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Hokies-to-SEC rumors? ‘Total poppycock’

Poppycock AP

With Texas A&M all but in as the 13th member of the SEC, the rumor mill’s sights have been trained on not only which school will replace the Aggies in the Big 12 — or how many schools — but also which school will become the SEC’s 14th member and how soon.

As has been the case since the Aggies-to-the-SEC speculation first surfaced with a ferocity late last month, Virginia Tech has been rumored by more than one media outlet to be not only a perfect fit for the SEC, but also a school that would be willing to at least think about a move from the ACC.

Tech officials had previously denied the rumors, and did so politely.  This time around, though, the school has unleashed some very harsh, pointed and “salty” language in yet another attempt to, once and for all, knock down the speculation.

“Total poppycock,” Tech presidential spokesman Larry Hincke told the Newport News Daily Press, presumably before going to wash out that potty mouth of his with soap. “How many times do we have to say it? If one of these rumormongers, would be willing to cite their ‘multiple sources,’ it might lend some credence. Frankly, we’re tired of other people telling us what our future is.

“We are not interested. Nothing has changed. My president will not dignify wild speculation. Our last statement still stands. Bottom line: this is not on our radar screen.”

Suffice to say, there’s not a whole helluva lot of gray area in Mr. Hincke’s statement; Tech is flat-out stating they have no interest in the SEC.  None.  Zero.  Zip.  Nada.  Zilch.

Would Tech’s tune change if the SEC came a callin’?  Based on that statement, no.  But, given how this game of conference dominoes has been played over the past 15 months or so, you just never know what the collegiate landscape will look like a year from now.

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7 Responses to “Hokies-to-SEC rumors? ‘Total poppycock’”
  1. tigersgeaux says: Aug 31, 2011 8:15 PM

    Well, they are a thought anyway. Maybe not now but a little later. They will do much better in the SEC in terms of football, revenue sharing with the upcoming gigantic new tv contract, but them or Florida State or similar would be a good balance to A & M. Just rumors but there may be smoke in the near future, then we will look the fire.

  2. overratedgators says: Aug 31, 2011 9:33 PM

    “Pure poppycock, sir, stirred up by dandies and fops, wishing nothing more than to scrounge up balderdash and skullduggery, and I assure you that should I sniff out such hooligans, I shall box them about the ears and give them what for. Now if you gentlemen would give me leave, I must be off to the publick house for a flagon of ale.”

  3. florida727 says: Aug 31, 2011 11:00 PM

    Why would VT want to come to the SEC and finish in the bottom half of the East division year-in and year-out when they can habitually content for the ACC title and potentially go to a big money BCS bowl game? Don’t blame him for his statements. They’d suck in the SEC.

  4. trick321 says: Aug 31, 2011 11:31 PM

    Tech would do fine in the SEC… they choked it up against Georgia and got smoked by LSU when Glennon was runnin’ the show and they had no tailbacks.. since then they’ve found their offensive identity again, and the result is hanging with Bama the year they won it all, and smoking the same Tennessee team that took Bama to the brink that same year.. they also beat Nebraska twice during that time… they might not win it nearly as often as the ACC, but they’d be one of the better teams in the league on an annual basis. If Tech was in the SEC East this year, they’d be my favorite to win the division. South Carolina is a spot higher than VT preseason, but I don’t buy it.. they’re good, but they’re too trendy… not sold yet. Tech would probably finish around 6-2 or at least 5-3 in the SEC every year, but would probably always lose to whoever is hot that year.

  5. bmmayhew says: Sep 1, 2011 9:02 AM

    NCAA conference expansion is about 2 things: TV ratings and talent. In terms of SEC expansion, other than moving to add more teams from Texas or Florida, the DC/MD/VA region is the only viable “big city” metro area that SEC can expand and still be considered the southeastern conference. The only teams that fit that bill are Vtech, UVA, and UMD.

  6. sirmixalotalotalot says: Sep 1, 2011 9:43 AM

    Here is why the SEC wants VA Tech. VT would be the only VA school and would bring with it nearly the entire state of Virginia and some of North Carolina. More than just that, Tech brings the DC area which has a HUGE amount of VT alumni and following. That would provide the biggest market the SEC has seen and would really help to continue negotiating better TV contracts. Tech would also be one of the better academic schools in the SEC and that always looks nice to the NCAA and the public. The another thing VT would have in its favor is recruiting. Everyone wants to play in the SEC now the very talent rich mid-atlantic and Northeast areas no longer have to travel so far to attend and SEC school. Tech’s recruiting would sky rocket and the SEC knows this. The last thing is that Tech is a “destination” campus like many in the SEC area and that fits seamlessly into their style and comfort zone. Its a picturesque campus that provides a great environment for college football

  7. Fan On Fire_Maurice Barksdale says: Sep 1, 2011 2:09 PM

    This is similiar to a Head Coach denying that they are interested in another job, and then all of sudden they are sitting at a press conference accepting another job. Virginia Tech simply has not been invited to the SEC……Yet. So for now what else are they going to say?

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