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LSU wins SEC West; one step closer to BCS title game

Arkansas v LSU Getty Images

After last weekend’s crazy upsets, at least we have one constant: No. 1 LSU wins again and will play for the SEC championship and a spot in the BCS national championship.

LSU dismantled Arkansas in the second half en route to a 41-17 win over the No. 3 Razorbacks. The win locks up the SEC West for the Tigers, who will play Georgia next Saturday in the SEC Championship.

After 12 games, what more can you really say about LSU? Les Miles‘ team has gone in to every test this season — the opener against Oregon, the road games against West Virginia and Alabama — and come out on the right side of the win column each time.

The idea of a team not winning their conference or division and still playing for the national championship has become insufferable because of the BCS, but even if LSU somehow, some way slips up next week against Georgia, could they really drop beyond No. 2 in the final BCS rankings after everything they’ve accomplished? Is a one-loss LSU any worse than a one-loss Oklahoma State, or Virginia Tech?

Just about anybody with a reasonable head on their shoulders would conclude LSU is the best team in college football right now, and the BCS is designed to pair the two highest rated teams at the end of the season based on their whole body of work.  That’s where guys like BCS executive director Bill Hancock make laughable statements like “every game matters.” It’s laughable because even they know it’s not true. If Alabama beats Auburn on Saturday, “game of the century” part deux becomes a very real possibility.

Good thing they didn’t already decide it on the field on Nov. 5.

It’s not that I’m opposed to a rematch — Alabama is arguably second-best team in the country — I’m just opposed to a rematch as long as the BCS is involved.

If Oklahoma State can rally from their loss to Iowa State and beat Oklahoma next week, there’s a great chance they could find their way back into national title picture. Are the Cowboys really the second-best team in the country? I don’t know, we have a system in place that judges how great a team is based on when they lose. But, after watching LSU today, OSU — or, any team for that matter — may want to take a rain check on the national title this year.

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105 Responses to “LSU wins SEC West; one step closer to BCS title game”
  1. suprmous says: Nov 25, 2011 7:00 PM

    Roasted Hog tastes so good and now it’s time to concentrate on feedin the Dawgs some justice. And should there be any doubts that the Honey Badger deserves a looksee at the Heisman next year? After today I don’t think there should. And speakin of next year, the LSU team should once again be one to reckon with.

  2. southernpatriots says: Nov 25, 2011 7:10 PM

    LSU did what LSU has done all season long–win. It was not pretty at times, but win they did. A great punt return by Tyrann Mathieu, a fumble recovery, etc. Mo Claiborne had a takeaway, the defense and special teams did well, and so did the offense as the game wore on. Miles wanted to play ball control and except for an interception for JJ (his first of the season) and a fumble, LSU played systematic ball control offense. Run, run, pass; pass, run, run, etc.

    Arkansas played hard as they always do. They get up for LSU each year. We send our regrets and condolences to the team for losing a special young man this week and we are glad alligatorsnapper was able to post the LSU preparations info.

    As the team was made ready for Arkansas and every other team before them, we trust and believe that the team will be prepared for Georgia as well. Georgia has a very good defense and a very accurate QB. We just met the great offense of Arkansas and think that Georgia will hopefully face the same results. We believe Arkansas had a better team and had much better competition to prove them all season.

    Once again, we congratulate Arkansas for playing such a competive game in the midst of most difficult situation.

    This is a most extraordinary season for LSU.

    Allons les Tigres! Geaux Tigers!

  3. Deb says: Nov 25, 2011 7:19 PM

    Congratulations on the win, LSU. As I posted before the game, it probably was in Alabama’s best interest for LSU to take home win in this matchup. And I’m happy for southernpatriots and bikerhal. Of course, Alabama “dismantled” Arkansas by exactly the same point differential. So it appears the best two teams in football are still on course for a rematch.

  4. be4bama says: Nov 25, 2011 8:02 PM


  5. ihatedallasandauburn says: Nov 25, 2011 8:07 PM

    Can we please stop with the bama didnt win there conferance crap. The bcs champ. Game is between the best two teams in the ncaa. there is no rule against it. So why push for a osu game?
    They were favored by three tds and lost.
    Bama is the second best team . So get over it. And let the two best teams play.
    Roll damn tide

  6. superfbfan says: Nov 25, 2011 8:07 PM

    No rematch! Enough is enough…Alabama is a great team but they had their chance, at home, and missed it (pun intended). There are no do-overs. Somebody else should get a crack at LSU. I will not forget that in 2007 UGA was in line to play in the B(S)CS championship and were denied because they didn’t win their conference. Please give us a playoff!!

    Congrats to LSU…toughest and most physical team I’ve seen in years….

  7. ihatedallasandauburn says: Nov 25, 2011 8:19 PM

    Osu sucks and was a 4 td favorite and lost to isu . Why have them in the disscussion?

  8. tominma says: Nov 25, 2011 8:26 PM

    So, what happens if Georgia beats LSU in the SEC title game?? Does that mean we’d have a BCS championship game featuring 2 teams that didnt win its coference championship??
    Just wondering……………

  9. Ben Kercheval says: Nov 25, 2011 8:34 PM

    “the bcs champ. Game is between the best two teams in the ncaa”

    False. It’s between the two highest rated teams decided by computers and people.

    And I never pushed for Oklahoma State.

  10. Deb says: Nov 25, 2011 8:38 PM

    @superfbfan …

    Grow up, junior. This is NCAA football, not Little League. We don’t make sure every kid gets a turn at bat. I’m not asking anyone for a rematch. It’s the BCS. #1 plays #2. We’ve lost one game this season by three points in OT. Unless Auburn beats us tomorrow–which could certainly happen–Alabama is the #2 ranked team in the nation and has earned its place in the title game. I don’t care what any whiny babies think about rematches. #1 plays #2 in the title game. End of story. If you don’t like it, change the channel.

  11. ladyhuckleberry says: Nov 25, 2011 8:51 PM

    Oh Boy, whata game. Makes you wonder how we became so spoiled like we have all season. Well Deb, I see it didn’t take you long to go and play favorites as to who you congradulated on a good game but there’s so many more of us fans from LSU on here than just southernpatriots. Not that I’ve got anything against her because I feel a great deal of respect for her but somehow you managed to forget 2 even though you’ve insulted them from time to time. Southernpatriots, I saw what you were having on your menu the otherday and Mamn, I have to say you made my lips water. Hope your roasted hog meal was just as good as the game.

  12. Deb says: Nov 25, 2011 8:54 PM

    @ihatedallasandauburn …

    Oklahoma State’s one loss was to an unranked team. Our one loss was to the #1 team by a field goal in OT. Alabama’s offense moved into scoring position six times in regulation, while LSU moved into scoring position only twice. Reid thwarted us with a great defensive play, and we missed three field goals. And our distance kicker was the top-ranked kicker in the country when we recruited him, so Alabama wasn’t neglecting its kicking game.

    The only people talking seriously about Oklahoma State as contenders in the BCS title game are LSU fans and Alabama haters … for obvious reasons. If they were that sure of themselves, they wouldn’t be concerned about their opponent. If we win our game with Auburn, there’s no reason for Alabama to move out of the #2 position. Our only concern now is the Iron Bowl. Just ignore the rest.

  13. superfbfan says: Nov 25, 2011 8:55 PM

    Get a life..nobody wants a rematch. Alabama played LSU at home and LOST! You think your gonna beat LSU in the Superdome? Why is everyone convinced Bama is the #2 team? In 2006 everyone thought OSU and Michigan were the two best teams. Arguing very much the same way you are…both of those teams went to bowl games and got their doors kicked in!

    And if LSU were to play Alabama in the B(S)CS championship and Bama won…they would have to split the championship??

    In NCAA football, little league and life there are no do-overs. You’d had your chance…now take your ball and go home.

  14. Deb says: Nov 25, 2011 8:56 PM

    Please don’t talk to me, huckleberry. I don’t speak cow.

  15. geraldthecat says: Nov 25, 2011 9:09 PM

    No team that relies on throwing the ball can beat LSU. Ok state would be stuffed. Ark. was only in the game in the 1st half because they could run a bit. If you are looking for a team besides bama that has a chance it would be in the big ten.

  16. bayoubauer says: Nov 25, 2011 9:23 PM

    I doubt it would happen, but it would be hilarious if Auburn won tomorrow. We wouldn’t have to read any of Deb’s pissy little posts til next year.

  17. rajuncajun28 says: Nov 25, 2011 9:29 PM

    Deb is as classy as Petrino and Suh…..fact….

  18. Deb says: Nov 25, 2011 9:42 PM

    @bayoubauer …

    Please don’t judge me by the LSU faithful. I’ve been a regular on CFT for years. I’m here when we win, and I’m here when we lose. I’m not like you LSU fans who just show up in droves when LSU is doing well and are nowhere to be seen otherwise.

  19. southernpatriots says: Nov 25, 2011 9:43 PM

    ladyhuckleberry (and all LSU fans):

    Thank you. Our whole hog/razorback open pit roast earlier today was quite an undertaking after the huge family reunion yesterday, but we had all the grandkids, grandnephews and nieces, friends, etc. all helping.

    Folks came by from several miles away as the wind was blowing and they followed their noses…ha. We had hoped that we were making a commentary and satire on what we hoped the game would be. The first half had us somewhat concerned. Finally, in the second half LSU came alive, both offensively and defensively and began to feast on the Razorbacks as we had been doing in our hog roast for awhile.

    We had watched the ESPN commentators and CBS taking heads and others and all they wanted to talk about what scenarios when or if LSU lost. The great offense of Arkansas, the great QB, the great _________ of Arkansas, and Arkansas had already faced Alabama early in the season and they now had all their great players back on board and much greater experience and would know how to handle LSU…bla..bla…bla. We think most of these talking heads should be fired. They can’t get anything correct.

    Talk show hosts in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham will also not be happy. LSU continues to mess up their projections. All LSU has to do is to keep on winning.

  20. Deb says: Nov 25, 2011 9:44 PM

    @rajuncajun28 …

    Considering the vulgarities you typically post nonstop, I take your disapproval as a compliment. Thanks.

    BTW, I haven’t stepped on anyone lately with my stillettos, but if you ever crawl out of the sewer, I’ll give you a little Suh stomp.

  21. Deb says: Nov 25, 2011 10:04 PM

    @superfbfan …

    A title game isn’t a do-over, hon. Heard of the NFL? Last year Green Bay met Chicago twice in the regular season and again for the championship. That is the nature of the game.

    I strongly support a playoff system, but in the absence of that, we have the BCS. The title game is #1 vs. #2 in the BCS rankings. If we beat Auburn–and we may not–we should face LSU in the title game. The team that wins the title is the winner of the title game–just as Green Bay won the title over Chicago although Chicago had won earlier in the series.

    As for the best team in the nation … titles are about the best team on the day. I don’t think anyone really believes the Giants were the best team in the NFL when they beat the 18-0 Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. But they were the best team in the deciding moment so they earned the title.

    In their first meeting, Alabama and LSU proved to be as evenly matched as it’s possible to be. But LSU made the winning plays at the deciding moments to earn their #1 ranking. If they were honest, lot of fans would admit they object to #1 playing #2 because they loathe the idea of an all-SEC title game. But regardless of the outcome, it’s pretty clear those are the #1 and #2 teams. And that’s what the title game is supposed to be about.

  22. Deb says: Nov 25, 2011 10:10 PM

    @southernpatriots …

    Don’t know what talk shows you tune in. Our whole family was pulling for LSU today, as I posted when the game started. It would not have been in Alabama’s interest for Arkansas to have won that game.

  23. gopokes3281 says: Nov 25, 2011 10:38 PM

    Two teams in the same division or the same conference can’t meet in the Super Bowl though…so that argument doesn’t make much sense. I hate to see a rematch, as a Pokes fan, but if Alabama stomps Auburn it will happen. It will take an Auburn win or a last second Alabama win and Ok State blowing out OU for a rematch to not occur.

  24. Deb says: Nov 25, 2011 11:04 PM

    @gopokes3281 …

    Two teams in the same conference can’t meet in the Super Bowl because of the merger and the two-tiered setup of the NFL. But two teams from the same division can, and often do, meet in the title game.

    I’d prefer a playoff system that would keep the top 16 viable when the season ends. Then let them all battle it out in tournament fashion. That keeps more fans and conferences involved and ends the jockeying for position in the top two slots.

  25. gopokes3281 says: Nov 25, 2011 11:06 PM

    I agree. Then no one could complain.

  26. Deb says: Nov 25, 2011 11:10 PM

    @gopokes3281 …

    Wow … you’ve gotten a thumbs down just for being an unbelievably good sport. Typical. The “pissiness”–as one twit called it–I displayed earlier was directed toward harpies who tried to collectively bully me off the site. Some of these folks make Patriots fans look humble. 😉

  27. bikerhal says: Nov 25, 2011 11:38 PM

    One more interesting thing about this whole BCS mess is that a team that has No. 1 locked up is at a disadvantage having to play an extra game for the conference title. In this year’s scenario, ‘Bama as the no. 2 seed sits at home watching LSU put it on the line. They risk being upset, or losing a key player. This is an odd circumstance. In this scenario ‘Bama is sitting pretty in the cat-bird seat. If LSU beats Georgia, but loses to ‘Bama in the rematch, the tide are considered the champions even though they split the head-to-head and LSU would have one more win on their record than ‘Bama.

    The announcer, Gary Danielson offered the comment that Miles was trying to score as many points on the Hogs he could as a poll buffer in the event they stumbled against the bulldogs. Geez Louise when will we pull down the BCS for cripe’s sake??

  28. brownsfrown says: Nov 25, 2011 11:41 PM


    I admire the way you have been futilely attempting to reason with irrational fans from inferior conferences. You should also be commended for giving “congradulations” [sic]where they are fairly earned.

    But, with concern for your blood pressure, I remind you that first things must come first (as you also asserted). We must beat Auburn. As in all things SEC, there are no certainties.

    You will hopefully have all next week to argue further the merits of your well-conceived arguments about #1 vs. #2.

    Let’s just make sure we get there first, and let the also-rans argue amongst themselves.

    Roll Tide!

    PS: Hate that you stood me up at the alter this season! Have missed ya’!

  29. bikerhal says: Nov 25, 2011 11:48 PM


    I gotta confess to wanting a rematch and then again not wanting it. The unfairness of IT ( to me admittedly) is that LSU has to beat Bama twice to win the championship but Bama only has to win once. WHEN you lose is the most important thing.

    If a rematch takes place and Bama wins, In my mind it takes the win we had away, by making it less important. The other side of me says “think of the glory we heap on us if we rematch and win again! ”

    Maybe the Tide and Tigers will be the straw that breaks the BCS camel’s back. I think this season will go down in the annals of the fall of the BCS.

  30. Deb says: Nov 26, 2011 12:13 AM

    @brownsfrown …

    Hi, honey!!! Have missed you, too!!! Nice to see a friendly username in the midst of all this hatefulness. Will never never take Auburn for granted. Yes, let’s get through the Iron Bowl!!

    @bikerhal …

    You’re so cool!! Just remember anything negative I say about those nasty LSU fans doesn’t include you 😉

    I agree about the SEC Championship. Usually, it’s such an honor, but this year it is a disadvantage for LSU. I was thinking earlier that it’s a shame they can’t just skip it (okay, now the Georgia fans will be gunning for me!).

    The rematch issue doesn’t bother me, probably because I’m–admittedly–a stronger NFL fan. As a Steelers diehard, I’m used to seeing the Ravens twice in the regular season and again in the playoffs. Our meetings are the most exciting games of the year. It’s kind of like the regular season is for pride and the post-season is for money (even though I don’t bet on games). All the games are important in their own way. Even when you lose, you know there’s always that next meeting and there will be blood 😀

    If our earlier meeting had been a blowout, I don’t think the prospect of a title meeting would be interesting. But I’ve never seen two college teams more closely matched–especially on defense. I thought it was one of the most intense games I’d ever seen. If we can survive Auburn, it should be a great game. I don’t think a loss to Georgia would or should drop LSU from the top 2. And barring injury, your guys would have plenty of time to recover before the title game. I think your QBs are playing better than A.J. right now, so you might well win the rematch.

  31. thecrazyasianinseccountry says: Nov 26, 2011 12:21 AM

    Hello Deb….
    No doubt that you know that I am a Tiger…,fan that is.
    As much as I hate it, but I unfortunately have to agree with you, the way the current BCS system is set up, Bama should be the team to play us, LSU, if everyone wins that are supposed to win… There should be no reason why OKst should jumped Bama for #2 to play LSU in the BCS Championship if they were all to win out.

    I just wanted to say that I have read most of your past posted, and I do respect your ability to be reasonable… You congrat us for the win after the game, even though it was a few hours after, but that is to be expected, and I knew you would after you dealt with your disappointment with lost. We, anyone that lives in SEC Country, at one time or another have exlerienced the same disappointment….
    Tigers!!! Remember our ’03 season when we came from no where and over claimed USC for #2 position and played Okla for the title…remembered how we felt having to defend why we deserved to play over USC, at times I can personally remembered using that same arguement that you, Deb, have described as what the rule is and if you didn’t like then change it after the season, not during the season to serve anyone’s best interest.

    And the BIG12 arguing that a team should not play if they didn’t even win their own conference is beyond laughable, referring to ’04 of cousre
    …Come on !!! Auburn went undefeated in the SEC.

    I know fans everywhere our are passionate about their teams, and if they are not then why call yourself a fan…, you are correct to say that LSU do not want to see Bama again, but it is not because that we are afraid but, rather we respect Bama and if we do see you, Tides, in the National Championship game then we exspect nothing but the best out of you!!! No excuses on why you lost or why you should have won (Deb and other mature Bama fans not included in that last sentence).
    The ones that claimed Bama won on Nov. 5th, you know who you are, please take notes from Deb and other civilize fans, be gracious in defeat, and we too, likewise, should be gracious in victory.
    GO TIGERS!!! and Go SEC!!!!

  32. Deb says: Nov 26, 2011 12:24 AM

    @bayoubauer and rajuncajun28 …

    By the way, children, the LSU faithful didn’t mind my pissy little posts when I was steadfastly defending Jordan Jefferson’s presumption of innocence against all comers before the season started. You didn’t mind my pissy little posts when I was standing up for LSU as a fellow member of the SEC, or when I was explaining to Alabama fans that Reid’s interception really was an interception. You pathetic bottom feeders only started having problems with me when the Witches of Bourbon Street started ripping me to shreds for being a Bama fan and I stood up for myself. Got news for the dregs of the Bayou: I’ve been posting here for years. I will be here if Bama wins. I will be here if Bama loses. And I will be here long after you and the harpies crawl back to the swamp.

    Have a nice day! 😀


  33. rajuncajun28 says: Nov 26, 2011 12:27 AM

    @deb – I am hard pressed to believe you would own or know what a stiletto is….and btw, I am an LSU business undergrad from 1984 and a Texas A&M MBA grad 1988, so well educated and my post comments are deliberate and thoughtful. I don’t need a rednecks approval like yours ….I write what I choose when I choose….so, if you don’t like it, hustle back to your trailer in nowhere,al and find someone else to pick a fight with..and, by the way, you remain classless…

    All the best,

  34. Deb says: Nov 26, 2011 12:29 AM

    @thecrazyasianinseccountry …

    Thank you!!! It’s nice to meet another good sport from the LSU fan base!! Congrats on your win today. You have a fantastic team and it would be an honor if we can overcome Auburn and play LSU again in the Iron Bowl. Can’t imagine a tougher opponent!!! Like you said, win or lose–no excuses!!!

  35. Deb says: Nov 26, 2011 12:30 AM

    @thecrazyasianinseccountry …

    Oops … I meant the title game. See, the Iron Bowl really is on my mind :)

  36. majorseahawk says: Nov 26, 2011 12:33 AM

    There should be some kind of rule that says you have to win your conference in order to play for the national title. That “game of the century” was an awful game, I’m not looking forward to another matchup that would likely be the worst title game in years. Alabama didn’t win their conference or even their own division, they have no place in the title game with LSU.

  37. rajuncajun28 says: Nov 26, 2011 12:35 AM

    @deb – you clearly have me confused with one of your mullet wearing, Bib overall wearing friends in gump land….but, if youve never traveled outside of alabammy, you don’t know any better….pity…

  38. Deb says: Nov 26, 2011 12:36 AM

    Yes, rajuncajun28, your semi-literate diatribes about trailers and rednecks are wonderful testaments to your graduate education. And the bigotry you’ve ranted at Southerners–which include people from Louisiana and Texas–since you signed onto the site also speak volumes about your character. So the vicious anti-Southern hatred you spew is deliberately chosen? Thank you, but I assumed that already–unless you’re posting under the influence of meth. Given the grammar in some of your comments, that’s also a possibility.

  39. Deb says: Nov 26, 2011 12:37 AM

    @majorseahawk …

    Worried? Or just chiming in?

  40. sweepthleg says: Nov 26, 2011 12:43 AM

    Only losers want a remAtch!

    Alabama had their shot at HOME and lost(learning to kick a field goal would be a good idea)! Give another team a crack at LSU (After UGA).

    But we will get a remAtch (Eventhough you didn’t win your division let alone your conference). Hopefully, we will have a playoff next season after LSU beats alabama again in the farcical remAtch of Unbeaten vs. We already beat us guys at HOME and we have to do it again?!?

  41. Deb says: Nov 26, 2011 12:54 AM

    Oooh … someone has a sticky shift key.

  42. ladyhuckleberry says: Nov 26, 2011 1:17 AM

    Deb, not only do you not know how to speak cow you’re the one who comes across as heartless. Even I can see that you don’t care much for those who don’t fit in your circle. And that’s ok because somewhere there’s a group of people I do fit in with.

  43. ladyhuckleberry says: Nov 26, 2011 1:30 AM

    rajuncajun, if you’re who I think you are somebody’s missed you from afar.

  44. nps6724 says: Nov 26, 2011 1:46 AM

    Let’s quit using the NFL as a comparison. They have all 32 teams play 3 opponents twice a season and have a playoff. It just doesn’t compare to the college system. It simply makes zero sense for LSU to play Bama again. They wouldn’t have won their conference or even make it to their conference championship. The #1 team in the country already beat them on Bama’s home field. They had every chance to win and failed. They had their shot; it’s time for someone else to get a chance. If OSU beats OU, they’ll have 2 things Bama won’t: a conference title and the fact they haven’t yet lost to LSU.

    Giving Bama a rematch tells the country that the regular season doesn’t matter. What was the point of the two teams already playing if we’re just gonna give Bama another chance? When the 2nd-beat team in the conference has a better chance of making the national championship game because the best team has to play an additional game, there’s a problem. The voters should do what is right and find LSU an opponent they haven’t already beaten on the field. Isn’t that the whole reason they play the damn games?

    And Deb, I’m sure you’re for a rematch since your team has everything to gain.

  45. suprmous says: Nov 26, 2011 1:55 AM

    As one of the Bourbon Street Witches Deb speaks of let me just say that I’m totally unsurprised that she’s ripping at LSU fans again. Those that she doesn’t rip at can have her praise and as ladyhuckleberry mentioned have my respect as well. Deb, for the record I didn’t rip you for being a Bama fan BUT what I did rip you for was the way you’ve insulted others and carried on as if they can’t say anything and your disagreement with what they have to say. There’s always and will forever be more than one side to anything but somehow you missed the class when they were teaching it that semester or worse yet you weren’t listening when your parents were tryng to teach you. Either way your behavior of bullying people on here the way you do has you getting the attitude you get and deserve so why rip others?

    Southernpatriots, I wish I’d been able to have enjoyed some of your version of roasted hog. To be honest I’m sure it would’ve been better than that burned turkey I had earlier.

  46. turbodog1027 says: Nov 26, 2011 1:55 AM

    A prerequisite for playing in the national championship game should be that you have won your own conference championship. How can any team that doesnt even play in its conference title game even think they would be deserving to be acknowledged as the #1 team in the country after failing to win a lesser title?

  47. webfootdoug58 says: Nov 26, 2011 3:24 AM

    Southern Patriot, congratulations on a big win. Your Tigers looked really tough today. In spite of all the other divisiveness on the BCS issue, there seems to be consensus that you are #1.
    Now just don’t blow our minds by losing to Georgia.

    As far as who else should be in the title game, there is no easy answer which will satisfy everyone, so emotion is high. I’m disappointed but not surprised at some of the pissy comments on this blog.

    As a neutral outsider it seems to me the closest thing to fairness it to allow the top two teams in the final poll play. If that unfortunately includes a rematch, so be it.

    This means that Alabama should be that team, IF it gets a solid win over Auburn. A repeat of last week’s pedestrian performance won’t do it, especially if OSU snaps back with a big win. So I’ll be satisfied with LSU and ‘Bama if they really seem to be the best two teams in the country.

    Just as I’ll be satisfied if Oregon wins out and plays the best of the Big Ten in the Rose Bowl. The reality is, that first game loss to LSU knocked us out of any bigger game. But first, the rivalry with the Beavers, which is always tough.

    And then, if the Ducks win……thanks to the really screwed up system we now have in the PAC 12, and Utah’s crazy upset by Colorado, we shall be playing UCLA, of all teams, for the first PAC 12 championship game. Better we could have had a rematch with USC!

  48. southernpatriots says: Nov 26, 2011 3:42 AM


    Thank you for your kindness. Our area state representative is like us…a foodie. He loved the roasted hog and the symbolism…that what we were wanting.

    Turkeys are a problem. (that’s why the Butterball telephone assistance line is so popular! ha.) We love fried turkeys but you have to be so careful with the rig and fryer and all, and with so many kids around for our family reunion, the potential for accidents was increased, so we smoked our turkeys, hams, Polska Kielbasa, boudin, and turducken sausage, we made ourselves. We used fresh herbs (cilantro, Italian flat leaf parsley, Genovese sweet basil, Tellicherry extra bold fresh cracked pepper, sea salt, Steen’s pure ribbon cane syrup for a little sweetness, etc.) It all turned out so very well.

    Every year following events such as these, all the family gets together and we review what we have done, what worked, and what we think can be improved for the next time. We are going to do this later today, and I am up thinking about it all right now. I think next year, I/we will consult with Chef John Folse and Chef Leah Chase a little sooner and smoke/roast a lamb next year. I know some folks who raise sheep in south Louisiana so that could save us much money, like it did this year with the hog.

    We feel exhausted after these days of great work and then the emotional win against Arkansas. Petrino appeared not to like that Miles went for the last score to pull LSU’s score up to 41. He ought to know this is for all the marbles and the polls make up a major portion of the BCS rankings. A point total of 40 seems to the magic number and has been all season. Score 40 with a high differential and the polls won’t drop your team or lower their point total.

    Against the hugely advertised offense of Arkansas, the best in the SEC, the best QB LSU has faced all year, etc., LSU performed very well, and kept the Arkansas offense in check, especially shut them down in the second half. We KNOW that Chavis went in at half time and tweaked his defense and approach and made adjustments. At the end of the game Miles was very specific that JJ would be his starting QB for the “next two games”….ha. “next two games” some commentators did not even catch what he said.

    Alot of commentators are bandying about Mathiew for the Heisman next year. That is rediculous since next year Mathiew is still a defensive back, but defensive player of the year is a real possibility. We are going to write the Augusta Sports Council about omitting Wing from their top 3 in the Ray Guy award. We are going to have to do some campaigning for him next year to try to make sure this does not happen again.

    Most of the talented players on the team are sophomores or juniors. They will be back next year and the year after. With the good recruiting that will be done with the success and tv exposures this year, hopefully this next recruiting year will the best ever for LSU. LSU has some extraordinary players from Louisiana, as well as other areas.

    Relish this win a few more days, then concentrate on Georgia. It surely has been a most superb season so far. We are truly blessed this year!

  49. bikerhal says: Nov 26, 2011 4:46 AM


    It has been a magical year for our Tigers and in the mind of some LSU FANS (me first and foremost) this is the best team the school has ever fielded. The last two championships we were privileged to win were somewhat tainted by controversy. We had to “split” the first one with USC (I have hated USC since then) and then heard the cries of “no team with 2 losses should be in the championship game” for the second. My heart really surges when I read “LSU is unquestionably the best team in the nation . . . .” at the start of many national articles this year. If we prevail against Georgia and then ‘Bama again, I will be long last contented that no one will give a “yeah, but. . . .” comment about ’em. So, we need to play you guys again and win by a significant margin to finish up my dream season.

    I am a long-suffering and die-hard Saints fan. For me I would love to see the Saints win the Super Bowl this year right after LSU wins the NC. I would then let Jesus take me home!

  50. bikerhal says: Nov 26, 2011 5:10 AM


    You have been grudgingly respectful of our team :-) so in the spirit of good sportsmanship, and in keeping with your recent suggestion that LSU skip the SEC Championship, I offer the following request. Would Alabama mind stepping in and take our place? Vanquishing Georgia would help both our teams. We get a rest, don’t assume any risk, and ‘Bama solidifies their argument that they are the second-best team in the land and should be unquestionably the team to play LSU.

    Now I think SouthernPatriots could likely get this put through! How ’bout it!

  51. Spencer says: Nov 26, 2011 6:34 AM

    Only the Updykes could possibly be entitled enough to demand a championship rematch with a team that already beat them at home as their “right”.

  52. florida727 says: Nov 26, 2011 9:05 AM

    brownsfrown says:
    Nov 25, 2011 11:41 PM
    As in all things SEC, there are no certainties.


    With all due respect, this much IS certain: Auburn has NO chance. Zero. Nada. None. They’ll play on emotion for a half, but by mid-third quarter, this game is OVER.

    The two best teams in college football this season are clearly LSU (congrats “southernpatriots” friends on the dismemberment of Arkansas) and ‘Bama. Not because I said so, or because they play in the SEC. Look at it objectively, or at least as objectively as a fan can look at something like this…

    LSU has manhandled every team they’ve played. Certainly physically if not outright on the scoreboard (think ‘Bama). Anyone who doesn’t acknowledge them as the best team in college football, at this time, is simply delusional. If you set aside the opening few minutes yesterday, they beat the THIRD rated team in the country FORTY-ONE to THREE (41-3). That’s a scary level of domination folks.

    Alabama has lost one game. Granted it was at home, but it was a defensive battle that a soccer player determined (kickers are not real football players; they’re reformed soccer players; there’s hope for them). They’ve also dominated everyone else they’ve played. They didn’t lose at home to Texas Tech. They didn’t lose as a FOUR touchdown favorite. And the don’t play in the WAC.

    Face it, low scoring or not, like it or not, a rematch would pit the two best teams in America playing for the crystal football. Regardless of whether or not most people WANT to see it, it would be the best game.

  53. southernpatriots says: Nov 26, 2011 9:37 AM

    florida727: Now you know sane reason does not have anything to do with being college football fans! If anything is mutually exclusive, that’s it!

    We try to be sane, though every once in a while we do something like an open pit whole hog roast with official Arkansas State fruit and vegetable in the mouth of the hog/razorback, like we did all day yesterday. That is a little crazy and I guess would qualify us for being radical fans. We have never worn a purple and gold Afro wig and stripped to the waist and painted trunks with the royal colors of LSU. Maybe there is some hope for us, afterall.

    Thanks for the objective evaluation which is so hard to find, especially at this point each season.

  54. southernpatriots says: Nov 26, 2011 10:47 AM


    Glad to read you and your family were all pulling for LSU. Glad to read a change of heart from your previous postings on more than 2 occasions.

    On those postings you stated you were pulling for Arkansas, stating you were honest about your support for Arkansas from the beginning.

    Our reply was that we supported Alabama in its games because we wanted the top teams of the SEC to be showcased this year.

    We were/are pulling for Alabama v. Auburn today, as we were in previous games as well.

    bikerhal: Now that is funny. We would certainly make every attempt to make that happen, if Saban and the Crimon Tide agreed to it. We would start a petition to the SEC, we would even lead a convoy down I-10 East to I-65 North to SEC headquarters in Birmingham, and stage a “sit in” or something similar to get them to make the substitution.

  55. texbornlsufan says: Nov 26, 2011 11:01 AM

    To Everyone………

    Stop talking and just bring us the BEST TEAM possible to the Super Dome 1/9/12 !!!!

    How about the Packers?

  56. texbornlsufan says: Nov 26, 2011 11:05 AM

    I have a message to all College Football Fans…..


    Just look at the playmakers we have coming back plus our best QB has been on the sidelines all year.

  57. Deb says: Nov 26, 2011 11:36 AM

    @southernpatriots …

    Since you’re calling me a liar, I’d suggest you check the time stamp of my post on this thread yesterday:

    Then I’d suggest you grow up. You may not like my team or my attitude, but I’ve only reacted to the slamming I’ve taken from your dear, dear friends “lady”huckleberry and suprmous. My “Go Hogs” post was part of that reaction. The other post was in the mistaken belief that it would work to our favor for Arkansas to win. I later realized that wouldn’t be the case. As always, when it comes to gametime, I root for what’s in the best interest of my team, as does everyone else on these boards. No matter how noble people want to proclaim themselves, they aren’t rooting against the interests of their teams. :roll:

    huckleberry and suprmous, from the moment you signed onto this site, I was kind to you, trying to explain to you not to take the thumbs down seriously, etc. And I defended LSU against what I felt were unfair attacks.

    But I got tired of huckleberry’s incessant posts chastising like a schoolmarm anonymous people chasing away other anonymous people. I told her this might not be the place for her. She turned it into a PERSONAL attack on my character and suprmous joined in, completely ignoring huckleberry’s outrageous behavior and making something that was never any of her business all about me–with a lot of cheering support from the home team sitting in the coliseum, including those I’d thought were my friends but who obviously turn on a dime when members of their fan base behave like rabid dogs going after a piece of meat.

    Yes, I call goofy generic names when defending myself because it’s less hurtful than dissecting the character and motives of someone you don’t know over a football blog. But as suprmous made clear in those posts, this was about getting rid of a strong female commenter. It still is. And it’s not going to happen if the whole of Baton Rouge piles on.

  58. bikerhal says: Nov 26, 2011 11:41 AM

    @southern patriots

    I am embarrassed to say I did not know the SEC was headquartered in B’ham! That explains a lot! I dare say the way LSU is tearing up the conference these days they may decide to relocate to Baton Rouge! (just kidding everyone! LOL)

  59. Deb says: Nov 26, 2011 11:41 AM

    @bikerhal …

    Don’t get caught up in the BS spewed by your fan base. If you’ll go back to my previous posts, you’ll find I posted genuine respect for LSU, not grudging respect. It’s just most of their hypocritical fans posting here that I find despicable.

    And yes, I’d be more than happy for Alabama to play Georgia in the SEC Championship. I was trying to be fair and accommodating by saying LSU shouldn’t have to play that extra game. It’s an honor to play in the SEC Championship. I don’t expect the Tigers to lose, but if they did, I wouldn’t expect it to drop them out of the top two. And they’d have a month to recuperate before the title game.

    @texasbornlsufan …

    I’d also dearly love to see LSU play the Packers. southernpatriots have a lot of influence. Maybe they can arrange that. I’m on a tight budget, but I might even sell my car to attend that game.

  60. bikerhal says: Nov 26, 2011 11:45 AM


    Careful now. They SHOULD be better if we can keep them from getting into mischief! :-)

  61. bikerhal says: Nov 26, 2011 11:48 AM

    I was kinda just pokin’ at you by saying “grudgingly “. I wasn’t being evil. It’s all in good fun (till someone loses an eye!)

  62. Deb says: Nov 26, 2011 11:57 AM

    @bikerhal …

    Sorry :) I’m surrounded by evil on these threads. Have had my gloves up since being the Christian thrown to the tigers a couple of weeks ago. How quickly people forget the hits you took defending their QB and trying to be nice to them. All you have to do is stick up for yourself and your team to become Public Enemy #1. LOL

  63. bikerhal says: Nov 26, 2011 12:13 PM


    I understand it is hard because when you’re no. 2 you have to try harder! LOL

    (Christians to the Lions – now that is funny)

    As Southern Patriots said, I am a tide fan today!

  64. bikerhal says: Nov 26, 2011 12:28 PM


    Email me

  65. southernpatriots says: Nov 26, 2011 12:38 PM


    We did not call you liar. You have a tendency to put words in other posters’ mouths, including ours. Perhaps you have a selective memory, but even when we called it to your attention that you were supporting Arkansas, you stuck to it. We gave you a chance to clarify or amend your posting at that time, but you insisted upon it. You were supporting the now loser–Arkansas. You said you were being honest, so we took you at your posting.

    Apparently, you did as you implied, you were convinced support of Arkansas did NOT help Alabama in the ways you wanted the Tide to be helped, so you changed your support just before the game. It is great to hear of your change of heart on the matter as we posted.

    With your emphasis of “your dear, dear friends” what do you intend? You intend to now be a friend of all Alabama posters, know them well or be a dear dear friend of all? That is so nice of you.

    Tune in any sports talk show in Tuscaloosa or in Birmingham. If you had heard just a cross section of the programs prior to the Arkansas game, you would not have made your post. Keep them on your computer link or Internet radio stations. Monitor them every once in a while, especially when any LSU game is coming up. The upcoming SEC championship may not be a good example, but even prior to that game you should hear some comments from the hosts and Alabama fans. Listen before any LSU game which has possible consequences to UA.

    Based upon your posting of self-interest, it would be in LSU’s best interest if Auburn beat Alabama in the Iron Bowl today. That would eliminate the Tide from top consideration. If the majority of this family operated as you do, we would wholeheartedly support Auburn.

    However, we did not many weeks ago and have supported Alabama in all games so far this season, except the game with LSU. Other fans can do as they deem appropriate. Most LSU fans do not live in Baton Rouge, as you continue to post. They live all throughout the state of Louisiana and neighboring states of Texas, Arkansas, and throughout the South, and throughout the U.S. We have met some in Germany, Italy, Spain, Israel, and India, and will be sending shoe boxes to soldiers from Louisiana stationed in Serbia, Korea, Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan. These American heroes want to know how their families are doing what are the LSU Tigers (football, basketball, baseball, etc.) are doing.

    Alabama should have no trouble with Auburn today. It will likely be similar to the game between LSU and its rival Ole Miss this year. Other years the rival may have its day, not this year.

    We hope you and your family enjoy the game today. It should be fun. After some early moments of anxiety, our game was quite entertaining. Tyrann promised Miles that he would make up his disappointment to him and the team at a time they really needed a pickup. He delivered. The LSU team continues to set LSU records. Despite the huge distractions and problems this year, Miles seems to be really enjoying himself coaching this team.

  66. texbornlsufan says: Nov 26, 2011 12:41 PM

    Sorry I will always be a LSU FAN FIRST and a fan of whomever plays Sabama second no matter the reason. Go War Eagles !!!!

    They don’t have a chance but thats why they play the games !!!!!!!!

    Bring it Bama to the Super Dome!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Deb says: Nov 26, 2011 12:52 PM

    @southernpatriots …

    My post was clear, and I have no idea what you’re talking about. The people you’ve embraced so lovingly here–suprmous and huckleberry–ripped me to shreds for no reason other than trying to drive me from the site. And all your little buddies backed them up. Until the day that happened, I had always posted that if it couldn’t be Alabama to win the championship, I wanted it to be LSU. I posted sincere congrats when we lost and even explained to other Bama fans how and why we lost. Want the links since your memories have failed? After being viciously attacked by the LSU fanbase, I cheered for the Hogs. So sue me–I’m human.

    Yes, I support what’s in my team’s best interest. Duh. No matter what the rest of you pretend, so do you.

    Now you’ve come onto this thread fawning all over those two vicious harpies. You’ve made your bed. Lie in it.

  68. Deb says: Nov 26, 2011 12:57 PM

    @texasbornlsufan …

    I wouldn’t expect you to be anything other than an LSU fan first. And it’s fine with me that you’re a fan of anyone who plays Saban second. I can understand that. You and I weren’t friends and you haven’t done anything to deliberately hurt me personally, so I have no reason to take you cheering for Auburn personally. Good luck to you in the SEC Championship.

    (But never get so excited you imagine that any NCAA team could beat the top teams in the NFL–that’s a whole different ballgame 😀 )

  69. Deb says: Nov 26, 2011 1:08 PM

    @southernpatriots …

    Obviously, I want Alabama to go to the title game. That is what I meant by Alabama’s best interests. If Arkansas had won that game yesterday, it could have resulted in a three-way doomsday scenario that might have led to Bama being pushed out of the top two. LSU is in no danger of losing its spot in the title game based on the outcome of the Iron Bowl. So despite the noble speeches, how you root in this game doesn’t impact LSU … unless, of course, you are worried about the prospect of facing Alabama in the title game.

    It’s absurd to expect me to root my team out of the title game for any reason. :roll:

  70. Deb says: Nov 26, 2011 1:22 PM

    And as I’ve told you umpteen times, I do not listen to talk radio, nor am I responsible for the rantings of nuts on talk radio. I certainly wouldn’t come onto this site and embrace them as my pals if they’d personally ripped you just because they’re Bama fans. If you’ll recall, I chastised Bama fans who were poor losers after that game. But yes, you’re right. We think differently.

  71. dcroz says: Nov 26, 2011 1:55 PM

    For those of you not wanting a rematch, I can certainly understand. While we do see rematches all the time in other sports that have playoffs, college football has billed itself as a playoff that starts in September and ends in January. By that logic, then, Alabama had its chance and lost at home to LSU.

    Except…who really has a better argument for being in the title game against the Tigers?

    Stanford? They lost by 22 points AT HOME to the same Oregon team that LSU whipped first game of the season. Plus, unless Oregon loses to Oregon State, they will be in exactly the same position as Alabama: not even winning their division, let alone conference.

    Oklahoma State? They lost to a three-plus TD underdog just last week, and still have to play Oklahoma for what could be their second loss. Plus, they match up horribly against LSU with their one-dimensional offense and god-awful defense.

    Virginia Tech? Who exactly have they beaten? They play in a very weak conference, and lost their biggest game of the year AT HOME to a Clemson team that now has a second loss after mailing it in last week.

    Boise State? They did beat Georgia to start the season, but they have not beaten anyone else of consequence since then, and lost their one big game after that opener AT HOME to TCU.

    Houston? Yes, they’re unbeaten, but their best win of the year was against a then-three-loss Tulsa team this weekend. They still have to play a 10-2 Southern Miss team to win their conference, but their two losses were to Marshall and UAB, of all teams. It would be fun to see what Case Keenum and LSU’s defense can do against each other, but does anyone really seeing this as being a competitive game?

    So, unless one can make a better case for one of the above, who else is left to play in the #2 slot than ‘Bama?

  72. yukonbelle says: Nov 26, 2011 2:02 PM

    I’ve been reading all of this bickering and have this to say. No one – that means Alabama, Oklahoma State or whomever – is going to beat LSU this year in the Superdome. I do not care who we play; although, I do think that Alabama will make a better showing than anyone else. In the LSU/Alabama game, we played a much weaker quarterback for part of the game, costing us two potential touchdowns. Alabama, no doubt, will have improved their kicking. Regardless, they will not beat LSU in the Superdome – not this year.

    All that said, I can easily understand the feelings of other conferences wanting a shot at the title game. Is it fair for Alabama to get to play when the team they are playing has already beat them? Probably not. We just have to see how the BCS powers that be rule at the end of the day. If the system says #1 and #2, then it looks like it will be LSU and Alabama.

    Deb, I’m sure you view the Iron bowl the same as we view the battle for the boot. It’s never a game to take lightly. That said, Alabama is too strong this year. Auburn doesn’t stand a chance.

  73. southernpatriots says: Nov 26, 2011 2:16 PM


    We had a similar family discussion a few weeks ago when things looked like they could be heading this way, and came to the same conclusion.

    Do we want any college team to play another college team they have already beaten? No. The history of the SEC and NCAA is that when this happens, almost always the team which was beaten in the first game wins the second game. When the two teams are not evenly matched in the first game but the first game is lopsided (e.g. 42 – 17), when the second game is played the score evens up to about 24 – 21, favoring the team who was first defeated. There are exceptions to this trend in the SEC and NCAA, but they are few. The first defeated team has so much more motivation that the original victor in the second game.

    We love playing Alabama. We even loved playing Alabama when The Bear was their coach and we almost never won. Alabama games were fun. We finally did beat the Bear and less than 6 months later he passed.

    We would be glad to play Alabama or Houston or anyone for the BCS NC. Who we play is not left up to us at all. That we play is. We want to beat Georgia and we will face the barrage of tv and radio talking heads once again telling us how Georgia can will beat LSU, as they did with Alabama, Arkansas, and other teams. We thought Arkansas had the best offense and best QB that LSU has faced all year, now it is Georgia. Georgia has a great defense. What does LSU have? The drum beat has already begun.

  74. Deb says: Nov 26, 2011 2:23 PM

    @yukonbelle …

    Couldn’t help laughing at your certainty that we’ll have improved our kicking. From your keyboard to God’s ear. But I would not take that bet. Kickers are a fluky bunch. Our short-range kicker has excellent stats. But our long-range kicker, who created such problems for us in that game, had misses the following week, too. And he was the top-rated kicker when we recruited him. You just never know with those guys. Like their kicks, they are just hit and miss.

    I’d never take Auburn for granted. Much to everyone’s surprise–especially the Auburn fans who never wanted him–Chizik is a good coach. They’ll pull out all the stops to play spoiler for us. I’ve seen some crazy surprise victories through the years. Anything is possible today and in the title game.

    Thank you for a good football post. My anger is purely over how I’ve been treated by specific LSU fans and those who’ve backed them–it’s not directed toward the team. LSU has had a tremendous season despite its preseason drama, and Les has done a phenomenal job. I want Bama to be in the title game because–if we beat Auburn–we’ll have earned the #2 spot. But I know it would be an even tougher game the second time around!

  75. gopokes3281 says: Nov 26, 2011 2:30 PM

    I can’t believe Houston is actually being brought up in NC conversation on this board. I was at the TU-Houston game yesterday and it was hard to watch. Keenum and his offense only posted 13 points against a below average defense in the first half. If TU didn’t make an abundance of mistakes the Hurricane would have been up by a TD going into the 4th. Keenum had a good 9 minutes at the end of the game but it was because TU had basically given up at that point. Houston shouldn’t even be in the top 20 because they wouldn’t stand a chance against any team that is, especially LSU. I didn’t realize how average they were until I saw them in person. Their kicker missed 4 extra points in warm ups. And I’m not bashing on them because I am a TU fan, because I’m not. I only went because I could get ticket for $6. They wouldn’t score more than 7 against LSU.

  76. dragopooch says: Nov 26, 2011 2:55 PM

    Well anyways give the people what they want.They want an SEC team to lose in the title game.Only way that will happen is to put two SEC teams in the title game. Anything else will be a blow out.Another positive for the SEC haters is that with LSU vs Bama you stand a chance to win a bowl game instead of losing the top two to the SEC.

  77. webfootdoug58 says: Nov 26, 2011 3:46 PM

    Big games coming up, so I’ll wait to do any more posting until we see what happens with Oregon-Oregon State, Auburn-Alabama, Penn State-Wisconsin., then USC-UCLA, Clemson-South Carolina, the 2 Floridas 2 Virginias; and Stanford-Notre Dame.
    By the time these games are decided, we’ll know a lot more about about how things are going to end up with the BCS.

    Such as: will Alabama be able to win with the necessary style points as LSU did yesterday?
    Who plays UCLA for the PAC 12 championship? etc.
    And why is Oregon (green and yellow) wearing those dirty-gray uniforms?

    So there’s lots of fun stuff to be talking about when we have the results, and lets’ hope future bloggers leave off the nasty name calling, it’s getting old.

  78. Deb says: Nov 26, 2011 4:01 PM

    Funny, webfootdoug58, but you only had a problem when I started fighting back. You weren’t the least bit bothered when everyone was ganging up on me. You just piled right on. And I’ll continue to stand up for myself against the Romans by any means necessary. If you don’t like it, don’t look.

  79. Deb says: Nov 26, 2011 4:09 PM

    You can’t be a good sport with these people. You can defend their QBs, give them support with their health issues, take up for them when other people give them a hard time, be a gracious loser when your team suffers a heartbreaking loss. But when two of the trashiest people I’ve ever encountered on a blog single you out for a gang-bang, you’re just supposed to take it. suprmous has targeted my coach repeatedly and raged at him for running up the score despite the fact that her coach was winning by the same scoring differentials. But I’m just supposed to smile and say nothing. huckleberry comes on and slams everyone on the post for imaginary slights everytime she comments and when I say something back to her, she rips me to shreds, then tag-teams out and suprmous starts in with no acknowledgement of anything that was said to me. Then all of Baton Rouge climbs on for the ride. But the only person called out–even by my so-called loving friends–is me.

    I have always wished you and the Ducks good luck until you decided to join the Romans last week taking swipes at me. Get used to it, dougie. I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE. And I’m NOT curbing my posts. I don’t care if we lose today or if we are smothered in a title game. I’m not going to be intimidated by the Bullies of Baton Rouge and their cohorts. GOT IT?

  80. bikerhal says: Nov 26, 2011 5:31 PM


    Your post about evaluating possible opponents to play LSU to arrive at the conclusion that ‘Bama is the strongest candidate is convincing. So maybe we should cancel the NC game and declare LSU the champion based on the fact no one has demonstrated the ability to beat us! Somehow though I don’t think we can get a consensus of opinion from everyone in the country! :-)

  81. bikerhal says: Nov 26, 2011 5:38 PM


    You are absolutely accurate about the media continually hyping LSU’s opponent for the week. Gotta wonder if it is merely pandering to the networks who might be afraid no one would tune in so they hype it. I see that often when a game is out of hand and they will make a comment like: “Jim, State has a history of scoring lots of points in the second half so Prarieville better not get too over confident here”. LOL!

  82. Deb says: Nov 26, 2011 6:07 PM

    @bikerhal …

    You’re so funny. How did they let you in? 😀

    Well, technically, Auburn is the champ until someone else wins the trophy. But for practical purposes, it’s LSU’s trophy to lose. How could we not get consensus on that? They’re they only unbeaten team in the country (with all due respect, Houston isn’t in this conversation–we’re talking about a different level of football here). But they’ve still got to play that title game. Remember the ’07 New England Patriots? The title game is not just a formality :)

    And that wasn’t my post–it was dcroz’s. I just want #1 to play #2 without respect for previous meetings or shared divisions.

    I don’t pay as much attention to the talking heads as you guys. They always have an agenda. Stirring the pot is what keeps them in business. If you read your history, the AP writers conspired in 1966 to deny Alabama a championship just to make a statement about segregation. While I agree with the sentiment, you don’t politicize football. And if they were going to conspire, they should have thrown the championship to Michigan State, not Notre Dame. All these people who think ESPN panders to the SEC … if they do, it’s solely for their own financial interest. Nah … just ignore those guys. They’re probably just trying to keep the games interesting.

  83. southernpatriots says: Nov 26, 2011 6:48 PM


    You are so correct. However, that does not explain the overall unanimous agreement of commentators who do not work on the game or for the network broadcasting the game. Such as all ESPN commentators (except Herbstreit) picking Alabama over LSU, and then spending a hundred hours promoting Arkansas over LSU, but CBS is broadcasting the games. It is more than a little disconcerting.

    If this huge imbalance continues with the SEC championship game, we are documenting the biases and uneven commentary and will present it to the broadcasters and to the SEC. From what we have heard, they are never been held accountable, so maybe someone ought to do that for broadcasters who are supposed to at least give the appearance of fairness.

    We can tell you have listened to Louisiana high school games on radio. We have also. Friday nights WLCS radio and Saturday nights WJBO AM 1150 LSU games. Our father went to Istrouma High School in Baton Rouge (and then LSU) and from his day through our day there, Istrouma was a power in Louisiana high school football.

    Istrouma fell off in the generation(s) since but with John Curtis, Haynesville, Evangel, St. Aug., Jesuit, Kentwood, Lutcher, Captain Shreve, etc. Louisiana high schools cultivate great athletic talent.

  84. Deb says: Nov 26, 2011 7:26 PM

    @southernpatriots …

    Oh for heaven’s sake. Broadcasters are paid to provide commentary and are entitled to do so. You’re going to send letters of complaint because the broadcasters picked on LSU? Isn’t winning enough?

    Wow, you manage to find your voices in the oddest circumstances, but you said NOTHING to contradict suprmous’s idiotic assertions about Nick runninig up scores when Les was hitting the same differentials. You said nothing when that fool huckleberry stomped all over me and that vicious suprmous jumped in to make it a twosome. NOTHING. Yeah, I can take care of myself. But it was a big disappointment to have my pals fawn all over the Hateful Sisters just because they’re LSU fans and some Bama jackasses said things you didn’t like on the radio–as though that had anything to do with me.

    Nine-tenths of football fans watching that Reid play would think Bama was robbed. It’s only because I understand the NCAA is following the NFL’s rule (a recently introduced rule I vehemently oppose) of following the ball to the ground that I knew why the call went as it did. If things had been reversed and that had happened to LSU, you people would be screaming like stuck pigs–as you’d admit if you had an ounce of honesty.

    There I was defending and supporting your win while you were smugly saying my team should go play in a nothing bowl against Boise. After a 3-pt. overtime loss? Talk about being insulted. Where were you when all our fans were congratulating LSU up and down the thread, while some shrew was posting that Alabama doesn’t even belong in the South?? Or when that huckleberry stirred it all up again today by ranting at me on this thread because I only congratulated you and bikerhal? Should I have called her a cow? No, that was childish–like the LSU thumbs-down squad. But I still cannot believe she had the nerve to demand personal congrats from me, of all people. I guess the arrogance of some LSU fans just knows no boundaries! And somehow that makes me the bad guy :roll:

    I’ve defended you all over this site (and funny, when I was defending you instead of myself, you thought my chutzpah was charming). I’ve backed you up when your players were in trouble, when even most SEC fans were hanging them out to dry. I’ve stood up against my own team’s fans on your behalf and you know it. Where were you when that cretin rajuncajun28 was calling Alabama fans every filthy slur he could think of? Nowhere to be found. And that fool webfootdoug wants to lecture me about my behavior and what he’s tired of? I’m sick of an eejit who mouthed off about dumping Alabama from the title game because they’re “mediocre,” claiming the title shot should go to his team … right before they lost to USC. No personal sour grapes there … nah :roll:

    You are good at dishing it out–or at sitting silently while your groupies dish it out to your “friend.” But you’re going to protest because the announcers don’t bow and scrape at Les’s throne. Well, now I’ve heard it all.

    Win out and you get a crystal trophy and your school name in the record books. No one owes you a shower of rose petals.

  85. southernpatriots says: Nov 26, 2011 9:15 PM


    Congratulations to the University of Alabama, Coach Nick Saban and his staff, the players, alums, and fans and…

    Congratulations to you!

    The Crimson Tide did as we expected and dispatched Auburn with little difficulty. Congratulations on a great season and likely inclusion in the BCS NC game in New Orleans. We (LSU) still has a game in Atlanta first, but we hope to be there as well.

    You make alot of assumptions and presumptions. We cannot read all postings, nor did we read the offensive postings you attribute to various posters who are LSU fans. We have read some from Alabama fans who are offensive as well as Ohio State fans, Penn State fans, and others and we are sure there have been offensive words and expressions from LSU fans without reading them.

    When commentators and broadcasters are not balanced and are wrong time and time again, it makes one wonder, wouldn’t it make you wonder if it was reversed? Of course it would, especially if some anonymous posters get under your skin here, then commentators/broadcasters reaching tens/hundreds? of millions around the world would surely bother you.

    If it is one-sided against your favorite team you would respond. You respond reguarly here on CFT to similar postings but object to inquiring about broadcasters who are wrong continually and yet can speak whatever they want to to tens of millions without accountability? When almost the entirety of their broadcast time which references an upcoming contest/game is one-sided, you think that is balanced and fair? You surely don’t think so on CFT when you perceive a slight against a coach or team you support.

    You accused us of calling you a liar when we never did any such thing. You rail against some good folks whom we do know, involve yourself in their conversations, when nothing was directed at you and negatively at Alabama. You chalk that up to being skewered on your own pitchfork and that you were under stress due to some postings of a couple of LSU fans.

    We spent some time when we had some spare time and did not find the offensive postings that arose to the level you stated. We stated then and will state now–making this posting something personal with personal derogatives, personal attacks should not be done and it is wrong to do it, for any poster to do it! LSU fans should not do it. Alabama fans should not do it. No one should do this. If LSU fans did it, they are wrong. If Alabama fans did this, they are wrong. If anyone does this, he/she/they are wrong. We have had Ohio State, Alabama, Georgia, Penn State, and LSU fans skewer us for the most trivial and false reasons, so we do understand.

    We do not worship Les nor have we or anyone we know put him on a throne, despite your rampant use of hyperbole. We know him, his family life, his dedication to his players and our local area, his love for the people here, especially special needs children. We know of his work and the work of his players with our regional children’s hospital. The work he and his wife do is of great interest to us as it is to Drew Brees and his wife. We have stated numerous times that he is a man, not a king, not a god and we do not know anyone who treats him the way you state.

    You brand us as having dear, dear friends who have offended you when we do not know but two CFT posters, and this you were informed about previously but chose to ignore, and you just restate the same falsehood you stated previously as if you did not read our posting before. But, you not only read our posted explanation but you apologized for your false statements and accusations. Now you charge us again with the same false statement and accusation.

    We also have defended you on this site on numerous past occasions as well as defended you on PFT, which it takes much effort for us even to be willing to go there. We went there to defend you, for no other reason.

    If in the future, any poster becomes abusive and you feel we need to take note of it or you would like us in any way to intervene, please let us know.

    I do not think that we personally are any more responsible for LSU fans who post here than you are for Alabama fans who post here or for Pittsburgh fans who post here or on PFT. However, we will try to calm any troubled waters, and resolve any issues we can caused by personal attacks or vulgarities directed at you or others. We do not support such attacks, nor do we sympathize with them.

    This forum is for college football and similar discussions and we don’t think personal attacks on fellow bloggers should happen here. Public figures such as coaches, broadcasters, and similar are a different situation. We would expect a certain amount of attacks against Les Miles, Nick Saban, and other coaches, and public people. Bloggers such as you, us, and others are not included in public officials or public people.

    We are often able post but do not have the spare time (we wish we did) to read the threads and all the postings. We almost never are able to read more than a few. However, as we stated if you see anything objectionable and we can be of any help, please let us know.

    Not only do we have great time restrictions, but we are also using old and older computers which are not responding well and with fingers that do not respond well either…ha. Some postings we work on for well over an hour just to type them. We are sure when JT is able to get the NBC techs to put in an edit feature that will help us but we would still have the limitations of our fingers (and brain communication to our fingers).

    Have a great evening!

  86. Deb says: Nov 26, 2011 10:05 PM

    @southernpatriots …

    Alabama has been the whipping child of the national media going back to the civil rights movement. I should think you’d know that. Alabama–and the Steelers–have taken just as many or more hits from the national media as LSU. No, I don’t write the networks. I comment here because … this is a forum for commenting. Sorry if that offends folks. As I’ve mentioned, if football banter and smacktalk offends you, perhaps a football blog isn’t the best place for you. :roll:

    Funny, but I’ve never seen you defend me on PFT. I handle myself pretty well with the Big Boys. And I’m not referring to obscure posts here. I’m referring to rajuncajun’s continual vile slurs on threads where you were commenting, so you couldn’t have missed him.

    I don’t need help on these blogs. But I didn’t appreciate you dropping into the middle of suprmous’s diatribe at me and offering … nothing by way of support for me. Again, I doubt you missed the conversation. Nor did I appreciate you verbally embracing both her and huckleberry here after their behavior toward me. I didn’t imagine anything, nor did I put words in your mouth. After I said I’d supported LSU, you came on and said I’d told everyone I was supporting Arkansas. What part of that doesn’t scream Liar?

    Congratulations, you excel at deflecting. But the long sarcastic speech doesn’t change the fact that I did exactly as I said in my post: I supported and defended you and your team on numerous occasions while you left me twisting in the wind. If “lady”huckleberry and suprmous aren’t your dear friends, then more shame on you for dumping someone who stood by you in order to embrace two caterwauling shrews just because they support your football team.

    Yeah, you have a good evening, too. And be sure to take care of all those ailments that keep you from posting. God knows we never see you around here :roll:

  87. southernpatriots says: Nov 26, 2011 11:02 PM

    ladyhuckleberry says:Nov 25, 2011 8:51 PM

    Oh Boy, whata game. Makes you wonder how we became so spoiled like we have all season. Well Deb, I see it didn’t take you long to go and play favorites as to who you congradulated on a good game but there’s so many more of us fans from LSU on here than just southernpatriots. Not that I’ve got anything against her because I feel a great deal of respect for her but somehow you managed to forget 2 even though you’ve insulted them from time to time. Southernpatriots, I saw what you were having on your menu the otherday and Mamn, I have to say you made my lips water. Hope your roasted hog meal was just as good as the game.


    Deb accuses my family and I of knowing you and not responding to your attacks of her. We had a hard enough time to find your post on this thread and did not find others with which she could be offended. I understand that Deb was offended in other personal things you may have posted to her. In this thread, you mentioned the fact that Deb did not congratulate all the LSU fans on CFT. She felt you wanted personal congratulations, which is what we gave her on Alabama’s win over Auburn.

    I am sorry for any disagreement between you and Deb. I am not aware of all the points and counterpoints. If we can be of any assistance in resolving this, please let us know. If you can resolve this directly with Deb, please do. Thank you for your understanding and working toward a resolution of any problems.

    I will be working on trying to locate other LSU (and Oregon) posters with whom Deb has had difficulty. My family and I (we) are also willing to work with them and Deb to help resolve their situations. Thank you for your understanding.

    Have a wonderful evening!

  88. southernpatriots says: Nov 26, 2011 11:27 PM

    rajuncajun28 says:Nov 25, 2011 9:29 PM

    Deb is as classy as Petrino and Suh…..fact….


    My family and I are sending you this post on behalf of ourselves and Deb. She thinks we know you and may be somehow responsible for what you post or we are remiss in not defending her. We are not aware of all the points and counterpoints of your posts and her posts. We respectfully ask you to work toward resolving any issues with Deb. It may relate to this post or others before or after it.

    If my family and I can be of any assistance, please let us know.

    We will also be working to resolve any issues as they relate to Deb and other posters as we are able.

    We thank you for your kind consideration and assistance.

    I hope these next few days will enough for several players on our LSU team to recover from injuries they sustained in the Arkansas game. Our brother will be at LSU on Monday to visit with the staff for a few minutes and keep a “bug in their ear” about scheduling Michigan, Notre Dame, Stanford, and other teams in future years as our OOC opponents.

    Have a wonderful evening!

  89. Deb says: Nov 26, 2011 11:30 PM

    southernpatriots …

    That woman and I had a vicious argument. It was between the two of us and we each held our own. Then it was over … until suprmous decided to come in raving at me, and me alone as though no one else had been involved. Then a lot of other people piled on and escalated the situation–as usually happens when other people like suprmous et al jump into something that is none of their business. I was hurt that some of your crowd were part of that and that you were lurking there saying nothing.

    Eventually, the whole thing was smoothed over … although as they say, the cracks still showed. Then she comes on here again snapping at me for not congratulating her. Yeah, I think that was unbelievably, mind-bogglingly classless. I’ve already said I shouldn’t have called her a cow. That was juvenile–almost as juvenile as your ridiculous post about helping me resolve my difficulties with other commenters. I did just fine on the threads before you came along. Work on the beams in your own eyes.

    I’ve paid for my juvenile cow comment with more piling on from the LSU faithful–including you when you jumped in to deliberately imply I was lying–no matter how much you want to pretend otherwise. I’m not a trusting person. The cracks won’t be mended. And you conjuring up that harpie again was completely uncalled for. I’ve made my opinion of her and her cohort quite clear. All I want from the bunch of you and your hit squad is to be left in peace. You may not choose to do that, but I will outlast whatever you throw at me. I’ve outlasted much worse.

    Good night.

  90. Jered Snow says: Nov 26, 2011 11:47 PM

    Wow LSU has proved themselfs week after week. They are a young team and I think they will be even better next year as a lot of their talent is returning for another year.

  91. southernpatriots says: Nov 26, 2011 11:54 PM

    Jared Snow: We agree. LSU is so deep. With a new and young QB coming on next year after learning the system, players, and plays this season it will probably be an even better, more experienced team (at many positions) next year. We are hoping and praying that no serious injuries occur on any, that could be the only obstacle.

  92. webfootdoug58 says: Nov 27, 2011 12:37 AM

    At the end of a long Saturday-
    –Georgia looked good as it warmed up for the big game against LSU next week.
    –USC is whipping UCLA as expected, making a mockery of next week’s appearance of the Bruins in the first PAC 12 championship game. How I wish Oregon could get a rematch with the Trojans instead.
    –Oregon had no trouble with an outclassed Oregon State in tuning up for Neuhiessel next week, and has dreams of a Rose Bowl after that.
    –Stanford dumped Notre Dame and showed why it belongs in a top BCS game (until we remember that the Ducks dumped them at Stanford by 23.)
    –Wisconsin dumped a hapless Penn State, could be Oregon’s foe in the Rose Bowl.
    –In the most important game of them all, Alabama looked very good in thrashing Arkansas. From my perspective, they won with enough “style points” (28 points) to settle the argument over who deserves to play LSU in the BCS title game, assuming LSU beats Georgia. Yes, we still have concerns about this being a rematch, that Alabama didn’t win its division, and worst of all, that they will be sitting resting next week while most of the top teams are fighting for wins to get in to bowls. Nevertheless, Alabama does seem to be the second best team in the land, based on their record, and that’s what counts.
    It’s going to be an”interesting” title game.
    Given how the Gulf Coast has suffered from hurricanes and oil spills in the last few years, I’m glad to see college football is giving the folks of those two states something to really cheer about this Fall.

    One more time, let me say, I’m sorry that in the midst of this fascinating college season, one person is so determined to fill this blog with personal attacks on others. Even when I don’t mention her name, @Deb is determined to attack me.

    I wrote: “So there’s lots of fun stuff to be talking about when we have the results, and lets’ hope future bloggers leave off the nasty name calling, it’s getting old.”

    So @Deb responded, “Funny, webfootdoug58, but you only had a problem when I started fighting back…….”

    Just how did @Deb know I was speaking of her?

    I, and most everyone else, agree with southernpatriot, that:
    “This forum is for college football and similar discussions and “we don’t think personal attacks on fellow bloggers should happen here.”

    Here here!

  93. Deb says: Nov 27, 2011 12:50 AM

    @webfootdoug …

    Aw, gee, dougie, how did I know? :roll:

    You’ve been attacking me, dougie. You just don’t have the balls to use my name.

    You, southernpatriots, and “most everyone else” agree that I’m the bad guy. Wow, what a surprise. Guess it’s a good thing for me that you, southernpatriots, and “most everyone else” aren’t running the blog, isn’t it?

    Funny, but I thought this forum was for college football and similar discussions (who the heck are you quoting–and why should I care?) and I didn’t think “personal attacks on fellow bloggers should happen here” … right up until you and your friends started attacking me. Here here!!!

    How ’bout them Ducks? Just wanted to keep it about football. You know … since you’re all about football … and it’s not personal.

  94. Deb says: Nov 27, 2011 12:58 AM

    Oh good night, sweet dougie. The manly way you keep jumping in and taking me to task just … just … oooh … takes my breath away. Why I’m sooo glad you’d never engage in any nastiness on the blogs or pile on anyone who’s always been nice and sportsmanlike with you. Soooo glad I always said I was happy for you when the Ducks won and all that stuff. But you chose to pile on with the rest and are clearly up their backsides. Just stop trying to make it sound noble.

    And a bit of advice …

    Next time you decide to slam someone’s football team as mediocre and undeserving of a title shot, try waiting until yours has actually won the game. :roll:

  95. Deb says: Nov 27, 2011 1:03 AM

    Maybe southernpatriots can sell tickets to the bash Deb party. Then they can use the proceeds to buy another pig, some loaves, and fishes, and feed 3 million people in their backyard. Just call the pig Deb and slow roast it. I’m sure everyone will have a swell time. Don’t forget the apple. Yee-haw. Go LSU.

  96. Deb says: Nov 27, 2011 1:25 AM

    Oh. My. Gosh.

    They’ve given me thumbs down.

    I’m cut. Cut to the quick.

    I never expected it.

  97. Deb says: Nov 27, 2011 1:26 AM

    If I didn’t have to get up early, I could do this all night.

    Good-bye, dear fans. Parting is such sweet sorrow. Who will you bash without me?

  98. webfootdoug58 says: Nov 27, 2011 1:43 AM

    Oops, it’s been a long weekend of staring at guys running all over the ‘tube, my eyes are rolling back in to my head, and I got confused and congratulated Alabama for running all over Arkansas, when of course, I meant over Auburn; as it was LSU that came back and clobbered Arkansas.

    Again, congratulations to both LSU (assuming you beat Georgia) and Alabama and good luck in the championship game.

    And @Deb, I respect your team, your state, and your right to be an enthusiastic booster, but not your endless personal pugnacious ranting on this college sports blog.

    And how about them Ducks– seems all they have to overcome now to get to the Rose Bowl is that pathetic UCLA. (though miracles do happen.)
    I appreciate that Kelly took out his starters at the beginning of the fourth quarter, allowing the Beavers to get their final two TDs to close to within 28. He doesn’t worry that much about style points.
    Contrast that to USC, who left their starters in to the end so they could have the “pride” of shutting out UCLA 50-0.
    And then there was Miles kicking his field goal to widen the winning margin for his style points, which didn’t seem to sit too well with Arkansas.
    Anyway, Oregon won its 10 games with a margin of at least two TDs in every single game, and lost two (LSU & USC) with margins under 2 TDs.
    But it’s Stanford, whom they clobbered, who is being whispered as a BCS championship contender–Funny how things happen.

  99. Deb says: Nov 27, 2011 9:35 AM

    Well, webfootdoug, whether you get it or not, I was ganged up on by some nasty people who had an agenda and the “friends” I’d supported left me twisting in the wind. It wounded. And intentional or not, you wandered into that. The PC thing would have been to ignore it all and go quietly into that good night. But I’ve had to fight my way through life, and it’s what I know. Pugnaciousness has kept me alive. I’m not going to sit quietly while I’m being ripped … even if it’s just by people offering subtle digs. At least you know where you stand with me. I don’t talk out both sides of my mouth.

    Do I regret some of my posts? Sure. But I don’t regret standing up for myself and being honest. We do what we have to do.

  100. Deb says: Nov 27, 2011 9:37 AM

    By the way … one thing I do regret is riffing on your Ducks. I don’t kick at people when their teams lose. Like I said, it’s unfortunate that you decided to come in and take sides in a situation where you didn’t have all the facts.

  101. Deb says: Nov 27, 2011 12:44 PM

    Oh, and webfootdoug, since you know everything about everything–including what everyone on the blogs thinks of me … just thought I’d share this exchange from another thread:

    bikerhal says:
    Nov 27, 2011 1:21 AM

    I hate to see it when SEC folks get Ill with each other. We need your wit and sarcasm to fend off the doubters from other conferences!

    Deb says:
    Nov 27, 2011 12:36 PM
    @bikerhal …

    I’m not happy about it either, and appreciate your comment about my wit. I’ve gotten tremendous positive feedback on CFT and PFT. Recently posted an unpopular opinion on PFT. After having a hoot of a time with fellas telling me to get to the kitchen and calling me all manner of idiot (it is a football blog and smacktalk is what you do on football blogs), a guy posted “Love her or hate her, Deb makes this board fun.”

    Name-calling is part of the smack–although I abhor bigotry and think calling people trailer-trash because of their state of origin is equal to using the N-word. It’s impersonal and not equal to ripping people’s personalities, ganging up, claiming everyone hates them, and trying to drive them from the boards.

    You find out what people are made of when the chips are down. You’ve been fantastic. Anyone reading my posts on LSU after our loss and even now would see only respect for the team. I’ll keep backing the SEC no matter who wins the title game. Shoot, I defended Cam until his Pops confessed to soliciting MSU. And he played for Auburn.


    I’ll be happy to post dozens of compliments about my “pugnacious” style from commenters here and on PFT. (Go ahead … challenge me.) You don’t speak for everyone, much as you enjoy coming on and lecturing people you don’t know about their personality flaws–a flaw in your personality that I find vomit-worthy. Of course, you only do it when you think you have a lot of backup … like southernpatriots and “most everyone else.”

    Splinters and beams, webfootdoug. Splinters and beams.

  102. Deb says: Nov 27, 2011 12:48 PM

    Okay … that says it all.

    Back to the football blogs.

  103. bayoubauer says: Nov 27, 2011 2:42 PM

    ihatedallasandauburn says:
    Nov 25, 2011 8:07 PM
    Can we please stop with the bama didnt win there conferance crap. The bcs champ. Game is between the best two teams in the ncaa. there is no rule against it. So why push for a osu game?
    They were favored by three tds and lost.
    Bama is the second best team . So get over it. And let the two best teams play.
    Roll damn tide

    I didn’t think Harvey Updyke knew how to use a computer.

  104. bayoubauer says: Nov 27, 2011 2:47 PM

    @ Deb & webfootdoug,

    Arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics, even if you win, you’re still retarded.

    Have a great day, folks!

  105. bikerhal says: Nov 27, 2011 6:27 PM

    Coke vs Pepsi; Ford vs Chevy; Republican vs. Democrart – let’s face it. We will never have decent harmony or even a consensus of opinion under the current system. Only a playoff set-up will get us closer to Nirvana.

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