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Report: championship game will be bid out to neutral site

Allstate BCS National Championship Game - LSU v Alabama Getty Images

With a late June/early July deadline officially on the horizon, the BCS committee is in the homestretch of deciding the ins and outs of what college football’s four-team playoff will look like.

And one major detail may be close to being finalized.

Matt Hayes of The Sporting News reports (tweets), citing a BCS source, that the site of the new national championship game will be bid separately from the semifinals every year of its TV contract, meaning, if true, there would be no more rotation among BCS bowls for the title.┬áThe goal, Hayes continues, is to make the BCS championship — or, whatever other title it may receive —a Super Bowl-like event with its own marketing, sponsorship, etc.

The debate among the BCS committee members has been whether to play the new championship game at a neutral site or keep it within the bowls.

Another detail up for grabs is the selection process. Most conferences, save the SEC, support a conference champion-only model, but Hayes adds that a mix of conference champs and an at-large could be used — similar to the plan Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany proposed.

While the news of championship location is far from confirmed, a neutral site with a Super bowl-like feel would make sense with the recent announcement that the Big 12 and SEC will play in a new bowl game at a to-be-determined location. The immediate benefit of the bowl game, as we’ve said countless times already, is the ability for conferences to dictate the terms of the contract to maximize revenue. A neutral site championship game with its own TV contract, marketing efforts, etc, would follow the same logic.

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10 Responses to “Report: championship game will be bid out to neutral site”
  1. bertenheim says: May 29, 2012 7:27 PM

    Delaney’s plan to exclude conference champions outside of the top six teams from a playoff makes sense. Last year the Big Ten champ would have been excluded. It doesn’t sound like Delaney.

  2. joshuavkidd says: May 29, 2012 7:57 PM

    If your gonna bid out the final why not the semi finals too? Or better yet…play them on campus like everyone, except the scum that are bowl committees, wants! Sorry Delany but going to Tempe or Orlando isn’t a dream destination for NCAA football players or fans.

  3. weavergm says: May 29, 2012 8:03 PM

    It makes sense to open the title game up for bids in order to maximize revenue. I wonder how the revenue from the game will be split? Probably differently from the bowls, where the Rose Bowl and the “Champions” Bowl will have separate deals with the conferences.

    I can’t see a selection process being agreed to by the SEC that doesn’t include at least one at large spot. Without that concession they’re better off without the playoff. So three conference champions and one at large is still the likely compromise.

  4. whoisedgy says: May 29, 2012 8:23 PM

    Pretty Simple:

    Rose = PAC 10 vs Big 10 Jan 1 @ 5 pm EST
    Sugar = Big 12 vs SEC Jan 1 @ 8 pm EST
    Orange = At-Large vs At-Large Jan 1 @ 1 pm EST
    Fiesta = At-Large vs At-Large Dec 31 @ 8 pm EST

    Championship = Highest ranked teams of winners of those four games. Monday after Jan 1.

    Big East, ND, and ACC can compete in at-large pool.

    Bowl system survives. Not perfect but closer. New Years Bowls are actually good games for a change!

  5. showerswithsandusky says: May 29, 2012 9:29 PM

    Forget the $$$. Let Penn State host the first true championship game. God knows they deserve it with all the pain they’ve been through. Name it after JoPa. Let Sue and the kids flip the coin.

    Maybe at halftime they can do a public castration of Sandusky at midfield.

    And every ticket holder gets a commemorative soap on a rope as a keepsake.


  6. drummerhoff says: May 29, 2012 10:00 PM

    You got this wrong: “Most conferences, save the SEC, support a conference champion-only model”.

    Its the other way around. Most conferences, save the Pac12 & Big10, support the top 4 model”.

  7. tampabayirish says: May 29, 2012 10:57 PM

    Screw the bowls. The corrupt bowls need college football a lot more than college football needs the bowls.

  8. tecmosuperhawk says: May 29, 2012 11:15 PM

    The Championship Game needs to be on a Saturday night at 5:27pm CT. Same time the Super Bowl is played and on the traditional day for college football. I know this would take rearranging of the NFL playoffs but college football’s finest game really should be played on a Saturday.

  9. kdbroom says: May 30, 2012 1:36 PM

    whoisedgy, you’ve basically recommended the “Plus One” model. I’ve seen very little support for that.

    Personally, I like doing something outside of the bowls. The bowl system, while certainly having lots of tradition, has become a corrupt, “good ole boy” system. IMHO, they have long outlived their usefulness to college football, and they have taken every advantage of the NCAA to build their own empires. I would see nothing wrong with leaving them out entirely. Their role needs to be minimized to the smaller and mid-tier bowls, for those schools left out of the playoff.

  10. halbert53 says: May 30, 2012 8:28 PM

    Obviously the person wanting the SEC and Big 12 to play in the Sugar Bowl is engaging in wishful thinking. All conferences are NOT created equal. Why should the winners of the TOP TWO conferences have to play each other in a quarterfinal game, with winners of lesser conferences meeting in other quarterfinals and at large teams in other quarterfinals?

    This whole concept goes against seeding. Under this scenario, LSU and Oklahoma State would have played–not in the national championship game but in a quarterfinal. This is an unseeded bracket. Every playoff for virtually every sport, college and pro, is seeded. SEC would boycott such a system because of its blatant unfairness, and so would the Big 12; the SEC and Big 12 could play their Championship Bowl opposite the mythical national championship game, and would get higher ratings and better TV contract than playoffs without participation by the two best fb conferences.

    The winners of the SEC and Big 12 don’t mind playing each other in the playoffs if their respective seeds place them in such a position in the bracket. # 1 should play # 8, not #2. It really is pretty simple.

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