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KU chancellor chimes in on Big 12 woes as A&M-to-SEC approaches


The final verdict from SEC presidents and chancellors over adding Texas A&M as the conference’s 13th member is expected to be reached sometime either today or tomorrow, meaning H-Hour for what could — could — be the beginning of conference realignment apocalypse v 2.0 is likely ticking toward zero.

While a departure by the Aggies would be a devastating blow to the Big 12 — they’re not getting any stronger without A&M and Nebraska — the final blow would most certainly be a move by Oklahoma — and, by association, Oklahoma State — to, say, the Pac-12.

With Dan Beebe‘s conference very much on life support, Kansas’ chancellor, Bernadette Gray-Little, released a statement today revealing the concerns of all those who chant “Rock Chalk, Jayhawk.”

It’s obviously disappointing that it has come to this point*,” Gray-Little said. “Keeping the Big 12 strong and competitive remains our top preference, but no matter what happens we’re going to continue to work in the best interests of the University of Kansas. That’s our number one priority and it’s what we’ve been focused on throughout the process as we’ve looked at all our options when it comes to conference realignment.”

(*note: not trying to poke fun here, but the Longhorn Network banner advertisement at the top of KU’s Rivals page was pure gold)

In one man’s opinion, Kansas’ biggest options are either the Mountain West or the Big East if the Big 12 does break apart, but just about everything outside of A&M actually going to the SEC is all speculation at this point. A&M would not have sent a notice of withdrawal to the Big 12 if they weren’t beyond confident of an SEC invite. A vote by SEC officials likely means the Aggies have sent their request for membership, which, again, should be approved barring a sudden change.

One thing is certain, though: in the coming weeks and months, I would disregard most statements about “loyalty” and “commitment”; when the you-know-what hits the fan, everybody will be looking out for themselves and themselves only.

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16 Responses to “KU chancellor chimes in on Big 12 woes as A&M-to-SEC approaches”
  1. bender4700 says: Sep 6, 2011 8:37 PM

    Basically everyone’s like:

    “Hey, other conferences, CALL US!”

    Oklahoma with Oklahoma State

  2. burntorangehorn says: Sep 6, 2011 8:44 PM

    I think a more likely scenario is the Big 12 reaches an annexation agreement with the MWC, CUSA, or something like that. The next most likely would be to pick up the cream of the non-AQ conferences. Sure, it could collapse, but it has an ace in the whole that makes it very possible for the Big 12 to be a conference other schools join, rather than one that breaks up and scatters: its AQ bid. Adding enough schools like Memphis, Houston, SMU, etc. to get back up to twelve teams would make it a lot less likely that they’d lose their AQ bid any sooner than the Big East would.

  3. calihawk33 says: Sep 6, 2011 9:07 PM

    Lol, mountain west? That’d be like Duke (if they didn’t win the Orange bowl in 08) going to the Mountain West. Not an option, buddy, not even close. Being in the news you should probably read what other sources are saying, those being: if UT doesn’t go to the PAC, then obviously TT doesn’t get an invite and that invite will be given to KU & MU.

    I’d also say that KU seems a lock for the big east as they have already been offered an invite… If they choose. The next possible option is the above scenario already explained which is MU being KUs partner as the PAC takes schools in pairs for their two team regional network (hence why TT was even mentioned to begin with)…

    Lol, mountain west!?!?!?! Hahaha, good try but KU would never even consider. Was this a joke article? Cuz it seems like it.

  4. southernpatriots says: Sep 6, 2011 9:17 PM

    Here is another story involving the A & M departure from the Big 12 and joining the SEC. Anyone counting? There will be many more because this process is tedious and drawn out, especially in this litigious society we are in today.

    We are curious about the balance in the East SEC for A & M which most certainly will join the gauntlet of the West SEC. We are looking forward to tailgating at Tiger Stadium with great A & M fans who know Texas bbq! We’ll trade some great Cajun dishes and have a great time!

    Anyone hear if Tuscaloosa suffered damage as a result of the remnants of Lee going through? We sure suffered some here, we hope they didn’t after the devastating tornadoes earlier.

  5. bender4700 says: Sep 6, 2011 9:25 PM


    I’d love to the Big XII (minus the big 4…left) bring in Boise, SMU, TCU, Nevada, Memphis, Southern Miss, and Houston.

    You eliminate the “let us play” argument from the better non-auto bid-ers and you keep a conference together even though you lose key members.

    The Big XII obviously drops in strength down with the Big East, but better than nothing.

    I’d have more respect for Boise if they beat the best of the non-aq’s and Kansas, K-State, and Missouri.

  6. bender4700 says: Sep 6, 2011 9:28 PM


    I heard Lee affected the whole south for the most part, mostly just by bringing a lot of rain.

    My family that lives in Houma, LA is doing fine. Lost power a few times, but doing ok, no major damage.

    A&M fan take note, LSU fans are some of the best people on the planet to have tailgating in your town. Go to the College World Series, and hang out with LSU fans. You can’t possibly leave feeling hungry or annoyed. Great people.

  7. southernpatriots says: Sep 6, 2011 9:39 PM

    bender4700: Thank you. We are just returning from tailgating at Cowboy Stadium at the LSU –Oregon game. We met over 200 great Duck fans who love Cajun food. I think they want a regular field on field schedule from now on, though all left quite depressed at the play of their Ducks and impressed with the speed, strength, and domination of our LSU team. These great fans from the Pacific Northwest were a great asset to their school. We had such great fun with all!

  8. bender4700 says: Sep 6, 2011 9:56 PM

    what southern just said is my point proven haha.

    LSU fans are great people, sure sports is competitive and emotional, not enough to stop them from feeding ya and having a good time. That’s what life is about.

  9. dcroz says: Sep 6, 2011 10:39 PM


    I’m not aware of any damage to Tuscaloosa on a grand scale; just tons of rain and a lot of downed trees across northern Alabama that has a bunch of folks in the dark. I live about an hour north of T-Town, and we got about 10-12 inches of rain here the last couple of days. Fortunately, though, there hasn’t been any major flooding in the area.

    On a separate note that’s only tangentially related to the topic: Why do people refer to The University of Kansas (as its chancellor does above) and The University of Oklahoma, yet their logos have KU and OU (as in Kansas University and Oklahoma University)?

  10. burntorangehorn says: Sep 6, 2011 11:10 PM

    dcroz–most of the old Big 6/7/8 schools did that, or at least the ones without “State” in their names did: OU, NU, MU, CU, and KU. They went that route mostly to distinguish them from other schools that are UM, UK, etc.

  11. paulbrownsrevenge says: Sep 7, 2011 12:11 AM

    big10/16= KU, KSU, mizzou, ISU,
    Pac16= OU tx tech, ok state, boise st
    sec adds a&m, baylor, clemson, GT

  12. dcroz says: Sep 7, 2011 7:26 AM

    Thanks, burntorangehorn. I’d noticed that several years ago and always wondered why that was.

  13. dickroy says: Sep 7, 2011 7:32 AM

    Missouri to Big Ten, along with Wesr Virginia.

  14. southernpatriots says: Sep 7, 2011 8:05 AM

    dcroz: Thank you for the news from Alabama. We are still drying out here. Some houses a little under water, mainly flooding of roads, downed trees, etc. Schools were closed yesterday and will be closed again today.

    We think we must have lost our minds in Texas. We emailed the LSU senior assistant athletic director who arranged the game between LSU and Oregon at Cowboy Stadium about changing LSU’s scheduled game next year (as he did for this season) and schedule Boise State, then for 2012 schedule Notre Dame, then for 2013 Oklahoma and during the season a field on field night games only with Michigan.

  15. brutusbuckeye2011 says: Sep 7, 2011 12:56 PM

    @paulbrowns revenge & dickroy:
    Sorry, but I can’t see KU, KSU & ISU joining the Big Ten. KU & KSU might have an outside chance due to their basketball programs, but not football (lots of bucks in FB, very little in BB). Mizzou is a possibility even though they were passed over last year. ISU doesn’t have a snowballs chance (Big Ten already has the Iowa TV market and ISU is not competitive in any sport).
    Dickroy’s point about Mizzou and W Va is a much better fit for the Big Ten.

  16. artisan3m says: Sep 7, 2011 3:45 PM

    @ paulbrownsrevenge :

    Baylor to the SEC? Not likely. No advantage in dollars or team strength. But wait ~ ~ Art Briles has Baylor on the rebound and there is one game on the schedule that might pique the SEC’s interest. Baylor plays A&M on Oct 15th and the Bears could be 5-0 entering that game. It will be a blood letting since Baylor has now sued to keep the Aggies in the Big 12. If ~ big if ~ Baylor were to beat A&M, her stock would rise in every conference. Hey, victories over TCU and A&M would not be ignored ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ anywhere!

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