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Former four-star RB takes his leave of Alabama

Corey Grant

(Cue the “Nick Saban performing his annual pruning-of-the-roster” one-liners in three… two… one…)

For the fourth — or maybe fifth — time this offseason, a 2010 member of the Alabama football team has decided to ply his football wares elsewhere.

According to the Birmingham News, running back Corey Grant has left the Tide program and will transfer to an unknown destination.

“I don’t know where he’s going, but he’s not going back to Alabama,” Brian Blackmon, Grant’s high school coach, told the paper. “I don’t think he’s made up his mind.”

Suffice to say, the presence of starter and Heisman candidate Trent Richardson, Eddie Lacy, Jalston Fowler and 2011 five-star signee Dee Hart — the No. 1 RB in the nation according to — played at least a minor role in Grant’s decision.

As a member of Saban’s 2010 recruiting class, Grant was given a four-star rating by and was the No. 5 all-purpose back in the country according to the recruiting service.  After redshirting last season, Grant played in UA’s spring game, totaling 12 yards on three carries.

The Opelika, Al., native had received offers from, among others, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Stanford and Oklahoma before verbally committing to the Tide in July of 2009.

In addition to Grant, running back Demetrius Goode, linebacker Petey Smith and defensive back B.J. Scott have transferred out of the program in the past couple of months.  Additionally, suspended defensive lineman Brandon Moore has been rumored to be considering a move to the JUCO level.

As an aside, and apropos of nothing, make Letters of Intent four-year commitments on both ends, and not one-year, renewable deals on the school’s end.  That’s all.  Carry on…

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17 Responses to “Former four-star RB takes his leave of Alabama”
  1. gamecockinfl says: Jun 8, 2011 8:51 AM

    Only so much room on any team. Recruits need to learn to look through the recruiting BS of the big schools and understand their place in the scheme of things.

  2. lakesidegator says: Jun 8, 2011 8:56 AM

    I don’t blame him for leaving. Guess he finally realized what a lying piece of s*** Satan is.

  3. dickroy says: Jun 8, 2011 9:04 AM

    Hey sweetie, I know you are interested in this one!

  4. edgy says: Jun 8, 2011 9:05 AM

    Hell, if you guys think that these guys have had it bad under Saban, imagine how bad the guys had it under Bryant, when he could hand out scholarships like they were Pez and these guys would be on the 8th team. Boo hoo hoo, they couldn’t work hard enough to get to the top of the chart and Saban is the problem…

  5. WingT says: Jun 8, 2011 9:35 AM

    So what if a player signs on with a team and then realizes that he is not as good as the 4 guys in front of him and decides to move on to a little sisters of the poor team.

    I know that some teams promise their recruits playing time before they have ever stepped on the practice field. I am glad that is not the case at Bama.

    If you think you are good enough to play, then you will have to prove it on the practice field, otherwise, move along please.

  6. bigirishphan says: Jun 8, 2011 10:12 AM

    I can understand a recruit de-committing… But leaving after being on campus? That’s a body blow to a program!

  7. brownsfrown says: Jun 8, 2011 1:51 PM

    Nothing to see here.

    Unless you consider the rising trend of self-entitlement in young athletes and how, when confronted by adversity and challenges, they would rather lower the bar for themselves rather than dig deep and push oneself to higher levels of achievement.

    Meh! What fun would that be? To actually develop character?

    Move along, Little Corey! I am sure some JUCO will be more befitting of your mindset! As for ‘Bama, we’ll be just fine!

  8. myballsmyrules says: Jun 8, 2011 2:10 PM

    That Saban sure does know how to swindle young kids, then run them off and hand their scholorship to another than might run the 40 in a tenth/second faster.

    How many mothers must be cussing Saban out for lying to their faces during recruiting. “Ma’am I promise he will get his degree, I will even study with him, and don’t worry as long as he starts for me, you will know where to pick up your checks” 😉

    “And son, I promise you will be starting from day one. Come to Bama and I will teach you ethics, the value of a mans word, and integrity”

    Fast forward 1 year later:::::::::::::::::

    ” Kid you wont be playing for me anymore, in fact you need to leave school cause I promised your scholorship to a faster, stronger kid that I conned into coming here”
    Now get the hell out of here, and tell your ugly momma to quit calling my people wanting to speak with me”. “I have nothing to say to that ignorant, mooching heiffer, and if she don’t stop, I will have my friends on the State Police force make life miserable for her”

  9. sprizzle2182 says: Jun 8, 2011 2:37 PM

    I love how ppl assume that Saban is running ppl off…why would a school that uses at least 2 RBs run off a 4* guy?? these kids obviously want to play and see that with the talent Saban keeps bringing that they might not get to…what r we supposed to stop landing top 3 recruting classes so these guys have an easier time moving up the depth charts? no….i wish ALL the guys who are leaving the best of luck and much success in the future…if JUCO is the route they think will give them the playing time and limelight they need to get to the next level then thats the best place for them…they have learned a lot im sure being at BAMA and hopefully they can carry that on to their next stop…

  10. sprizzle2182 says: Jun 8, 2011 2:41 PM

    and actually “myballsmyrules”…Saban never tells kids they are guaranteed to start…NO college coach at that level does….NONE of these guys who are leaving have had anything bad to say about BAMA…don’t u think if they were being “forced” out and lied to that someone would say something?? ur jealousy is evident in ur ridiculous rant….ROLL TIDE!!!

  11. Deb says: Jun 8, 2011 2:52 PM

    @dickroy …

    They don’t capture my attention until they’re carrying the ball on gameday :)

  12. acemanusa says: Jun 8, 2011 7:16 PM

    Why does anyone feel bad for these kids they are great athletes and get a free education. BJ Scott was sure not asked to leave Alabama wanted him to stay. He left for playing time or starting time which he was not able to get at Alabama. Goode loved Alabama but seen who was in front of him and had graduated so he went somewhere he could play his final year. He is a very good back and should play well for UNA. I think he would have been the third back but that may go to Hart. I do think Hart must be better than advertised he has scared off a couple really good backs. Grant was a great athlete but a tweener a to small to be a full time RB and too short to be a full time WR but he could have played both. He will have no trouble finding a place to play. Moore will not be back and unlike the other 4 was not even asked back as far as I know. Every school has players transfer especially schools loaded with talent. Look at how mnay left USC last year close to 20. Any kids that signs with Alabama, Florida, LSU, USC or Texas knows he is going to have to compete with top talent. If AU does not get hit by the NCAA they will be in the same boat if they keep recruiting well as just like at Alabama a few kids will leave when kids with more talent come in. I bet they wish they could sign more than 28 next year which they made up that rule. Now it is liklely to be 25 which will hurt AU not help them. In a couple years it will hurt all the SEC teams. All teams have injuries and transfers. Almost all teams take a chance to two or three players who may not qualify. If they can only take 25 those players may not get the shot they would have if it was 28.
    Alabama has had more good players transfer than they have with so called border line players. Scott and Goode both played. They were both asked back. It was their decision to leave. Goode I can understand he is a 5th year senior with a degree and just wants to start. Scott had a chance to play. Moore just flat out broke the rules and made no attempt to get out of the dog house. He should have looked at the roster almost all of our Nose tackles are juniors are seniors. He was a redshirt freshman. If we lose Kerry Murphy t0 injury they will be saying Saban cut him too. Like he would cut the one end that has the most experience including several starts to replace Marcel Dareus. If Alabama or any team was throwing kids out the door the press would have them lined up in front of the TV cameras complaining.

  13. jnr0se says: Jun 8, 2011 9:02 PM

    The kids who come to Alabama know they have a chance to make the team and have a starting position, not a promise, just like any other big time school. Coach Saban lays it out plain for them just like all the other college coaches. All you Saban haters just don’t like the fact that so many kids want to play for him. Personally I like the fact that our rival fans don’t like our coach. That means he’s winning.

  14. brownsfrown says: Jun 8, 2011 10:16 PM


    Those smiley faces really do it for me, and add such force to your arguments!

    Does mom keep the basement at the right temperature for you?

  15. edgy says: Jun 9, 2011 9:25 AM

    USC didn’t have anything near 20 transfers. Most of their transfers were guys that took advantage of the ruling that allowed them to play immediately (and most of them did no better at their new school).

  16. edgy says: Jun 9, 2011 9:36 AM

    myballsmyrules, rewind several years and you find that not only aren’t they getting the 4 and 5 star guys, they’re not seeing the transfers because the “talent” ahead of them isn’t an impediment to their starting.

    YOU and others are the only ones who are criticizing Saban. NONE of these kids have ever come forward and pissed on him for THEIR failure to get into the starting lineup or even make it as a back up. USC had a FB transfer to UConn and he didn’t exactly excite the school with his effort and USC didn’t miss him one bit. Now, I can guarantee you that Kiffin didn’t run him or any of the others off but that they left for what they had hoped was a fresh start because their lack of effort was putting them behind INCOMING FRESHMEN and their lack of effort at their new schools made people realize why they weren’t at USC any more.

  17. Romulus says: Jun 24, 2011 12:43 PM

    crimson rednecks suck

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