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Big East presidents vote unanimously to expand


What happens with week with Missouri’s Board of Curators meeting — if they do indeed decided to meet on Tuesday; we’ll know tomorrow — could have a huge affect on the future of the Big East conference as we know it to be right now. Today, Big East officials met, and according to multiple media reports, have unanimously decided to expand to teams who have shown “strong interest” in joining.

Below is a statement released by the conference:

“The presidents voted unanimously to authorize the commissioner to aggressively pursue discussions¬†with a select number of institutions that have indicated a strong interest in joining the Big East Conference. The presidents are also actively considering changes to the conference’s governing bylaws to further solidify the membership.”

Welcome aboard, East Carolina?

It’s been rumored that Navy and Air Force have been in discussions with the Big East to become football-only members, and Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson has all but confirmed the talks between the Falcons and the Big East.¬†It also appears the conference is not looking toward Central Florida or Houston any time soon — much to my own dismay and whining.

Whom the Big East “chooses” is one thing; keeping current members in the conference is another issue entirely. As the latter portion of the statement hints, the Big East could very well hike up exit fees and re-address protocol for schools wishing to leave. Both areas proved to be laughable as Pitt and Syracuse waltzed out to the ACC a few weeks ago.

In fact, about the only thing the Big East has in the way of slowing the bleeding is a 27-month waiting period by which Pitt and Syracuse are expected to abide before departing.

Or, as it’s known around JT’s household, the “child leg clamp”.

How current Big East football members address conference bylaw changes will be interesting (that portion of the statement did not claim to be unanimous). UConn and Rutgers have expressed a desire to leave, and WVU has been connected — accurately or not — to the Big 12 and the SEC.

If the Big 12 expands, their plans could include one or more of the Big East’s football members. TCU, Louisville and West Virginia have all been thrown around the rumor mill as possible candidates depending on the number. Of course, media reports move much faster than actual realignment; an expansion of any kind by the Big 12 could take months.

And you can almost guarantee the Big East will be on shaky ground the entire time.

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7 Responses to “Big East presidents vote unanimously to expand”
  1. lbijake says: Oct 2, 2011 5:06 PM

    Invite Temple in. That’ll sink the league.

  2. jtturner says: Oct 2, 2011 6:08 PM

    I just want wvu to get out of the big least i dont care if its conf usa and the mwc merger deal i think we would add some weight to their arguement for a bcs bid

  3. thefiesty1 says: Oct 2, 2011 8:31 PM

    The big east is a dying football conference. Hoe many tv sets actually tune in to watch Rutgers or UConn or even an expanded East Carolina. They CAN’T still be a BCS AQ unless you want 30,000 fans to attend a BCS game.

    Stick with Basketball and skip football.

  4. blakebuchanan87 says: Oct 2, 2011 9:18 PM

    If USF gets left out after a Big XII expansion, I can only hope WVU gets left out too and they both go to C-USA and actually add some viability to it. However, their membership there would probably only be as long as the wait until the next round of expansion occurs, where they’d both be picked up by someone going to 16 teams.

  5. drummerhoff says: Oct 2, 2011 9:24 PM

    The real story is not what was unanimously decided upon, but what wasn’t unanimous …
    Did the vote to increase the exit fee go unopposed? How come some ‘members’ asked to allow Pitt & Cuse to depart prior to the 27 month waiting period?

  6. Bo Darville says: Oct 3, 2011 8:57 AM

    The Big East should just take all of the best CUSA schools before they get raided again.

  7. bbeaman78 says: Oct 3, 2011 12:48 PM

    Please fold your conference before it is raided. You will not stop the SEC, ACC, or BIG 12 from taking your remaining members. Your best program is TCU, WVU, & Louisville (Facilities not play on the field).

    If I were the commish of the BIG EAST I would call Chuck Neinas, and pray his senility has set in and broker a deal for TCU, WVU, and Louisville and then interview for the new commish spot in the BIG 16 errrrr…. Neutered 9 when Neinas is hired to find his replacement.

    Let’s get this over with so we can get back to Football. Also tired over having the option for conference realignment on NCAA 12 from EA

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