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Incoming freshman Ejuan Price asks for release from LOI with Buckeyes

ejuan price

At least in part, the question as to whether Ohio State will suffer any longer-term and/or recruiting damage given the utter mess that is currently consuming the program has been answered.

First, the Buckeys lost their man, Jim Tressel, who was forced to resigned on Memorial Day. Then, tOSU lost their quarterback, Terrelle Pryor, who will forgo his senior year and try his luck in the date-not-yet-determined supplemental draft.

Now, and as a result of the instability at Ohio State, the Buckeyes appear to have lost their first recruit.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, incoming freshman linebacker Ejuan Price has asked to be released from his Ohio State letter of intent. A team spokesperson confirmed the request.

“He just didn’t feel any stability there even before (Jim) Tressel resigned (on May 30),” said George Novak, Price’s high school coach.

Price was a three-star linebacker out of Woodland Hills High School in the greater Pittsburgh area.

It should be noted that just because Price has asked for a release from his scholarship, it’s not guaranteed that it will be granted by the university. OSU representatives have not responded to the request and are not expected to do so until tomorrow (Friday).

Anytime a program of any caliber experiences turmoil, you can expect that recruiting will take a hit. Still, the interest of at least one recruit has already publicly wavered — a strong first indicator that even Ohio State could have trouble recruiting over the coming years with its current NCAA woes.

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7 Responses to “Incoming freshman Ejuan Price asks for release from LOI with Buckeyes”
  1. mydixienormus says: Jun 16, 2011 4:17 PM

    Here is comes Buckeye Fan.

    In my opinion, you simply have no alternative….

  2. Deb says: Jun 16, 2011 4:27 PM

    @mydixie …

    That was cold.

  3. tdub821 says: Jun 16, 2011 8:05 PM

    And so it begins…”The Beginning of the End”…everyone knew things were dirty and corrupt in Columbus for years but the players kept silent ($$$)…alumi looked the other way and now the buckeyes are exposed for all their wrong doings. Bring on the “Death Penalty”.

  4. uglycassinova says: Jun 16, 2011 11:28 PM

    Slow down there tdub, it’s not like anyone stole laptops or anything. You make it seem like there was parental guardians auctioning off the services of their offspring to the highest bidder. If a professional athlete charges for an autograph it’s called working in college it’s like cheating on your taxes and the NCAA is very much like the IRS they don’t like you to profit if they are not receiving their cut first.
    In the end it’s all about the cost of winning and in USC it was 250k house for Reggie’s folks and in Auburn we don’t really know just yet but I’m pretty sure it was over 180k since they turned that school down. Anyone that thinks this doesn’t happen everywhere is extremely naive. Get your shots in now because it’ll be your schools turn pretty soon unless they change the rules to fix the problem. However I don’t think paying players is a solution to the problem. More money just makes a person more of what they really are so if they want to clean it up here is a noble idea quit recruiting turds. Again win at all cost. In the NCAA it’s not about the student athletes it’s not about the fans it’s all about the money and they will gladly keep taking yours.

  5. osuinfantry says: Jun 17, 2011 3:57 AM

    knew this was coming. there are gonna be more, just not hopefully that many. and for all the idiots calling for the death penalty, stop. Its not going to happen.

  6. buckeye4278 says: Jun 17, 2011 12:12 PM

    This kid was leaving before Tressel was out. His cousin, Dorian Bell, who was the reason he came to tOSU, got kicked of the team a month or so ago and he has been suspected to leave ever since. Good job leaving that information out since it doesn’t fit your story though.

  7. sprizzle2182 says: Jun 17, 2011 12:54 PM

    The NCAA will never give the “death penalty” to another school after what happened to SMU…they might get close, very close, but SMU suffered for 30 years bc of what they did, college football is too much of a business for them to risk a school like OSU being down for that long…

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