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Boise State picked to win Mountain West as first-year members

Chris Petersen

It won’t take long for Boise State to make an impact in their new home, the Mountain West Conference.

At least not according to the media’s preseason voting.

The Broncos received 28 of 31 first place votes to win the Mountain West this season and possibly contend for another BCS bowl. To do so, though, they’ll have to get by seven other MWC members, including projected second place TCU. The Horned Frogs, coming off a Rose Bowl victory over Wisconsin, received the other three first place votes.

Here’s how the entire conference is projected to shake out:

1. Boise State (28 votes) 236 points.

2. TCU (3) 208 points.

3. Air Force 176 points.

4. San Diego State 160 points.

5. Colorado State 104 points.

6. Wyoming 80 points.

7. UNLV 77 points

8. New Mexico 39 points

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16 Responses to “Boise State picked to win Mountain West as first-year members”
  1. mdnittlion says: Jul 26, 2011 9:08 PM

    In other news water is wet

  2. linedrivehit says: Jul 27, 2011 12:41 AM

    …and finish in the middle of the pack if they played in the SEC and faced Alabama one week, LSU the next, Florida the next, Auburn the next…

  3. pricecube says: Jul 27, 2011 12:44 AM

    I think it all depends on how Casey Pachall develops over the season. Kellen Moore is awesome… but I think the frogs will have the better defense. Casey Pachall is arguably a much more talented and athletic quarterback than was Andy Dalton. It is unknown whether he has the less obvious qualities to succeed yet. How will he respond to pressure… will he choke or step up? TCU is loaded at running back this year. The game was supposed to be played at Amon G Carter stadium but was relocated to the smurf turf as punishment for TCU leaving for the Big East next year. The smurf turf is a big advantage for Boise. Cannot wait to watch this… I don’t know how anyone can make predictions this early.

  4. pricecube says: Jul 27, 2011 12:50 AM


    The SEC is certainly a tough conference. I am glad Boise State will finally get a chance to take on an SEC team in their opener. If they come in and take Georgia to the woodshed in what is basically a home game for the bulldogs there may be a nice plate of crow for you. Check out the MWC vs SEC record in bowl games over the last couple of years … the results might surprise you.

  5. florida727 says: Jul 27, 2011 9:20 AM

    Sure would have been nice if the ‘author’ of this article would have let us know WHEN Boise meets TCU and where and/or when and where they play Air Force, the next in line (at least per media vote) to challenge BSU.

  6. Ben Kercheval says: Jul 27, 2011 9:29 AM

    Boise State gets Air Force on Oct. 22 and TCU on Nov. 12. Both at home.

  7. secgreatness says: Jul 27, 2011 1:38 PM

    If Boise beats UGA why would he need to eat crow?

    He’s not saying that Boise wouldn’t beat any SEC teams if they played a SEC schedule; he’s simply saying they would only be an average at best SEC team. No one knows how truly good Boise is or isn’t because they haven’t had to grind it out week in and week out in a demanding conference.

    Boise is coming in the season ranked in the top 5 while UGA barley made the top 25. Boise was 12-1 Last year while UGA was 6-7 (3-5 SEC play).

    What’s the upside to Boise beating UGA? Is it that they finally beat an SEC team, regardless of the caliber of the SEC team? Why will a Boise State aka “gods football program” thumping over a below average 3-5 SEC team be considered a “win” for the program? Someone please explain this to me.

  8. boisestatewhodat says: Jul 27, 2011 4:11 PM

    Boise State is as good as any team in the nation…they get solid recruits and develop talent better than most. As I’ve said before to the SEC homers; LSU, Bama, Florida, Arkansas and okay (secgreatness), maybe even UGA are the only teams in the SEC that give the conference its powerhouse reputation. Although I do agree that it is the most talented conference in NCAA play, I believe Boise State to be superior to Vanderbilt, Kansas, Ole Miss, Miss State, Tennessee and the like. BSU could play the SEC schedule and go 8-4 in their first year…not a doubt in my mind. 10 years ago…no way but the Broncos have come a long way and risen from the ‘little guy’ status quicker than I’ve ever seen. Keep acting like their cupcakes and keep eating crow!

  9. pricecube says: Jul 27, 2011 4:49 PM


    Georgia is projected to be the number 2 team in the SEC East. I don’t think that makes them a “below average” SEC team. Only a fool would say that. The below average teams are schools like Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Tennessee etc. No one would put Georgia in that line up. Also I did not mean Boise eeking out a win. I said “take them to the woodshed”. That means winning by a substantial margin. If Georgia goes on to be one of the better teams in the SEC East… or perhaps the SEC East champion… then I think it does make a statement.

  10. secgreatness says: Jul 27, 2011 5:07 PM


    Don’t do me any favors; however Kansas isn’t in the SEC. (Kentucky, I know)

    Weather Boise wins or loses this game, UGA Fans mostly cares about one game. Honestly UGA can go 1-11 as long as that one win occurs on OCT 29th fans would be content not angry. Vice Versa UGA could go 11-1 and lose that game on OCT 29th, and fans will be content but not happy. BSU is a big game in that it is attracting major media attention, and Boise could very easily whip UGA’s ass, and this game could just as easy be a repeat of 2005. If Boise wins, people would be more pissed they have to further listen to Boise Fans brag about beating a team that isn’t predicted to win the SEC East let alone the SEC, however since it isn’t a WAC or MWC team, this win further proves their self proclaim “elitist” status.

    I hope UGA wins come September it’ll be nice, however my big focus is OCT 29th against Florida, everything else is a consolation prize.


    UGA went 3-5 in the SEC last year, they haven’t played a down this year. That’s below average based upon facts and not “projections” I argue facts, sorry. UGA was a below average SEC team last year. Will they be this year? I don’t think so. However they haven’t played a down yet. Let’s say you’re right. Why should Boise Fans brag about beating the second best team in the SEC East?

    The point I’m trying to make is this. If Boise wins, UGA season is still far from over. However if UGA wins Boise’s season is over. This is further proof that Boise hasn’t reached “big boy” status yet, and their fans though realize this, find it hard to swallow. They know if they lose to UGA, that’s it. No more riding the media coat tails for the Broncos. Sorry Boise fans, that’s not elite status.

  11. pricecube says: Jul 27, 2011 5:47 PM


    Look I am not only horned frog .. but grew up watching SEC football… have been an SEC fan most of my life. I went to high school in east Tn. I give the SEC their due. I still live in SEC country. It gets pretty tired hearing how your team is weak and doesn’t play anybody. I looked up the record for MWC vs SEC since 2000. We do not play that much. Guess what the record is. SEC 8 MWC 7… Hardly some kind of supreme domination. Couple that with the fact that the SEC teams like to schedule the weakest teams in the MWC (UNLV, Wyoming) for their OOC games and it is less impressive. Here is what I found.

    Air Force 0-1
    BYU 1-1
    Colorado State —
    New Mexico —
    TCU 1-0
    UNLV 1-3
    Utah 1-0
    Wyoming 3-3

    I don’t think you can have it both ways either. On one hand you say that Georgia is not one of the better teams in the SEC… yet I always hear that what makes the SEC so tough is its strength top to bottom (I actually agree with this)…. meaning that the middling schools in the SEC are still very tough. Look at the number on 4-5 star recruits playing at Ga. I am glad we get to see this game mostly and I think an eight team playoff would settle all this talk. I wish we could have that.

  12. secgreatness says: Jul 27, 2011 6:20 PM


    Sorry you’ve missed by earlier conversations with boisestatewhodat. Bottom Line, I don’t think UGA loses this game nor do I think UGA is a below avarage SEC team. (I actually think they win the SEC east this year). They had a bad year, thier first sub .500 season since 96. Fot his game, the only problem area I see is UGA defense not putting enough pressure on Kellen Moore who picks apart our week secondary. That’s it. I actually believe UGA will dominate this game, will I eat crow come September? We’ll see.

    I have had numerous conversations with boisedatewhodat and have stated over and over again why I believe Boise is overrated and why they won’t win this game. His response was that Boise is a much Superior team to UGA because UGA went 6-7 last year, and lost to UCF, who according to boisestatewhodat, The Broncos would have smashed. So I said, ok boisestatewhodat, let’s say you’re right. Let’s say that UGA is JUST a 6-7 team and is a team that lost to UCF. Why should this win over UGA boost any points for Boise State? If they win against UGA, aren’t they supposed to win? Why would this be a shock better yet why would him and other Boise State Fans consider this a big win over another “big boy” team? I’m still waiting the answer to that. Bottom line, (which I realized I should have started with earlier in my post) If UGA is ONLY a 6-7 team that lost to UCF, and that’s how Boise Fans view us, why do they think this win further establishes thier football program? (I’m still awaiting this answer btw)

    And to further prove how Boise State is not an elite football program read the below comment…

    boisestatewhodat says:
    Jul 22, 2011 2:39 PM
    …in a few weeks UGA will join the many other ‘big boys’ to fall to the lowly Boise State Broncos. Best part about it is…after Sept 3, I get to pull for UGA just as hard as you do, probably harder. I’ll be the biggest UGA fan in America…:”

    Why does boisestatewhodat say he’ll become a big UGA fan. Because he hopes UGA does well in order to boost Boise’s status. Elite progrmas don’t need help from other programs, they do the work themselves.

    As for your SEC vs MWC comment, 8-7 nothing to brag about neither are the wins. BYU beat a 3-8 mississippi State Team, TCU beat a 2-10 Vandy Team, UNLV beat a 6-6 arkansas (not bad but ealier that season lost to 7-5 ole miss. Wyoming beat a 4-7 Ole Miss team, a 3-8 Ole Miss team, and a 5-7 Tenn team. So what does that mean? only 1 MWC team has beaten an SEC team that finished above .500 and we all know that game Utah and Bama. Since 2000 not a single MWC team has beaten an a SEC team that finished the season above .500. Nothing to brag about.

  13. pricecube says: Jul 27, 2011 7:35 PM


    Reasonable response… I do not want top step in whatever is going on with you and boisestatewhodat however. I can fully understand his cheering for a vanquished opponent though. I thought everyone did this as it can only help SOS. SEC teams with one or two losses need this as much MWC teams. I remember LSU needing quite a bit of luck to sneak in to NC game for their last championship. I also remember undefeated Au getting passed over in 2004 I think… although that would never happen now.

    Again, I cannot wait to watch this game even though I do not have a dog in the fight and am a little torn being both an SEC fan and a Horned Frog. I will say that SEC fans crowing over conference strength (legitimate as it may be) while belittling my frogs has rubbed me the wrong way on occasion (be careful you never know when one of us is in the room). Thanks for being respectful in your post though. Again I just wish this could be settled on the field … Playoff!!! Now!!! I doubt we frogs get any more respect in the Big East next year … and maybe I can even understand that… but at least it will be an AQ conference and we won’t need a borderline miracle to make a BCS bowl.

  14. pricecube says: Jul 27, 2011 7:46 PM

    Oh and just to beat the fallen horse…
    Here is how I think Boise State would stack up against the SEC this year.

    Kentucky win
    Vanderbilt win
    Tennessee win
    Ole Miss win
    Miss State win
    Florida win
    Georgia pick ’em
    Arkansas pick ’em
    Auburn pick ’em
    South Carolina pick ’em
    LSU loss
    Alabama loss

    So assuming they split the pick ems that would make them an above average SEC team. Granted this is all speculation … especially the Florida game as no one knows what Muschamp brings to the table.

  15. secgreatness says: Jul 27, 2011 8:23 PM

    I’ll give you only three guaranteed wins for Boise. Vandy, UK, and Ole miss. Everybody else is a toss up. Why? In the SEC, we actually play each other back to back. So Boise would end up playing Tenn maybe win maybe lose and then next week play Bama followed by a LSU or Florida. That’s not easy. Oh, don’t forget after a “gimmie” game they’ll face AU, Arkansas, SC/UGA, and possibly a Miss state. That being said, it’s a little bit harder when you have a decent SOS. Highest winning percentage while playing in the WAC, is nothing to brag about. Bama has more NCs than any other school, they have gone sub .500 in SEC. All SEC teams have, what makes Boise so much different? Coaching? I guess Bryant and Saban weren’t that good of coaches, well at least compared to Peterson…

  16. cowboyfan63 says: Jul 30, 2011 7:53 PM

    I think we are witnessing the death of the MWC. Boise St will leave as soon as they can since all the good teams have left, or are leaving. you just can’t recruit to a conference that does not have any teams in California, or Texas. look how many players are from Texas on the Wyoming team. any good players that might be in the area will go to a larger school where they have a better chance to be seen by the pros. if we could have kept Utah, TCU, and BYU while obtaining Boise St. we would have had a good chance to be an excellent conference.

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