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Air Force RB reportedly ‘removed’ from academy

Asher Clark AP

Though Air Force running back Asher Clark played his final down for the Falcons in a Military Bowl loss to Toledo, his collegiate days weren’t quite over.

That may have changed with a recent story from The Gazette of Colorado Springs, which states Clark has been removed from the academy less than a week before he was scheduled to graduate as part of  an illegal drug use investigation.

An academy spokesperson would only confirm to the Gazette that Clark was no longer enrolled, but the academy has been going through a drug investigation for the past several months that involved 31 cadets.

Clark was not invited to an appearance at the White House last month when Air Force received the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy from President Barack Obama. A spokesperson told the Gazette Clark was “not meeting academy standards” related to the absence.

Clark rushed for over 1,100 yards and seven touchdowns last season. He finishes his career at AF with 3,594 rushing yards, good enough for second all time.

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14 Responses to “Air Force RB reportedly ‘removed’ from academy”
  1. burntorangehorn says: May 20, 2012 12:29 PM

    Ouch, a week before graduation. That’s rough. While a few regionally-accredited colleges (e.g. Excelsior) would accept his credits and require only one or two classes to meet their residency graduation requirements, their level of prestige isn’t anything close to what the AFA’s is. A decent transcript, scores, and a challenging major (AFA doesn’t exactly let cadets major in art history, kinesiology, or sociology) could get him into another excellent university, but he’ll probably have to attend for a full academic year or more.

  2. seanb20124 says: May 20, 2012 1:18 PM

    Do they still make these guys pay back cost of their education and put them in enlisted ranks?

  3. burntorangehorn says: May 20, 2012 1:25 PM

    Sean, I’m not sure they’ve ever made them pay back when the academy makes the decision to remove the student. I believe it’s only when the student leaves voluntarily far enough along in the program of study (third year?). I have also never heard of a dismissed cadet’s being made to go enlisted. Where did you hear that?

  4. brutusbuckeye2011 says: May 20, 2012 1:59 PM

    My son was an ROTC cadet. A friend of his was dismissed as a senior for an honor code violation. His friend had to repay apx. $100,000. After my son graduated he had a soldier in his platoon who dropped out of ROTC and had to enter the army as an enlisted man. You would think the same should hold true for the AFA.

  5. raysfan1 says: May 20, 2012 2:08 PM

    If the report is correct that he was involved with illegal drugs, the AF won’t want him in the enlisted ranks either.

  6. burntorangehorn says: May 20, 2012 2:18 PM

    Are you sure he “had” to enter as an enlisted man? I didn’t meet a single person who was compelled to enlist for dropping out of ROTC in my 8+yrs. I was in the army, nor in my military-facing career since getting out. I could imagine a scenario where an ROTC dropout who couldn’t afford the repayment might enlist for the army tuition repayment program to cover it, or even a direct enlistment-for-debt-forgiveness option. The military can collect funds owed to it (i.e. ROTC tuition payback), but cannot truly compel a civilian to enlist, as that’s tantamount to mandatory conscription.

    Paying back for ROTC-funded college costs and stipends is accurate, as it’s money the military component is paying to a third party and the student, but the academy isn’t the same financial structure.

  7. cometkazie says: May 20, 2012 6:26 PM

    My ROTC/Army days were late ’50s/early’60s.

    It seemed everyone who dropped out of advanced ROTC was drafted. I don’t think it was coincidental.

    In advanced ROTC, we received a check for about $40 every two or three months.

    OTOH, both my children used it to help finance college and are both still in the military, one in the NG as a major and the other on active duty as a LTC. I think they both can retire when they want to.

  8. brutusbuckeye2011 says: May 20, 2012 6:30 PM

    @ burntorangehorn:
    He had to join or pay the money back. He couldn’t pay so he joined.

  9. jimbo75025 says: May 21, 2012 8:49 AM

    A decent transcript, scores, and a challenging major (AFA doesn’t exactly let cadets major in art history, kinesiology, or sociology) could get him into another excellent university, but he’ll probably have to attend for a full academic year or more.


    Most decent schools require you to do at least two years to get a degree-sometimes more. I know when I transferred, while my core classes, electives, etc were credited-I had to repeat some classes in my major even though I had passed them with A’s or B’s at my original school. Basically added on an extra semester as I was able to schedule them all in the first semester after my transfer.

  10. hsc1973 says: May 21, 2012 8:52 AM

    In fact, if YOU decide you do not want to continue in Army ROTC and be commissioned — and you are going to school on an Army ROTC scholarship — then the Army will offer a choice: pay back the scholarship and book fee costs that you’ve “used” to date, or serve as an enlisted soldier for the same number of years you were on scholarship.

  11. friarjack61 says: May 21, 2012 9:26 AM

    I hope that the jerk has to both repay, and has to enter as an E-3 for the same hitch period, as is required by the contract of graduation( 5 years) ……..and thus pay for his stupidity…..

  12. burttherese says: May 21, 2012 9:41 AM

    like Keith explained I didn’t even know that anyone able to get paid $9309 in 4 weeks on the computer. did you see this link (Click on menu Home more information)

  13. stairwayto7 says: May 21, 2012 10:23 AM

    How many of these guys were going to be pilots and how many were goin to be butterball lt. sitting behind a desk making stupid descisions while an elisted man overrules his a$$!!!

  14. pike573 says: May 21, 2012 5:34 PM

    This is a different situation than the others above. This is a service academy not ROTC or anything else. When my friend blew his knee out a week before he graduated from West Point they released him and held his degree. Here it sounds like they knew about it longer than that but my guess is that they will just release him from duty.

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