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Oddsmakers still high on USC’s 2012 title hopes

Matt Barkley AP

Thanks to a 10-win 2011 season that included a road win against then-No. 4 Oregon as well as a plethora of returning talent, USC has been viewed by most observers — including one you may recognize — as a serious contender for the 2012 BcS title.

Less than three months ahead of the start of the new season, degenerates those who make their living wagering on sports are in full agreement with that offseason assessment of the Trojans.

In the latest odds released by, the betting website has the Trojans as the 3/1 favorite to hoist the crystal football at season’s end. ¬†USC is coming off a two-year bowl ban as part of its NCAA sanctions and will be eligible for the postseason — including the second Pac-12 title game — for the first time since after the 2009 season.

Next up after the Trojans in the eyes of bettors are the two participants in last year’s title game at 11/2, defending BcS champion Alabama and LSU.

Oklahoma (10/1); Florida State and Oregon (12/1); Georgia (14/1); Arkansas and Michigan (20/1); and — brace yourselves — Notre Dame and Texas (28/1) round out Bovada’s “Top Ten” (and ties).

As far as conference odds go, Florida State (1/1) is favored over Virginia Tech (3/1) to win the ACC; Oklahoma (1/1) over Texas (4/1) in the Big 12; Michigan (2/1) over Wisconsin (5/2) in the Big Ten; USC (5/8) over Oregon (2/1) in the Pac-12; and Alabama and LSU are co-favorites at 11/5 to claim the SEC crown.

After the jump, you can peruse the entire list of preseason odds for both the BcS title as well as the conference favorites, again courtesy of Bovada.

Odds to win the 2012-2013 BCS National Championship
USC 3/1
Alabama 11/2
LSU 11/2
Oklahoma 10/1
Florida State 12/1
Oregon 12/1
Georgia 14/1
Arkansas 20/1
Michigan 20/1
Notre Dame 28/1
Texas 28/1
Virginia Tech 30/1
West Virginia 30/1
South Carolina 30/1
Clemson 33/1
Nebraska 40/1
Wisconsin 40/1
Florida 50/1
TCU 50/1
Auburn 60/1
Michigan State 60/1
Boise State 65/1
Kansas State 75/1
Miami (Florida) 75/1
Oklahoma State 80/1
Mississippi State 100/1
Missouri 100/1
Texas A&M 100/1
Tennessee 125/1
Cincinnati 150/1
Iowa 150/1
Louisville 150/1
Penn State 150/1
Arizona 200/1
Boston College 200/1
BYU 200/1
California 200/1
Georgia Tech 200/1
Pittsburgh 200/1
Stanford 200/1
UCLA 200/1
Washington 200/1
NC State 250/1
South Florida 250/1
UCLA 250/1
Oregon State 300/1


ACC – Odds to Win
Florida State 1/1
Virginia Tech 3/1
Clemson 5/1
Miami (Florida) 9/1
Georgia Tech 15/1
North Carolina 15/1
Virginia 18/1
NC State 20/1
Wake Forest 35/1
Boston College 50/1
Duke 100/1
Maryland 100/1

ACC Atlantic Division – Odds to Win
Florida State 1/2
Clemson 11/4
NC State 9/1
Wake Forest 16/1
Boston College 22/1
Maryland 30/1

ACC Coastal Division – Odds to Win
Virginia Tech 10/11
Miami (Florida) 9/2
North Carolina 11/2
Georgia Tech 6/1
Virginia 13/2
Duke 30/1

BIG 12 – Odds to Win
Oklahoma 1/1
Texas 4/1
TCU 11/2
West Virginia 11/2
Kansas State 12/1
Oklahoma State 22/1
Texas Tech 30/1
Baylor 40/1
Iowa State 65/1
Kansas 100/1

Big East – Odds to Win
Louisville 9/4
South Florida 7/2
Cincinnati 5/2
Pittsburgh 13/2
Rutgers 13/2
Syracuse 20/1
Temple 20/1
Connecticut 25/1

Big Ten – Odds to Win
Michigan 2/1
Wisconsin 5/2
Nebraska 7/2
Michigan State 15/2
Penn State 12/1
Illinois 20/1
Iowa 20/1
Northwestern 35/1
Purdue 50/1
Indiana 65/1
Minnesota 100/1

Big Ten – Leaders Division Winner (Without Ohio State)
Wisconsin 1/2
Penn State 3/1
Illinois 15/2
Purdue 10/1
Indiana 15/1

Big Ten – Legends Division Winner
Michigan 11/10
Nebraska 9/4
Michigan State 4/1
Iowa 8/1
Northwestern 12/1
Minnesota 40/1

PAC 12 – Odds to Win
USC 5/8
Oregon 2/1
Washington 12/1
California 18/1
Stanford 25/1
Arizona 35/1
Utah 35/1
UCLA 40/1
Arizona State 50/1
Washington State 50/1
Oregon State 60/1
Colorado 100/1

PAC 12 – North Division Winner
Oregon 2/5
Washington 5/1
California 17/2
Stanford 10/1
Washington State 15/1
Oregon State 22/1

PAC 12 – South Division Winner
USC 1/6
Arizona 10/1
Utah 10/1
UCLA 15/1
Arizona State 18/1
Colorado 30/1

SEC – Odds to Win
Alabama 11/5
LSU 11/5
Georgia 11/2
Arkansas 7/1
South Carolina 10/1
Florida 12/1
Auburn 22/1
Mississippi State 30/1
Missouri 35/1
Tennessee 35/1
Texas A&M 40/1
Vanderbilt 60/1
Kentucky 100/1
Mississippi 100/1

SEC – East Division Winner
Georgia 17/10
South Carolina 5/2
Florida 3/1
Missouri 11/1
Tennessee 11/1
Vanderbilt 16/1
Kentucky 25/1

SEC – West Division Winner
Alabama 8/5
LSU 8/5
Arkansas 4/1
Auburn 12/1
Mississippi State 15/1
Texas A&M 20/1
Mississippi 50/1

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9 Responses to “Oddsmakers still high on USC’s 2012 title hopes”
  1. thekatman says: Jun 20, 2012 5:48 PM

    USC baby!
    Fight On brothers and sisters.
    Beat everybody, including the NCAA COI.

  2. dcdebacle says: Jun 20, 2012 11:03 PM

    I wish I was in the land of cotton, where old times are not forgotten. Who is the defending champion? Who had the #1 recruiting class? Who? Alabama! Look away if you don’t want to see the south rise again! ROLL TIDE!!!

  3. callmecynical says: Jun 20, 2012 11:15 PM


    A couple of thoughts. As a fan of TOSU, I still can’t believe the penalties levied against the bucks for players engaging in fairly benign activities. Especially in light of some other big name schools “alleged” violations, that means you “U”.

    Sour grapes notwithstanding, I think this is the year of the Men of Troy to wrest the title from the SEC. I will be watching closely. SEC has dominated the past 5 years, but could be switching to Pac-3. Next year, of course, TOSU will win it all.

  4. omniusprime says: Jun 21, 2012 8:48 AM

    Time to replace that SEC trash with a real national champion like USC, a true program of historic greatness. It will be fun watching Barkley work his senior year with his awesome receivers. Is it college football season yet?

    Go Trojans!

  5. bertenheim says: Jun 21, 2012 10:17 AM

    Go SEC. You lost the War Between the States, you lost Reconstruction and you lost Segregation. So we’ll give you college football.

  6. thecrazyasianinseccountry says: Jun 21, 2012 1:38 PM

    You know what ominous means??? That’s right seven – peat. You couldn’t have just said, “USC to replace the mighty SEC.” But no you had to add “trash” in there.
    I said it before and I’ll say it again… I don’t see the hype! What has USC done last year with the same players they have? Struggle through a 10-2 season.. What was it a double or triple overtime to defeat Stanford? I see Barkley as another Jason White, should have left when he had a chance.

  7. jengibre23 says: Jun 21, 2012 2:52 PM

    I want to see an SEC team go down this year. And if that means I got to be a Trojan fan…. So be it. FIGHT ON!!!!!!!

  8. Deb says: Jun 21, 2012 10:02 PM

    @thecrazyasian …

    You just have to feel sorry for clods like omniusprime. It takes a pitifully sore loser to call an entire region of people “trash” because teams from this region have bested teams from his region at football for the last six years. Clearly, he has some warped priorities.

    And bertenheim, integration was a win for the South. It’s 2012 … most of us appreciate cultural diversity.

  9. Deb says: Jun 21, 2012 10:15 PM

    Kiffin has built a terrific team at USC and I look forward to seeing them compete without boundaries. Also excited to see what Meyer does at Ohio State and look forward to his restrictions being lifted soon.

    The SEC should be another closely fought battle between Alabama and LSU. But I question whether Arkansas will be as big a threat as they would have been if Petrino hadn’t been such a randy old dog.

    Oklahoma was scary good last season until felled by injuries, so it’s no surprise oddsmakers have high expectations of the Sooners. But I’m shocked at the long odds on Oklahoma State. If Weeden’s that big a loss for the Cowboys, maybe he’ll be a bigger gain than I thought for the Browns.

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