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McQueary testifies in trial of Penn State officials

Mike McQueary AP

Testifying at the trial of on-leave Penn State athletic director Tim Curley and another former high-ranking university official, Mike McQueary again reiterated that he saw Jerry Sandusky sexually molesting a boy he believed to be 10 to 12 years old in a shower of the football building in 2002.

Curley and retired vice president for finance and business Gary Schultz have been charged with perjury and failure to report in connection to the alleged molestation involving Sandusky.  McQueary, as part of over two hours on the witness stand, testified that he informed then-head coach Joe Paterno the day after the alleged molestation, who then took the information of the alleged molestation to Curley and Schultz and arranged a meeting to discuss the situation.

“I told them that I saw Jerry in the showers with a young boy and what I had seen was extremely sexual … and it was wrong,” McQueary testified when asked what he told Curley and Schultz.  “There’s no question in my mind that I conveyed to them I saw Jerry with a boy in the showers and that it was severe sexual acts.”

McQueary acknowledged that he “did not see insertion or penetration“, but maintained “it was very clear it looked like there was intercourse going on.”

Sandusky, who by then was retired but maintained a significant presence around the football program, was barred by the administration from bringing boys onto the campus, McQueary said he was told 4-5 days later.  No one, including McQueary, went to the police with the information.

“In my mind it was like speaking to a DA,” McQueary said in regards to the meeting that included Schultz, who was head of the university police force as part of his job description.

After speaking to his father the night of the shower incident, McQueary went to the home of Paterno the following morning to speak to the coach.  McQueary testified that he told Paterno what he saw in the shower of the Lasch football building was “extremely sexual in nature” and without a doubt made it clear to Paterno that what he had witnessed between Sandusky and the boy — both of whom were naked — was a sexual act.  “Out of respect” for the coach, McQueary testified, the words “sodomy” or “anal intercourse” were not used.

As for Paterno’s reaction, McQueary testified that the coach “was shocked and saddened, slumped back in his chair and said sorry you had to see that, it’s terrible.”  Paterno added that McQueary had “done the right thing” in coming to him with the information.

Another eyebrow-raising note that came out of McQueary’s testimony was his initial interaction with Paterno following the 2002 incident.  When McQueary first phoned Paterno and informed him there was something they needed to talk about, the coach’s response was that “I don’t have a job for you if that’s what it’s about, so don’t bother coming over if that’s what it’s about.”

Shortly thereafter, McQueary was promoted from grad assistant to administrative assistant with the football program before being named wide receivers coach in 2004.

Following his second meeting with Schultz, McQueary testified that he never again spoke to anybody at the university about the alleged molestation, although Paterno did ask him 2-3 months later if he was OK.  Based on the reactions of Schultz and Curley, McQueary testified, he thought his information was taken seriously and the two would “investigate closely and follow up with me.”

McQueary also testified that he never confronted Sandusky about what he’d allegedly witnessed, either in the locker room when he first saw the former coordinator in the shower with the young boy or in the years afterwards.

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17 Responses to “McQueary testifies in trial of Penn State officials”
  1. dkhhuey says: Dec 16, 2011 11:13 AM

    This whole situation just stinks in every single facet!

    Sounds like JoePa was a cranky old man with the whole ‘I don’t have a job so don’t come over if that is what its about… yeesh.

    Funny how after the whole thing was being swept under the PSU rug – suddenly a new job opens up!

    This is not going to play out well for PSU at this point. I’m guessing Schultz and Curley will no doubt throw more gas on the fire if there were meetings and conversations between these two and JoePa about how to make it go away!

  2. deadeye says: Dec 16, 2011 11:38 AM

    Does McQueary still have any credibility? His actions since the story broke (by contradicting himself in interviews) may have made it more difficult for prosecutors to get convictions in these Sandusky related trials.

  3. saints97 says: Dec 16, 2011 11:52 AM

    At what point do Curley and Schultz throw JoPa under the bus? There has been no doubt for a long time that he ran the show over at Penn State, so I’m figuring it is only a matter of time before it comes out that JoPa ordered the code red here, so to speak.

    I can also see JoPa cracking on the stand just the way Nicholson did in a Few Good Men. It would be some crazy spectacle.

  4. 12strikes says: Dec 16, 2011 12:00 PM

    Well… You can see where the defense is going. With out a witness to “penetration” the defense is just going to run with the “Horsing around” defense.

  5. righton989 says: Dec 16, 2011 1:04 PM

    McQuery is PSU’s Poster Child for how they instill character and integrity in their students, coaches and administrators.

  6. lookatthefarside says: Dec 16, 2011 1:28 PM

    Maybe JoePed knew about the Second Mile sex factory as well…

  7. dsims7 says: Dec 16, 2011 2:03 PM

    I’m so tired of this guy and his stories, its not funny!!

    Personally, If I see and man or woman in a sexual position with a child, I would take some action. I don’t care WHO’S kid or who the individual is, but that adult is gonna feel me!!!

    Why did it take him until the next day to report it to his boss?

    He stated he did not go into graphic detail when He told Joe, so Joe had no sence of importance of this situation. Joe did what any manager in the world would do, he reported to his bosses?

    That was 2002, this is 2011? why did it take this long for this to come out?

    Lastly, because it’s in my face daily, why is he talking to a Judge in Harrisburg, PA Court House, but Jerry reported to different Judge at different court house the other day?

  8. righton989 says: Dec 16, 2011 2:20 PM

    Wait until JVP’s multi-million dollars deals with Second Mile are exposed and how that org was renting out the kids to high dollar donors.

  9. jmb795 says: Dec 16, 2011 2:22 PM

    We all know of the Elephant in the Living Room. Paterno and PSU handled the Elephant the same way all dysfunctional families handle it…..they don’t talk about it.
    Classic mental illness all ’round.

  10. rexachss says: Dec 16, 2011 2:53 PM

    Is anyone in jail besides Sam Hurd?

  11. pricecube says: Dec 16, 2011 3:36 PM

    It finally comes out. JoePa basically threatened McQueary’s career.

    “When McQueary first phoned Paterno and informed him there was something they needed to talk about, the coach’s response was that ‘I don’t have a job for you if that’s what it’s about, so don’t bother coming over if that’s what it’s about.’”

    McQueary is still a dirtbag for not immediately calling the cops…. and it looks like Joe Pa was definitely involved in the cover up.

  12. fairandbalanced11 says: Dec 16, 2011 4:01 PM

    seriously pricecube? what career did he threaten? the poster is insinuating that Paterno gave him a job to shut him up. which says more about the posters feelings than anything supported by evidence.

    …a significant presence around the football program….. Really? he was effectively fired 4 years prior ………. i wish Paterno would get the hall pass provided to another college coach with a similar, even more serious situation

  13. pricecube says: Dec 16, 2011 4:21 PM


    Yeah seriously. Joe Pa: “I don’t have a job for you if that’s what it’s about…”. Do you know what college football coaches make? A position coach at a big school can earn between a quarter to a half a mill a year or more. Most people need a M.D. to do that. I would call that a career. McQueary was clearly pursuing coaching as a career. What is hard to understand about that?

    I don’t think any of those involved in letting a child predator continue exploiting underprivileged kids for a decade deserves a hall pass on anything…. not when they could have easily put a stop to it. Do you disagree with that?

  14. Deb says: Dec 16, 2011 4:45 PM

    It doesn’t look as though the defense will be able to make as much of McQueary’s supposedly shifting story as it originally seemed.

    The most important thing is that McQueary’s on-the-record testimony remains consistent–and that appears to be the case. This report sounds consistent with what he told the Grand Jury. At trial–if this goes to trial–the defense can try to discredit him by bringing up e-mails he sent to friends saying he did try to stop the assault. But he can claim he tried to stop it by going to campus authorities. And when he talked to Schultz, technically, he was speaking to the police if Schultz was in charge of campus cops.

    I’m not letting McQueary off the hook–just saying reports of him changing his story don’t seem as damaging for prosecutors as they did initially.

    Speaking of prosecutors–Dateline is running a story on the Sandusky prosecutor who disappeared after investigating the first allegations. It’s on tonight at 10 EST on NBC.

  15. 187onsandusky says: Dec 16, 2011 6:17 PM

    Be interested to see if anything new comes out on that Dateline show. Went to HS with that DA’s daughter. Saw and heard all the coverage when he first went missing.

    Honestly, I’ll be floored if they can connect this to him. At the time he was covering/busting some pretty heavy drug guys.

  16. realitypolice says: Dec 16, 2011 9:24 PM

    How is Mike McQueary NOT under indictment here?

    Because he reported what he saw to JoePa? So what?

    If McQueary had walked into that locker room and seen Sandusky smashing that kid in the head with a claw hammer, would it have been acceptable for him to report it to his boss and not the police?

    So two people who got the information third hand are charged with not reporting a crime and McQueary is not?

    Don’t get me wrong- I am not a Penn State fan and am not trying to deflect blame away from others- I think they ALL belong in jail.

    Including McQueary.

  17. jonathanfesler says: Dec 17, 2011 8:21 PM

    I’d give McQueary a pass for his testimony if its deemed worth it! The way he changed his story? Did he intervene or not? Apparently not according to his testimony under oath, he shouldn’t by any means have left the area without the boy and should have took him directly to the hospital and let them take it from there!

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