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Urban eyeing Gator coaches for OSU staff

photo by Jim Burgess

As expected, Urban Meyer is reportedly looking to his recent coaching past and old stomping grounds to fill his first Ohio State coaching staff.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, and as reported by other media outlets, Meyer wants to add at least a pair of current Florida assistants — strength & conditioning coach Mickey Marotti and wide receivers coach/recruiting coordinator Aubrey Hill.  It had previously been reported that Marotti has all but taken the job — which would likely include the title of director of football operations — but there’s also a report that Marotti, who has had a relationship with Meyer dating back to their time on Earle Bruce‘s OSU staff in the late 80s, has been hesitant to pull the trigger on a move from Gainesville to Columbus.

It’s a big decision for him,” the source said. “He and Urban are pretty close, but he likes Gainesville.”

That said, OSU-centric websites such as Buckeye Sports Bulletin have reported Marotti is all but a done deal and is expected to join Meyer in Columbus.

Hill played at Florida in the early 90s and came back to UF as a member of Will Muschamp‘s first Gators staff.  Hill, who served as Muschamp’s wide receivers coach this past season, was also mentioned in the Yahoo! exposé on the Miami football program and was named as one of three assistant coaches who had direct knowledge or participated in the violation of NCAA bylaws involving the infamous Nevin Shapiro.  Muschamp said in August that he 100 percent supports Hill, who had spent the three previous seasons with the Hurricanes.

In addition to Hill and Marotti, former Arizona head coach Mike Stoops acknowledged Thursday that he had spoken to Meyer about a position on his OSU staff.  Stan Drayton, OSU’s wide receivers coach, is expected to be retained by Meyer.

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28 Responses to “Urban eyeing Gator coaches for OSU staff”
  1. woebegong says: Dec 2, 2011 8:47 AM

    From a warm storm zone to a cold one. Hmmm, let me see. One team has a lot of rebuilding to do and before is all said and done, there could be a new head coach in about 2 m,ore years there, but the weather is nice.
    My second choice is going to a university that most likely is still going to get some NCAA sanctions and even more scholarships lost. The HC should survive here for a while, because he is trying to surround himself with the best staff possible, and become the CEO/HC of the football team.
    I think I would stick with the warmer temps. If I am going to be part of a rebuilding process, I think I stick with the one, that has to rebuild it athletic rep. versus one having to rebuild athletically and reputation wise as well. The SEC offers more possibilities as far as advancement goes right now.

  2. buckifan4life says: Dec 2, 2011 10:29 AM

    Hit that “easy button”. When OSU calls,…get on board cuz the train is about to leave the station toward being the best college football team in the country.

  3. buckeyefan1026 says: Dec 2, 2011 10:57 AM

    buckifan4life- how about we wait to see what (if any) violations we receive from the NCAA first before we get ahead of ourselves.

    I too have the highest expectations, but there is a lot of talent in college football at many schools and a lot of great coaches. I don’t think that it will just be 50-7 every single game and then 50-10 in the national championship that everyone thinks we will automatically be in. But I am very excited about the potential!

  4. pjduffey says: Dec 2, 2011 11:08 AM

    The general consensus in Gville is that we are sad to see coach mick go (he’s an elite S&C coach, notwithstanding the 2010/2011 gator weaklings), but are happy letting the other coaches go (rumor is that 2 were actually let go–not coach mick, obviously).

    The word is that Mick is gone and who can blame him–there will no doubt be a raise and director of football ops is a great promotion.

    And as far as OSU being number one, I wouldn’t get too excited. The PAC 10/12/14/16 is looking pretty intense and Hoke just may be able to do something at Michigan.

    At the same time I would be pretty surprised if OSU wasn’t in the Big 10 (12) championship game w/in 2 years. Of course, that’s not too much to brag about these days.

    Y’all better hope you get 2005-2009 Meyer and not 2010 Meyer. Good luck.

  5. cbass59 says: Dec 2, 2011 11:34 AM

    Well said pjduffey,

    If the new position is a step up, it probably makes sense, regardless of the average temperature in that city. Successful people make decisions based on career advancement, woebegone, not on the temp where you live for the next 3 – ? years.

    It always stinks to lose good assistants but you can’t blame them for wanting to move up and give it a try.

    Can’t wait to see OSU under Urban but I know there are not guarantees. I think people just need to enjoy what Urban brings while he’s there, whether it’s 4 years or 20. and I do believe we’ll start seeing less Bowdens and Paternos at the big schools. It’s a year-round job now, 24/7. Bowden and Paterno had decades of relaxing in the off season. In their alters years, the work load caught up and while they stayed somewhat competitive, their teams we’re elite ( and they had too much power). Maybe Bama and LSU are different stories but I think we’re going to see more burn out then just a decade or two ago. Coaches will need to be replaced every 10 years or so.

  6. cbass59 says: Dec 2, 2011 11:57 AM

    Tyro: I meant to say, “in their later years the work load caught up and while they were somewhat competitive, their teams WEREN’T elite.”

  7. woebegong says: Dec 2, 2011 12:49 PM

    This is gonna make the fans of Florida mad if he raids Florida really well. they believe that Florida is the college football Mecca, but Mushcamp needs a lot of help there. He is young, brash and evidently pretty thin skinned, and he is in the wrong league to be thin skinned.
    Did I hear the name Weiss discussed?

  8. baywatchboy says: Dec 2, 2011 1:21 PM

    The experts expect the Buckeyes to compete and win National Championships within 5 years so why wouldn’t a coach want to join this staff and have that and the opportunity to work for the greatest head coach in the history of the world.

    Flip side is that Meyer won’t last more than 5 years at Ohio State and they won’t win any National Championships because of sanctions, lost scholarships and only SEC teams are allowed to win them.

    You decide. And for the record, I’m the rare Buckeye fan who didn’t want Meyer as coach.

  9. woebegong says: Dec 2, 2011 1:32 PM

    They have him now. I hope he can get his nervous condition underhand though, or after three years, he will be out of the game again. With the problems he has facing him at OSU, at least as far as the NCAA is concerned, it will be a challenge, so the fans will need to be patient with him. He will have to find another Tebow, or change his offensive schemes. Pryor, would have been a good one for him to have, but too late. I am sure he will find someone, but it still takes time to work an offensive scheme into a doable team, so hopefully, he has learned how to be patient. Guess it helps when you get that much money thrown your way though.

  10. supremeomega says: Dec 2, 2011 1:48 PM

    They were going to contend next year regardless. The team is mostly freshmen and sophomores. If Fickell had let Miller throw at all this year like he did vs. Michigan they would have been 9-3.

    I would not expect outsiders to know who Braxton Miller is but he is exactly the proto type for Urb. We also forget Urb won a national championship with Chris Leak who isn’t as good as Braxton Miller!

    Urb will get top level recruits. He is a better coach than Tress as won’t lose games for being overly conservative. Nothing is guaranteed but OSU will be a player in the NC race from 13 until Urb leaves…

    …if he stays 5 years and gets a title I think buckeye nation will e fine with that!

  11. supremeomega says: Dec 2, 2011 1:56 PM

    Also…don’t believe the media hype. OSU won’t get the USC like sanctions. Indeed what happened was an embarrassment and I think the AD should be fired! But there was no six figure paper trail. Usually the NCAA really hammers schools when player receive large cash payments.

    There is no smoking gun here. Players traded some items for a couple of grand and some tats. The car allegations (although true) can’t be proven in court. If a local dealer cuts a deal within the parameters an provides additional service with loaner cars. It’s crooked but no one can prove that the same service isn’t available to the general public.

    The worst thing that happened here was Tressel lying. But he got whacked and likely won’t coach a AQ team ever again.

  12. akmgoblue says: Dec 2, 2011 3:02 PM

    I agree that OSU wiill be a contender for the Big Ten title each year. Not because of UM (Urban Meyer). After this year there OSU can go 5/0 because of the lack of competition. The Big Ten is lopsided with the top 3 Big Ten schools in the Legends. Glad to see the AD willing to pay “whatever” it takes for assistant coaches. However are they willing to lower academic standards to heavily recruit from SEC schools. Most fail to reconize a key fact about the strength of the SEC is they have much lower academic standards than other FBS.
    As far as Big Blue goes we welcome Meyer and his SEC style of football as not only is Meyers only bowl loss is to Michigan, we are 7/5 beating SEC schools.

  13. akmgoblue says: Dec 2, 2011 3:06 PM

    I agree that OSU wiill be a contender for the Big Ten title each year. Not because of UM (Urban Meyer). After this year there OSU can go 5/0 because of the lack of competition. The Big Ten is lopsided with the top 3 Big Ten schools in the Legends. Glad to see the AD willing to pay “whatever” it takes for assistant coaches. However are they willing to lower academic standards to heavily recruit from SEC schools. Most fail to reconize a key fact about the strength of the SEC is they have much lower academic standards than other FBS.
    As far as Big Blue goes we welcome Meyer and his SEC style of football as not only is Meyers only bowl loss is to Michigan, we are 5/2 beating the SEC and the last loss we had RR (on Meyers list of top five football minds) coach last year

  14. steveintennessee says: Dec 2, 2011 3:07 PM

    Welll….considering everyone knows the difference between the Teebow yrs and 2010….I would not count Chickens before they hatch. It is well known the firing of Mike Shula at Bama stearred timmy to Fl, even though his siblings were Gators. We all saw what life was like in ’10 without Teebow. Some glaring warningss in the offense. Given that I wish him well at OSU. This coming from a Gator Nation member.

  15. gatorcheme says: Dec 2, 2011 3:15 PM

    eh…I don’t think Urban raiding the Gator cubboards is going to be much of an impact. Folks on the inside know the real story. It’ll be interesting to see how much influence he really has in attracting coaching talent.

  16. jmb795 says: Dec 2, 2011 3:36 PM

    The Urb choosing a recruiting coordinator from the Gators does not exactly strike fear in anyone. The love-fest between Foley and Urb is officially over. Never forget, The Urb recruited QB Jevan Snead by telling him Tebow was coming in as a Gator linebacker. Oops.

  17. ytownie says: Dec 2, 2011 4:17 PM

    Please Urban, whatever you do, do not consider keeping Bollman, Heacock, or Siciliano!

  18. gators56 says: Dec 2, 2011 4:48 PM

    With the exception of Mickey, Urban can take all he wants!!! Maybe he will take Charlie Weis as his OC that would make this Gator fan extremely happy.

    The Gators are going to “SHOCK” Urban back to reality in the Gator Bowl. I think all Gator Fans should dress as defibrillators to show our support for Urban’s health.

  19. supremeomega says: Dec 2, 2011 4:49 PM

    I don’t really know why non OSU fans are so concerned with our coaches and our recruiting and our strategy (I’m an alum do can say our) no one guaranteed championships. OSU has been a great program for most of the last 20 years.

    Coaches poach staff from other schools all the time. I see a lot of Florida and Michigan fans commenting on evey OSU post. Both Of you have fine programs and I’m sure will battle OSU over the next few years!

  20. gators56 says: Dec 2, 2011 5:05 PM

    Loyalty is an “Urban Lie”! Have fun with that OSU.

  21. dkhhuey says: Dec 2, 2011 5:21 PM

    @yt – there is no way in HELL Bollman keeps his job! He was probably the first one Urban showed the door to! Heacock is gone as well.

  22. supremeomega says: Dec 2, 2011 6:19 PM


    He will stay for a while because it’s his dream job. OSU is a better job than Florida an a much better school with more resources even if you are not willing to acknowledge such.

    Florida is the third best program in the SEC. OSU is the best program within a 700 mile radius…

  23. sandspur says: Dec 2, 2011 10:00 PM

    Marotti can go and DLTDHYOTWO. The Gators were the most poorly conditioned I have ever seen them this season.

  24. gat0rmike says: Dec 2, 2011 11:26 PM

    HE won’t get Hill I assure you. He can have anyone else he desires. He didn’t have what it took to coach in a big boy conference. He won one NC with zooms recruits , and rode Tebows coattails to the other. Osu will always be 2nd to UF, as they were in 08. Sanctions are coming!

  25. supremeomega says: Dec 2, 2011 11:55 PM


    Second? OSU has 7 NCs…Florida has 3 LOL! Yall have gad an excellent 15 year run but One thorough 41-14 arse kicking doesn’t erase 100 years of being a superior program.

    In addition to more NCs and Heisman winners…OSU also is much better academically with highly ranked medical law and business schools, has a bigger endowment by 1/2 a billion, makes more revenue with their football program, has a bigger stadium, larger student population and alumni base, and has put more people in the NFL…both historically and currently!

    Florida is great program and they definetly have great athletes but not in OSUs class on the gridiron or otherwise…I’m sure you will be very competitive under Muschamp. Don’t know if you will be able to beat LSU and Bama but that’s not really my concern! Let Buckeye nation worry about OUR coach!

    As I said earlier…Florida is the 3rd best program in the SEC. OSU is by far the best and only truly dominant program within a 700 mile radius.

  26. gat0rmike says: Dec 3, 2011 8:08 AM

    Get out of the past!! The only recent championship you have, you needed a little help from the zebras to get. This year you aren’t even 3rd best, thanks to YOUR coach running our program into the dirt,and then taking off due to the inability to coach in a real league. The NCAA is going to lower the boom on tattoo U here in the near future. Have fun with that. See you in Jacksonville!

  27. gatordow says: Dec 3, 2011 9:20 AM

    Urban Meyer is a liar and a quitter. Now he is going to plunder the Gators for coaches? The SEC is better off without his lack of character. He is more suited for the weaker, inferior Big 10 with that weak character. He will have an easy time with the teams in that High School league. The SEC was just too tough and challenging for Meyer, the liar, and he knows it. That fake illness thing he threw out there is now laughable. We all fell for that and now look. I wish the Gators could have gotten Peterson from Boise State from the git go and we would have been in a much better place now. I hope Meyer brings Foley as Athletic Director too. Both of those clowns brought the program down together…

  28. gatordow says: Dec 3, 2011 9:29 AM

    supremeomega is brainwashed. OSU plays no one and he brags about that. In the past it was always Michigan and OSU. Thats it. Let OSU only “Think” about going thru an SEC season and see where they would end up. Like a Kentucky or Vanderbilt. Now the teams are a little more even in the Big (Little) Ten and they cant even win that pathetic second or third rate conference.

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