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Tom Bradley: ‘Penn State will always have my support’

Tom Bradley AP

In the two months since taking over as Penn State’s interim head coach following Joe Paterno‘s dismissal, Tom Bradley has handled a tough situation about as well as can be expected.

It remains to be seen whether he, like Larry Johnson Sr., will be retained by new head coach Bill O’Brien.  If not, it will mark the end of a 35-year run at the school as both a player and a coach under Paterno.

Shortly after O’Brien’s introductory press conference, Bradley released a statement that takes on an eerie resemblance to a farewell letter to the school and its fans.  The longtime assistant also wished O’Brien “all the best” as he embarks on the task of taking over a football program mired in scandal.

Here’s Bradley’s statement, in its entirety:

“Penn State has been my life. In my nearly four decades in Happy Valley, I went from a kid who loved football to a man who cherished and respected the game for the life lessons it taught. I learned many of those lessons under a great mentor and coach in Joe Paterno and I have dedicated my life to trying to help other young men, like myself, realize their potential both on and off the football field.

″As a former player, I want to acknowledge and thank my teammates who have remained lifelong friends and confidants. Our friendship didn’t end when we hung up our blue and white jerseys — it only became stronger. As for my fellow coaches, the bond we share is irreplaceable in my life. And for that, I am incredibly grateful.

″As a coach, I am most proud of how many of our players have gone onto lead lives dedicated to making this world a better place. I have always believed that football was just one part of preparing student-athletes for the next chapter in their lives. Those chapters — lived by our players after the games ended — define the Penn State football tradition. I want to thank every one of our players who gave their talent, effort and most importantly, heart to Penn State. It has been my life’s privilege to coach you.

″I also want to thank President Erickson, the Board of Trustees, Administrators and Faculty for the chance to be a part of Penn State University. This is a world-class academic institution and I am proud to not only work here but to be an alumnus.

″Finally, to our fans and alumni, your support has been incredible, not just this year but for the 37 years I have been here as a player and a coach. You make Beaver Stadium come alive. You are our heart. Make sure that our team — and our opponents — never forget it.

″I wish Coach O’Brien all the best. No matter the challenges that the university may face, Penn State will always have my support. This is forever my home and forever my family. It is important that we come together to support our players and our university. Now is the time to demonstrate that we are — and always will be — Penn State.

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11 Responses to “Tom Bradley: ‘Penn State will always have my support’”
  1. thefiesty1 says: Jan 7, 2012 2:47 PM

    To bad that Bradley didn’t get to stay. Is he retiring from coaching now or was his statement just to to look good and get him another job. What else could he say if he’s not retiring.

  2. noaxetogrind says: Jan 7, 2012 3:28 PM

    fiesty, as amazing as it may be to you, there is a 3rd option. You know it’s just possible that he released a heart felt sincere statement about his feelings for his alma mater and what a privilege it has been for him to coach there. It could be that he actually means what he is saying and is a class act. I realize that folks like you only do things with ulterior motives. .”or was his statement just to look good and get him another job”. There actually are coaches in this world who are good people. I hope you get to meet some one day so that possibly your outlook can change.

  3. brutusbuckeye2011 says: Jan 7, 2012 4:00 PM

    Noaxetogrind hit it on the head. Bradley’s message is obviously from the heart. You have to be an alum and lifelong supporter of a school and its team to truly appreciate his feelings. PSU bashers and cynics will please keep their comments regarding Tom Bradley’ message to themselves.

  4. fatfreddystubbs says: Jan 7, 2012 4:33 PM

    I agree with noaxe and brutus. The worst part of this scandal is what happened to the kids. But another lousy consequence of Joe and Penn State’s fall from grace is the ammunition it’s given to miserable people that, rather than aspire to do great things themselves, sit around waiting for those that actually do lead productive lives fail.

    I get it that for years segments of our fan base have been a bit holier-than-thou and a bit pompous (is that an understatement?), but the fact that some people are reveling in what’s going on says more about them than us.

  5. thatobnoxiousguy says: Jan 7, 2012 5:20 PM

    When it comes to ANY coach in Happy PERValley, you can not trust anything they say. You cant trust Sandusky the Sicko. You cant trust JoePa the accomplice. So why trust anyone else on the good ol perv coaching staff? They all knew what was going on. They all chose to stay silent and not say anything.
    So dont give me crapola about “maybe he was sincere and there are good coaches”.
    Yea, there are good coaches, just not on Pervert State University’s staff. Why dont some of you people that are spending every sad piece of energy in your bodies defending the sicko coaches instead spend some energy in offering some sort of help for all the victims?

    You people make me sick. Where in the hell are your morals? Your priorities are defending a F***d up program and Sicko coaches instead of helping innocent victims. PSU puts out some sad alums.

  6. 187onsandusky says: Jan 7, 2012 5:35 PM

    Obnoxious douche

    Why don’t YOU spend some time and effort to help the victims of child abuse instead of wasting it ranting on every PSU post.


    Prior to this statement by Bradley it was known that he had some offers. It is not known if one of those offers came from O’Brien.

    Would love to see Scrap get a shot to stay, just have a feeling he will be gone. Good luck wherever he goes, he is a hell of a coach.

  7. dadsource says: Jan 7, 2012 6:25 PM

    obnoxious guy…you are sooo right! You ARE obnoxious. And uneducated. And judgmental. Thank God for the judicial process. Have you read the statements by McQueary? This ginger can’t keep his story straight, and his initial testimony sent Paterno and the whole university into the hopper, then he comes back with “I saw a kid poke his head around the corner, then an arm pull him back in.” What does that prove? It’s not pretty, but it certainly wasn’t enough evidence to throw the whole program in the toilet. First McQueary says he heard ‘sexual sounds’ coming from the shower and saw “Sandusky sodomizing a young boy”. Then he changes his story when under the mic. WOW!

    The rest of you jump to judgement on the classiest man to ever hold a coaching position, a man you would not be able to lick crumbs off his shoes. A man who lives in a $50K house, drives a 25 year old FORD tempo, gave most of his money back to the university, dedicated his heart and soul to doing things the right way, and then trolls like you get to spout your venom on here with uneducated delight!

    Here’s a thought- remember when Joe ran out onto the field when Tyoka Jackson celebrated a sack and DRAGGED him off the field by his facemask and sat him the rest of the game? Remember when Joe stopped the fans single-handedly from rushing the field to grab the goal posts back when we beat #1 Notre Dame in the 90’s? Remember when Joe refused to retire ANY number on the squad b/c it de-emphasized TEAM? Remember when Joe refused to put any ‘bowl patch’ on his uniforms because it looked too ‘flashy?’ Remember when, before a bowl game against Florida, Joe sat Curtis Ennis for accepting a suit from an agent, sat Joe Jeruvicious for skipping classes, and STILL almost won?

    Shoot, the man did NOTHING but EXUDE class and dignity at a time when it went out of fashion. And he was run out on a rail in DISGRACE for being nothing but a stand-up guy. Did you even SEE the info he was provided by McQueary? “Coach, something happened in the locker room.” (Paterno) “What, son?” (McQueary) “It was inappropriate contact with boys in the shower with Sandusky?” (Paterno) “What happened?” (McQueary) “I think I saw coach showering with a boy”

    That’s all Joe got…..what else was he supposed to do? He reported it to the authorities, and nothing was done on that end.

    Looks like whatever happened…it sucked….but if this was known in 1998 and was REALLY known by Paterno in full- he got what he deserved. But Paterno faced many, many controversies throughout his years, and ALWAYS sided on the RIGHT side…from Bobby Ingrahm stealing stereos (SUSPENDED, EXPELLED) to skipping class- do you think Paterno would have turned his back on something THIS BIG when skipping class was dealt with so harshly?

    His rep depended on doing the right thing. And never, never one time- did Paterno EVER get the benefit of the doubt. Crucify, they called. And the cross was quickly brought out…..

  8. thatobnoxiousguy says: Jan 7, 2012 8:43 PM

    Losers in Pervert Valley

    sad, sad, sad losers.

    If it were your child that your idols victimized would you feel the same.

    My guess is by your statements, that yes, you would still idolize and make excuses for a football coach over your own.


  9. dadsource says: Jan 7, 2012 8:48 PM

    Sounds like you had some experience with that and are speaking from emotion. If that is the case, that SUCKS and I can’t express how much I’m sorry that something horrible happened to your family.

    Idolization is something that we have to be careful about, however, we also have to be careful not to unjustly crucify the idol if the idol is innocent………

    Be careful not to transfer your anger to the undeserved. Joe did nothing to invoke this kind of witchhunt and anger…

  10. gershonpsu says: Jan 7, 2012 10:35 PM

    Scrap represents the very best of what Penn State stands for. Whoever he goes and whatever he chooses to do, he will always have our support and affection.

  11. tobeexact says: Jan 8, 2012 12:05 PM

    Thanks to the buckeye fan for showing class ,it speaks choline for not only what ohio st and penn state stand for but the entire big ten conference.
    As far as thatobnoxious troll , just ignore him , he is only trying to garner any attention he can in what is his pathetic life, as for him being a possible victim of anything ,i highly doubt it. If anything he is probably a predator himself.
    I am a father of two kids myself and would without a doubt trust joe pa with there lives.
    Im also someone who has proudly served his country and can say that joe pa is a man of morals and values and believes in protecting , guiding students in the right direction so they can succeed in life with honor ,as the military guided me.
    And unlike the troll i have the scars and the paper work to back up what i say.

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