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Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd reinstated to team

Michael Floyd, Brandon Burton

Just in time for the beginning of fall camp (which starts this Saturday), it looks like suspended Notre Dame receiver Michael Floyd will rejoin the team today. Keith Arnold over at InsidetheIrish has the scoop courtesy of a university announcement this morning.

Floyd was serving an indefinite suspension following an arrest in March for a DUI. His road to rejoining the team was well documented over the spring and summer months when his coach, Brian Kelly, noted that Floyd had a checklist of items to accomplish in order to be reinstated, and that the star wide receiver would be back for the entire 2011 season, or not at all.

Eventually, Floyd was allowed to participate in voluntary summer workouts, and all signs began to point to a reinstatement by Kelly back in June.

Below are some statements from Kelly and Floyd:

“From the very beginning of this process, Michael knew what was expected for him to be a member of our football program,” Kelly said.

“Based on my own observations, I am very pleased with the progress Michael has made since March. That is why I am comfortable reinstating him to our football team. Michael knows that he must continue on this positive track. I look forward to witnessing the development he has made based on lessons learned from this situation and how that will lead to better choices in the future.”

Said Floyd: “The last four months have been the most humbling stretch of time in my life. I embarrassed myself, my family, the university, my football team and many more people. I know it will take time to earn the trust and confidence from everyone I let down last spring but I am prepared to do so and will strive to become not just a leader on the team again, but one also in the community. I am grateful for the opportunity to earn my degree this year from the University of Notre Dame and I look forward to reuniting with my football family this fall.”

Despite the suspension, Floyd has already been named Biletnikoff and Walter Camp Award watch lists.

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14 Responses to “Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd reinstated to team”
  1. mike2347 says: Aug 3, 2011 10:34 AM

    Suspension lasted 0 games by a coach who caused a young mans life at a school that ignored a rape victim’s plea who then commited suicide.Why would any kid want to go there?

  2. lakesidegator says: Aug 3, 2011 10:38 AM

    Kelly added further, “Plus we look forward to Michael helping us win football games this year, regardless of his inability to play by the rules that we all live by.”

    And Floyd added further, “I will remain committed to watching the footballs thrown to me all the way into my hands, and to keeping my eyes on the road carefully after drinking alcohol.”

  3. dcagpe says: Aug 3, 2011 10:51 AM

    mike – Just because you couldn’t get in, don’t be a hater. Stop with the garbage. Your ignorance is obvious.

    lakesidegator – I don’t want to excuse what he did, because it was wrong, but he is a kid and, hopefully, will learn from his mistake. Also, I’m sure you’ve never done anything wrong . . .

  4. itchynut606 says: Aug 3, 2011 11:04 AM

    The majority of these cases involve the suspension of 1 or more games, and sometimes even up to an entire year. It is pretty obvious that while suspension of a player can and will have a negative impact on the team, it does not do much form the individual in respect to corecting the issue.

    In this case, Coach Kelly layed out a checklist of things that Mike had to do to prove that he would be able to make better decisions in his future. Instead of slapping an individual with a game suspension and this individual continuing to act in an undesirbale way, Coach Kelly provided intervention for Mike that will pay off for him in the end.

    Its not always about winning and losing. In my opinion, Coach Kelly used Mike’s desire to play this season as motiviation for him to clean up his act and realize the kind of bright future he can have. The bottom line is that this punishment, (or lack therof) will benefit Mike as a person more in the long run, than a 1, 2 or 5 game suspension would have without the intervention.

  5. bertenheim says: Aug 3, 2011 11:41 AM

    Notre Dame is possibly on the verge of its first ten win season and BCS bid in years (decades?). Ergo, Saint Brian is not to be questioned. No sacrifice too great.

  6. mike2347 says: Aug 3, 2011 1:12 PM

    Ignorance?Just facts,something you can’t face.Never had the desire to”get in”.

  7. dcagpe says: Aug 3, 2011 1:57 PM

    mike2347 – “facts?” Please provide any support (factual, please) for your statement about the “rape victim’s plea.” You are using another very unfortunate situation, which really had nothing to do with Brian Kelly, to support your obvious bias toward all things Notre Dame. Temper your criticism and you might actually be taken somewhat seriously.

  8. grqeen says: Aug 3, 2011 2:11 PM

    I’m sure that Michael Floyd has learned his lesson. Sure this was his third alcohol-related offense since 2009, but he’s changed. I mean really who among us doesn’t have 3 strikes in 3 years. For those that don’t understand it’s just ND answering to a higher authority.

  9. ironmikescorner says: Aug 3, 2011 3:17 PM

    ^Haha at above. Kelly sure is running a tight ship over there.

    College football Season preview

  10. ndgoose says: Aug 3, 2011 6:17 PM

    I love ND but for a third time offense he should have been suspended for 2 games. Shame on Kelly and ND.

    Lou Holtz would have suspended him.

  11. trbowman says: Aug 3, 2011 6:48 PM

    I’m so shocked they reinstated him! I never thought they would!

  12. metalhead65 says: Aug 4, 2011 5:38 PM

    so a kid who plays for USC says stupid stuff on camera gets suspended a game but a guy who gets poped for DUI at dame does not? so much for your holier than thou attitude guys. you are no better than anybody else despite what you like to think and t all comes down to wining just like every place else. another reason to despise you.

  13. indi0228 says: Aug 4, 2011 9:56 PM

    Kelly is a joke. He cares about one thing, winning games. ND fans are the most hypocritical, holier-than-thou meatheads in college sports

  14. 1bigtex says: Aug 5, 2011 4:44 PM

    The idea that this kid (who is a 3 time loser from an alcohol standpoint) hasn’t been suspended is absurd. What was on that checklist from Coach Kelly? Shave a half of a tenth from his 40 time? Notre Dame’s reaction to the death of a student caused by Coach Kelly’s negligence was disgusting. This proves that the Notre Dame athletic department is capable of continual untenable actions. The idea that Floyd gets a free pass will just insure that we get to see this scene again. Hopefully, he won’t have to kill someone to get the message. And anyone who believes that Floyd’s statement came from a source other than the SID, believes in unicorns and the Tooth Fairy as well.

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