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Atlanta wants in on hosting a playoff game too

Chick Fil-A Bowl - Virginia v Auburn Getty Images

Detroit… Jacksonville… the list of cities throwing their name in the proverbial playoff hat keeps growing larger now that the Presidential Oversight Committee has approved a postseason change.

Next up: Atlanta,  which already hosts the SEC championship game and the Chick-fil-A Bowl. In a release today, Chick-fil-A Bowl president and CEO Gary Stokan said the bowl is interested in hosting either a semifinal or championship game.

“We believe we can assemble a compelling bid and play a significant role in college football’s new post season. As the future home of the new College Football Hall of Fame, Atlanta has it all … a world-class facility, a proven host city, transportation and lodging infrastructure, corporate support and a track record for successfully hosting major sports events that cannot be matched.”

Since the new national title will be bid out separately from the bowls themselves, it wouldn’t be the Chick-fil-A bowl acting as the championship game per se, just like Jacksonville, Dallas or Detroit wouldn’t have specific bowl names attached to the game if it acted as host.

Semifinal games will be rotated among six bowl games, though which six haven’t been formally announced yet.

The Chick-fil-A bowl has already expressed interest in hosting the new Big 12-SEC Champions Bowl as well, so Atlanta could host up to four college football games within a couple of months in theory.

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25 Responses to “Atlanta wants in on hosting a playoff game too”
  1. normtide says: Jun 27, 2012 7:22 PM

    Atlanta also hosts the chik-filet kickoff classic game. I think it is a great big college game city. If it was to me, Atlanta and New Orleans would both be in the playoff game mix.

  2. bobulated says: Jun 27, 2012 7:32 PM

    “Why did we fight against this so long again?” –University Presidents

    [As money falls out of pockets from “contributions” and “incentives”]

  3. mrpowers88 says: Jun 27, 2012 7:50 PM

    Citing recent history, you could argue that Atlanta has the best case for hosting a semi-final game because they’ve been doing it for years in the form of the SEC Championship

  4. indywvu says: Jun 27, 2012 7:54 PM

    Anything to make it on SEC ground, right?

  5. normtide says: Jun 27, 2012 7:58 PM

    The SEC has won a title in all four BCS bowls. Our fans travel better then any other. But your right, we win only because of location. We play football to win, you make excuses as to why you can’t

  6. roundup5 says: Jun 27, 2012 8:14 PM

    normtide: You have about three teams that “travel”, better THEN any other. Learn to spell, and listen carefully: What goes around, comes around….ask teams that once dominated, e.g., FSU, Florida, Miami, Nebraska, etc, etc. Your SEC domination will not last much longer!

  7. 35longmiles says: Jun 27, 2012 8:22 PM

    Great news Miami! Atlanta can be reached by your team buses.

  8. normtide says: Jun 27, 2012 8:55 PM

    Round, ty for the typo tip, any tips on emotes? This has not been a single team domination, like miami, it is a league domination.
    One day it may change, but as of right now, the SEC is on a historical run. The fact that all you can say is “just wait, one day, just wait, you will see” proves my point. I dont see the B1G ever getting back on top. Maybe a one year shot, but not a run. They are way to far behind. The pac has USC, oregon has shown they can’t beat us in big games. The big 12 has the best shot at taking the reigns, but a third and fourth team has to show up yearly. But chin up, one day baby, your going to show us…

  9. mrlaloosh says: Jun 27, 2012 9:31 PM

    Wait a minute! Aren’t the Falcons trying to extort a new stadium out of the citizens of Atlanta because the Georgia Dome is a POS! Why would the NCAA want to play in an obsolete arena?

  10. ugabugkiller says: Jun 27, 2012 10:19 PM

    Anyone who’s actually BEEN to the Georgia Dome knows it isn’t a POS, as the moron above me stupidly states.

    The Falcons want a new stadium for mainly two reasons: a better lease agreement and more suites.

    The Georgia Dome is basically the opposite of Paul Brown Stadium. The city sports council of Atlanta pretty much outsmarted the Smith Family (trust me, not very hard to do, as they made, well, the Brown Family look like competent owners) and the city keeps the lion’s share of revenue from the Dome, which keeps the Falcons in the lower third of the league in revenue when they should be in the top third.

    Also, the suite situation isn’t the best.

    Again, the stadium itself is one of the best in all of football, college or pro, when it comes to things that are actually important to fans, like sight lines, in particular. I’ve been all over that Dome, and I’ve never had a bad seat. Perfect sight lines from every location. Actually, this is something all three pro stadiums in Atlanta share.

    Unfortunately, as what happened in Tampa, New York, Dallas, Cincinnati, etc, I’m sure if Blank does get his new stadium, the first thing to go will be those great, close-to-the-field sight lines.

  11. Deb says: Jun 27, 2012 10:53 PM

    @ebby calvin …

    Some NFL teams (the 49ers) need new stadiums because the old ones are falling down around their ears. But many owners, as ugabugkiller says, want new stadiums because they need the revenue from the luxury suites and other benefits an upgraded stadium would bring. The Georgia Dome is a great college football venue!

    I’m not crazy about Jacksonville (the town), but Atlanta and New Orleans … oh yes!!

  12. Tim Donaghy Institute of Refereeing says: Jun 28, 2012 1:26 AM


    Don’t dismiss the PAC 12, now. Perhaps Utah, for instance, could put them over the top. They’re not that bad, eh?

  13. jimbo75025 says: Jun 28, 2012 2:44 AM

    normtide says:Jun 27, 2012 7:22 PM
    If it was to me, Atlanta and New Orleans would both be in the playoff game mix.

    I agree both would be good choices, but the problem with Atlanta is that everything is so spread out. Weather there in January can also be a coin toss-the last Super Bowl there in 2000 there was a nasty ice storm that pretty much killed all of the side events since nobody could get anywhere. On other aspects such as number of hotel rooms and availability of flights, then Atlanta would win hands down over Detroit and Jax. Like the old joke says-it doesn’t matter if you go to heaven or hell, but you can’t get there without going through Atlanta.

  14. blueglaze says: Jun 28, 2012 7:25 AM

    @roundup… Florida is an SEC team… Gonna have to find another dominant team…oh ya… And FSU was only dominate a few years… Not 6….

  15. burntorangehorn says: Jun 28, 2012 8:54 AM

    It seems doubtful a stadium would remain a quality one once its NFL team ceases to play in it any longer.

    @normtide: yes, it does constitute a homefield advantage to a large degree, and while its true that SEC teams have won BCS championships in all four locations, half those locations are in SEC country. Furthermore, there’s a lot more to the geographic advantage than simply where the big game is played, but that’s been discussed ad nauseam here, so feel free to revisit those discussions.

    Anyway, SEC fans do obviously travel well, but what’s that have to do with holding a playoff game in Atlanta? If anything, that would seem to bolster the argument for holding playoff games elsewhere, since that would mean fans of SEC schools would travel to Seattle or New York, whereas Big Ten or Pac 10 fans might not travel to the deep south.

  16. normtide says: Jun 28, 2012 9:27 AM

    So, since we follow our teams better then the b1g or pac, there should be no our less games in the south? I for one think home field advantage is overrated. It helps, but rarely wins the game. The best bet is to have the better team and coaches. I see it like boxing, beat the man to be the man.

  17. Deb says: Jun 28, 2012 1:44 PM

    @normtide …

    Don’t blow Taps over the B1G yet. The reason they haven’t been as competitive is because they’re stuck in the 50s when it comes to recruiting. Urban won’t play by those gentlemen’s agreements. And when the rest of them realize throwing tantrums and tattling won’t stop him, they’ll get on board. They could easily become a powerhouse again.

  18. normtide says: Jun 28, 2012 2:27 PM

    Deb- by far, most top recruits come from the south and west, I doubt a large number want to live in the cold. Meyer is a great coach, but his drive was gone two years before he left Fla. I see the b1g like I see ND, the game has passed them, and they are the trying to hold on to the past. Delany wanted academics to help decide who is in the playoff. Does that sound like a league that has faith in its own future? The game has moved south and west, thats where most top tier players are now. What does the b1g offer now? Stories from before they were born?

  19. opiedamus says: Jun 28, 2012 2:39 PM

    @ Jimbo: Dallas had a similar problem w/Super Bowl snow storm. Makes zero sense that either of these cities would’ve endured that. NYC will probably be 70’s and sunny which would be just as crazy..

    1 year does not account for a crapshoot on weather. Generally speaking, average temp/day in January/February for Atlanta is low 50’s and mild.

    Downtown and midtown offer more than enough entertainment to make it not necessary to explore the suburbs, hence eliminating the spread out-ness……

  20. Deb says: Jun 28, 2012 2:49 PM

    @normtide …

    Good grief … I hadn’t heard that about Delany wanting academics to decide the champ. He really is desperate, isn’t he? That’s absolutely ridiculous. But it’s funny in a way because his conference still wouldn’t win. When you combine the football talent and the academic ranking of some of the SEC, Big 12, and especially the Pac 12, the B1G still ranks last among the top four.

  21. normtide says: Jun 28, 2012 4:19 PM

    Deb- I have read multiple reports claiming Delany pushed for that. The reason they are so big on the rose bowl is that they are guaranteed to be in it. The SEC is more worried about winning the national title than the sugar bowl. It seems to me the b1g has almost given up on national titles, because they have to play your way in. The rose is promised to them. Recruits don’t dream of winning the rose, they shoot for a title. The rose bowl is the only thing that keeps thr b1g relevant. The pac would be fine without it. Sad really.

  22. Deb says: Jun 28, 2012 4:43 PM

    @normtide …

    Very sad–especially when you think about what the B1G has meant to college ball historically. I’m a little unusual among Southerners in that I’m a bigger NFL than college fan (although I do love the Tide 😉 ). Sometimes I think that’s why I’m on a different page than other commenters in these discussions. To me, rematches are like icing and sprinkles. And if you’re not working toward a national title, what’s the point? Have never understood why anyone would be content to just make a bowl.

    Maybe what the B1G really needs is to get rid of Delany and get a commissioner with some competitive backbone. Their fans are putting their hate on us when it should be directed at their own leaders … and legends 😉

  23. auburntigers34 says: Jun 28, 2012 7:59 PM


    thumbs up to everything that you’ve said in this thread….except that part about NFL>college football. 😉

  24. Deb says: Jun 28, 2012 9:43 PM

    @auburntigers34 …

    Thanks! Most of my friends and family agree with you on that NFL thing :)

  25. jimbo75025 says: Jun 29, 2012 4:08 AM

    opiedamus says:Jun 28, 2012 2:39 PM

    @ Jimbo: Dallas had a similar problem w/Super Bowl snow storm.

    Downtown and midtown offer more than enough entertainment to make it not necessary to explore the suburbs, hence eliminating the spread out-ness……


    I lived in Atl for the 2000 SB and Dallas for the 2011 SB and I agree the weather for those events was odd, but just goes to show what can happen.

    Unless things have changed greatly in the last few years, the entertainment and vibe of midtown may now be what the average college football fan is looking for in that is highly geared for alternative lifestyles with exception of Vir Highlands (small area) or L5P which is a bit edgy for some 50 yr old father of 3.

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