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Sorry, mom: Landon Collins officially signs with Alabama

Landon Collins

Following up on a month’s worth of tumult and accusations and controversy, five-star safety Landon Collins has officially faxed — yes, they still utilize those “ancient” machines — his signed Letter of Intent to Alabama and is a member of the Tide’s 2012 recruiting class, the school announced Wednesday afternoon.

While Collins’ play on the field earned him the five-star rating, it was his mother that lifted his notoriety to an unprecedented national level.

At the Under Armour All-American game early last month, Collins gave his verbal commitment — over the very public objections of his mother April Justin — to the Tide.  Later that month, Justin expressed her displeasure over an in-home visit from Nick Saban in which she felt the UA head coach “stereotyped” her, then leveled additional accusations regarding a job for her son’s girlfriend as well as hinting Collins could be in for a red/greyshirt.

In the end, and despite his mother wanting him stay in his home state and sign with LSU, Collins stuck to his verbal commitment and is one of the newest members of the Tide football program.  As we stated in the past, hopefully Collins’ on-field talent is worth all of the off-field hiccups that have gotten him to this point.

And that we’ve seen the last of the hiccups for the recruit’s sake.

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31 Responses to “Sorry, mom: Landon Collins officially signs with Alabama”
  1. rendadoll says: Feb 1, 2012 2:20 PM

    I just hope he made the right decision for himself. Welcome to the University of Alabama, Landon.

    May your college career and your degree bring you Great grades in class and on the field.

    Good Luck!

  2. thegamecocker says: Feb 1, 2012 2:24 PM

    And tell his momma to get rid of the blond hair. Hell, I’d leave home too I’d I came he to that wildabeast every nite!

  3. dkhhuey says: Feb 1, 2012 2:32 PM

    Good for him! Probably wanted to get the hell away from her!

  4. rendadoll says: Feb 1, 2012 3:01 PM

    Oh I just love all the “Thumbs Down” Rudies on these forums, way to show your A$$eZZZ off.

  5. macbull says: Feb 1, 2012 3:28 PM

    still hiding from me, John?

  6. John Taylor says: Feb 1, 2012 3:37 PM

    @macbull: good to see you blew your one shot at amnesty. Congrats!!!

  7. thefiesty1 says: Feb 1, 2012 3:42 PM

    Momma had to sign the letter of intent so she must have changed her mind or at least relented.

  8. abrellbama says: Feb 1, 2012 3:47 PM

    He’s 18. He signed his own LOI. I agree about the hair. She should be a proud black woman and black women have beautiful hair. Why she walks around with orange hair is beyond me. Also, she needs to dress her age. And show respect while in the national spotlight. I think Landon Collins made the best decision for himself. Coach Saban is BIG on education and will make sure he keeps his grades up and is a great defensive coach. If you want to learn from the best, Alabama is the place to go if you are a defensive player.

  9. mrslay1 says: Feb 1, 2012 3:52 PM

    Momma is a wildabeast! That is to good:-) Small wonder this kid is getteing away! I hope the wildabeast doesn’t make any more trouble for him… or Sabin

  10. Deb says: Feb 1, 2012 4:17 PM

    @thefiesty1 …

    Have you seen the kid’s interviews? He seems to be a young man of firm conviction about what he wants. I expect he didn’t give his mother much choice when it came to signing off on his decision. His calm but firm way of handling her has been impressive. Now that it’s done, I hope she just goes away.

    Folks, I don’t have much use for Mommie Dearest, but her hair color is her business. Yeah, she’s been acting like an attention-seeking shrew, but she’s hardly the first African-American woman to go blond. I doubt most men would call Beyonce a wildabeast …

  11. LogicalConsideration says: Feb 1, 2012 4:21 PM

    I swear, I wonder how some commentors manage to even turn on the computer, log-in and make a post.

    There are a whole lot of posts on these Collins-related blog entries/articles that clearly demonstrate the perils of commenting without having done anything to follow the story. Any number of times it has been clearly stated (and I hate using this many capital letters, but I want people to see it), LANDON COLLINS LIVES WITH AND HAS BEEN RAISED BY HIS FATHER AND STEP-MOTHER!!

    So, even if he were not 18 and able to sign his own LOI, the custodial parent (DAD) would be signing. Not mom. I think we’ve had a good demonstration in the last month of why both why Dad is the custodial parent and why Collins is leaving the state of Louisiana.

    @rendadoll—I sympathize with you and laugh at the pathetic trolls who give a thumbs down to an entirely positive post. Sad little people that would disagree with anything in that post.

  12. imaduffer says: Feb 1, 2012 4:27 PM

    Ms. April Justin’s only concerns right now are what kind of wheels are going to be on the new Crimson Escalade.

  13. Deb says: Feb 1, 2012 4:51 PM

    Oh fiddlesticks, Logical Consideration. I hardly think not knowing which parent raised one college football recruit suggests I’m too dense to turn on a computer. We may love the sport, but we don’t all have time to read every article or visit all the sports sites. This is the parent discussed in the stories I’ve read. I’m glad to hear she’s not the custodial parent and can certainly understand why Landon’s dad moved on. Stop being silly.

  14. dirkified says: Feb 1, 2012 5:53 PM

    Ms Justin got her 15minutes of fame. She is all about herself, everyone can see. I am glad this young man has obviously learned early on to stand on his own two feet. Hope to see you on the Cowboys team someday!!

  15. thegamecocker says: Feb 1, 2012 6:12 PM

    To LogicalConsideration:

    KMA! How the hell do we know he lives with his Dad and Stepmom? His bio mom played such a huge role when he decided it made LOGICAL SENSE to conclude he lived with the bitz! And her hair is hideous! Blond hair on a black woman….its incongruous.

  16. indywvu says: Feb 1, 2012 6:55 PM

    Good for him. He is the one going to college, not her. He is the one that has to live with his choice, not her. It is HIS decision to make. Do you hear that, Gunner Kiel?

  17. jdhall320 says: Feb 1, 2012 7:21 PM

    To: Thegamecocker,

    I don’t know how you didn’t know he lived with his mother. Almost every article points that out. How can you even comment on something if you don’t know what you are commenting about. I am glad he stuck to his guns and decided to still go to the Crimson Tide. I was afraid the embarrassment of his Mother would make him change his mind along with accusing Coach Saban of recruiting violations. Which by the way were found untrue. I am just glad it is over and stays over and she does not cause any more trouble for him or the University.

  18. cometkazie says: Feb 1, 2012 7:56 PM

    LogicalConsideration says:
    Feb 1, 2012 4:21 PM
    He went to Dutchtown Hi, which is in North Ascension Parish, just below East Baton Rouge Parish, so that means, if he lived with his dad, they lived thereabouts.
    Where does his mother the wildebeest live?
    Dutchtown is a good school. Most of the people who live in the area either work in chem plants on the river or commute to Baton Rouge. I used to live in Galvez about 6-8mi east of Dutchtown. The school was founded 7-8y ago.

  19. sparky151 says: Feb 1, 2012 10:07 PM

    Isn’t Alabama hiring the girlfriend pretty close to prostitution? Unless she has ironclad job guarantees in written form, she’s no doubt aware her real job is to keep the kid happy and will be out of a job if he leaves school.

  20. goforthanddie says: Feb 1, 2012 10:11 PM

    Tis obvious why he wanted to go far away. Probably wishes he could’ve gone further.

  21. Deb says: Feb 1, 2012 10:30 PM

    @sparky151 …

    Do you actually believe a college football player couldn’t get laid unless the university gave his girlfriend a job?

    LSU got into trouble last year because a recruit slept over at his girlfriend’s, an LSU employee receiving a housing stipend from the university. Since he slept there, the NCAA decided he was receiving an unfair benefit from the school. So the NCAA has these bases covered. That was a vicious thing to post about a young woman you know nothing about, you vulgar little troll.

  22. sprizzle2182 says: Feb 2, 2012 1:00 PM

    hey sparky: since u clearly post garbage before thinking OR researching let me help u out….Landon’s gf is going to BAMA on her very own Track Scholly, and student-athletes are allowed to work on campus after being there for a year, so even IF she was offered a job it is not illegal, prostitution, nor the reason that Landon is going to BAMA….thanks for ur concern tho!! ROLL TIDE!!

  23. sparky151 says: Feb 2, 2012 7:18 PM

    @Deb and Sprizzle, are you guys serious? Alabama has a job opening in the football office and Nick Saban goes to Louisiana to hire someone to fill it who “just happens” to be the girlfriend of a 5 star recruit! Please.

    What do you think the chances of her keeping the job are if the kid transfers to another school?

  24. Deb says: Feb 2, 2012 9:51 PM

    sparky151 …

    Apparently you have reading comprehension issues. Sprizzle just told you the woman is at Alabama on a track scholarship and has been there for a year. So they didn’t go to Louisiana to hire someone to work in Nick Saban’s office. She’s an Alabama athlete, and since she was there long before Collins committed, I think she’ll probably stay and complete her degree no matter what he does.

    It may come as a big surprise to you, but women do earn athletic scholarships all by themselves. And some of them actually go to college and get jobs for their own benefit. Since she’s there on an athletic scholarship, I don’t think she needs a side job whoring for the football program. If Saban’s helping her out with a job because she’s a player’s girlfriend, I’m fine with that. But I’m not fine with you calling one of our female students and track scholars a prostitute. That’s idiotic. From the looks of him, Collins doesn’t need Saban’s help to get that kind of attention.

  25. thegamecocker says: Feb 3, 2012 8:36 AM

    Well stated Deb! I agree 100% with you. But I would bet having his girlfriend at ‘Bama didn’t hurt his decision to attend. I’m sure she told him about the school and how her transition was going which probably helped him in his decision making. Having two college educated daughters myself I respect what you have stated.

  26. sparky151 says: Feb 3, 2012 11:52 AM

    If Collins’ girlfriend had a regular work study job in a dorm or the library, nobody would care. She looks like a prostitute because Nick Saban looks like a pimp. I’ll be willing to bet she doesn’t have an employment contract and is an at-will employee of the football program. In other words she is being paid money by Saban to do a job under Saban’s supervision. Since Saban was ardently recruiting her boyfriend, it strains credulity to say that getting Collins signed and keeping him happy isn’t part of keeping Saban happy with her job performance. Of course you can rebut this by pointing out other young ladies currently working for Saban who are girlfriends of star players at other schools but I’ll bet there aren’t any.

    This isn’t very different from when Gary Barnett was coach at Colorado and they hired strippers to have sex with recruits. University money is going to a woman who is having sex with a star recruit.

  27. jdhall320 says: Feb 3, 2012 3:47 PM


    It is an Internship not a job, she is not getting paid. She was offered the internship because Coach Saban new her Mother from LSU, not because she was dating the recruit. This information came from the Mother in an interview. You are just a hater and a troll and nothing more.

  28. Deb says: Feb 3, 2012 5:22 PM

    sparky151 …

    As jdhall320 said, you’re just trying desperately to create a controversy where none exists because you’re obviously a Bama rival. I don’t care what you want to say about our coach. I’m used to that and so is he. But this young female scholar athlete only looks like a whore to you because you’ve made clear that you’re an ass who has no respect for women as athletes and students in their own right.

    Your assumptions are idiotic. First, I guess, you assume an attractive football star couldn’t score without the coach’s help. You assume, I guess, that his longtime girlfriend has had no intimate relatioship with him but will now suddenly start putting out if Alabama pays her a small stipend (which she won’t even receive as an intern). And you assume a woman smart enough and talented enough to earn her own athletic scholarship would be so obsessed with serving the needs of a football program that she’d sell her body to do so.

    Yes, I’m aware of “Honey Wagons” and the like. But they are not staffed with SCHOLAR ATHLETES. :roll: Just because some women are prostitutes doesn’t mean ALL women are whores, dimwit. Try not to scrape your knuckles when you walk.

  29. sparky151 says: Feb 4, 2012 12:55 AM

    You guys don’t want to face the issue here. High school sweethearts choose the same college all the time so they can continue their relationship. Nothing wrong with that. What is deeply wrong is a coach inserting himself into that relationship. Saban has defacto control over his players. Now he seems to be creating a position so he can control a player’s girlfriend.

    CFT reported it as a job, jdhall says it’s an internship and Deb says she doesn’t care if money changes hands or not. If it’s a job he’s going out of his way to give money to a woman who is dating his player. Her job security depends on keeping Saban happy and he’d be unhappy if Collins went elsewhere.

    If it’s an internship, no money is changing hands but internships are notoriously amorphous. No records kept of hours worked and no formal responsibilities. She would be working toward getting a “to whom it may concern” letter of reference when she leaves the position which gives her even less leverage vs Saban.

    The NCAA forbids hiring persons close to athletes in men’s basketball. That’s because of Danny Manning carrying Kansas to a national title in 1988 with his dad hired as an “assistant” to Larry Brown while Manning was being recruited. It’s also because LaSalle fired assistant Joe Bryant after his son Kobe decided to bypass LaSalle and go from high school to the NBA. This case is even more problematic since there is an intimate relationship involved. Suppose Collins and his girlfriend break up. Will she lose her job and references? It’s something they both have to worry about. If it’s a bitter breakup, will he have to see her whenever he goes to the football building? Suppose she dumps Collins for a teammate? Think Saban would keep her around then?

    Leave it to Nick Saban to lower standards in recruiting. The NCAA should stamp this out for football as for basketball. Otherwise more coaches will follow Saban into the sewer and soon schools like USC, Texas, OSU, LSU, Florida, etc will adopt the Bama practice of creating positions under the head ball coach’s authority for girlfriends of top recruits.

  30. Deb says: Feb 4, 2012 1:40 PM

    sparky, you’re not getting my meaning. I’m upset about you calling this girl a prostitute without knowing anything about her. I just think that’s wrong and unfair to the girl.

    Now Landon Collins has said–and his nutty mother has confirmed–that he chose Alabama after the Tide soundly defeated Florida during his junior year. So he’s been on the Tide bandwagon for quite a while now. And he made his final decision before the title game this year.

    But let’s say you’re right that Saban wanted to sweeten the pot by giving his girl a job/internship. Those recruiting tactics have been going on for years. Lane Kiffin sent “Honey Wagons” of women to high schools to “persuade” kids to sign with Tennessee. So you’re being ridiculous if you think that would be some new low on Saban’s part.

    No, I’m not okay with those tactics. And no, it wouldn’t surprise me if Saban did that. Unlike a lot of other fans, I’m not under the illusion that my coach is a saint. Either way, though, you should keep your comments and criticism focused on the coaches and the system rather than calling this girl a whore.

  31. jdhall320 says: Feb 6, 2012 6:54 PM

    Sparky 151

    Just like other people in the media, you take sound bites and twist them to your purpose. First of all, on there is an article where the mother was interviewed and said it was an intern. Second, in the same interview the girlfriend was already admitted to Alabama and was already offered the internship before Landon had even verbally committed. AND even if it was a job, it is not a violation. Yes in basketball it is, but not in Football. There is nothing wrong with a coach being creative if he does not violate any NCAA rules. But that doesn’t matter because IT WASN’T A JOB ! Go to and there is another article that the mother has said that her words were twisted. The problem as Deb said is that you are just a Hater. You are most likely either not a football fan or either a fan of a school that can’t even get in the top 25. Just because Alabama has a great football tradition and is winning right now with Coach Saban, there is no reason to make up negative stuff to throw out there and see if it sticks. I am old enough to remember all of the hate that Bama received when Coach Bryant was there. So you just go on and Hate and we will keep on kicking everyones you know what ! Roll Tide Roll ! P.S. It really doesn’t matter what any of us think. Landon Collins is going to Bama and there are no NCAA Violations. Bama’s preseason ranking will be either #2 or #3 next year and will be in the hunt for another NC. Anyway two out of three years is not too bad and three in a row for the state of Alabama is just Wonderful.

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