Report: marching bands will carry huge price tag for national title game


Y’all already know how we feel about the ridiculous ticket allotment many bowls force the two bowl-bound schools to purchase. For BCS bowls, those allotments are usually around the 17,000 number.

The school — and their conference, depending on the policy — ends up having to absorb whatever tickets aren’t sold. But at least with fan purchases there’s a chance, albeit slim, for a return on investment. One area where there’s zero return is paying the expense for what supposedly makes the bowl experience, well, an experience.

The bands and cheerleaders.

The Baton Rouge Advocate reports that LSU projects to spend somewhere just under $450,000 to send its band and cheerleaders to New Orleans for three days for the BCS national championship. That’s $450k in travel, lodging, meals and tickets — 529 tickets for the marching band to be precise. At $350 a pop.

“We want the band there, but they take up 500 tickets,” LSU athletic director Joe Alleva said. “We have to buy those tickets, and tickets for this game are unbelievably expensive.”

Alabama didn’t reveal the costs associated with sending their band and cheerleaders to the game (although a UA representative said the school needed 539 seats), but the Advocate figures that number to be similar.

To summarize, that’s nearly 1,100 seats and $1 million in essentially sunk costs.

“If we spend more, it’s our fault,”  Alleva said. “If we spend less, we make money.”

True. The bowls often force schools to purchase ticket allotments; they do not, however, dictate how a school must use that allotment.

“But in a lot of bowl games, it’s a losing deal.”

Ding ding ding!

Video: There’s nothing wrong with Cardale Jones

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In the minds of some in the media and even more in the fan base, Ohio State in general and Cardale Jones specifically have been underwhelming through the first five games of the 2015 season.

Jones, in particular, has been a rather large target of much of the angst.  Coming off a Cinderella-like three-game postseason run that helped OSU to a national championship, the perception is that Jones has been underwhelming and underperforming; even head coach Urban Meyer appeared to be leaning in that direction as he considered making the switch to J.T. Barrett prior to the Western Michigan win before reaffirming his commitment to the redshirt junior.

Is that perception valid?  Statistically, he’s not that far off from where he was in the 2014 postseason, at least in a couple of categories.

He’s completing 61.3 percent of his passes this season compared to 59.4 percent in the games against Wisconsin, Alabama and Oregon.  It was 9.9 yards per attempt in that three-game stretch last season, 8.2 in five games this season.  When it comes to scoring and turning the ball over, however, that’s another matter entirely.

He threw a touchdown pass every 15 pass attempts in the 2014 postseason; this season, it’s one every 21 attempts.  Even more glaring, he’s currently throwing an interception every 21 attempts as well.  During the run that made him a household name, it was one pick every 37.5 throws.

So, fewer touchdowns plus more turnovers equals validation of the angst, right?  Not so fast, at least as far as the college arm of Pro Football Focus goes.

UCLA suspends P Adam Searl following arrest on rape charges

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A very serious allegation has triggered the latest resetting of the “Days Without An Arrest” ticker.

UCLA confirmed in a statement that Adam Searl (pictured, No. 39) has been indefinitely suspended from the football program.  The move comes nearly a day after the punter was arrested on three counts of rape.

He was released a handful of hours after his arrest on a $300,000 bond.

“We have been informed of the situation involving Adam Searl, and we take these accusations very seriously,” UCLA head coach Jim Mora said in a statement. “Adam has been suspended from the team indefinitely while the legal process runs its course. Due to the ongoing police investigation, we are unable to discuss this matter further at this time.”

The arrest stems from an incident that allegedly occurred in the middle of last October, and is the result what the Los Angeles Police Department described as “an exhaustive investigation.” As for what led to the charges, here’s the Los Angeles Daily News‘ account of the alleged incident:

The victim, a student at UCLA, reported the alleged assault to the LAPD on Oct. 14, 2014. She told police that she had met the suspect outside of an off-campus house party in Westwood. They went to another residence, where she fell asleep and awoke to find him assaulting her. She was able to identify Searl following the police investigation.

Searl punted 11 times as a redshirt freshman last season. He had punted five times this season as the backup to Matt Mengel.