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Da’Rick Rogers back practicing with Vols

Da'Rick Rogers, Casey Hayward AP

Well, so much for those rumors, apparently.

Earlier this week there was some uncertainty swirling around Da’Rick Rogersfuture with the Tennessee football program, with one report going so far as to speculate — in part via Rogers’ own words — that he was strongly considering a transfer to Div. 1-AA Georgia State.

After being held out of practice Thursday for what was officially labeled “internal things that needed taken care of”, Rogers was back at Vols practice Saturday.  And, according to head coach Derek Dooley, all is good when it comes to the All-SEC wide receiver and his (short-term? on-again, off-again?) future with the Vols.

“You know, it was something he had to do, he did it and he’s back,” Dooley was quoted as saying by the Chattanooga Times Free Press, referring to the missed practice time earlier in the week. “He’s doing good. He had a good day out there today. He had good energy, good job covering punts a couple times. He’s obviously an extremely talented player. Glad he took care of what he had to do. …

“Da’Rick’s been fine. I don’t worry about that, and if he is [not], then we handle it just like any other player.”

Dooley added that the transfer rumors to Georgia State “didn’t even come up” in conversations he’s had with the player, “and we’ve talked for hours since two days ago.”

Rogers’ tweets came three days ago on Wednesday, March 28, so this could merely be a matter of semantics on the coach’s part.  What seems clear that, at least for now, Rogers will be a part of the Vols.

With Justin Hunter returning from a severe knee injury and limited this spring, the Vols could certainly use the Rogers who flashed his immense potential last season this year.  That kind of production — team-leading totals in receptions (67), receiving yards (1,040) and receiving touchdowns (nine) — would be difficult to replace, especially if Hunter is less than 100 percent to start the season or suffers a setback.

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4 Responses to “Da’Rick Rogers back practicing with Vols”
  1. choicess says: Apr 1, 2012 12:04 AM

    I’ve spent a while in Knoxville, long enough to realize how utterly unprofessional our sports media is. Literally, they are the absolute worst in the country, and this is no surprise. Essentially, Fulmer was generally friendly towards them, and Kiffen of course was a soundbite-a-minute. But once Dooley got here, they have virtually been shut off from inside the AD, and thus are left to sort of guess what’s happening from context clues.
    Just look back to the coaching search after Kiffen left: they must have reported five different times that someone was hired, and each time they were completely wrong. Either then AD Mike Hamilton was the most incompetent of all time (hint: he’s not; look at the coaches he’s hired, and during his tenure our AD was among the most profitable in the country) or the media really had no clue.
    The Darick saga is simply Dooley and DR toying with our pathetic media. Darick is actually a very smart kid, he knows exactly what he is doing. And really, given all that has been “reported” since the end of the season on this subject, and given the history, do you really believe any of this?
    Darick is one of the few college athletes smart enough to toy with people in this manner, and both the media and our fanbase are willing suckers that latch on to everything he says. Seriously, the twitter comment about Georgia State is classic DR: GSU gets to play UT this year, thus DR gets to play the villain and our paranoid fanbase goes insane. Let alone the entire premise makes no sense, he would have to get a release, which wouldn’t happen if he were actually planning to transfer to GSU.
    He is more focused on lining up 3-wide with Justin Hunter and Cord Patterson, while Tyler Bray slings it all over the field. He’s in the best situation possible; he’s going to put up all-SEC numbers again while playing on a high-octane offense, and he”ll subsequently declare for the draft and be the #1 WR prospect, like Justin Blackmon currently is. Speaking of Blackmon, he has a DUI; Darick has never been in trouble and yet the perception of the two couldn’t be more different…thanks to the pathetic Knoxville media. Gundy had his way of dealing with the media (declaring he is a man, age 40) and Dooley has his way of dealing with them (cutting them off and watching them belittle themselves).

  2. jimbo75025 says: Apr 1, 2012 1:20 AM

    choicess says:
    Apr 1, 2012 12:04 AM
    Either then AD Mike Hamilton was the most incompetent of all time (hint: he’s not; look at the coaches he’s hired, and during his tenure our AD was among the most profitable in the country) or the media really had no clue.

    I like you have spent a considerable amount of time around Knoxville and I agree with some of your comments.

    Hamilton however surely was incompetant in many senses of the word. Face it, Dooley was way down the list (if he was even on the list) of replacements when Kiffen (a Hamilton hire) jumped ship. I am not saying Dooley was a bad hire, just that the door was slammed in Hamiltons face more than a few times before Dooley became the leading candidate. Some of those rejections also most likely came as a result of the perceptions of Hamilton himself and the way he ran the department.

    I am not even going to discuss the basketball and baseball situations as this is CFT.

    The profits you discuss are more to do with a rabid fanbase that bleeds orange than anything Hamilton did or did not do

  3. choicess says: Apr 1, 2012 4:21 AM

    I am one of the few who defends Hamilton. I’ll try to explain why:
    – Again, I might be in the minority here, but I thought the Kiffen hire was excellent, and we got him at a good price. I don’t think Kiffen would have left for any other job other than USC, and the series of events that led to that job being available and then having several people reject it was something Hamilton, nor anybody really, could have foreseen. Although Kiffen’s only class was full of busts, I do think he would have improved year-over-year. Remember, this was his first HC gig in college. He and his staff could definetly recruit.
    – With regards to who and who didn’t reject our HC position until Dooley accepted, I am blaming the media here for completely blowing the coverage here. As I recall, we offered Muschamp, he declined but recommended Dooley, then Hamilton consulted Cutcliffe on his two choices, the Air Force HC and Dooley. The AF HC was interviewed and Hamilton chose Dooley. That makes Dooley #2 on the list.
    Our incompetent media used FlightTracker to follow Haslem’s jet, and decided to report that we offered the job to every single person on the itinerary: Muschamp, Cutcliffe, AF HC, then Dooley. As always they were very wrong. Hamilton did his due dilligence.
    – I also think Dooley was a good hire. Let’s see how this year plays out before we can judge that, but Dooley saved our recruiting class when Kiff left 2 weeks before signing day, and added Justin Hunter and Darick. The last two seasons have been bad but he deserves 4 years in my mind. We were constantly outmanned over the past two years but only had 1 embarassing loss.
    – I consider Hamilton’s basketball hires to be great. He gave Pearl a chance, got him on the cheap when nobody would touch him because of the Iowa incident. Pearl brought us back. He didn’t bring the program down with him, and honestly he made a small mistake in the bball recruiting world which is beyond filthy. Cuanzo was a homerun; we almost made the tourney this year, which to me was way beyond my expectations. I thought we would be the worst team in the SEC, possibly the worst team in a major conference, like Auburn was last year.
    – The business aspect: He made good value hires: got Pearl and Kiffen on the cheap, and gave Dooley and Cuanzo their chance, with low-cost contracts.
    – Baseball…ya that was a mess.

    As a Vol fan I understand completely your frustration with Hamilton. However I do believe that 10 years from now we’ll look back and be grateful we had him. He did a lot for us, and then fell on the sword at the end. He’s a VFL

  4. jimbo75025 says: Apr 1, 2012 5:11 AM

    You make some valid points…….

    I always understood it was Saban who first put the bug in Hamiltons ear about Dooley-when Muschamp rejected, he again brought up Dooley.

    Kiffen was not that cheap-I believe his contract was around 3 million per year. Add in the extra few million for Monte (who I actually liked) and Orgeron and you had quite a heavy salary spend for coaches. Looking at some of the updated deals for Saban and Miles and their staffs, the UT spends were low but by comparison with most SEC teams at the time, Kiffen and his staff were more than adequately compensated.

    I agree that Pearl was an excellent hire and his recruiting mess, well enough has been said about that. My issue with Hamilton was sticking by Pearl all season and then basically cutting the cord right before the tourney. Everyone knew Pearl had to go to save the Vols from serious NCAA sanctions, but essentually calling out Pearl just before the tourney was not good.

    Dooley, the jury is still out, but I agree he has done a decent job given the difficulties he inherited. I think he has to show something this year even given the odd circumstances of how he came into the job. Decent bowl probably buys him one more year, but another season of not being even competative against UGA nd UF (even in a down year for them) is not going to fly in Vol Country, much less with a new AD who privately may want to bring in his own hire.

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