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Warrant: Arrested ‘Horns safety tossed repo woman to the ground

Cadillac repo'd

In the past couple of days since Texas safety Christian Scott was arrested on an assault charge and subsequently suspended by head coach Mack Brown, there have been very few, if any, details as to what led to the arrest.

Thanks to the Austin American-Statesman, some harsh light has been shed on the situation.

The American-Statesman obtained the arrest warrant for Scott stemming from the incident Monday warrant, with the affidavit stating that Scott’s 2000 Cadillac was in the process of being repossessed (not pictured) by Jeanne Somers Doyle, the female owner of the repo company.  The paper goes on to relay the details of what allegedly occurred when Scott discovered his car was being repo’d for falling behind on payments:

Doyle, using a key to the car that was provided by Alamo Financial, the finance company that holds the lien, entered the car and began driving it out of the complex.

Her path, however, was blocked by a driver in a Ford Mustang, according to the affidavit.

Scott, whom Doyle said she recognized from a previous repossession of Scott’s Cadillac last year, got out of the Mustang and began yelling profanities at her, according to the report. Doyle told police that Scott pulled her from the Cadillac and threw her to the ground.

Scott then fled in the Cadillac, according to the affidavit. He was arrested at a nearby gas station.

The same day Scott was charged with misdemeanor assault with bodily injury, the defensive back was suspended indefinitely by the football program and his future with the Longhorns is very much up in the air.

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28 Responses to “Warrant: Arrested ‘Horns safety tossed repo woman to the ground”
  1. burntorangehorn says: Aug 10, 2011 9:31 AM

    Anyone remember when some kid tried to steal Jabar Gaffney’s motor scooter, and Gaffney chased him? The kid ended up running into a lake and trying to swim away, but Gaffney chased him and beat the snot out of the little hoodlum. I am usually all for law and order, but I applauded Gaffney for that.

    This is not a case where I’ll applaud Scott, but who here doesn’t think it’s awesome for a repo person to get roughed up a little?

  2. stoopwitzer says: Aug 10, 2011 9:40 AM

    “recognized from a previous repossession”


  3. tomosbornesretirementcostjoepaatitle says: Aug 10, 2011 10:14 AM

    Agree with the “classic” comment.

    Anyone else wondering why this guy was driving a mustang when he wasn’t making payments on his cadillac. How many cars do these football players have?

  4. TxGrown says: Aug 10, 2011 10:59 AM

    Damn! Just when someone on the defense was starting to show some toughness…even if it was a female.

  5. saints97 says: Aug 10, 2011 11:05 AM

    Did burntorange really just say that it was awesome that a woman got roughed up a little bit?

    Good for you, scumbag.

  6. burntorangehorn says: Aug 10, 2011 11:30 AM

    saints, it doesn’t matter whether the repo person is a man or a woman. Repo is like police or military: there’s assumed risk, man or woman, and it’s offensive to a woman to treat her any differently. Stop being sexist, scumbag.

  7. saints97 says: Aug 10, 2011 11:32 AM

    So then you are saying that it would be okay to attack police officer or a Marine while they are doing their job?

    Good for you. Stay classy, Longhorns.

  8. fatediesel says: Aug 10, 2011 11:38 AM

    tomosbornesretirementcostjoepaatitle says: Aug 10, 2011 10:14 AM

    Agree with the “classic” comment.

    Anyone else wondering why this guy was driving a mustang when he wasn’t making payments on his cadillac. How many cars do these football players have?

    It doesn’t say anywhere that he was driving the Mustang. My guess is he was a passenger in the Mustang because he wouldn’t have been able to get out of the complex unless the Mustang was moved since it was blocking the exit.

  9. burntorangehorn says: Aug 10, 2011 11:53 AM

    saints97 says:
    Aug 10, 2011 11:32 AM
    So then you are saying that it would be okay to attack police officer or a Marine while they are doing their job?

    Good for you. Stay classy, Longhorns.
    You’re as shallow as a baking sheet. A repo person assumes the risk, but is a far cry from a police officer in terms of authority, trust, or even nobility. Not that police officers or military personnel are necessarily noble (I’m a long-time vet myself), but they are at least representatives of the government who are charged with the public trust, safety, and/or security. Your argument might be a little less dumb if the same could be said for repo people, who are about a half-notch above loan shark enforcers.

  10. saints97 says: Aug 10, 2011 12:00 PM

    So there are women that you think need to be roughed up from time to time?

    Where does that put you on the hierarchy of citizens? I’d say below loan shark enforcers. Of course, you probably have a different perspective than me, as I choose to actually pay for things that I purchase, so I have never had anyone come to repossess anything from me.

    But who is the low life in a repossession? The person that is in possession of something that he does not legally own (there is a legal word for that, but that might bias the jury), or the person being paid to go take it back for the rightful owner.

    Maybe the lady had it coming? Where is Ike Turner when you could use his sage advice.

  11. burntorangehorn says: Aug 10, 2011 12:04 PM

    saints, you’re putting words in my mouth, because otherwise you wouldn’t have anything about which you express your flaccid faux outrage. I never said women need to be roughed up. You made that up all on your own.

    Also, it speaks volumes that you’re one of those backward yokels who think women need to be treated differently than men working in the exact same profession. Welcome to the 21st century, you knuckle-dragging troglodyte.

  12. burntorangehorn says: Aug 10, 2011 12:07 PM

    Also, I’m awfully impressed by your record of non-repossession. I had a typical repo person (sleazy, unintelligent, untrained trash) repo my vehicle when he was actually supposed to repossess someone else’s of the exact make and model, despite the fact that I’ve never missed or even been late on a payment in my entire life.

    But please, continue to tell us the merits of repo people.

  13. saints97 says: Aug 10, 2011 12:12 PM

    I am backwards because I am of the opinion that you shouldn’t rough up someone that is merely doing their job?

    I am not going to judge an entire class of people (in this case, repomen, err… repopersons) by the actions of a few. I am certain that not all people in the repo industry are “sleazy, unintelligent, untrained trash.”

    But if you want to believe that certain people, whether man, woman, or child, need to be roughed up from time to time for doing their job – a job which you deem to be beneath you, then you go on and believe that. Really, I am okay with you thinking that.

    And, although we disagree on this issue, I would still like to thank you for your service to our country. Even we knuckle-dragging troglodytes appreciate our veterans.

  14. WingT says: Aug 10, 2011 12:42 PM

    I feel kind of bad for the guy. I bet his credit score is in the low teens, lol.

    Does anyone know if he was able to retrieve his personal belongings from the car? Did he get his dice back that were hanging from the rear view mirror? What kind of rims did he have on that cruiser? I bet he sunk a lot of money into that caddy “fixin ‘er up”

  15. idolized1 says: Aug 10, 2011 12:46 PM

    “Man, that dudes got a Cadillac AND a Mustang?!?! I should have played for Texas! – Terelle Pryor

  16. lemmam says: Aug 10, 2011 12:57 PM

    should the ncaa be investigating texas for automobiles?

  17. burntorangehorn says: Aug 10, 2011 1:05 PM

    lemmam–obviously no one’s buying UT players automobiles, if the players are having them repossessed.

    saints–you keep jumping from argument to argument. First you’re making it about her being a woman, then you’re making it about the profession. ADD?

  18. saints97 says: Aug 10, 2011 1:54 PM

    Burnt, I’ll just let the thumbs up/down system speak for itself here. And, for the record, the only one I put a thumbs down on was your first one, which applauded a woman being roughed up.

  19. cleanslaton says: Aug 10, 2011 1:56 PM

    OK, to address several of these posts:

    Lemmam: A 2000 cadillac isn’t something a privileged football player would request, and repossessing it from him is essentially PROOF that Christian Scott was paying for it. An 11 year old Caddy isn’t desireable [i.e. not Reggie Bush’s range rover or Terrelle Pryor’s Nissan 350z], and is typically driven by senior citizens, 16 yr olds, and those sympathetic to the hip hop community [Which I’m guessing Scott is amongst.] Not saying Longhorn players don’t get benefits [btw, I graduated from Texas 6 years ago], but fancy cars is definitely not one of the perks for Longhorn players.

    Saints97: You have a narrow, myopic viewpoint of the world. I graduated from Texas and went into the Air Force as an engineer, but I still served my time on the Afghan front. I appreciate the veteran support, but you’ve completely missed the point–there are situations that require one to hurt a woman, regardless of the cultural ramifications, for example: being fired at by an insurgent wearing a burka over her face. It’s happened to me. I didn’t have time to say, ‘Oh, sorry for returning fire, ma’am. I didn’t know you were a woman.’ Another acceptable situation is when a woman is trying to [legally] steal one’s car, like what happened to Christian Scott. She wasn’t going to give him his car back at that instant, so he did what was actually fair. You’re telling me the finance companies with deep pockets can’t wait for a few hundred dollars from a broke college kid? I understand he should’ve paid, but the indictment needs to start upon approving him for a car loan. If the same thing had happened while Christian Scott had his car parked in a garage that the owned/rented, he could’ve shot her under Castle Law and been acquitted. How would he know the difference between a repo person and a thief?–[not that there’s any difference at all anyway] I don’t condone abuse, but situations aren’t always a Law&Order-style, clear-cut right & wrong TV script, because women can be nasty and dangerous too, just ask any cop. ANY. He should’ve paid his bills though, AND he did deserve to beat the ass of ANYONE trying to steal his car [repo=theft], regardless of their sex.

    Burntorangehorn: I applaud you for your eloquent support of the minority opinion, as it is the correct one. The World ain’t pretty, and when Women are roughed-up–it shouldn’t be an assumed thing that the man was automatically wrong just because he was of the bigger and stronger sex. That blurs the line between discretion and bullying. It’s tragic that a man can slap a woman and end up in jail for assault, yet the reverse would get ignored. I’ve never heard of a woman getting arrested for assault for slapping a man–WHICH HAPPENS MUCH MORE OFTEN- because we’re supposed to be tough and take it like men.

    The real crook here is the repo industry. It’s 2011 and there should be a solution to this problem. A model solution would be to install kill-switches in engines so that someone that doesn’t pay their car note won’t be able to use it, instead of endangering physical confrontation.

    I fear the day that someone intentionally gets their car repo’d with a trunk full of C4 and has a remote detonator. A nice payback for anyone who’s ever been towed or repo’d.


  20. saints97 says: Aug 10, 2011 2:10 PM

    Cleanslaton, I see the light now. A repo woman repossessing my car is comparable to Taliban woman firing an AK47 at me.

    I can only offer my deepest sympathies that I didn’t see the light sooner.

    I can’t wait until the next time a woman opens her car door up and dings the door of my car (which I am no longer going to make payments on). I am going to whip her ass all over the parking lot, because, you know, there are times when it is cool to whip a woman’s ass!

  21. paulbrownsrevenge says: Aug 10, 2011 2:20 PM

    This is the most physical the Longhorns defense has been in a long time. Have fun winning 6 games this year in a weaker big12 or ten…… Mack Brown isn’t a real coach. Just a recruiter. Texas A&M is going to destroy your team of low digit wearing divas.

  22. saints97 says: Aug 10, 2011 2:23 PM

    A few serious points, Cleanslaton. First off, I am an attorney in Austin (graduated from UT Law). When repossession becomes necessary, the car is no longer the legal property of the dead beat, so it is not theft. Christian Scott and the repo lady were not strangers, she had already repo’ed that car from him before, so he cannot use as a defense that he thought she was stealing his car. Also, repo people always identify themselves as repo people when confronted by the (former) property owner.

    Instead of taking a legal course of action (contacting the new owners and coming up with a payment plan, as he did the time before when it was repossessed), Christian Scott decided he would become physically violent, which is unacceptable whether it was a man or a woman. I am of the belief that it is less acceptable since it was a woman, and I can accept that that particular belief makes me a “knuckle-dragging troglodyte.”

    Lastly, Coach Brown will not let him back on the team. I wonder why that is if he didn’t do anything wrong.

    Again, though, I thank you for your service. What you and your fellow servicemen do/have done can never be repaid properly.

  23. thefiesty1 says: Aug 10, 2011 3:17 PM

    It’s a 12 year old Cady. How much could he owe to have it repossessed?

  24. saints97 says: Aug 10, 2011 4:43 PM

    Okay, ladies, it is safe to come out now. The woman beaters seem to have left the building.

  25. edgy and imtalking are one in the same says: Aug 10, 2011 8:47 PM

    I just went through and “thumbs-upped” every comment made by saints97

    I don’t understand how there are those on here who are advocating for violence against the rightful owner of a car….I mean the loan company said the young man no longer owned the car and repowoman had every legal and ethical right to take that car, and you want to beat the woman?


  26. matthewinwisconsin says: Aug 16, 2011 3:55 PM

    Stay classy, Longhorns.
    I especially enjoyed “The real crook here is the repo industry.” So… explain this to me again. If I “buy” something in Texas, but I don’t pay for it… I still get to keep it. And Longhorn fans will defend my “right” to keep it?
    Hooo ya! Oh… and let me explain how the Longhorns are good for the Big 12. That is good for a laugh as well.
    Hook’Em! (said the tow truck driver.)

  27. ajarkoski says: Aug 17, 2011 2:15 PM

    To all lovers of Repoers,

    You have obviously never dealt with these scum much, they are somewhere between lawyers(saintscum) and loansharks(don’t know any). They have so many ways they can take your car hostage (legal stealing to me) and they are locked up in fortresses and force money from you. I have had my car towed by these jerks and they were totally in the wrong. What am I going to do? I have to pay. I am not going to sue. I am not going to go to the police. it is abuse of their discretion to take cars when their paperwork/facts are wrong. They error on the side of their wallet. Oh we made a mistake? We still spent money taking/stealing your car. If she was a woman, she should be able to handle herself being tossed around. Yes, burnt, i think it is great to see a reposcum tossed around. It should happen more often.

  28. dkd198 says: Aug 23, 2011 9:10 AM

    Just wondering how many of you posting on this subject have any bit of a valid clue what you are talking about…I am a full time police officer and a repo agent in the city of Chicago part time. Just so that you are aware, at the point in which the creditor gave the repo agent the key to retrieve the car that the creditor owns ( the title holder is the legal owner) Mr. Scott had no legal right to the vechile. Due to the fact that the repo agent was working on behalf of the legal owner, the finance company, no, it would not be legal for him to kill the repo chick in any way shape or form.
    I have a really hard time understanding how people cannot understand that at the point in which one stops paying for something someone else had to give them the money to obtain in the first place the repo man is the bad person. I, as do many of my co workers in both professions, drive 10 year old jalopies. The reson for this is the fact that we don’t have enough income to pay back a loan for a nice shiny new one, not because we like the dents and dings. Dents and dings doesn’t mean your car has character it means the owner is broke. They are trying to raise their family to know that you don’t get to have possessions you cannot pay for so that this entire country can get out of the financial mess it is in.
    As far as a woman taking any job and realizing there could be an element of danger of course they do but more female factory workers are killed or mamed at work than female police officers or repo agents, but no one should be physically harmed by another human being “in the line of duty”. No human being has the right to physically harm another period, hence Mr. Scott paying for what he did through the penal system.
    I am a police officer, a repo agent and a female, so I kinda have a clue about the subject.

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