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Terrelle Pryor considering an early jump from Buckeyes to NFL?

Allstate Sugar Bowl - Ohio State v Arkansas Getty Images

When it was announced in December that five members of the Ohio State football program had been suspended for the the first five games of the 2011 season, one of the conditions that allowed the quintet of juniors to play in the Buckeyes’ Sugar Bowl match-up with Arkansas was that they all promised to return to the school for another season.

Each member of the Buckeye Five agreed to that stipulation — although Pryor later hinted that not all may stick to it — and all stuck to that pledge as the deadline for early entry into the April NFL draft came and went.  However, based on one report, the most recognizable member of that group is still considering reneging on that promise.

Citing an unnamed source, the National Football Post is reporting that “the odds of Pryor staying for his senior season are about 60-40” and is considering making himself available for the NFL’s supplemental draft this summer.  For whatever reason, the source told NFP that whether Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd enters the supplemental draft will play a role in Pryor’s decision.  Floyd avoided an in-season suspension from the school following a third alcohol-related brush with the law, but head coach Brian Kelly has yet to reinstate the All-American and a suspension meted out by the football program is still a possibility.

A source with knowledge of Pryor’s thinking tells CFT that while the subject of the supplemental draft had been broached by some close to the quarterback in the past, “if you’re going to put odds on it, there’s a 99.99-percent chance” that he sticks to his word and returns for his senior season.  With that said, we would not be surprised by anything that Pryor does, up to and including leaving OSU early for the NFL.

The supplemental draft is normally held in mid-July, but the uncertain labor situation makes it unclear whether or not there will even be a supplemental version of the draft this year for anyone to enter.

Pryor has not participated in spring practice this year after undergoing a pair of operations to repair ligament damage in his foot the past couple of months.

UPDATED 2:59 p.m. ET: Adam Jardy of the Buckeye Sports Bulletin tweeted the following shortly after NFP’s post, further casting doubt on the report that has Pryor considering making himself available for the supplemental draft.

“Talked to someone very close to Terrelle Pryor who told me he has never once mentioned the Supplemental Draft. Stop that rumor right now.”

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15 Responses to “Terrelle Pryor considering an early jump from Buckeyes to NFL?”
  1. massappeal12345 says: Apr 11, 2011 2:08 PM

    He gave his word to a coach who’s word means nothing. To play in the bowl game shouldn’t of had a thing to do with whether he was returning to play in the NEXT season.

    How do you say extortion.

  2. tommyf15 says: Apr 11, 2011 2:16 PM

    What’s he extorting?

  3. osusmith9099 says: Apr 11, 2011 2:26 PM

    For whatever reason, the source told NFP that whether Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd enters the supplemental draft.

    This is not a complete sentence.

  4. bonerchamp says: Apr 11, 2011 2:28 PM

    Not sure why Floyd is mentioned.

    Seriously Buckeye fan, has Pryor been worth it?

  5. 1buckeye76 says: Apr 11, 2011 2:37 PM


  6. thefiesty1 says: Apr 11, 2011 3:30 PM

    Duh, a take your lying coach with you. Did anyone really expect the 5 of them returning after missing half the season. That suspension of Pryor and the others was a farce.

  7. ihateannouncers says: Apr 11, 2011 4:02 PM

    He is not ready to enter as a QB, and he (along with everybody else) knows it. He will be back.

  8. gamustangdude says: Apr 11, 2011 4:19 PM

    As bad as I want to lay it on to the Buckeye nation I really can’t here. I hope TP does the right thing, it seems as if something was said and taken out of context overheard by someone you heard it from someone else. I doubt he would come out but if he did who would blame him? I’d be interested to hear what buckeye fans have to say.

  9. CBFAN says: Apr 11, 2011 4:43 PM

    As a Buckeye fan, I would like to see him come back for his senior season. Has he been worth it? I have mixed feelings. He certainly is a great athlete and he won some games for us with his feet, but probably has been somewhat of a disappointment from the recruitment hype.

  10. billythebull says: Apr 11, 2011 4:46 PM

    I seriously have to SMH at this bogus report

  11. bobulated says: Apr 11, 2011 5:44 PM

    And there is not guarantee he will only get a 5 game suspension this season after the NCAA finishes the latest investigation. He was basically ineligible all of last season because of his coach hiding the truth, so the NCAA could easily suspend the 5 players in question longer than the agreed 5 games if not the whole season. If that happens, why shouldn’t Pryor and the others make themselves available for the supplemental draft?

  12. rajbais says: Apr 11, 2011 6:50 PM

    Terrelle, just go to the Supplemental Draft!!!!

    Your season is in the tank and at least in the NFL you’re not prohibited from touching money, but forced to read or take a course about crap that you’ll never have use for your life like basket weaving!!!

    I’m not a Democrat or Republican, but I know that one league is capitalistic and the NCAA is Communist!!!

  13. dutchman1350 says: Apr 11, 2011 7:58 PM

    TP finished all the coloring books at OSU library.

  14. pomanski says: Apr 11, 2011 8:42 PM

    I am a true lifetime Buckeye fan one of the reasonable few. I still believe Pryor was worth it, 3 strait Big 10 chamionships and 3 strait BSC games (2 wins). He never lived up to the hype but really, who could have. He may have been one of the most hyped high school QB’s to ever be recruited, then being named the starting quarterback at The Ohio State University as an 18 year old freshman. put tons of expectations that anyone would fail to compare.
    I think he will be back but I dont gaurentee Tressel would pull whoever is starting the first 5 if they are playing well.
    I would like to see him come back and improve as much this offseason as he did last year and finish it off right, but if someone else takes charge so be it my heart is not broken.

  15. macbull says: Apr 11, 2011 10:40 PM

    John Taylor…you just can’t help yourself, can you?

    Your bias against Ohio State, Buckeye football and Jim Tressel runs so deep that you jump at the least hint of a rumor, regardless of the source…and you run with it !!!!!

    But in the situation of possible recruiting violations by Alabama in the Brent Calloway case, you can’t even bring yourself to mention the name “Nick Saban”.

    IMO, your bias is showing…

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