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Updated: BYU AD says no call has come from Big 12

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The Big 12 remains a 10-team conference for now, but if Dan Beebe‘s league loses Texas A&M and/or possibly Missouri to the SEC, the much-depleted group will either have to permanently disband, or find suitable replacements.

Finding valuable new members at this point in the game would be difficult. Potentially losing A&M and/or Missouri would be a crippling blow and there aren’t many available candidates that would provide at least equal value to the Big 12 as those members.

The short list of possible candidates at this point — again, provided there is a loss of at least one current member — has included Houston, Air Force, Louisville and newly-independent BYU.

BYU, while a viable option, says they haven’t heard from the Big 12 — yet.

Well, I think there is something going on,” BYU AD Tom Holmoe told the Salt Lake Tribune. “From our perspective, we have not been contacted by anybody. Never have.

“It is our feel that we are going to move forward. We have a big, big football season ahead of us, and there are a lot of things going on right now within our program that move us forward to independence, [such as] ESPN and BYU broadcasting. So our strength is moving ahead.”

Like every other program in the country at this point in time, BYU is looking out for their best interest, both financially and from a stability standpoint. The Cougars made the decision last year to go the independent route, and are still exploring the benefits of that move.

The Big 12 would have to make more sense for BYU than football independence for them to move back into a conference. There are exit fees from the West Coast Conference, which houses BYU’s other athletic teams to consider. How would the Cougars’ television deal with ESPN be affected? There are certainly options to consider.

Assuming BYU gets the call, which apparently hasn’t come yet.

“Certainly, regarding football and what we would do, I am not going to get into anything because nothing has even been said,” Holmoe insisted.

UPDATED 8:30 p.m. ET: Chip Brown of notes that if the Big 12 were to “expand” following a departure from A&M, it would likely be by one. In other words, a replacement.

BYU, Air Force, TCU and Houston were the schools mentioned by name.


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6 Responses to “Updated: BYU AD says no call has come from Big 12”
  1. bender4700 says: Aug 13, 2011 5:56 PM

    Louisville – Too far, haven’t been good since Petrino
    BYU – IND is too good for them, and they don’t fit the Big XII culture.
    Houston – Baylor v2.0 and another Texas school?
    Air Force – Geographically fits, not a bad idea.

    Personally I’d rather see the whole conference go where they are going to go.

    Dan Beebe has to accept you can’t lose 2 of the 4 pillars that built the conference and stay in such great shape. The Big East is barely hanging on after losing Miami and Virginia Tech.

  2. w8rh3wk5 says: Aug 13, 2011 7:21 PM

    If AM leaves the Big 12 could be in some serious trouble, even if Missouri stays. The big ten and more importantly the Pac 12 will expand again and u can be sure the Pac 12s first chose would be adding Oklahoma, OK St., Texas and Tex Tech.

  3. w8rh3wk5 says: Aug 13, 2011 7:24 PM

    Adding the likes of BYU, Houston, SMU, Rice will not be even close to enough. They could try and make a splash with Boise St. or Notre Dame but that wouldnt happen. The writing is on the wall. This conference is in serious trouble if the SEC does expand.

  4. w8rh3wk5 says: Aug 13, 2011 7:27 PM

    It could be good… If u get four superconferences with 16 teams each u could eliminate the need for the BCS and have the conferences winners meet in a semifinal game with the winners playing in a title game

  5. ajarkoski says: Aug 14, 2011 10:35 AM

    Isn’t 16 team conferences contrqary to what the presidents, who are the BCS, want? They’ve got mouths to feed, the 4/5 bowls, adn have subbornly refused to add more than one game to any teams season (at most 13/14 game seasons). Only the SEC seems to want to break that blockade and have the power, thank God, to help guide the future of college football. They know what the fans want. Interesting power plays going on.

  6. jonatcal says: Aug 14, 2011 6:37 PM

    “bender4700 says: Aug 13, 2011 5:56 PM

    Louisville – Too far, haven’t been good since Petrino
    BYU – IND is too good for them, and they don’t fit the Big XII culture.
    Houston – Baylor v2.0 and another Texas school?
    Air Force – Geographically fits, not a bad idea.”

    BYU, Boise State and Air Force can be had if the B12 wanted them all.

    That said, UH is not worth going after and they are not Baylor 2.0. More like Iowa State or something.

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