same mileage.

    Again, the NCAA will undoubtedly follow up on this, which Alabama knows!! So I would be shocked if the story doesn’t check out.

    And if it doesn’t, Alabama will be in big trouble, because they will have no defense!! I would assume someone from the Alabama compliance office was in attendance during any questioning, considering the media attention.

    This would be BIGGER than anything OSU, USC or Auburn has been charged with. This would be the Alabama compliance office that would make a false report to the NCAA.

    Is that what you really think and is your position on this??? Really, just really…think man…that’s why god gave you a brain!!!

    You know the old saying about god gave people two ears and one mouth, so you can do twice as much hearing as talking. Why don’t you try that sometime, you’ll stop yourself from sounding so ignorant all the time!!!

  31. bamasucks says: Apr 11, 2011 2:39 PM

    it’s totally obvious that bama’s 6 hour investigation was complete and thorough and that there’s nothing for the ncaa to uncover in all of this. where’s an eyerolling emoticon when you need one?

    glad to see that you’re still totally obsessed witgh this “Auburn boosters” trial, Deb. be sure and let us know how that turns out. i’ll do the same when the ncaa ois finished looking into Calloway’s recruitment. maybe they’ll even look into Cyrus Kouandjio’s 11 hour ‘change of heart” while they’re at it.

  32. bamasucks says: Apr 11, 2011 2:49 PM


    Yes, sorry all of I’ve is got, is the ability to critically & logically think things out.

    LMAO maybe you should follow your own advice and start putting that pair of ears(or eyes) to use. whether it’s textbooks, cars, jobs for parents of recruits, fishing trips, or taking recruits to strip clubs while they’re on recruiting visits, bama has no peers in the SEC when it comes to their long, long history of cheating and turning up their nose at the NCAA.

  33. Deb says: Apr 11, 2011 4:44 PM

    @bamasucks …

    The guy who calls himself “bamasucks” shouldn’t lecture anyone else on obsession 😆

    If that trial turns up anything about Newton, you won’t need me to let you know how it turns out. JT, FoxSports, ESPN, and all those fine news outlets will do that for me. :)

  34. bamasucks says: Apr 11, 2011 6:31 PM

    i call myself “bamasucks” because it was the first thing that came to mind after reading a few of posts and deciding to finally take the plunge and registering to post here. take a bow. you’ve earned it.

  35. bamasucks says: Apr 11, 2011 6:32 PM

    now, if i could just learn to start proofreading my posts before i click on the “submit” button.

  36. Deb says: Apr 11, 2011 8:24 PM

    Why, thank you, sir … don’t mind if I do :)

    But whatever you think of the Bama fans at CFT, myself included, we did not start the Cam Newton rumors. That was Mississippi State. And if we had started that hoopla … with nothing more to back us than this silly Auburn fella had … I wouldn’t expect you to pay it anymore mind than I’m paying him.

    (Incidentally, when those rumors first surfaced about Newton, I defended him and Auburn all over the place. Didn’t turn on him until Cecil confessed.)

  37. gatorfan1 says: Apr 11, 2011 8:47 PM


    Did you ever think you would see me on the same side as you with regards to a story concerning Alabama and supposed cheating???

    Sure wish people would use common sense, instead of just coming on here and commenting on the first rumor they see.

    I don’t know about you, but I’m real curios to see how the chess game between the Weis offense plays out against the Saban defense next year!!!

    Should be interesting….

  38. Deb says: Apr 11, 2011 10:30 PM

    No, gatorfan1, I really didn’t :)

    I know–the fact that all this comes from Auburn just makes it silly to me. Hope I’m not wrong on that :)

    Do we play next season–or are you assuming we’ll match up in the SEC Championship?? Wish we played more often in the regular season.

    Is there a chance your son will go to UF on a basketball scholarship?

  39. edgy says: Apr 12, 2011 10:45 AM

    First of all, I didn’t say anything about USC going anywhere. Ohio State was just a joke because the drive to it isn’t as far as the trip that the Tide “officials” took. However, just because YOU have never heard of this happening, doesn’t mean that it hasn’t. In fact, if it WERE the first time that it has ever happened, Alabama would be hanging a big banner hanging out of the AD’s window touting that fact.

    Wow. You really use some convoluted logic to connect some dots, buckwheat. Seriously, Alabama doesn’t have to LIE; all they have to do is NOT look too hard for the truth. Now, that one-day investigation might satisfy you but don’t you think that if the police did the same thing and declared that there was no evidence of a crime that the victims would be screaming bloody murder? Really, how many people were screaming bloody murder about the Cam Newton and Tattoo-5 reinstatements taking so little time and the rush to get them back on the field? Need I post links to the messages where there was such a furor over the “investigations” and how some of the people who seem to be satisfied with what Alabama has done but didn’t accept how quickly that those “investigations” went?

    Oh and I bet that Tennessee thought that the NCAA or the SEC might take their word — how did that work out for Bruce Pearl? Really, do you think that USC thought that things were going to spiral out of control like they did when they probably could have dug deeper and found out what came out?

    Oh and you might want to look at the past with Alabama and realize that the NCAA has been extremely hard on them because they’ve never cooperated or done much more than the minimum. Now, maybe this group isn’t as arrogant as the past but so far, I don’t see it. One day — you got about the same kind of investigation in Alabama during lynching season so I’m sure that they were looking just as hard as they did back when they couldn’t find anything wrong then….

  40. edgy says: Apr 12, 2011 10:53 AM

    bamasucks says:


    Yes, sorry all of I’ve is got, is the ability to critically & logically think things out.


    Who in the hell are you talking about Alabama or Auburn. If it’s Alabama then you need to go back to school and learn to read because I’m NOT saying anything good about Alabama here and if it’s Auburn then POT meet Kettle.

  41. gatorfan1 says: Apr 12, 2011 11:00 AM


    You know you’re right they don’t play next year. But it wouldn’t shock me to see both teams in the SEC Championship game next year.

    Concerning my son, obviously I would be thrilled to death if he was able to go to Florida, but I’m just not sure he will be a Div I b-ball player, talent wise. The competition is fierce. Plus, it’s his decision and he needs to do what’s best for him.

    I’m lucky that my son is also a very good student. We have sat down and looked at different situations and the goal is for him to graduate in 2 1/2 years and then get his masters while he is still under a b-ball scholarship. He is already taking college credit classes toward college.

    The bottom line is he will use his b-ball talent to prepare himself for life after college. Anything other than that is gravy.

    He is going to be a junior next year, so next summer is when colleges can actually offer him something, I will keep you posted and thanks for asking about him.

  42. gatorfan1 says: Apr 12, 2011 11:41 AM


    I think we’re looking at this differently. I do not argue with you on any of your points concerning previous past transgressions concerning Alabama, USC; or the point that you make concerning all the cheating that goes on in college athletics on a regular basis. No one’s hand’s are clean in recruiting.

    I am only arguing this one incident, not any programs past. Obviously with Alabama & Auburn winning the last 2 NC’s there is a lot of competition within the state for recruiting.

    On this particular case it looks to me as if Alabama was anticipating this and may have already been investigating. Nothing better in a war of recruits but to be able to discredit another school OR a guy who is in the media and is an Auburn fan accusing Alabama of doing something wrong.

    If I’m wrong so be it, but you have to admit, Alabama took certain steps that I’ve never seen a university do. And they definitely wanted the media to know that they traveled off campus to interview people.

    And also to address your theory concerning other schools or fans that uncover recruiting violations. No doubt that is true, but take a look at this blog, with all the inuendos and charges made, how many have turned out to be true, not many I’m afraid!!

    Most users on this sight just go and post something on any rumor that they hear, without first thinking it through.

    On THIS particular incident, which is what we’re talking about, I believe Alabama will come out looking good on this and will discredit a huge Auburn radio host. Which they will use in the next round of recruiting against their biggest rival.

    Nothing’s fair in love & war!!!

  43. Deb says: Apr 12, 2011 1:44 PM

    @edge …

    Lynchings? Good grief. Xanax, edgy, xanax.

    @gatorfan1 …

    Sounds like he has a plan! Good luck to him!

  44. edgy says: Apr 12, 2011 5:49 PM

    gatorfan1, I don’t believe for one moment that they anticipated this OR that they were investigating it before hand. To end this investigation that soon makes it just as ripe for criticism, as was the time spent on the Tattoo-5 and Newton. Either that or the critics of those investigations need to back off from their comments.

    Deb, you obviously lost the idea of what I talked about, which is that Alabama’s ONE DAY investigation is a joke and no one here accepted the short time that went into the Tattoo-5 and the Cam Newton reinstatements and yet, Alabama fans try to say with a straight face that everything is right with this whitewash, especially since the charges came from an Auburn supporter. That being said, what I said about lynching is true.

  45. Deb says: Apr 12, 2011 7:05 PM

    edge, I think you’re teetering on the edge (no pun intended).

    Alabama is as capable of being involved in pay-for-play as any other school and if I heard a serious allegation, I’d take it seriously.

    This is a bunch of nothing invented by an Auburn coach and a couple of Auburn fans who have their nose out of joint because they tried to influence this kid away from his Bama commitment and his step-daddy wouldn’t have it. Period.

    Now you can beat your head against the wall over it and throw tantrums over it and get into a tizzy over it and scream about the injustice of it all. But what you can’t do is get me to join you in this tizzyfest because I have more urgent issues on my mind.

    And I really don’t give a damn if you think Bama whitewashed the investigation. Maybe in your world, they should have spent two or three weeks determining whether Woodruff …

    a. is an alumnus (no)
    b. is a contributor to UA (no)
    c. is a season-ticket holder (no)

    and, therefore, is not a booster. Most people would need only a couple of hours to gather that info, talk to a car dealer and see whether the kid has a new car, and learn that his Bama-fan step-daddy got him away from the influence of his Auburn-grad coach (which is absolutely hysterical) to ensure he’d honor his original verbal commitment.

  46. edgy says: Apr 13, 2011 3:26 PM

    Again — just who do you expect to turn the Tide in — the same guys that did that one day “investigation” or someone who has it in for them? Whether it was USC or Alabama, one of their rivals has always leveled charges and just because they did, it didn’t mean that someone was amiss but at the same time, it didn’t mean that they were dead wrong.

    Certainly, Alabama would have been far more credible if they had taken more than a day to do this. and please, don’t say that it would just require a few hours to do a THOROUGH investigation because it wouldn’t. Unless there were 5 people in that town, it’s going to take a lot longer than that, especially if the locals are worried more about how it would hurt THEIR school, if the truth came out (The only reason why they were able to get our school was the while the town clammed up, one of the opposing coaches had pictures of the guy, in a grade school uniform, standing right next to a couple of legitimate grade school players).

    Seriously, that’s your argument? Try this:

    Car dealer X isn’t a graduate of UA.
    Car dealer X isn’t a contributor to UA.
    Car dealer X isn’t a season ticket holder for UA.
    Car dealer X puts Tide S-A into a brand new Lexus. Because of A, B and C, does that mean that he’s free and clear? Oh, BTW, contrary to what people think, these guys are getting smarter and the really smart ones don’t produce this fabled money trail that people want to see as proof. A smart guy would give his employees a big “bonus” with the understanding that most, if not all of it is to find its way into the university’s coffers or a recruit’s hands. A moron writes checks like there’s no tomorrow and everyone and his mother knows that he’s doing something wrong. Several high school coaches that I’ve seen have gotten some “clean” residents in their districts to provide foster homes for players that shouldn’t have been playing for them. Do you think that it’s fair to any of their rivals that this happens? How ethical do you think that the “clean” residents are being when they’re willing to break the rules for a paycheck?

    As for the sour grapes charges — let’s not forget the number of people who leveled that against MSU when it came to Cam Newton signing with Auburn and it eventually came to light that Cecil did solicit money. Sour grapes are quite common when a team loses a prize recruit (Look at how some people at USC reacted when they lost one to Oregon. Imagine how bad it would have gotten if Clowney had spurned the Gamecocks and went with the Tide) but that doesn’t mean that where there’s smoke that there’s fire. Let’s not forget that after Ohio State’s quick investigation got the players into the game BUT their more comprehensive investigation turned up the emails that led to Tressel’s suspension. If they had done a “one-day” like Alabama, Tressel would have been free and clear THEN but that’s not to say that someone might not rat him out and they’d have even more ‘splaining to do because their own investigation never turned it up originally. A can guarantee you this: you will NEVER find anything if you don’t go looking for it.

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