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Nebraska RB transferring after one season

Aaron Green AP

Despite a freshman campaign where he averaged almost 4.5 yards per carry, Nebraska running back Aaron Green has decided to move on from the Huskers after just one year.

Green’s father confirmed the transfer to Sean Callahan of HuskersOnline (the report is behind a paywall) and other media outlets.

Green was a four-star recruit ( from San Antonio Texas who signed with the Huskers in 2011 and finished fifth on the team with 105 yards and pair of touchdowns. Green’s father told Callahan that his son was looking to transfer to another school with an offense better suited for his athleticism and could end up at a Big 12 program.

Coach Bo Pelini later confirmed the transfer through the school.

The departure is a loss for Nebraska’s running back depth behind Rex Burkhead as Braylon Heard has made the move to cornerback.

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4 Responses to “Nebraska RB transferring after one season”
  1. ukeone says: Apr 30, 2012 6:28 PM

    This may be far-reaching; however, I am going to address it anyway: I wonder if RB-Coach Ron Brown had something…anything…to do with Aaron’s decision to leave us so suddenly? Remember, Brown had only just become a RB coach with Nebraska. And, ‘good coach’ or not, Ron Brown is today’s ultimate definition of a ‘biggoted-asswipe!’ What a disgrace Brown is to our Husker football program! If I were Bo Pelini (and/or Tom Osborne), I would look ‘long and hard’ into ‘why a 5 star RB with Aaron’s tremendous potential and obvious value to the future of Husker football’ could not call Nebraska (with its ‘incredible history’ for producing ‘great, award-winning runningbacks’) home! Get rid of Brown & bring Aaron back, immediately!

  2. ukeone says: Apr 30, 2012 6:38 PM

    I am in ‘no way’ implying Aaron is gay or anything. He may have shared a comment (or something) with Brown that may have ruffled his ‘holier-than-thou’ feathers in some way. I am, however, implying that Brown is a ‘zealot’ that doesn’t belong in our tax-funded, diversely blessed university! Let him go preach his ‘doomsday-rhetoric’ outside the walls of Nebraska! AARON GREEN BELONGS HERE!!!

  3. bucsrulez24 says: May 1, 2012 9:00 AM

    Look if the kid didn’t like it here, he didn’t no need to slash into Ron brown. Just because he made a comment like he didn’t doesn’t give you the right to ritually dog him. If the university feels the need to let go him go they will but for him he is protected so how about you get over it. He made his comments no need to dwell on it. We still have Ameer

  4. ukeone says: May 1, 2012 4:17 PM

    May 1, 2012 9:00 AM
    bucsrulez24 said:
    “…Just because he made a comment like he didn’t doesn’t give you the right to ritually dog him…he is protected…He made his comments no need to dwell on it…”


    Oh, I beg to differ! You make this sound like Ron Brown said his peace “once” and that is that. Do you honestly believe we’ve all heard the end of Ron Brown’s ‘you’re gonna go to hell’ blessings from his position as assistant coach at Nebraska? No way, chum! Like the creeps down at Westboro Baptist Church (in Kansas), Ron Brown has made it ‘perfectly clear’ that he does not want to keep quiet about this. In fact, he said that it would be ‘an honor’ to be fired because of his stance on this subject. What a “fricken zealot!!! “To say that ‘I don’t have the right’ to ‘dog him’ (as you say) is about as ignorant as Brown’s rantings about something that is ‘none of his business’. “Who let the ‘dogs’ out?” I too have 1st Amendment rights to disagree with his hate rhetoric! As long as he continues to make ‘open & public’ his hate-inspired views on the lives of many people he ‘has no right invading into in the first place’, I and others have ‘the complete right’ to dog him’ as necessary because I (and obviously many others) do not agree with his so-called brand of love. (To those of you who have voted against my response in this forum…you have rights too, just as Ron and Westboro Baptist Church has…creeps!) Because he listed Memorial Stadium as his ‘home address’ when he confronted the Omaha City Council so to ‘dog them ‘for adding sexual-preference as a protected class in the workplace,’ the university should and ‘must’ look into what effect this may or will have on current student-athletes who will obviously disagree with him (their right to do so) and will have to face Ron Brown’s ‘dangerously-limited’ views on humanity both on and off the playing-field, as well as what this might do to the future of this staff’s abilitiy to ‘recruiting quality, talented student-athletes’ in the future to our fine university….and don’t say this ‘won’t have any effect’ because Ron Brown’s views are currently being ‘held under the microscope” in the press (and I believe all current and future, potential student-athletes know ‘how to’ and ‘can’ read it for themselves); this may ‘indeed’ cause (or even force) many talented and highly-ranked athletes to look elsewhere. Nebraska needs to get itself on the same recruiting level as the other major universities & recruit top athletes to secure our chances of being competitive in the B1G and nationally! “No need to dwell on it?” I don’t think so! The subject is out there in boldface type, in ‘black and white,” and it’s only going to get worse as long as Ron Brown is still around to spill his poison on all of us. I hope this is a little bit of “gloom & doom” thrown right back at ‘Ron’s face’… It’s too bad he is such a ‘good coach’…however, he would be far happier at someplace like Westboro than he could ever be at Nebraska, anyway, since his views are cherished and practiced to its fullest there…something that Ron could contribute greatly to. Or, is this all about Ron’s happiness (and no one else’s), am I right? WRONG!!! Why stay here and destroy 100+ years of tradition? Just quit, Ron…I ‘love’ Nebraska ‘that much’ to ‘dog’ Ron Brown down to the dirt if I have to. He is a menace to Nebraska (1st Amendment free-speech rights, or not!). GO TO HELL, RON!!! Now, I’ve spoken “MY peace!”

    As for Aaron Green: “PLEASE COME HOME!!!”

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