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Amir Carlisle granted waiver, will play immediately for Irish

Amir Carlisle AP

Well, this is certainly an unexpected– and head-scratching — development.

When it was confirmed back in January that Amir Carlisle would be transferring from USC to Notre Dame, the running back’s father made it clear that a change in employers — Duane Carlisle was with the San Francisco 49ers before moving to a job at Purdue last March — was the overriding factor behind his son’s transfer.

“It was our intention to stay (in California), but circumstances changed,” Duane Carlisle said, referring to his new job. “We’re a close-knit family. …

“This definitely was a family decision. It wasn’t just an Amir decision. We felt as though Notre Dame would be the best fit for him for the next four years.”

While it was initially thought that one of those four years would consist of sitting out 2012 to satisfy NCAA transfer rules, that’s turned out to not be the case.  According to the school, the NCAA has approved a waiver request submitted by the Irish that will allow the back to play immediately in 2012.

“I want to thank Notre Dame and its compliance office for helping me with this request,” Carlisle said in a statement. “I also want to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for giving me the blessing to play this year. I love being here at Notre Dame and can’t wait to run out of the tunnel this September wearing my gold helmet.”

Normally a waiver is only granted for extenuating circumstances such as the health issue of a close family members that necessitates a transfer closer to home.  There was no reason given by the school as to why the waiver request was submitted in the first place.

“I want to publicly commend the exemplary work done by our compliance office, specifically, Jen Vining-Smith,” head coach Brian Kelly said. “Amir was going to be a great addition to our team regardless of whether he was going to be able to compete for us this fall. Now we know we’ll be able to use his talents on the field and I’m very happy about that.”

A true freshman in 2011, Carlisle averaged over six yards on his 19 carries as well as catching seven passes, one going for a touchdown.  He was hampered by ankle and knee issues for most of his first and only season with the Trojans.

As a four-star member of USC’s 2011 recruiting class, Carlisle was the No. 4 all-purpose running back in the nation and the No. 9 overall player in the state of California according to

The personnel news wasn’t all positive for the Irish, however, as it was also announced that four-star 2012 recruit Tee Shepard is no longer enrolled at Notre Dame and has moved back home to his family in Fresno, Calif.  At least on paper, it’s a significant loss for the Irish as Shepard was rated as the No. 4 corner in the country and the No. 11 player at any position in the state of California.

No reason was given for his unexpected and abrupt departure just a little over a month after signing with the Irish.

“Tee is a special person and it’s unfortunate it didn’t work out here,” head coach Brian Kelly said. “Everyone at Notre Dame wishes him all the best in the future.”

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30 Responses to “Amir Carlisle granted waiver, will play immediately for Irish”
  1. papabush88 says: Mar 15, 2012 1:12 PM

    Notre Dame can have our guy, but they still won’t beat us. Fight On!

  2. thegamecocker says: Mar 15, 2012 1:39 PM

    What’s going to happen when Amir get’s married? Are his parents going to go on his honeymoon with him? LOL – a close knit family. Honestly, now I’ve heard everything. “c’mon little Amir, time to transfer because I will be working in Indiana. You can’t go to college by yourself….” Amir, did you go to practice today? Did you play hard and get dirty? Come on parents, let your young man GROW UP! He needs you like a hole in the head. And the scriber above was correct: ND will not beat USC, with or without Amir….FIGHT ON!

  3. papabush88 says: Mar 15, 2012 2:01 PM

    I think there’s more to this story than the Carlisles being a close-knit family. While, McNeal was the clear cut starter at the midway point of the 2011 season, USC was still thin at RB with the dismissal of Baxter and knowing that Tyler was going to graduate. Amir had a chance to fight for the starting job or at least split carries with McNeal in 2012 after D.J. Morgan’s fumbling issues in 2011. Plus, while Notre Dame is a very prestigious program, they have been weak recently. A few years ago when USC had the entire stable of RBs, I would understand the transferring of some of those guys, but I don’t get it for the present day Trojan team.

  4. pacific123ocean says: Mar 15, 2012 2:10 PM

    Congrats Amir! Amir is seems like a good kid, and he is better than any RB on the ND roster, and I would be shocked if he is not starting from day one

    Now, it will be interesting to see what the NCAA decides on Josh Shaw’s waiver to play immediately. Shaw transferred to USC to be closer to an ill family member.

    Does anybody know if Kyle Prater requested a waiver to play immediately at Northwestern?

  5. makimaguro says: Mar 15, 2012 2:11 PM

    This is BS NCAA! I could see if the guy got fired from the 49ers and couldn’t get a job and had to move ‘home’ to Indiana to live with family because they didn’t have any money or something. Not this crap. Just set a new precedence. These kind of decisions (as to why they were made) should be made public – so the people who buy tickets and fund these programs know the real reason.

    Why didn’t he just go to Purdue if they wanted to be a close-knit family?

  6. mhalt99 says: Mar 15, 2012 2:15 PM

    thegamecocker says:

    You do realize they are talking about the USC in California and not the one in South Carolina right?????…..seriously…don’t get the name.

  7. papabush88 says: Mar 15, 2012 2:20 PM

    pacific123ocean: I do not have an answer for you, but I have a good assumption. Josh Shaw will not get the waiver. The NCAA hates USC. I remember one particular basketball player that transfered to USC from North Carolina because his grandma was very ill and his family lives in Los Angeles. He was not allowed to play immediately, sat out a year wasting time. At North Carolina in the previous year, he was awarded best defensive player for the NCAA tournament. Now, who knows what happened to him. Typical move by the NCAA. I highly doubt that Josh Shaw will be allowed to play immediately.
    I am not negative. I am just realistic. A lot of people out there are jealous of the strength of USC’s sports program, especially their football program. It’s the reason why we received the worst sanctions since SMU, yet Tressel and Ohio State, Paul Dee and Miami, and North Carolina did far worse than the Trojans did. It must make the NCAA even more pissed off that, while in the middle of some of the most egregious sanctions, USC will be ranked in the Top 2 in 2012, with the Heisman favorite commanding the offense.
    Bring it on, ND. I respect your program, but I hope our rivalry will become as strong as it used to be. I think Kelly can do it, not Weiss.

  8. papabush88 says: Mar 15, 2012 2:21 PM

    makimaguro: gamecocker likes the Trojans. He and I discussed this before. I was confused at first too

  9. papabush88 says: Mar 15, 2012 2:22 PM

    Sorry, meant mhalt99, NOT makimaguro

  10. metalhead65 says: Mar 15, 2012 3:33 PM

    just another reason to hate dame as once again they play by a different set of rules than anybody else. his dad gets a job in another state and that’s all he needs to transfer and play right away?

  11. uscatjerseyshore says: Mar 15, 2012 3:47 PM

    Outside of someone that lives in the Southeast US when someone says USC it is understood that the USC Trojans are being discussed. A huge difference from the agriculture state school located in the state of South Carolina.

    Once again the NCAA demonstrates a complete lack of consistency. Good luck to Amir at ND.

  12. floridacock says: Mar 15, 2012 4:07 PM

    uscatjerseyshore says:

    “Outside of someone that lives in the Southeast US when someone says USC it is understood that the USC Trojans are being discussed. A huge difference from the agriculture state school located in the state of South Carolina.”

    Actually USC is not the agriculture school (not that is a bad thing) in SC, Clempson is. Only the uneducated would make such an assumption.
    USC was named the # 1 International Business School in the US for the past several years. South Carolina was USC 50 years before California was a state. But you call whomever you want USC. Really does not matter.

  13. papabush88 says: Mar 15, 2012 4:23 PM

    Well, USC won this one:

    I’m pretty sure its USC (Southern Cal) and the University of South Carolina. I guess we can just call Southern Cal “big USC” and South Carolina “little USC”

  14. floridacock says: Mar 15, 2012 4:41 PM

    Maybe in your mind, but mine and many other won’t be changed. Maybe privatge USC and public USC

  15. papabush88 says: Mar 15, 2012 4:41 PM

    -ranks 3rd in most NCAA championships (94), but that’s counting women’s sports. No offense, just I don’t know anyone that watches women’s college sports.
    -ranks 1st in men’s NCAAchampionships (80)
    -ranks 1st in men’s baseball championships with 12 (next closest school has 6)
    -Most players in NFL (473 all time)
    -Most 1st round draft picks of any school
    -11 Football Nat’l Champs / 7 Heismans
    -Most Olympic gold medals with 121
    -If USC were its own country it would rank 8th for most gold medals won

    So, which USC is this? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not South Carolina. Let me put it this way, if you Google “USC Championships” you aren’t going to get very many hits on South Carolina.

  16. floridacock says: Mar 15, 2012 4:42 PM

    private, typing too fast

  17. papabush88 says: Mar 15, 2012 4:56 PM

    I can deal with that. Had no idea South Carolina was public.

  18. uscatjerseyshore says: Mar 15, 2012 4:59 PM

    And no one will ever confuse a puny little chicken with a Trojan.

  19. papabush88 says: Mar 15, 2012 5:03 PM

    I agree with uscatjerseyshore to a certain extent. Even though I am a Trojan, at least a Gamecock is original, but not so original that it is obscure, like a UC Santa Cruz Banana Slug. Gamecock is pretty manly and they are a fierce creature. Still, not as fierce as a Tiger, but there are WAY too many of those. LSU, Auburn, and I think Missouri and Clemson too.
    At the end of the day I would have it ranked like this: Trojan > Gamecock > bRuin = Irish…then again, I am biased

  20. uscatjerseyshore says: Mar 15, 2012 5:23 PM

    As far as being first the USC opened it’s doors as such in 1880. University of South Carolina was College of South Carolina until 1906.

  21. papabush88 says: Mar 15, 2012 5:45 PM

    Still, uscatjerseyshore, an even better rebuttal would be that if, according to floridacock, “South Carolina was USC 50 years before California was a state, how come USC dominates them in championships? In fact, California schools like USC, UCLA, and Stanford and Cal Berkely (ridiculously successful Rugby team) dominate all of college sports

  22. floridacock says: Mar 15, 2012 6:12 PM

    Fact is fact, Carolina was founded in 1801 and along with UNC and UGA, the oldest state supported schools in the US. This is really stupid.

  23. papabush88 says: Mar 15, 2012 6:16 PM

    I give you the benefit of the doubt. You guys (South Carolina) have been around a lot longer than USC. However, you haven’t accomplished as much as USC has.

  24. uscatjerseyshore says: Mar 15, 2012 8:13 PM

    I agree this is stupid. As much as anyone that wants to believe that when someone says USC is going to think of the school in South Carolina the majority of folks will think of the University of Southern California. I

  25. metalhead65 says: Mar 15, 2012 10:21 PM

    can’t we all just agree that that dame sucks?

  26. thegamecocker says: Mar 15, 2012 10:27 PM


    Trust me, I know the teams I root for and those that I don’t. This transfer without Amir sitting out a year is pure unadulterated BS and everyone knows it! This kid is obviously a prima donna who thinks because his father works in the NFL, he can justify this move. GROW UP PUNK!!! Brian Kelly should have been FIRED after the young man died in that accident. What a load he is as well as the entire NCAA! NO BALLS!!! Scam Newton, The Ohio State University last year, and now this….the whole thing is sickening

  27. thegamecocker says: Mar 15, 2012 10:35 PM


    Thank you for defending. Props to you. Always been a Southern Cal devotee before I ever went to South Carolina. When Southern Cal plays, I always root for them. EXCEPT if they play the Gamecocks! I’m GAMECOCK born, GAMECOCK Bred; and when I die, I’ll be GAMECOCK Dead! And proud of it!!! The FIGHTING GAMECOCKS FOREEVER! But, FIGHT ON!!!

  28. papabush88 says: Mar 15, 2012 11:46 PM

    No worries, gamecocker. I like the SEC. It’s not a joke like the B1G. I’m pretty sure.we are going to a bowl this year, but I’m tired of playing, I mean dominating, the B1G. Fight On

  29. thegamecocker says: Mar 16, 2012 9:38 AM


    You’re a special man….don’t ever change!!

  30. addict2sport says: Mar 16, 2012 10:16 AM

    The NCAA is a joke. How and why was this kid granted a waiver to play right away?

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